Awards and Trophies
National Amateur Championship Stake

I.  To the First Place dog:
  A.  The title of "National Amateur English Springer Spaniel Field Champion"
  B.  The title of "Amateur Field Champion"
  C.  The English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association National Amateur Challenge Trophy
  D.  Trophy for Permanent Possession
  E.  NFC/NAFC/CNFC Saighton's Scud National Amateur Challenge Trophy.   To be retired by three wins by the same amateur handler.
  F.  The Talbot Radclidffe, Esquire Challenge Trophy.  A perpetual trophy to be awarded annually to the breeder of the wininning dog.
  G.  Standard A.K.C. Rosette

II.  To the Second, Third, and Fourth Placing Dogs:
  A.  Trophies for Permanent Possession
  B.  Standard A.K.C. Rosette

III.  To the National Amateur High Point Dog:
  A.  Pro-Plan Performance Award to National Amateur High Point Dog

IV.  Other Trophies
  A.  The Ladies Amateur Spaniel Handlers' Association National Amateur Challenge Trophy
  B.  FC/AFC/CFC Tridon Orion Ms American Pie Memorial Trophy.  A trophy to be awarded by the Rocky Mountain Interclub and the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association to the National High Point English Springer Spaniel in the Amateur Stakes.  In memory of a great champion and a great companion.
  C.  Don Cande Memorial Trophy
  D.  Guns Award sponsored by