The 2015 National Amateur English Springer Spaniel Championship Delegates Meeting

President (Chairman) Tim Edwards
FT Chairman Gary Wilson
FT Secretary and Treasurer Jan Johnson

 Meeting Sunday, November 8, 2015 at 4:00 pm
Judges:  Clay Earl and John Meyer

National Amateur Championship
Delegates' Meeting
2015 Agenda

Unofficial Observations of the Delegates meeting

Sunday, November 8, 2015
4:15 pm start

1.    Meeting comes to order.
2.    Determination of Quorum and Identification of Delegates
       a.    Roll call of delegates conducted during sign in.
       b.    Certification of Secretary of Quorum (50% representation)  45 clubs present - a quorum is present

3.    Acceptance of 2014 Annual Meeting minutes - accepted

4.    Acceptance of 2014 Treasurer’s Report - accepted

5.    General Chairman's Message - Gary Wilson, ATVs for planting birds only.  Shuttles (hay wagons) to the field.  Long courses for the first and second series with a small parking lot.  Short courses for the third and fourth series.  Approximately four or five dogs up the course and four or five dogs coming back.  


6.    2016 National Amateur Championship Topics
       a.    Report of Nominating Committee for Interclub - General Chairman Mhari Peschel, First VP Mike Leonetti, Second VP Russ Smith, Jan Johnson Treasurer/Secretary

       b.    Member club dues for 2016.  Will they remain at $75.00
       c.    Announcement of Judges for the 2016 National Amateur Championship -
       d.    Presentation and Acceptance of 2016 National Amateur Championship -

Dates November 19, 2016 to conclusion brought lengthy discussion and vote by voice which carried 26 yes to 21 no.  To be held in Zenda Kansas ar Springer Hollow. $220 entry fee, 2 points

       e.    Qualification for 2016 -  points
       f.     Entry fee - $220
       g.    Closing date (18/11 days before trial) - Yes
       h.    Date and time for 2016 Annual Meeting - November 18, 2016 at 4:00 pm Best Western

7.    Other business
             Electronic voting for judges
Simply Voting is the electronic voting system suggested by the committee.  Motion made and approved.

             Rotation of Nationals - Committee suggests reducing the number of interclubs to three from the existing five interclubs, change the rotation, or one interclub hold both nationals - Lengthy discussion with no motion made.  Change of rotation discussion from Gary Wilson.

             Gary Wilson suggests that we have quality control for the nationals per his proposal

              Committee, chair Jim O'Keefe, to try to work out some of the problems with the issues just discussed and between nationals logistics.

            Closing date restriction to have the final closing date before November 15 of the year the National is held was not approved with a vote of 22 to 24.
            Jess Sekey replaces Kerm Gillund on the HOF committtee

Archives Committee $2000 for each year for the next five years.  Motion failed 20 to 28

8.    Adjourned - 6:26 pm

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