2009 Minutes

2009 Financials

Advertising Info - deadline Oct 27

 Advertising Chair
Pam Miller

Baltimore-Washington Int'l
Ronald Reagan Nat'l
Washington Dulles

George Akkouris and Gloria Van Houten
Banquet Information

Bird Planter
Bruce Kephart

Birds Provided by
Zeiglers Blue Mountain Pheasant Farm


City and Area Info

Closing Monday, November 22

FT Committee
George Akkouris, Kevin Battistoni, Barb Granatir, Tom Schneider, Vicki Thomas ,
and Pat Bramwell

At the Delegates Meeting

Delegates Meeting Tuesday,
December 7 at 4:00 pm

Tim Edwards

Donations Request from
Mike Wallace

Entry Form

Game Steward
Dennis Hinkelman

Grounds Chair
Tom Schneider

Gun Captain     Co-Captain
    Ed Faraci, Jr.       Paul VanHouten

Gun Team
Lea Ames, Waldo Prock, Paul VanHouten,
Trent Bosse, Terry Quinlan, Dave Barto,
Alan Maslonek,  Bob Ryan, and
John Castellani

Headquarters - Hyatt Chesapeake Bay Resort - Cambridge Maryland

Judges Steward
Barb Granatir

2010 National Amateur Championship
Judges Tom Menzel and George Kittle
 December 8,  Wednesday to conclusion
Cambridge Maryland
General Chair Mike Wallace, Co-Chair Jason Green
FTC Jeff Brooks, Co-Chair Jason Green - FTS Pat Bramwell

Callbacks      Event Photos      Placements

41 Clipper
2009 and 2007 National Amateur Field Champion (NAFC)
   FC Beggarbush Clipper
O/H:   William Willett

Running Order

Supporters of essft.com


NAC Merchandise

Head Marshal
Bev Matthews

Marshal Team
Pat Bramwell, Cathy Lewis,
 Linda Hinkelman, Elsie MacDonald,
and Roxanne Poray

Maps to Training and Grounds

2010 NAC Proposal

Pay Form


Julieann Wallace


Pro Plan Awards

Qualification - 2  points

Gun Raffle
**Over/under White Onyx Berretta
Retail value $2300**

200 raffle tickets will be sold
for $25 each.  Contact Mike
Wallace for your tickets before
they are all gone.
Running Order

Schedule of Events

Training is Dec 7
Reserve birds @ $11 each
cost $12.00 at trial


Trophy Chair
Barb Granatir

Weather - Cambridge Maryland

Welcome Letter


to essft.com

2011 Bill Willett,
Rocky Mtn IC

2012 - Western IC, Bob Child

2013 - Mideast IC

2014 - Midwest IC