The 2015 National English Springer Spaniel Championship Delegates Meeting
Tuesday, November 18 at 4:00 pm

President (Chairman) Paul McGagh
FT Chairman Don Mock
FT Secretary and Treasurer Mhari Peschel

National Championship Delegates' Meeting
2015 Agenda

Unofficial Observations of the Delegates meeting

At the Headquarters
Best Western Premier Boulder Falls Inn
505 Mullins Dr
Lebanon Oregon
Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 4:00 pm

Determination of Quorum and Identification of Delegates
       1.    Roll call of delegates
       2.    Certification of Secretary (50% Clubs must be present) - Quorumn - yes
       3.    Acceptance of Southern California Sporting Spaniel, Volunteer Club and the Iowa Sporting Spaniel Club - accepted
II.    Acceptance of Minutes 2014 Annual Meeting -  accepted

III.   Presidents Message from Paul McGagh - This is the first national to be held in Oregon and 27 dogs placing in nationals are from Oregon.  Paul also talked about how this is the first NOC without Dan Langhans.  He also said that Dan influenced most, if not all, of us.  By influencing us he lives on through us.  Great job Paul.  We all miss Dan and give our best to Marie.

IV.   Treasurers Report - accepted


V.    Election of Officers - General Chairman (2016) is Mark Gebert (Mid East, First VP is Dean Koehler (Midwest), Second VP is
Gary Wilson (East) and Mhari Peschel as Secretary/Treasurer has been accepted.

Announcement of Judges for the 2016 National Open Championship - Clay Earl and Randy Bartsch

VII.  Member club dues for 2016 - $75.00

Presentation and Acceptance of Location  of 2016 National Open Championship - Presented by Brent LeMaster (FTC) for Mark Gebert.
To be held in near Lancaster Ohio, (60 miles south of Columbus) November 9-13, 2016.  Headquarters the Hampton Inn.  $260 entry fee.  Discussion.  It was asked if the dates could be moved back.  Brent is trying to call the land owner to see if that is an issue.  Not resolved at the meeting.

Qualification for 2016 Open Championship - Moved that 5 points be the qualification requirement to have smaller trials with the ability to really test the dogs without the time pressure.  This would allow for three day trials and alieviate short time between the nationals.  Discussion it was decided that it was not a good idea to 'sping' five point qualification without the clubs input.  The motion was withdrawn.  

Three point qualification was passed

Entry Fees for the 2016 National Open Championship - Now that the three point qualification has passed Brent has pulled the presentation to refigure the financial impact of the three point qualification.  The 2016 NOC was not resolved by the end of the meeting.  The new proposal will be given to the delegates, hopefully during this national, to be voted on.

XI.   Set date and time for 2016 Annual Meeting

XII.  Other Business

      1.  Use of Electronic Voting for Judge Seletion Process - Electronic voting and the change to the bylaws to accomodate electronic voting passed.

      2.   NESSFTA to assume administration of the Hogan and trophies - The Hogan award is awarded to the the high point open handler for the year based on weighted points.

    Report from the Scholarship Committee - a scholarship was granted this year.  They will be looking for more applicanits next year.

      4.   HOF Selection Committee -Ray Cacchio to replace Jeff Brooks was accepted

      5.   Archives Committee Proposal - withdrawn

      6.   Interclub rotation to change the rotation (Option 3 on the proposal from Gary Wilson) passed.  With that change there will never be opposite coast nationals again.  The rotation nees to be approved by the National Amateur delegates and will not affect the current rotation until 2020 and 2021 when the Rocky Mountain interclub will have nationals both years.

      7.  National dates restriction - To include week 44 in the qualifications for that year's nationals and that no national shall be before November 15 (beginning 2017).  Effect would be that one national would be before Thanksgiving and one would be after Thanksgiving.  33 in favor 7 opposed
XIII.  Field Trial Chariman's Presentation -
start at 8:00 am, Jerry Light will be in charge of parking, lunches will be available.  
70 flags on the first course in almost a circle (square?) with shuttles.

XIV.  Adjournment - Yes!


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