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The 2016 National (Open) English Springer Spaniel Championship 

Mt Sterling, Ohio 43143
President (Chairman) Mark Gebert
FT Chairmam Brent Lemaster
FT Secretary and Treasurer Mhari Peschel

  Tuesday, December 6, 2016 to conclusion
Judges Clay Earl and Randy Bartsch

Main Photo Page

Photos from Mark Moore, event photographer now complete's Photos

Hotel and Delegates meeting

Day 1 photos - First Series (partial)

Banquet and Purina Pro Plan High Point Awards

Day 2 photos - Rest of the First Series and part of the Second Series

Day 3 photos - The rest of the Second Series

Day 3 photos - The First part of the Third series

Day 4 photos - The rest of the Third Series

Day 4 photos - The Fourth Series

Day 5 photos - The Fifth and Water Series


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