The 2016  National Amateur English Springer Spaniel Championship 

 Zenda, Kansas
President (Chairman) - Mhari Peschel
FT Chairman Robert Clayton
FT Secretary and Treasurer Jan Johnson

 Thursday, November 17, 2016 to Conclusion
Judges Mike Elsasser and Rick Shively

Delegates Meeting - Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Registration: 3:00pm - 4:00pm - Meeting 4:00pm to 6:00pm

National Amateur Championship Delegates' Meeting
2016 Agenda

Unofficial Observations of the Delegates meeting

Best Western Airport Inn and Conference Center
Wichita, Kansas
Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Note from Steve Beyer:  At today's meeting we only had 37 of the 70 clubs present.  There were barely enough delegates to conduct any business today.  Only 40 clubs actually paid their dues.  Please encourage your clubs to pay their dues, attend the annual meeting and have a voice.  Better to voice your opinion before decisions are made than after it is too late.

1.    Meeting comes to order.
2.    Determination of Quorum and Identification of Delegates
       a.    Roll call of delegates conducted during sign in.  
       b.    Certification of Secretary of Quorum (50% representation)
37 of 70 clubs clubs present

3.    Acceptance of 2015 Annual Meeting minutes - approved

4.    Treasurer’s Report for fiscal year 2015 - approved

5.    General Chairman's Message  


6.    2016 National Amateur Championship Topics

       a.    Report of Nominating Committee - Election of Officers - accepted
General Chairman Gary Riddle, First VP Russ Smith, Second VP John Meyer, Jan Johnson Treasurer/Secretary - Paducha KY for 2019

       b.    Presentation and acceptance of 2017 National Amateur Championship - from Bob Child (FT Chairman) - To be in the Newton Utah area on 750 acres.  Average temperatures 39/23 degrees.  Grounds north of Ogden Utah (Comfort Inn) 55 miles.  To start Wednesday, November 29, 2017.  Gary Riddle is the General Chairman and Jan Johnson will be the Secretary/Treasurer.

       c.    Number of points to qualify for 2017 - two points amended to one point and approved 22 for and 15 against - Since the national will be held in the Western interclub, which typically gets fewer entries, reverting back to one point may help boost the entries.  
       d.    Entry Fee - $220

       e.    Closing date (18/11 days before trial) - first close November 11, 2017 with the second close November 18, 2017

       f.     Date and time for 2017 Annual Meeting - Nov 28, 2017 4:00 pm

7.    Other business

       a.  Avoiding Opposite Coast lines between NAC and NOC -

            i.  Proposal from Daryl Johnson

           ii.  Presentation by Gary Wilson

Discussion, delegates feel blindsided and do not want to vote without input from their clubs.  Motion withdrawn.
       b.  National Championship Trial dates restrictions -

 Approved by NOC delegates meeting in 2015 - Proposal for setting dates for nationals - "Both National must allow placements earned on the 44th week (AKC Corresponding dates, generally first weekend in November ) to be included in the qualifying date range."  No national before November 15.       Approved 32 to 5

Steve Beyer will head a committee to survey people concerning the dates of the nationals.
       c.  Approval of donation to tick-born disease to be matched - moved to donate $2500.  Approved

       d.  New Business - Request for funds to scan catalogs as part of archive project.  To scan all national catalogs cost $3000.  $1000 from NAC, $1000 from NOC and $1000 from ESSFTA.
Purina has also offered to donate.
Robert Clayton, FTS, said the welcome reception will start in two minutes.  The caravan will be led by Peschels and will leave at 6:30 am and go to the Tin Shed.  We will all park there.  The first and second series has 45 flags.  The third and fourth series will be held across the road.  

8.    Adjournment at 6:00 pm

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