The 2016 National (Open) English Springer Spaniel Championship 

Mt Sterling, Ohio 43143
President (Chairman) Mark Gebert
FT Chairmam Brent Lemaster
FT Secretary and Treasurer Mhari Peschel

  Monday, December 5, 2016, 4:00 pm
Judges Clay Earl and Randy Bartsch

National English Springer Spaniel Field Trial  Association
2016 Agenda

Unofficial Observations of the Delegates meeting

Deer Creek Lodge and Conference Center
Mt Sterling Ohio

I.    Determination of Quorum and Identification of Delegates
       1.    Roll call of delegates
       2.    Certification of Secretary of Quorum (50% representation)  50 clubs present of 53 paid cubs - a quorum is present

      Acceptance of Minutes of 2015 Annual Meeting - accepted

II.    Presidents Message - welcome

III.   Treasurers Report - accepted

IV.   Election of Officers - Nominating Committee (Steve Beyer, chair, Jeff Brooks, John Leininger and Don Mock) - President Dean Koehler, 1st VP Mike Wallace or Gary Wilson, 2nd VP Don Bramwell, Treasurer/Sercretary Mhari Peschel.
Proposal from Gary Wilson to have the 2018 NOC to start Monday, November 12 or Tuesday, November 13.
At this point a trial may not start before Nov 15. (passed in 2015 to include trials run in week 44)
Mike's proposal would start after Thanksgiving.
Vote 25 for Gary's proposal and 25 against.
Vote 25 for Mike's proposal and 25 against

A revote came out the same! We have no provisions for a tie.  We will table the 2018 proposals vote until the end of the meeting.  The rest of the slate was approved.

V.    Announcement of Judges for the 2017 National Open
Skip Smith and Chad Betts

VI.   Member Club Dues for 2017  Stay at $75 - accepted

VII.  Presentation and Acceptance of Location of 2017 National Open from Dean Koehler - Start Monday, November 13, 2017.  FT Chairman Bill Boeckman.  To be held in Austin Minnesota (southern MN).  
There was much discussion about the dates as last year it was approved that no national would start before November 15, and to include week 44 trials.  
After much discussion the start will be Wednesday, November 15, 2017.  Approved.

VIII. Qualification for 2017 National Open - 2 points proposed - 25 yes, another tie
roll call vote - 27 against and 23 for 2 points
3 points passed 34 in favor

IX.   Entry Fees for 2017 National Open - $235 approved

X.    Set dates and time for 2017 Annual Meeting - Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 4:00 pm.

XI.   Other Business
       a.  Request For Support from the Archives committee $1000 for Scanning catalogs to be put on Springer Spaniel Foundation website.  Approved.
       b.  Request for $2500 to AKC Canine Health Foundation for the Tickborne Disease initiative.  Approved.
From ESSFTA, the parent club, to thik about accomodation for disabled at field trials.  Up to land owners?  Dan Murray was appointed to be on a committe to look into this with someone for the NAC and Parent club.  Mhari has consulted with Tom Meyer, AKC rep.

We went back to voting for 2018 NOC chairperson.  23 votes for Gary Wilson and 26 votes for Mike Wallace.  Mike Wallace will hold the 2018 NOC in Maryland to start in December 2018.

XII.  Field Trial Chairman's Presentation - Start at 8:00 am.

XIII. Adjournment at 6:00 pm


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