The 2015 National (Open) English Springer Spaniel Championship 

Harrisburg, Oregon
President (Chairman) Paul McGagh
FT Chairman Don Mock
FT Secretary and Treasurer Mhari Peschel

 Thursday, November 19, 2015 to conclusion
Judges Tom Mezel and Ken Willis

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99 Dogs in the 2015 National Open - Running Order from Mhari Peschel

National Championship Closing Date Restriction

Proposal to Delegates Concerning an Electronic Voting System for National Judges (August 23)

Proposal to Delgates Concerning the Archives Committee (October 16)

Proposal to Delegates Concerning A change to the Rotation for Nationals or to Three Interclub Rotation (October 16)

Proposed Solutions for Opposite Coast National by Daryl Johnson (October 21)

From Mhari Peschel, NOC FTS - 2016 National Open Judges Clay Earl and Randy Bartsch
Election Ballot Results

2014 National Field Champion "Scratch"

NFC Scratch

NFC FC Hearthrock All In
Owner:  Sean Eastman
Handler:  Jim Keller
Breeder:  Richard Krueger
Sire:  FC AFC Sagemoors Silver Bullit
Dam:  FC AFC Hearthrock's Makers Mark

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2014 Financial Reports

2014 Minutes
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Portland Int'l - Portland Oregon


Bird Planter
Bruce Kephart

Bird/Game Stewart
Kurtis Baumgartner

Closing Date
- November 1*

Delegates Meeting -
Preliminary Agenda
 November 18, 4:00

Meeting Notice and
Delegates Form

Donation and
Series Sponsorship

Dues $75
Pay to Mhari

Entry Form
Entry Fees $260

Field Trial Committee

Gun Captains - Roger
Thorne and Alex Stewart

Gun Team

Headquarters - Best Western Premier
- Boulder Falls Inn,  Lebanon Oregon - more info below

Alternate hotels
Judges Stewart
Janet Christensen

Head Marshal
Kim Breitbarth
Marshal Team


Carolyn Blundell

Pay Form, Premium and Entry Form
Photographer -
Mark Smith

Qualification 2 Points RV Access

Running Order
Schedule of Events Training - Wed,
 Nov 18, 9:00 am

Weather for Lebanon
Pheasants - Mike's Gamebird Farm

 Fund Raising
Vicky Thomas

Grounds Committee
Gary Breitbarth
Jeff Miller

Facebook Page

by Barb Boettcher

Change of Location July 20 to Harrisburg Oregon (92 miles south of Portland) - Click here for more info and  photos of grounds



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2016 - Mid East IC, Mark Gebert

2017 - Mid West IC, Dean Koehler

2018 - East IC, Russ Smith

2019 Rocky Mountain IC

2020 - Rocky Mountain IC (if rotation is approved at NAC meeting)

Airports - Portland Oregon

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RV Information - both accept pets

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