The 2016  National Amateur English Springer Spaniel Championship 

 Zenda, Kansas
President (Chairman) - Mhari Peschel
FT Chairman Robert Clayton
FT Secretary and Treasurer Jan Johnson

 Thursday, November 17, 2016 to Conclusion
Judges Mike Elsasser and Rick Shively

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Purina Pro Plan Awards Banquet for High Point Amateur dogs

From Jan Johnson
- 108 in the National Amateur - Running Order            Running Order with Owners       

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Congratulations to the first time handlers in the NAC - Todd Allen, Tim Baker, Patrick Berry, Brian Bilotta, Jeffery Cubitt, John Dudash, Alex Kerr, Shane Kozal, Dave Kruse, Terry Lewis, Kevin McGlin, Bruce Meredith, John Neubaum, Mark Nix, Collin Pickrel, Lisa Pyle and Kirby Shineman

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2015 National Amateur Field Champion "Treeva"


NAFC FC AFC CFC Expressways Retrevin' Fool

Owner:  Bob and Sue Montler   
Handler:  Bob Montler
Marymont Kennels

Breeder: Marty Knibbs
 Sire:  Cowarnecourt Catalyst
 Dam:  Coldwater's Aggie

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Updated May 10

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Bird Planters
Devin Ferris &
Dillon Ferris


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October 30*
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Delegates Meeting - Wed, Nov 16, 4:00 pm

ESSFTA Meeting - Wed, Nov 16, @ 6:30 pm
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Dues $75
Pay to Jan Johnson
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Entry Fees $220

Field Trial Committee
Gun Captains
Del Ferris and
Mike Young

Gun Team

Best Western Airport Inn and
Conference Center
Wichita KS

Ladies Only!

Judges Stewards -
John & Susan Price

Head Marshal
Pat Bramwell
Marshal Team

Marshal Team

Merchandise Sales -
Christy Joy

Game Stewards

Steve Seltzer &
Chad Betts

Photographer -
Donna Fletcher

Qualification 2 Points

Fundraising - Christy Joy, Jeanne Nabity,
Jill Hibbard and Holly Boggess

Running Order Schedule of Events

Stewards of the Beat
Lynn Miller and Don Bramwell



Robert Clayton
Phili Somers &
Jan Johnson

English Springer
Spaniel Field Trial Association
President Mark Haglin
Field VP David Sanford
Treasurer Kathy Nestor
Secretary Barb Granatir
Parent Club



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2016 - Rocky Mountain Interclub - Mhari PescheL

From Jan Johnson (NAC FTS) - 2017 National Amateur Championship judges will be Tom Menzel and John Hall.  Congratulations!

2017 - Western Interclub - Gary Riddle

2018 - Mid East Interclub - Russ Smith

 2019 - Midwest Interclub - John Meyer

2020- East Interclub

Airports - (215 miles) Kansas City International Airport

(185 miles) Tulsa International Airport
7777 E Apache St, Tulsa, OK 74115

Buy a flag!  - Personalized flags are once again for sale to help support the 2016 National Amateur Championship in Zenda, Kansas.
Your name or message will be displayed on the centerline flags.   You get to keep your flag.  Flag sponsorship form (MS doc)      Form in PDF format
Make checks payable to NESSFTA

Prices are one for $25 or 5 for $100.
30 space and 3 line maximum.
Deadline is October 31, 2016.
Please send message, name and payment to:

Jeanne Nabity
2319 Stagecoach Rd
Grand Island, NE 68801

Make checks payable to NESSFTA.  Thanks for your support of this popular fund raiser!

Catalog - Jan Johnson, Mhari Peschel, Connie Kieckhefer and Sue Myers, Printer & Binding by Digital Edge

Field Trial Committee - Don Bramwell, Robert  Child, Jim O'Keefe, John Leininger,  David Sanford, Steve Beyer and Peter Renwick

Guns - Donny Pyle, John Leininger, Brandon Rogers, Alex Stewart, Kevin Stewart and Josh Davis

Headquarters -
Best Western Airport Inn and Conference Center
6815 W Kellogg
Wichita KS  67209
(844) 463-1031

Ladies Only!

We are having the”Ladies of Our Sport” banner at the entrance of every series of the 2016 National Amateur Championship
in Zenda, Kansas.  We will sign your name on this banner for a $20 contribution.  This is for all ladies whether you handle a dog or
cheer on someone that does!  This was a great success in the past.  Let’s keep it going! 

You may send contributions to:

Please make checks payable to NESSFTA

Jeanne Nabity
2319 Stagecoach Rd
Grand Island, NE 68801

Marshals - Barb Boettcher, Mhari Peschel, Mhair Peschel, Phyllis Beyer and Lisa Pyle

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