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Awards and Trophies
National Championship Stake

1.  To the Winner:
      a.  The title of "National Springer Spaniel Field Champion"
      b.  The title of "Field Champion"
      c.  The Field and Stream Sterling Silver Challenge Trophy
      d.  The Sterling silver Prescott Challenge Trophy
      e.  The Trophy for Permanent Possession
      f.  The Sterling Silver Saighton's Sizzler Chanllenge Trophy donated by John M. Olin.
      g.  The Evelyn Monte Memorial Trophy presented by the Ladies Spaniel Field Trial Club of Greater Newark and Friends of Evelyn Monte to the First Place Dog and Owner.  This is a perpetual tropy to be awarded annually at the National Open Championship. 
      h.  The Talbot Radcliffe Sterling Silver Cup.  A perpetual trophy to be awarded annually to the breeder of the winning dog.
      i.  Special AKC Rosette with Medals

2.  For Second, Third and Fourth Place Winners:
      a.  Trophies for permanent possession
      b.  Special AKC Rosettes with Medals

3.  For the Best Performance by a dog handled by an Amateur, provided the dog completes all series of the trial: 
     a.  Special AKC Rosette with Medal
     b.  The Heather Challenge Trophy awarded to the best amateur handler.  To win the amateur must have placed first, second, third or fourth or received a certificate of merit.  The trophy may be retired if it is won by the same handler three times.  (The Dansmirth Trophy was retired in 2011 by John Hall handling the same dog, Heather.)

4.  The William E. & Patricia K. Lane Memorial Trophy (silver) presented by the Southern Michigan Springer Spaniel Training Club, Inc.,  is to be awarded to the best amateur handler in the National Championship.  To qualify the amateur handler must place first, second, third, fourth or be awarded a certificate of merit.  This is to be a perpetual trophy with no permanent possession.  Each year the name of the winning handler and a date awarded is to be engraved on the reverse side of the trophy, is to remain in his or her custody for one year, to then be returned for presentation the following year at the National Championship. 

5.  Gunner's Trophy for the dog, in the judgement of the guns, "the dog they would most like to hunt over".  Donated by