Results of FALL 2000 U.S. ESS Field Trials
Including -  2000 Nat "Open" and Amateur
For Other Past Results Click here
 Canadian Field Trial Info:
Ralph Botti and Chuck Urland
 August 20 at Hillendale Hunt Club,  Tyrone, PA.
OPEN   Starters / 26, 9 to 3rd  (Mid-Penn ESS Club AKC Sanctioned Trial)
(Congratulations to a new ESS -  FT Club !)
1st FC Sunrise Austin City Limits (Austin) Owner -Jim Boone, Handler -Jeff Brooks
2nd Brookwood Carry On Jake (Jake) Owner-Carl Rausch, Handler -Jeff Brooks
3rd Wickiup Creek Bonner(Bonner), Owner/Handler-Jim O'Shea
4th Pride'N'Joy's Field Gryphon (Gryphon), O/Jeff Kitson, H/Jeff  Brooks
PUPPY  Judges -  Chris Jenson and Carl Rausch
1st Roaring Creek Yukon Charlie(Charlie), O/Joan Francovich,  H/Larry Francovich
2nd  Sunrise's Life Of Riley (Riley) O/Ralph Roscher and Sharon Mussatto, H/Gary Wilson
3rd Sunrise Sophie(Sophie),O/H Gary Wilson
4th Hammerin Hawk Of Rome (Hawk), O/Steve Vizansky, H/Gary Wilson
Notes: Conditions were quite favorable for August in Central PA. Temperatures in the low 70's and a steady breeze. By mid-afternoon it had gotten warmer and the breeze had died down making for a difficult third. Cover was low thick brome grass. Young pheasants were moving and flew extremely well.                                              Scott Hoover 
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Connecticut Spaniel Club Field Trial
Sept 2/3, Simsbury, CT.  Martin Bell - Dick Moore 
OPEN   36 starters,  14 back to the 3rd 
1st  FC Brookwood Carry on Jake  O: Carl Rausch H: Jeff Brooks
2nd  Triple Ridge's Run of the Mil  O: William Greulich H: Ralph Botti
3rd  FC Sunrise Austin City Limits  O: James Boone  H: Jeff Brooks
4th Robert's Farm Miss Linda  O: Alfred & Holly Tambling  H: Pat Perry
AMATEUR   34 starters    12 back to third 
1st Mountain View's Scratches  O: Esther Faraci  H: Esther Faraci
2nd  CFC Denalisunflo Scraps  O: Ed & Esther Faraci  H: Esther Faraci
3rd FC AFC Shimmering Aries Warrier  O/H: George Akkouris
4th AFC Sunnybright Sadie  O: Jason Green  H: Bev Matthews
PUPPY  John Peracca and Jack Rabuse    13 Starters
1st  Sunrise Riverboat Gambler  O:  Sandra Mariotto  H: Gary Wilson
2nd Mountain View's Lunq  O: Esther Faraci  H: Ed Faraci
3rd Lighthouse Reverence   O/H: Greg Miller
4th Royal Flush's Moses   O: Diane Briggs  H: Ralph Botti
Notes: from, Bev Matthews CCSC,   Field Trial Secretary
Saturday was a brutal day for dogs and handlers - temperature was only in the mid 80's, but the humidity was 99% - there had been heavy rain in the early morning hours and it felt like walking through a sauna - most of the day the sun stayed behind the clouds, but when it did peak out, the heat was almost unbearable.  There was little to no breeze until mid afternoon when the puppies ran.  Heavy rain during the night Saturday helped somewhat for Sunday - humidity was down some and most of the morning there was a light breeze.  The sun stayed away for most of the day, which was appreciated by all.  Considering the heat, the dogs did well,. the birds flew (most of the time), and we didn't loose any of the gallery.  Hats off to the judges, gunners and shaggers for walking the fields all day, both days!!

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Northeastern Ohio Bird Dog Association ,
Judges / Billie Jo Hopkins and Doug Miller
Grand Valley Hunting Ranch in Orwell, Ohio Sept 16/17
OPEN   22 Starters and 11 back to third.
1st Riverview's Kelley (Kelley)-O/Charles Costello-H/Dan Denner
2nd CFC Sunrise Jet (Ben)-O/H Rich Domo
3rd CFC FC Samantha's Loyal Flush (Sam)-O/Leaman Ames-H/Ben Martin
4th Cookies & Cream (Cookie)-O/H Rob Osborne
AMATEUR  32 Starters and 13 back to third. 
1st Timberdoodles Spock (Spock)- O/H Glen DeMott
2nd Ru-Chars Primetime Bracken (Bracken)- O/S. & Karen Sherbondy - H/Steve  Sherbondy
3rd Molly of Westphal (Molly)- O/H Russ Smith
4th Fallen Wings Buster Brown (Buster)- O/H Richard Siciliano
PUPPY  Roy Hopkins and Art Rodger  7 Starters
1st Rives Rooesevelt Theo (Rooesevelt) - O/Tom Clark - H/Ben Martin
2nd Hammerin Hawk of Rome (Hawk)- O/Steve Niznonsky - H/Gary Wilson
3rd Denalisunflos Woodson (Woodie)-O/R.E. French - H/Ben Martin
4th Lighthouse Alex of Sir Roberts (Alex)- O/Doug & Malinda Roberts - H/Doug Roberts
Notes: Thanks Mark Domo

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N. Minn ESSC - Sept. 16/17 - Steve Milton  and PatrickPerry
OPEN    37 starters, 31 to the 2nd, 11 to the 3rd.
1st  Sand Creek's Bailey, male, Bailey   (Sand Creek's King X Sand Creek's Tess)  B:  Bill Boeckman O:  Dan Jochum  H:  Bill Boeckman
2nd  Melchris Amazing Grace, female, Gracie  (FC AFC Hiawatha Shooter X Lee's Kana' Ti) B:  Dave Hopkins  O:  Norb & Rose Jamnik H:  Jason Givens
3rd  Grandview's Max-A-Million, male, Max   (FC Denalisunflos Jump X Beaubeaux Foxy Lady) B/O: Steven Beyer   H:  Jim DeVoll
4th Sand Creek's Lucky Penny, female, Lucky  (Sand Creek's King X Sand Creek's Shotzie) B:  Bill Boeckman O:  Pat Gilligan  H:  Bill Boeckman
AMATEUR  /  32 starters, 24 to the 2nd, 10 to the 3rd
1st Door Creek Jake, male, Jake (NEW AFC!!)  (AFC Raintree's Sea Pirate X FC AFC CFC Door Creek Megan)  B:  Charles Nelson O:  Pat Nelson H:  Charles Nelson
2nd Roberins First Shadow, male, Shadow   (FC AFC Sylker's Jake X Northern Sky's Super Streak)
 B:  Steve Bannie  O/H:  Bob Schulke
3rd  Brackenbuster Chopper, male, Chopper   (FC Denalisunflos Ring X AFC Sanquest's Party Girl)
 B:  Richard & Marianne Csanda  O/H:  Tracie Wilson
4th  Lighthouse's High Brass, male, Ruger  (AFC Raintree's Sea Pirate X FC AFC Dansmirth's Wavecrest Fete) B:  Jason Givens  O:  Ron & Cricket Kriehn  H:  Ron Kriehn
PUPPY   18 starters  Kermit Gillund and Steve Bannie
1st Welshwood's Heartland Husker, male, Husker (FC AFC CFC Soph-Aider's Pergamum X FC AFC CFC Welshwood's Lady Chatterly) B:  Roger Dolliff O:  Marianne Yost  H:  Jim DeVoll
2nd Drumbeat Winrose Zoe, female, Zoe  (FC AFC Surefire Major Winston X P&J's Rose of Alabama) B:  Lenore Severni  O:  Jim Ellsberry H:  Jason Givens
3rd  Lighthouse Reverence, male, Rev(NFC AFC KB's Sir Coach X FC AFC Dansmirth's Wavecrest Fete)  B:  Jason Givens  O:  Greg Miller  H:  Jason Givens
4th White Oaks Blaze-N-Sunshine, female, Sunny (Denalisunflos Happy X Pine Shadows Piper)  B:  Mark Haglin   O/H:  Lyn Swarthout
Notes: The Northern MN club's trial was held Sept. 16 - 17, 2000, at the Major Avenue Hunt Club in Glencoe, MN.  First and Second series were tall switch grass.  Third and Puppy were brome grass.  Marking was difficult in the series work for the all age dogs. Thanks Michelle F. Givens.

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Northwest English Springer Spaniel Club   Sept 16 & 17
Judges were David Jones and Bill Cosgrove
OPEN   Starters / 
1st FC Taffswell Rusty (Penny) - Bob Bullard
2nd AFC Don;s Button of Danville (Button) - Don Giddens
3rd  CNFC AFC Blackriver's Keno (Keno) - Jeffrey Miller
4th  FC AFC Yankee Creek Different Drummer (Smokey) - Al Defalco
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
1st FC Taffswell Rusty (Penny), Handler - Bob Bullard
2nd Jetwings Barley, Handler - Mearle Gates
3rd AFC Don's Button Of Danville (Button) - Don Giddens
4th  Yankee Creek Hayduke Lives (Chip) - Alfred Defalco
PUPPY  Starters Judges
1st Patchwood's Brandy (Brandy) - John Helmuth
2nd Skaar's Sorcerer (Sam) - John Wright
3rd Yankee Creek Nick Of Time ( Nicky) - Alfred Defalco
4th Maggie Mae Motter (Maggie) - David Motter
Notes: Thank you John Helmuth & Paula Mazurek. 
The puppy `Brandy' is a daughter of `Penny', so it was a mother/daughter sweep of the weekend!

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Keystone ESSC - September 16 and 17 - Nancy Standish and Bob Fink 
OPEN   42 starters,  14 to 3rd
1st AFC Cedar Creek Bing, Handler: Bob Sommer, Owner Bob & Gerry Sommer
2nd  R-Quest's What's Up Doc, Handler: Ken Willis, Owner Jim Boone
3rd FC Tridon's Kansas Pride'n Joy, Handler: Jeff Brooks, Owner Julie Hogan
4th  Triple Ridges Full Tilt, Handler:Ralph Botti, Owner, Jeffrey Adams
AMATEUR  32Starters , 7 to 3rd.
1st FC/AFC Enrobso Swallow,  Handler: Bob Sommer, Owner Bob & Gerry Sommer
2nd  R-C's Luck of the Draw, Handler/Owner: Russ Courtney, Jr.
3rd Wickiup Creek Bonner, Handler/Owner:James O'Shea
4th  none given
PUPPY  Starters 9  Judges Jeff Kitson and Randy Palluch
1st South Chase Rachel, Handler: Ralph Botti, Owner Patrick & Janet Fischer
2nd Skymaster's Zoe, Handler:Jeff Brooks, Owner Connie Wharton
3rd  Reay's Autumn Fury, Handler:Ken Willis, Owner Todd Reay
4th  Reward's Saratoga Sara,Handler:Ralph Botti, Owner Edward Roggenkamp
Notes: Thank you, Barbara Granatir, Field Trial Secretary KEESC.
 I'm happy to write to you regarding the great field trail Keystone English Springer Spaniel Club (KESSC) held this past weekend September 16 and 17 at Blue Mountain Game Farm in Hummelstown, PA.  The weather was beautiful and a lot cooler than last year.  The cover was knee high sorghum and  consistent on all fields.  There were 44 entries and 42 starters in the OPEN  with 14 callbacks in the 3rd series; 32 entries and 31 starters in the Amateur with 7 callbacks in the 3rd series; and 9 entries and 9 starters in the Puppy.

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Tilden Valley ,  Shady Game Farm in Florence,  Sept 23/24
Judges Tom Radde (MN) and Casey Butz (Alberta, Can.)
OPEN   Starters 35 - 10 to 3rd 
1st  Thorn Hill Vindicator, m, "Vinny"  **NEW FC (AFC Saradynpark Gunner X FC AFC Ariel of Melchris)  B:  Jim & Kim Naber  O/H:  Roger Houk
2nd  Henry's Gang Buster, m, "Buster"     (Tasmanian Tucker X Expressway's Best of Cress)
        B:  David Lorenz     O:  John Clark     H:  David Lorenz
3rd   Yankee's Litl Rebel, m, "Rebel" (also Gunners Award) (New FC)
        (FC AFC Pondview's Windy Acres Yankee X Two Spot)
        B:  Raymond Razzano   O:  John Clark    H:  David Lorenz
4th  FC AFC CFC Fieldbourn's Ruger, m, "Tigger"
        (FC Denalisunflos Jolly X AFC Strong's Hailley)
 B:  Craig & Michelle Foss   O:  Cathy Lewis and Dean Reinke  H:  Dean Reinke
AMATEUR  Starters 51,  14 to 3rd 
1st Lighthouse Ice Dancer, f, "Dani"
        (NFC AFC The Iceman X FC AFC Dansmirth's Wavecrest Fete)
        B:  Jason Givens   O:  Brian & Kathy Sonier    H:  Brian Sonier
2nd FC AFC Sunrise Bullet, m, "Bullet"
        (FC AFC Pondview's Windy Acres Yankee X FC Lightwynn's Streak)
        B:  Harry Merrill      O/H:  Francis Prock
3rd AFC South Hamlin Abagail, f, "Abbey"
        (Ashcroft's Micky X Bricksclose Freckled Fergie)
        B:  John Zahorik      O/H:  Ron Charles
4th West Wings' Pistol Pete, m, "Pete"
        (FC AFC Dansmirth's Lindsey Kidd X AFC CJ's West Wings' April Promise)
        B:  Cheryl & Jerry Sligar     O:  Tom & Debbie Schoene   H:  Debbie Schoene
PUPPY  Starters  16 Judges  Helmut Ross & Kevin Martineau
1st  Whispering Pines Best Chance, m, "Hunter"
        (South Chase Twister X Mandy's Best Bet)     B/O/H:  Larry Hennessey
2nd Wonder's Pearl, f, "Pearl"      B/O/H:  Bronwyn Vernau
        (FC AFC Hiawatha Shooter X Dansmirth's Lickitysplit) 
3rd  Lady Dutchess Cinder, f, "Cinder"
        (Sno-Drift Murphy, MH X Snow Shoe Ashley)
        B:  Kenneth Payton   O:  Donald Madriasa   H:  Jeff Schwartz
4th Lighthouse Alex of Sir Roberts, m, "Alex"
        (FC CFC Parker Sir Roberts X FC AFC Dansmirth's Wavecrest Fete)
        B:  Jason Givens    O:  Doug & Malinda Roberts   H:  Doug Roberts
Notes:  Thanks Michelle Givens

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Judges Don Giddens and Skip Smith / Utah Springer Spaniel Club  9/22-9/23
OPEN    29 Starters, 23 to second, 10 to third
1st 1st: FC CFC Whitewaters Windryden Sprite, Handler Rob Barlow
2nd 2nd: Zelotes Incurrere Phasianus, Handler Rob Barlow
3rd 3rd: Midlands Banshee, Handler Jim Devoll
4th 4th:AFC Shadowbark Wind Dancing Abby: Handler Greg Johnson (New FC)
AMATEUR  Starters 24, 19 to second, 11 to third. 
1st 1st: R&B's Samantha Bell, Handler Bill Greer
2nd 2nd: Ashcroft's Marshall Earp, Handler Dave Scott
3rd 3rd: Jordan Valley's Diamond Z, Handler Jerry Livingston
4th 4th: Watch the Birdie, Handler Don Nipper
PUPPY  10 Starters.  Judges Mhari and Gary Peschel 
1st 1st: Whitewaters Northern Trek, Handler Rob Barlow
2nd 2nd: Woodlands Skipper, Handler Jim Devoll
3rd 3rd: Drumbeat Darling Clementine, Handler Diane Zablitt
4th 4th: B's Flashy Pheasant Flusher, Handler Jim Devoll
Notes:  Thanks, "RKA" <>

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MN Heartland trial , September 30 and October 1 
Judges were Charles Petrmichl (MN) and Pat Hemple (WI)
OPEN   31 starters, 26 to the 2nd, 12 to the 3rd
1st Lighthouse Reverence, m, "Rev"
        (NFC AFC KB's Sir Coach X FC AFC Dansmirth's Wavecrest Fete)
        B:  Jason Givens  O:  Greg Miller    H:  Jason Givens
2nd Lighthouse Ice Dancer, f, "Dani"
        (NFC AFC The Iceman X FC AFC Dansmirth's Wavecrest Fete)
        B:  Jason Givens   O:  Brian & Kathy Sonier    H:  Jason Givens
3rd Sand Creek's Bailey, m, "Bailey"
        (Sand Creek's King X Sand Creek's Tess)
        B:  Bill Boeckman   O:  Dan Jochum    H:  Bill Boeckman
4th   Sweet Cal O' Mine, f, "Callie"
        (FC AFC Sylker's Jake X Berries N' Pines Annie)
        B:  Stuart Lavalier    O:  Frank & Jill Duffy   H:  Bill Boeckman
AMATEUR  33 starters, 13 to the 3rd
1st  Moonlit Field's Edge, f, "Moon"
        (FC AFC Salmy's Zorro X AFC Northwood's Neapolitan)
        B:  Peter Andersen     O/H:  Andy Bicek
2nd Roberins First Shadow, m, "Shadow"
        (FC AFC Sylker's Jake X Nothern Sky's Super Streak)
        B:  Steve Bannie    O/H:  Bob Schulke
3rd  Bluff Creek's Max, m, "Max"
        (FC AFC Kane's Rockin Rebel X Northwood's Kaseys Comet)
        B:  Todd King
        O/H:  Elmer Kasperson
4th Cynorm's A Huntin' Timber, m, "Timber"
        (Lakeville Twink X Cynorm's Klassic Spitfire)
        B:  Tina & Cynthia Lunblad
        O/H:  Duane Maki
PUPPY  8 Starters Judges Tom Radde (MN) and Joel Blatz (MN)
1st   Lighthouse Reverence, m, "Rev"
        (NFC AFC KB's Sir Coach X FC AFC Dansmirth's Wavecrest Fete)
        B:  Jason Givens    O:  Greg Miller    H:  Jason Givens
2nd Thatcharce Harvester, m, "Harvey"
        (Ale Ferguson X Thatcharce Dee)
        B:  Wolseley Brinton  O:  Krista Coleman Wood   H:  Andrew Wood
3rd Caliber of Pine Shadows, m, "Caliber"
        (Pine Shadows Bullet X Pine Shadows Teal)
        B:  Morgan Haglin     O/H:  Stacy Avery
4th Redmann's Bart, m, "Bart"
        (Rivals Reggie X Redmann's Kate)
        B:  Steve Bannie    O/H:  Jerry Wojtowicz
Notes: Thanks Michelle Givens

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Bushy Hill  /Bob Cacchio & Bob Krause
OPEN   34  Starters  - 13 to 3rd
1st FC Brookwood Carry-On Jake  O: Carl Rausch  H: Jeff Brooks
2nd FC AFC Shhimmering Aries Warrior  O: George Akkouris  H:Vasilios Akkouris
3rd Sunrise Scout  O:  James Boone  H:  Jeff Brooks
4th Peachdale's Barrelin' Badger  O: Scott Hoover  H:  Jeff Brooks
AMATEUR  40 Starters  / 12 to 3rd
1st  AFC CFC Butterfield's Yes Indeed  O/H: Don Cande
2nd FC Hawk's View of Sunrise  O: Peter Cappelli  H: Jim Cappelli
3rd JP's Sunrise Rowdy  O: John & Liz Peracca  H: Liz Peracca
4th Mountain View's Scratches   O/H: Esther Faraci
CM  Bushrod of Stonewall Farms O: P. Severni & B. Castellani H: Bernie Castellani
CM  FC AFC Shimmering Aries Warrior  O/H: George Akkouris
PUPPY  7 Starters,  Judges Jim Cappelli and George Akkouris
1st Mountain View's Luna  O: Ed & Esther Faraci  H: Ed Faraci
2nd Citari's Hie On Luke  O/H:  Danny DeCondio
3rd Hawk of Hammerin Rome  O:  Steve Nizansky  H:  Gary Wilson
4th  Sunrise Riverboat Gambler O: Sandra Mariotto  H: Gary Wilson
Notes:  from  Bev Matthews:  Weather was typical fall day in New England - foggy morning, burned off early Saturday, not until about 10am on Sunday - Sunny the balance of both days, with light breeze.  Birds flew great!!

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Northeast Wisconsin Spaniel Club  Sept 31, Oct 1st
Judges:  Bob Ryan & Bronwyn Vernau 
OPEN   Starters 26 / 10 to 3rd 
1st NFC/FC/AFC Eagle Brae’s Good Sport        “Sport”
Breeder: Jim & Kim Naber Owner: Jim & Kim Naber Handler: Jim Naber
2nd Dansmirth’s National Forrest        “Forrest”
Breeder: Robert Krause Owner: Robert Krause Handler: Dan Langhans
3rd Winterwind’s Diamond Lilli        “Lilli”e
Breeder & Owner: Robert Sansom & Gary Kuhlman Handler: Bob Sansom
4th NAFC/AFC Triple Ridges Best Bet       “Bessie”
Breeder: Gloria Van Houten Owner: George & Arlene Reichert Handler: George Reichert
AMATEUR  42  Starters  / 14 to 3rd
1st Greybriar’s Prairie Thunder        “Flint”
Breeder: Tom Meyer Owner: Doug Miller Handler: Doug Miller
2nd Autumn Breeze IV        “Bree”
Breeder: Ron Medina Owner: Emil & Deborah Salmons  Handler: Deb Salmons
3rd AFC Dansmirth’s Cody        “Cody”
Breeder: Robert Krause Owner: Robert & Carolyn Curl Handler: Bob Curl
4th AFC Caegarw Columbus        “Odie”
Breeder: N. A. Davies Owner: John Zahorik Handler: John Zahorik
PUPPY   7 Starters,  Judges Roy Hart & George Reichert
1st Whispering Pines Best Chance        “Hunter”
Breeder: Larry Hennessey Owner: Larry Hennessey Handler: Larry Hennessey
2nd Fog Valley’s Roustabout        “Rowdy”
Breeder: Rob French Owner: Al Hanisch Handler: Al Hanisch
3rd  South Chase Jake        “Jake”
Breeder: Robert Ryan  Owner: Pat & Janet Fischer   Handler: Pat or Janet Fischer
4th Rock River Red Bone        “Red”
Breeder: Al Zamecnik Owner: Ross Christen Handler: Jeff Schwartz
Notes: Thanks  Al Hanisch
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Pittsburgh    9/30&10/1     Fred St.Clair & Chuck Urland
OPEN   23 Starters / 
1st Gina of Saradynkpark "Gina" O: Carroll Smith H: Ken Willis
2nd Ellwood'sJackson Creek Blade "Blade" O:Gary Schlafer H:Ken Willis
3rd FCCFC Shawnee's Air Time "Jordan" O: Julie Hogan & Carol Cramer H: Ken Willis
4th CNFTC/FTC/CFC Brandy's Big Ben "Benny" O: Leaman Ames H: Ben Martin
AMATEUR  32 Starters   / 
1st FC/AFC Enrobso Swallow "Ginny" O: Bob& Gerry Sommer H: Bob Sommer
2nd Molly of Westphal "Molly" O/H: Russ Smith
3rd Loyal's Magic Merlin "Mike" O: Paul & Amy Haering H: Paul Haering
4th Timberdoodle's Spock "Spock" O/H: Glenn DeMott
PUPPY  8  Starters Judges  Bob Sommer  Mark Hagenauer
1st Reay's Autumn Fury O:Todd Reay H: Ken Willis
2nd Royal Hanna O: Paul Haering & Ben Martin H: Paul Haering
3rd Roaring Creek Yukon Charlie O: Joan B. Francovich H: Larry J. Francovich
4th Steadfast Statesman O/H: John P. Riepenhoff, M.D.
Notes: Jim Schnupp  PESSFTC
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Inland Empire  Sept 30/ Oct 1 -  Judges  Steve Kane  Daryl Roth
OPEN   Starters / 
1st  Our Pal Joe-   Joe       O: Ray Razzano, H: GAry Breitbarth 
2nd  FC, AFC Yankee Creek Diffrnt Drummer-   Smokey         O/H Al Defalco 
3rd FC, CFTC Stonebroke's River Scout-  Scout     O: Keith Macrae, H: Rob Barlow 
4th Millstone Winsome-   Winnie    O/H Dave Miller 
AMATEUR  Starters  /
1st Raidertowns Hanna-  Hanna     O/H Ron Carver 
2nd Pacific Heartland-  Heart     O/H Robert Willis 
3rd FC Taffswell Rusty-   Penny   O: Bob Bullard,  H: Janert Christensen 
4th Yankee Creek Hayduke Lives-   Chip       O/H Al Defalco 
PUPPY  Starters Judges
1st Whitewaters Northern Trek-  Trek      O/H Shelly Barlow 
2nd Kennyhill Faith-   Faith      O/H Kevin Holcomb 
3rd Yankee Creek Nick of Time-    Nicki           O/H Al Defalco 
4th Maggie Mae-  Maggie          O: Dave Motter,  H: Rob Barlow 
Notes: Thanks Peter Killefer 

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N. Dakota   Peter Ansersen Cindy Goodie
OPEN   Starters / 
1st Bill Boeckman
2nd Roger Dolliff
3rd Randy Curtis
4th Mark Haglin
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
1st Peter Rainy
2nd Jerry Beritt
3rd John Staley
4th Kevin Descro
PUPPY  Starters Judges

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Fox Valley ECS Springer 10/5-6, 
Craig Chilstrom (MN) and Rich Csanda (WI)
OPEN   Starters / 
1st  Sand Creek's Zydeco Zoe, f, Zoe(Sand Creek's King X Sand Creek's Tess)
        B:  Bill Boeckman O/H:  Bruce Stewart
2nd AFC Cedar Creek Bing, m, Bing
        (FC AFC Rolling Oaks High Chaparrel X FC AFC Rolling Oaks Alexis)
        B:  Bob Child          O:  Bob & Gerry Sommer      H:  Bob Sommer
3rd AFC Cregraw Columbus, m, Odie     (Rytex Racer of Craigfellen X Moonread Mayfly)
        B:  N.A. Davis    O:  John Lee Zahorik    H:  Ken Willis
4th FC AFC Sunrise Bullet, m, Bullett
        (FC AFC Pondviews Windy Acres Yankee X FC AFC CFC Lightwynn's Streak By Garry)
        B:  Harry Merrill   O/H: Brud Prock
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
1st  Lighthouse's High Brass, m, Ruger
        (AFC Raintree's Sea Pirate X FC AFC Dansmirth's Wavecrest Fete)
        B:  Jason Givens    O:  Ron & Cricket Kriehn    H:  Ron Kriehn
2nd Rocky Lane's Callie, f, Callie     (AFC Saradynpark Gunner X Dansmirth's St. Marie)
        B:  Robert Krause   O:  Don & Jean VanAcker    H:  Don VanAcker
3rd Dansmirth's Cooper, m, Cooper
        (NFC AFC CFC Dansmirth's Clover Keeler X FC Coach's Jumpshot)
        B:  Hellmut Ross   O/H: Bob Curl
4th AFC Field's Edge Silhouette, m, Woody
        (NFC AFC KB's Sir Coach X AFC Northwood's Neapolitan)
        B/O/H:  Pete Anderson
PUPPY  Starters Judges
1st Rush Lake's Lighthouse Keeper, m, Keeper
        (FC CFC Parker Sir Roberts X FC AFC Dansmirth's Wavecrest Fete)
        B:  Jason Givens    O/H:  Pat Hempel
2nd Sunrise's Life of Riley, "Riley"
        O:  Ralph Roscher and Sharon Mussatto
3rd "DeeDee"    Jeff Adams
4th  Thatcharce Harvester, m, Harvey  (Ale Ferguson X Thatcharce Dee)
        B:  Wolseley Brinton  O:  Krista Coleman Wood  H:  Andrew Wood
Notes: Thanks, Michelle Givens

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Rocky Mountain Trial /  Judges Don Bramwell and John Wright
OPEN   49 Starters 
1st FC AFC Dansmirth's Lindsey Kidd Sire KB's Sir Coach, Dam 
Dansmirth's Bit a Con Breeder Marie Langhans, Owner Tim & Kathleen Lindsey, 
Handler Tim Lindsey
2nd Rytex Raging Sire EFC Kenine Robb of Rytex, Dam Rytex Rita, 
Breeder A.T. Naylor, Owner, Philip Somers, Handler Mark Hairfield
3rd  FC Denalisunflos Jolly, Sire NFC Denalisunflos Ring, Dam 
Denalisunflos Betsey, Breeder Roy French, Owners Jim Devoll and Steve Beyer, 
Handler Jim DeVoll
4th AFC Bailey's Bounty, Sire CFC FC AFC Rockeys Quest, DAm 
Kingsbrae's Star, Breeder Carrol R. Riddle, Owner and Handler John Knowles
AMATEUR  Starters 29 
1st Highlander's Lady Guenevere Sire AFC Tridon Spontaneous Combustion, 
Dam AFC Bumper McQuick, Breeder L. Paul Black, Owner L. Paul Black and Harold 
Hiles, Handler Paul Black
2nd Greenfields Cache La Pouder, Sire CNFC FC AFC Pel Tan Roly, Dam FC 
AFC Strongs Refletian on Light, Breeder Lori Inman and Steve Abbot, Owner 
Fred Smith, Handler Skip Smith
3rd Ashcrofts Marshal Earp, Sire FC AFC Dansmirth's Lindsey Kidd, Dam 
Burcliffs Brandy Ann, Breeder Mark Tholen, Owner and Handler David Scott
4th Greenfields Guinevere, Sire NFC AFC Hope's Nitro Charger, Dam 
Greenfield's Meaghan, Breeder F.W. Smith, Owner F.W. Smith, Handler Skip Smith
 *Note. F.W. Smith, Fred Smith, and Skip Smith are all the same person
PUPPY  11 Starters,  Judges Tim and Kathy Lindsey
1st Wise River North Star, Sire Tynalden Spruce, Dam Wise Rivers Winning Ticket, Breeder Brianna Iverson, Owner Bob and Cathy Iverson, Handler Mark Hairfield
2nd Welshwood's Hearland Husker, Sire FC AFC Seph-Aider's Pergamum, 
Dam FC AFC Welshwood's Lady Chatterly, Breeder Roger Doliff, Owner Marianne 
Yost, Handler Jim DeVoll
3rd Burcliff''s Highlander Bessie, Sire AFC Tridon Spontaneous 
Combustion, Dam AFC Bumper McQuick SH, Breeder Harold Hiles and Paul Black, 
Owner C.O. and A.R. Hankins, Handler Cliff Hankins
4th Mountain Lady of Wise River, Sire Tynalden Spruce, Dam Wise Rivers 
Winning Ticket, Breeder Brianna Iverson, Owner Bob and Kathy Iverson, Handler 
Mark Hairfield
Notes: Thanks Pete Davis, Trial Secretary.

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NCSSC / Jim Cappelli and Larry Buggeln
OPEN   40 Starters / 12 to 3rd
1st Grandview's Max-A-Million  O:  Steve Beyer  H:  Jim DeVoll 
2nd FC Clockburn Abra-Cadabra  O:  Mike Park   H:  Mark Hairfield
3rd  Midlands Dan D Boy  O:  Steve Beyer  H:  Jim DeVoll
4th  Badgerdyke Buccaneer  O:  Lynn and Paul Miller H:  Tim DeGroff 
AMATEUR  28 Starters  /  8 to 3rd
1st Coldwaters Conors Moondance  O/H  Pat Marek 
2nd  Bounty on the Autobahn  O:  John Knowles  H:  Christy Knowles 
3rd  Denalisunflo's Senorita  O/H  Mark Matthiesen 
4th Shadowbark Spirit of Autumn   O/H Greg Johnson 
Bob Fink Memorial Trophy to best dog and handler rapport
Rick Shively and Larford Storm's Tsessebe
PUPPY  9 Starters 
1st Welshwood's Heartland Husker  O:  Marianne Yost  H:  Jim DeVoll 
2nd Denalisunflo's My Gal Sal  O:  Roy French  H: Randy Curtis 
3rd  High Plains Jack  O:  Dale Donaldson  H:  Barney Zeigler
4th Denalisunflo's Samson  O:  Roy French  H:  Randy Curtis 
Notes: Thank You Mhari Peschel

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Minn ESS Club / Judges Tim DeGroff (CO) and Steve Abbate (NV) / 10-14/15
OPEN   33 Starters /  28 to 2md,  13 to 3rd.
1st Raintree's Lighthouse Fantastic, m, "Tic"
        (FC AFC CFC Fieldbourn's Ruger X Suthglen's Three Ring Circus)
        B:  Jason Givens    O:  Randy Palluch    H:  Jason Givens 
2nd Corvette Andy, m, "Andy"    (NFC Denalisunflos Ring X Streak)
        B:  Daniel Cornish     O:  Dave Larson    H:  Jason Givens
3rd Sand Creek's Zydeco Zoe, f, "Zoe"   (Sand Creek's King X Sand Creek's Tess)
        B:  Bill Boeckman      O/H:  Bruce Stewart
4th Brackenbuster Chopper, m, "Chopper" (NFC Denalisunflo's Ring X AFC Sanquest's Party Girl)
        B:  Richard & Marianne Csanda   O:  Tracie Wilson   H:  Eric Adams
AMATEUR  42 Starters  / 31 to 2nd / 13 to 3rd
1st West Wings' Pistol Pete, m, "Pete"
        (FC AFC Dansmirth's Lindsay Kidd X AFC CJ's West Wings April Promise)
        B:  Cheryl & Jerry Sligar  O:  Tom & Deb Schoene   H:  Deb Schoene
2nd  Denalisunflo's Nailer, m, "Nailer"      (Denalisunflos Happy X Denalisunflos Siete)
        B:  R.E. French     O/H:  Jerry Barrett
3rd Geno-Jay Le Roi, m, "King"     (SunnyBrae Smut X Jodi's Gamegetter Terror)
        B:  Eric Adams     O/H:  Eugene Johnson
4th Duren's Hurricane Spike, m, "Spike"   (Tinkhamtown's Bullet X Pearl Diamonds Durens Jem)
        B/O/H:  Gregory Duren
PUPPY  12 Starters
1st Caliber of Pine Shadows, m, "Caliber"   (Pine Shadow's Bullet X Pine Shadow's Teal)
        B:  Morgan Haglin     O/H:  Stacy Avery
2nd Welshwood's Lady Allison, f, "Ally"
        (FC AFC CFC Soph-Aider's Pergamum X FC AFC CFC Welshwood's Lady Chatterly)
        B:  Roger Dolliff    O:  Dave & Sharon Smith     H:  Dave Smith
3rd Bandit's Razzle Dazzle, m, "Razzle"  (FC AFC Whirligig Shine X FC Fetchfeather's Bandit)
        B:  Richard Vermazen   O:  Tom & Debbie Schoene    H:  Tom Schoene
4th Senrob's Diamond Delight, f, "Dee-Dee"  (The Mad Mav of Wise River X Bessie Beetroot)
        B:  Mark Hairfield   O:  Richard & Karen Bornes    H:  Eric Adams
Notes:  Thanks, Michelle F. Givens

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Cocker Club /  Judges Mark Hagenauer , Casey Sajdak / 10-14/15
OPEN  41 Starters /  23 to 2nd / 13 to 3rd
1st  Ru-Char's Jay Jay of Mikonna (Jessie) Sire: AFC Uplands Joliet Jake Dam:  Ru-Char's Jersey Gal Breeder:  Mrs. Ruth Greening Owner: Michael & Donna Welch Handler: Patrick Perry 
2nd Multiflora's Spring Lilly (Lilly) Sire:  FC/AFC Raptor's Roost Druid Dam:  AFC Arden's Multiflora Rose Breeder/O/H: Keath Wood
3rd FC/AFC Avonlea's Darcy of Salmy (Darcy) Sire: FC/AFC Salmy's Zorro Dam: Ru-Char's Lady Asta Breeder/Owner/Handler: Jack Markowski
4th Pride 'N Joy's Better 'N Better (Bette) Sire: FC Denalisunflo's Smokey Dam: Pride 'N Joy's Rhea Reo Breeder: Julie Hogan Owner:  Colonel Ray Costabile (USA) Retired Handler:  Jeff Brooks
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
1st  FC AFC Shimmering Aries Warrior    O/H  George Akkouris
2nd AFC Sunnybright Sadie, MH    O/H  Jason Green
3rd Mountain View's Scratches     O/H  Esther Faraci
4th FC Ynslawd Swift      O/H  Kevin Battistoni
PUPPY  12 Starters, Judges   Frank Mackinson, Betsey Battistoni
1st  Sunrise Seamus of Stuyvesant (Shaymus) Sire:  FC Sunrise Hey Dude DAM:  Dutchess Snickers of Sandwich Breeder: Robert LuBold O/H: Buzz Hartshorn
2nd Turnout's Autumn Jewel (Jewel)  Sire:  NFC/FC Denalisunflo's Ring
Dam: Misty Autumn Joy  Breeder:  Ron Medina  O/H: Jeff Lipscomb
3rd Royal Flush's Moses (Moses)  Sire: Lake Ellen's Lucky Sunrise
Dam: L'anse's Royal  Breeder:  Dan Hochstein  Owner: Dianne Briggs  Handler: Ralph Botti
4th Hawk of Hammerin Rome (Hawk) Sire: Summerland's Scotts Guard Dam: Streak Breeder:D.J. Cornish  Owner:  Steve Nizansky  Handler: Gary Wilson
Notes: Thanks;  The Cocker Spaniel Field Trial Club of America held it's 76th Annual fall trial for English Springer Spaniels on 14 & 15 OCT 2000.  This trial was held at Dyson's Orchards, near Clinton Corners New York.  The temperature Yesterday for the OPEN and the Puppy Stake was clear and sunny with a high temperature around 80 degrees.  Cover was excellent - very thick and consistently three feet or more tall.  The puppy field had been mowed off at about 18 inches high.

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Cincinnatti / 10 - 14/15    Roger Schenone & Harold Hiles
OPEN    (20 Starters, 18 to the 2nd, 7 to the third,  3 finished)
1st FC Samantha's Loyal Flush  "Sam" (FC Windborne's Loyal x Springville Cherry Brandy)
O: Lea Ames  H: Ben Martin
2nd AFC Royal's Reno "Reno" (FC CFC Windborne's Loyal x I Can't Believe You Mist)
O/H: Steve Gorrell
3rd Kylebeg Holly  "Jill" (FC Rawhead Rambler x Pyecross Pam)
O: Katherine Lorenz  H: David Lorenz
4th   NONE
AMATEUR  (29 Starters, 20 to the 2nd, 9 to the 3rd)
1st Majars Jody  "Jody"  (High Plains Marney x Reward's Brouhaha)
O: Charles & Susan Verkamp  H: Charles Verkamp
2nd Sunrise Jet  "Ben"  (FC Sunrise Brutus x S-C's Sunrise Windy)
O: Richard Domo  H: Mark Domo
3rd Denalisunflos March  "March"  (Denalisunflos Happy x Denalisunflos Breeze)
O: Carol & Tom Clark  H: Tom Clark
4th (and the dogs 70th birthday present to his handler) Fallen Wings Buster Brown "Buster"
(Rytex Racer x Topcrest Midi) O/H: Richard Siciliano
PUPPY  Starters Puppy - Mike Elsasser &  Robert Bertoncini - (7 Starters, 3 finished)
1st Lighthouse Reverence  "Rev" (NFC AFC KB's Sir Coach x FC AFC Dansmirth's Wavecrest
Fete) O/H: Greg Miller
2nd Denalisunflo's Woodson  "Woody"  (FC Denalisunflos Ready x Denalisunflo's Sarah)
O/B: R.E. French  H: Ben Martin
3rd Pleasant Knolls Maverik  "Maverik"
(FC Brandy's Big Ben x I Can't Believe You Mist)
O: Kelly Wallace & Rick Ward  H: Rick Ward
4th   NONE
Notes: From Greg Miller;  I spent the weekend at the Cincinnatti Trial.  They held it at a new location, the Turkey Ridge Hunt Club.  The cover was a mix of briar, trees, grass, weeds (especially burrs), and rows of 8 - 9 ft. tall sorgham throughout the course.  It was a challenge for both bog and handler.

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Judges Gary McDonald (NE) & Roger Houk (WI)  / Platte River / 10- 14/15
OPEN   30 starters, 10 to 3rd
1st Smoots Windy (now FC)    O: David Smoot    H: Jim DeVoll
2nd Senrob's Razmataz            O: Phil & Betty Somers    H: Mark Hairfield
3rd Joe Bruno Connel            O: Patrick Connell            H: Jim DeVoll
4th  Windrift's Black Diamond  O: Nick Jayne        H: Chad Betts
AMATEUR  32 starters; 9 to 3rd
1st Larford Storm, MH  (Now AFC)    O/H: Mhari Peschel
2nd  Denalisunflos Dot (Now AFC)        O/H: Mark Matthiesen
3rd Ashcroft's High Plains Drifter, MH   O/H: David Davis
4th Grouse Moor Ike                             O/H: John Knowles
PUPPY  Judges Mark Matthiesen & Paul Black 7 starters
1st Welshwood's Heartland Huster    O: Marianne Yost    H: Jim DeVoll
2nd Wonder's Peark            O/H: Bronwyn Vernau
3rd Phathom of the Opra       O/H: Bronwyn Vernau
4th Denalsiunflos Samson        O: R E French        H: Randy Curtis
Notes: Thanks Pat Bramwell 

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Antelope Valley ESSC  October 14-15th 
Steve Bender  Raymond Cacchio, Apprentice  Tony Zablit
OPEN   Starters / (31 starters, 8 to the 3rd)
1st FC, AFC Rolling Oaks High Chaparral  "Chaps"    B/O/H:  Robert Child
2nd  Shannon's Wild Irish Rose  "Rose"    B/O/H:  Skip Shannon
3rd  Chardon's Celtic Brigid   "Bridget"    B: Ralph Palmer  O/H:  Don O'Connell
4th AFC CJ's West Wings April Promise   "April"    B: C/J Sligar  O/H:  Cheryl Sligar
AMATEUR   18 Starters  / 8 to 3rd.
1st Don's Ginger Snap of Danville  "Snap"      B/O/H:  Don Giddens
2nd FC Our Pal Joe   "Joe"      B/O//H:  Ray Razzano
3rd FC Shawn's John L. Sullivan MH  "Sully" (completed AFC with this placement!)
    B/O/H:  Shawn Martin
4th Ditchbank's Miss Maggie "Maggie"     B/O/H:  Ed McConnell
PUPPY  4 Starters 
1st Hacienda Jasmine "Jasmine"     B: Sue and Willie Howell O/H:  Shane Howell - junior handler
2nd Drumbeat Darling Clementine "Tina"     B: Jason Givens   O/H:  Diane Zablit
3rd  Campy's Jumping Jack  "Jay"     B: Richard Vermazen  O/H:  Nick Campanelli
4th   NONE
Notes: Thanks  Diane Zablit;  Saturday was sunny with nice breezes and a high of around 70.  Scenting was good.  Sunday dawned still and remained that way until almost 11:00 am with horrible scenting for most of the dogs in the 1st series - there were several passed birds and difficulties with retrieves.  The breeze then kicked in nicely and there was more exciting action.  Temperatures were cooler on Sunday, no higher than mid 60s.   Cover was low mixed grasses, occasional sagebrush sections and thistle grass. 

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Judges  Martin Bell (TX) & Craig Foss (NE) / Kansas / Oct 22/23
OPEN   17 entries, 14 starters, 13 to 2nd, 9 to 3rd 
1st  Denalisunflos July (now FC!)   O: R E French    H: Randy Curtis
2nd Denalisunflos Rio                    O: R E French    H: Randy Curtis
3rd AFC Tridon Spontaneus Combustion   O/H: Pat Bramwell
4th FC Your Rowdy Highness        O/H: Chad Betts
AMATEUR  18 entries, 17 started, 10 to 3rd
1st FC AFC CFC Tridon Orion Ms American Pie     O/H: Don Bramwell
2nd Tallgrass Torrey        O/H: Bob Murdock
3rd Denalisunflos Dot        O/H: Mark Matthiesen
4th Tridon Spontaneus Combustion        O/H: Pat Bramwell
CM  Greenfields Cache La Poudre        O/H: Skip Smith
PUPPY  Judges Joe Smith & Mark Matthiesen  5 starters
1st Denalisunflos Samson        O: R E French        H: Randy Curtis
2nd  High Plains Jack    : Dale Donaldson    H: Barney Zeigler
3rd Denalisunflos My Gal Sal    O: R E French        H: Randy Curtis
4th   NONE
Notes: Thanls Pat Bramwell. KS held their FT Oct 21-22, 2000 south of Hutchinson, KS.  Temp was in
mid 60's all day Sat w/off/on again very light mist.  Absolutely perfect for the dogs, plus the cover was, from all comments, the best so far this fall!  We started the Open Sat at 8:15 a.m. & ran the last Amateur dog in the 3rd series at 5:15 p.m.  Sun we ran puppies & closed down the field at 9:15 a.m.

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Judges Bob Iverson (TX) and Russ Verkamp (OH)  / E.C. Iowa / 10-19/20
OPEN   66 Starters, 21 to the 3rd
1st Denalisunflo's Tim B:  RE French O/H:  Tim DeGroff
2nd Smoots Windy B:  Richard Collins & Betty Grant O:  David Smoot H:  Jim DeVoll
3rd FC Denalisunflo's Tailer B/O:  RE French H:  Jim DeVoll
4th AFC Sunrise Run Forest Run B:  Joseph Cook III O:  Doug Miller & Bob Gasper H:  Doug Miller
AMATEUR   45 Starters, 11 to the 3rd
1st AFC (new title!) Sandquest's Show Girl B/O:  Rich & Marianne Csanda H:  Rich Csanda
2nd Doubletree's Doubledown B:  Pat Hempel O/H:  Tom Menzel
3rd CNFC  FC  Parker Sir Roberts B:  Robert Krause O:  Doug & Malinda Roberts H:  Doug Roberts
4th Sonier's Endless Vacation B:  Jerry Livingston O:  Brian & Kathy Sonier H:  Kathy Sonier
PUPPY 10 Starters Judges  Gary McDonald (NE) and George Reichert (IL)
1st B's Flashy Pheasant Flusher B:  Brian Frerichs O:  Jim DeVoll & Steve Beyer H:  Jim DeVoll
2nd Lighthouse Alex of Sir Roberts B:  Jason Givens O:  Doug & Malinda Roberts H:  Doug Roberts
3rd Welshwoods Heartland Husker B:  Roger Dolliff O:  Marianne Yost H:  Jim DeVoll
4th Bandit's Razzle Dazzle B:  Dick Vermazen O:  Tom & Debbie Schoene H:  Tom Schoene
Notes: Thanks Deb Schoene; The East Central Iowa English Springer Spaniel Club held their annual trial on Thursday and Friday near West Liberty, Iowa.  The fields were great as usual---long rolling courses of knee high brome grass.  The weather was not very cooperative as it was quite warm--in the high 70's--but at least there was a good wind for most of the two days which kept the temperatures somewhat lower.  The wind did not do much to help scenting conditions, however; many dogs were having a hard time taking birds off the nest.  The Iowa club members were very hospitable and treated everyone to a good time.

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Judges Mark Tholen and Steve Abbate  / Poudre Valley / October 3 & 4
OPEN   40 entries, 37 starters      12 to the third 
1st  Highlanders Lady Guenivere  O Paul Black & Harold Hiles, H Martin Bell
2nd Superscud's Samson  O Lloyd Fallin H Jim DeVoll
3rd Southaven Super Slueth  O Mike Park  H Mark Hairfield
4th  Midlands Banshee O Steve Hoostal  H Jim DeVoll
AMATEUR  30 entires, 28 starters  10 to the third
1st Ashcroft's High Plains Drifter MH  O/H David Davis
2nd  Sundance's West Wings Cassidy  O Kathleen & Tim Lindsey  H Tim Lindsey
3rd AFC Burcliff's Hobo SH O/H Cliff Hankins
4th  Grouse Moor Ike  O John & Christy Knowles  H John Knowles
PUPPY  11 entries, 8 starters 
1st  Denalisunflos My Gal Sal  O R.E. French  H Randy Curtis
2nd Welshwoods Heartland Husker  O Marianne Yost H Jim DeVoll
3rd B's Flashy Pheasant Flusher O James DeVoll & Steven Beyer  H Jim DeVoll
4th Wise River North Star  O Bob & Cathy Iverson  H Mark Hairfield
Notes: Thanks  Linda Tholen

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Judges Richard Domo and Cliff Hankins / Sportsmens / Oct. 14/15
OPEN   26 Dogs, 2 Scratches, 18 to the 2nd, 11 to the 3rd
1st FC Sunrise Run Forest Run (Gump) Owners Robert Gasper & Doug Miller Handler Dog Miller
2nd Pine Ridge Macy (Macy) Owner Pam Meier Handler Dan Langhans
3rd AFC Lewiscock Jethro (Jet) Owner/handler Joe Barnett
4th Fallen Wings Loxlies Rascal (Rascal) Owner William & Joanne Pierson Handler Dan Langhans
AMATEUR  38 Dogs, 1 Scratch, 33 to the 2nd, 14 to the 3rd 
1st  Damsmirth's Cooper (Cooper) Owner/handler Bob Curl
2nd 2nd Place Charlie Bird (Charlie) Owner/handler Paul Hanson
3rd 3rd Place Eagle Brae's Miracle (Chewy) Owner/handler Jim Naber
4th 4th Place Wiley Ridge Micky (Micky) Owner/handler Ron Charles
PUPPY  3 Starters Judges Bob Krause & Don Maue
1st Lighthouse's Alex of Sir Roberts (Alex) O/H Doug Roberts
2nd  Reays Autumn Fury (Gunner) owner Ron Medina/ Mike Fotia Handler Ken Willis
3rd  Sunrise's Life of Riley (Riley) O/H Ralph Roscher
4th   NONE
Notes:  Thanks Randy Burton  Best cover we have had in 5 years, temperature in the mid 70's both days, tough running for a lot of dogs.

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Judges / Place ESSC Central States / 10-21/22 / Charlie Foote Jim Paul
OPEN   39 Starters 
1st  Oakbrook's Chloe Lane (Owner Dean Reinke/Cathy Lewis), Handler Dean Reinke
2nd Sophie Rose of Lighthouse (Owner Tom / Mary Stibbe) Handler Jason Givens.
3rd  AFC Melchris Markdown Pennant (Owner Don Brunn / Dave Hopkins) Handler Don Brunn 
4th FC Denalisunflo's Tailer (Owner R.E. French) Handler Jim DeVoll.
AMATEUR  37 Starters  / 
1st Sonier's Endless Vacation (Owner Brian / Kathy Sonier) Handler Brian Sonier. 
2nd Dansmirth's Cooper (O/H Bob Curl)
3rd Denalisunflo's Molly (O/H Eugene Johnson)
4th Field's Edge Black Watch (Owner Dean Reinke / Cathy Lewis) Handler Cathy Lewis
PUPPY  10 Starters Judges
1st Straight on Till Morning (O/H Bronwyn Vernau). 
2nd B's Flashy Flusher (Owner Jim DeVoll / Steve Beyer) Handler Jim DeVoll
3rd Welshwood's Heartland Husker (Owner Marianne Yost) Handler Jim DeVoll
4th  Senrob's Diamond Delight (Owner Richard / Karen Bornes) Handler Eric Adams
Notes:   The conditions on Saturday were Hot (75-80 degrees) with very little wind. However the dogs seem to handle the conditions without problems, bird finding and retrieving was generally good. Real change on   Sunday with overcast sky and light drizzle most of the day. Conditions made for a great third series in  both Open and Amateur. Excellent dog work by all competitors, great finds and retrieving exhibition.  Gary Burk, FTC

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Western Washington  10-21/22  Edd Roggenkamp John Wright
Apprentice Judge (Open) - Jerry Light
OPEN   21 Starters in Open, 9 to the 3rd
1st FC CFC Whitewater Jazztime (Jazz) - Rob Barlow
2nd  Sagemoors Crown Jewel (Ruby) - Daryl Roth
3rd FC AFC Yankee Creek Different Drummer (Smokey) - Al Defalco
4th FC Taffswell Rusty (Penny) - Bob Bullard
Gunner's Award  -  Millstone Winsome (Winnie) - Dave Miller
AMATEUR  20 Starters in Amateur, 10 to the 3rd
1st  FC Taffswell Rusty (Penny) - Bob Bullard
2nd  Millstone Winsome (Winnie) - Dave Miller
3rd Dunvegan's Skye High (Skye) - Jerry Light
4th Ivanhoe's Black Knight (Charge) - Dale W. Luther
PUPPY  3 Starters  Same Judges
1st  Whitewaters Northern Trek (Trek) - Shelly Barlow
2nd Yankee Creek Nick Of Time (Nicky) - Al Defalco
3rd  None
4th  None
Notes: From  Mearle Gates ;  The Western Washington club trials were held on new grounds  this year. Short grass, some  browsed, with scotch broom, sometimes very light and sometimes very heavy in the first and second series. In the third series there were large fir trees, limbs hanging to the ground, scattered along the short grass course. Weather was sunny and cool. Winds weak to nonexistant.

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Great Lakes English Springer Spaniel Field Training Association
 10-21/22Judges James Capelli and Mike Rafferty 
OPEN  30 Starters 
1st AFC Royal's Reno - owner/handler Steve Gorrell 
2nd FC Brandy's Big Ben - handler Ben Martin, owner Leamon Ames
3rd Gina of SaradynPark - handler Ken Willis, owner C. Smith
4th Ellwood's Jackson Creek Blade - handler Ken Willis, owner Gary Schlafer
AMATEUR 37 Starters  /
1st R-C's Luck of the Draw - owner/handler Russ Courtney 
2nd Timberdoodle's Spock - onwer/handler Glenn DeMott
3rd Turtlecreek Mickey - owner/handler Monty Kayes
4th FC Flushwing's Hair Trigger - owner/handler Steve Milton
PUPPY  12 Starters
1st Rush Lake's Lighthouse Keeper - owner/handler Pat Hempel
2nd Upcountry Lighthouse Amos - owner/handler Archie Hendrik
3rd Denalisunflo's Woodsen - handler Ben Martin, owner R.E. French
4th Sand Creek Tobias II - handler Bill Boeckman, owner Brad Peterson
Notes: Thanks  Nancy Standish;   The Great Lakes English Springer Spaniel Field Training Association held it's 6th field trial at the Tolan Farm in Hillsdale this past weekend.  Temps on Saturday were warm ranging 65-75 thruout the day, with a slight wind.  Nice fast flowing creek running thru property for cooling dogs worked very well.  Cover ranged from knee high to shoulder high (depending on your height) ragweed - one small section of the three courses held very dense and aggressive undercover, while most of the three courses, the undercover was average - holding birds, yet allowing birds to move about if they wanted to. Our bird planted was a young woman who planted her very first trial this weekend.  She did a marvelous job using only 320 pheasants for 67 dogs.  Everyone touted her success.  Very few birds were passed and very few were picked up.  The judges claimed it was one of the best run trials they've experienced with guns taking birds appropriately for the course and the cover.  Needless to say, we were very proud to host such a good trial.  Judges, just for the record, did recognize that the cover was aggressive and that dogs had to work, but then that is what a spaniel is for.
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New Jersey Oct, 21-22,  Larry Francovich  Bob Bertoncini
OPEN    36 entered, 34 starters, 13 to the third 
1st  Bar-Dan's Miss Scataway        "Scat" O: Karen Koopman  H: Dan Lussen
2nd Triple Ridge's Full Tilt      "Tillie"  O:  Jeff Adams  H:  Ralph Botti
3rd Briarfield's Mischievous Maddie   "Maddie" O:  William & Joanne Pierson H:  Bill Pierson
4th Pride 'N Joy's Better N' Better   "Bette" O:  COL Ray Constible USA Ret. H:  Jeff Brooks
AMATEUR  46 Starters,  15 to the third 
1st FC/AFC  Shimmering Aires Warrior       "Aires" O/H:  George Akkouris
2nd Joy Spring Buxton     "Buxton" O/H:  Bill English
3rd Joy Spring Jaco       "Jaco" B:  Marie Langhans
4th  Triple Ridge's Tomboy     "Sissy"  O:  Roy Hart  H:  Bill Greulich
PUPPY  10  Starters Judges
1st  Royal Flush's Moses       "Moses" O:  Dianne Briggs H:  Ralph Botti
2nd 2nd:  Sunrise Riverboat Gambler     "Bingo" O:  Sandra Mariotto H:  Gary Wilson
3rd Mountain View's Luna          "Luna" O:  Edward & Esther Faraci H:  Edward Faraci
4th  Turnout's Autumn Jewel        "Jewel" B:  Ron Medina O/H: Jeff Lipscomb 
Notes:  From: The New Jersey Spaniel Field Trial Club held it's fall trial 21 and 22 OCT at Hill's Twin Spruce Lodge near Equinunk, PA.   Both days were beautiful - clear skies, light wind, and temperatures in the 70s both days.  Cover was excellent - knee to waist high grass, consistently thick underneath to keep the birds in the neighborhood, but not sitting too tight. 
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 E S S C EASTERN NEBRASKA        Judges Don Bramwell and Rick O'Brien
OPEN   33 Starters / 
1st  F C Adamsmark Tridon Kicker - O - David R. Adams - H - Jim DeVoll, Sr.
2nd F C Denalisunflos Rascal II  -O - R. E. French - H - Randy Curtis
3rd Rytex Ruck of Kettlestang  (Robb)  O- Jesse Morales - H - Mark Hairfield
4th   A F C Prince Speedy Breezy Points  O/H Paul Black
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
1st  A F C Midlands Banshee (New A F C)  - O/ H Steve Hoostal 
2nd  Denalisunflos Nailer - O/H Jerry Barrett
3rd Eagleviews Dashen Instigator  (Dash) - O /H Joseph Smith
4th A F C Chesters Slice of Pie - O/ H Gary McDonald
PUPPY  12 Starters Judges Ralph Palmer & Craig Foss
1st   Denalisunflos Samson - O - R. E. French - H- Randy Curtis
2nd Welshwood's Heartland Husker - O - Marianne Yost - H - Jim DeVoll, Sr
3rd Wise River North Star  (Kate) O- Bob & Kathy Iverson - H- Mark Hairfield
4th Caliber of Pine Shadows - O/H Stacy Avery 
Notes: Thanks Jim DeVoll,  Started at 1:00 pm  Friday afternoon.  Fri. and Saturday temps 40's to low 60's and light wind and  overcast.  Sunday a. m.  Started off similar to first days. then added rain, sleet, and wind UP to 30 mph that came and went -- just had 10 open and 10 amateur back for the third on Sun.  Good thing        everyone & dogs  were wet.
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Arrowhead ESS club; October 28-29th; Judges Pat Perry, MikeKnudson 
OPEN  24  Starters / 9 to 3rd
1st 1st:  FC, AFC  Rolling Oaks High Chaparral  "Chaps"       B/O/H:  Robert Child
2nd  AFC CJ's West Wings April Promise   "April"         B/O/H:  Cheryl Sligar
3rd AFC Don's Button of Danville   "Button"         B/O/H:  Don Giddens
4th Bubba's Cody of Saighton   "Cody"        B: Nancy Crowe  O/H:  Don O'Connell
AMATEUR  19 Starters  / 7 to 3rd
1st Hacienda Howie   "Howie"    B/O/H:  Willie Howell    (First all-age placement with this dog)
2nd Don's Ginger Snap of Danville  "Snap"     B/O/H:  Don Giddens
3rd M's Pel-Tan Cara-Mia  "Carrie"   B:  ML Conklin   O/H:  Gene McKusky 
4th  Citation Jacques  "Jack"   B/O/H:  Larry Lawrence
PUPPY  4 Starters, Judges same
1st   Drumbeat Darling Clementine  "Tina"        B:  Jason Givens   O/H:  Tony Zablit
2nd Hacienda Jasmine  "Jasmine"       B:  Willie/Sue Howell  O/H:  Shane Howell
3rd Whirligig Lampos   "Star"       B: Bill Broderick  O/H:  Bill Greer
4th Cliste Angel  "Angel"        B:  Bill Broderick   O/H:  Wayne Kilpatrick
Notes: Thanks Diane Zablit; Conditions are always challenging in Wasco with a hard clay soil.    This year we had gorgeous cover of lush sudan grass, knee high and higher, with some occasional clumps over 8 feet tall.  We even had a "jungle" about halfway down the course where the gallery and center gun were completely engulfed and separate from each side of the brace.  With scenting as it was and the flat expanses of cover, retrieving was difficult for many dogs.  Those dogs that had retrieves into the thick tall clumps were especially challenged.   Few dogs took moving birds.  The 3rd series and puppy stakes were run in dense barley mixed with some crested wheat and other grasses.  Weather was gorgeous on Saturday, although a bit still for the first 15 dogs or so; sunny, but not hot with nice breezes.   Sunday was rainy, resulting in better scenting, but worse flight from the birds. Any dog who finished deserved commendation in these conditions. 
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Parent Club Trial,  Lagrangeville, NY,  Oct 28 and 29.
Chuck Nelson and Mark Brookshire
OPEN  44 Starters /  16 to 3rd
1st  Smythwicks Slick Willie  O: Partick & Janet Fischer H: Ralph Botti
2nd FC AFC Mountain Evens Raeve O/H: Casey Sajdak
3rd Sand Creek's Connie Cassie  O: Kevin Enge  H: Bill Boeckman
4th FC AFC Raintree's Lazarus  O: Ed & Esther Faraci  H: Ed Faraci
AMATEUR  53 Starters  / 15 to 3rd
1st Greshar Cruise Control  O: Jack Williams & Christine Barriage   H: Jack Williams
2nd  T.J.'s Flyer   O/H: Tom Motley
3rd AFC Sunnybright Sadie  O: Jason Green  H: Bev Matthews
4th Avonlea's Tangled Up in Blue  O/H: Jack Markowski
PUPPY 16 Starters,  Judges Bill English and Chuck Urland
1st 1st    Sunrise Gypsy Girl   O: David Morse  H: Gary Wilson
2nd Roaring Creek Yukon Charlie  O: Joan Francovich  H: Larry Francovich
3rd Hammerin Hawk of Rome  O: Steve Nizansky  H: Gary Wilson
4th Mountain Views Luna  O/H: Ed Faraci 
Notes: Thanks Beverly A. Matthews; Cover was great this year, we started promptly at 7am with 40 mph winds - it was cold all day, sunny at times but getting cloudier as the day went on. Birds flew and the gunners did a great job with the wind conditions.  We finished before dark - about 6pm.  With the change of time on Saturday night, we planned to start at 6:30 Sunday morning - actually got rolling about 6:45 - 53 starters for Amateurs - colder than Saturday - sometimes as windy, but not all day - the clouds really moved in and we had snow showers for about 1/2 hour two different times Sunday afternoon - Bitterly cold, but thanks to Judges, Guns, Bird Planter, Marshal (thanks Margaret Brizzie) andof course our Chairman, Ed Faraci - we completed all 53 dogs at 4:50pm!!
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Judges  Jamie Armour (Nova Scotia) & Tom Bratrud (Calgary) / St Croix ECSC / 10/26-27
OPEN  33  Starters /  13 to 3rd
1st AFC Cedar Creek Bing (new FC!) B:  Bob Child O:  Bob & Gerry Sommer H:  Bob Sommer
2nd Dansmirth's National Forrest B/O:  Bob Krause H:  Dan Langhans
3rd Field's Edge Tobasco B:  Pete Andersen O:  Meghan & Tom Meyer H:  Tom Meyer
4th FC Denalisunflo's Drive B/O:  R. E. French H:  Tim DeGroff
AMATEUR  32 Starters  / 14 to 3rd
1st Sand Creek's Fine Rip B:  Bill Boeckman O/H:  Greg Stans 
2nd West Wings' Pistol Pete B:  Cheryl & Jerry Sligar O:  Tom & Debbie Schoene H:  Deb Schoene
3rd Denalisunflo's DulceB:  R.E. French O/H:  Jerry Barrett
4th Northern Thunder's Balantine, SH B:  Kevin Martineau O:  Mike & Diana Petrich H:  Mike Petrich
PUPPY  8 Starters Judges Elmer Kasperson (MN) & Mike Petrich (MN)
1st Bandit's Razzle Dazzle B:  Dick Vermazen O:  Tom & Debbie Schoene H:  Tom Schoene
2nd Welshwood's Lady Allison B:  Roger Dolliff O:  David & Sharon Smith H:  David Smith
3rd Redmann's Gabe B:  Steve Bannie O/H:  Jerry Wojtowicz
4th Caliber of Pine Shadows B:  Morgan Haglin O/H:  Stacy Avery
Notes:  Thanks Deb  Schoene;  St. Croix Valley English Cocker Spaniel Club held its annual Springer trial on Thursday & Friday on grounds near Baldwin, WI.  These grounds are open and covered with brome grass which offers an excellent opportunity to actually view the dogs doing what they love best!  The third series was held in a sort of "chute" bordered by trees and peppered with hillocks and individual pines, which made for fun running as well as much exciting "off the course" bird work .
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Illinois , Oct 28/29, Billie Jo Hopkins ,  David Anderson
OPEN   32 Starters /  14 to 3rd
1st Kylebeg Holly, "Jill" Owner:  Katherine Lorenz Handler:  David J. Lorenz
2nd Pine Ridge Macy, "Macy" Owner:  Pamela Meier Handler:  Dan Langhans
3rd Dansmirth's National Forrest, "Forrest" Breeder/Owner:  Robert Krause Handler:  Dan Langhans
4th Sunrise Run Forest Run, "Gump"  Owners:  Robert Gasper & Doug Miller Handler:  Doug Miller
AMATEUR  29 Starters  / 14 to 3rd
1st Field's Edge Black Watch, "Piper"  O/D. Reinke & C.Lewis Handler:  Cathy Lewis
2nd NCFC/FC/CFC Parker Sir Roberts, "Parker" O/Doug & Malinda Roberts H/Doug Roberts
3rd 3rd:  FC Miss Molly May III, "Molly" Owner:  Sandra Mariotto Handler:  Richard Mariotto
4th 4th:  Andy's Best Shot, "Brandy" Owner/Handler:  Bill Hebert 
PUPPY 7 Starters Judges Roger Houk & David J. Lorenz
1st  Straight on Til Morning, "Sarah" Breeder/Owner/Handler:  Bronwyn Vernau
2nd Reay's Autumn Fury, "Gunner" Owner:  Todd Reay  Handler:  Ken Willis
3rd Rush Lakes Lighthouse Keeper, "Keeper"  Owner/Handler:  Pat Hempel
4th Lighthouse Alex Sir Roberts, "Alex" O/D. & Malinda Roberts Handler:  D. Roberts
Notes: Thanks Deb  Schoene
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RAVENNA  10-28/29   Tom Aunkst  Robert Ryan
OPEN   29 Starters / 10 to 3rd
AMATEUR 31 Starters  / 13 to 3rd
PUPPY  4 Starters 
3rd  NONE
4th  NONE
Notes: Thanks "STEVE SHERBONDY" <>
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West Allis TCK  /  Mark Domo, OH and John Hall, IL  /  11-4/5
OPEN   39  Starters /  13 to 3rd
1st FC CFC Soph-Aider's Pergamum "Pergie"  O/:  Ross D. Campbell H/:  Dan Langhans
2nd Sophie Rose of Lighthouse "Sophie"  O/  Tom and Mary Stibbe  H/  Jason Givens
3rd Rock River Red Bone, JH   "Red:   O/ Ross Christen   H/  Jeff Schwartz
4th Melchris Amazing Grace    "Gracie"   O/ Norb and Rose Jamnik   H/ Jason Givens
AMATEUR 39  Starters  /  15 to 3rd
1st Gamefinders Gunner   "Gunner"     Owner/Handler:  Donald Maue
2nd Autumn Breeze IV "Bree"     Owner:  Emil and Deborah Salmons   H/  Emil Salmons
3rd  Denalisunflos Nailer    "Nailer"   Owner/Handler:  Jerry Barrett
4th  Melchris Cinder-Belle, MH    "Cinder"   O/ Norb and Rose Jamnik   H/ Norb Jamnik
PUPPY  13 Starters; Judges  Ron Kriehn and Jim Naber 
1st Drumbeat Winrose Zoe   "Zoe"  Owner:  Jim Ellsberry  Handler:  Jason Givens
2nd  Rock River Red Bone, JH       "Red"   Owner:  Ross Christen  Handler:  Jeff Schwartz
3rd Eolas of Ivress     "Shawn"   Owner/Handler:  Ronald Smith
4th  Upcountry Lighthouse Amos  "Amos"  O/Carol and Archie Hendrick  H/Archie Hendrick
Notes: Thanks:  Kathy Sonier
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Houston ESS  11-3/4,   Gary Wilson , Chuck Petrmichl
OPEN  38 Starters / 11 to 3rd
1st  Rytex Raging   (This should make Dart a FC.)
Owner - Philip and Betty Somers Handler - Mark Hairfield
2nd  Denalisunflos Stretch Owner - Mhari and Gary Peschel Handler - Tim DeGroff
3rd Superscud's Sammy  Owner - Lloyd Fallin Handler - Jim DeVoll
4th  Rytex Ruck of Kettlestang Owner - Jesse Morales Handler - Mark Hairfield
AMATEUR  20 Starters  / 8 to 3rd
1st  Highlander Lady Guenivere Owner - L. Paul Black Handler - L. Paul Black
2nd FC AFC CFC Tridon Orion Ms. American Pie O/Don and Trisha Bramwell H/Don Bramwell 
3rd Tynalden Spruce Owner - Richard Bornes Handler - Richard Bornes
4th AFC Tridon Spontaneous Combustion O/Don and Trisha Bramwell H/Don Bramwell
PUPPY  Starters Judges  Mhari Peschel and Chad Betts 
1st Denalisunflos My Gal Sal Owner - R.E. French Handler - Randy Curtis
2nd High Plains Jack Owner - Dale Donaldson Handler - Barney Zeigler
3rd Mountain Lady of Wise River Owner - Bob and Cathy Iversen Handler - Mark Hairfield 
4th Denalisunflos Samson Owner - R.E. French Handler - Randy Curtis
Notes:  Thanks, Bob Iversen  Sec/Treas  HESSC; Drought stricken Texas is no longer without water.  We trialed dogs in the rain but was actually welcome due to the unseasonably high temperatures we have had in South Texas.
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Valley Forge, Rich Domo and Bronwyn Vernau, 11-4/5
OPEN   Starters / 
1st NAFC/FC/AFC Redcoats Reply (Chip) (O/H) Bob Ryan
2nd Triple Ridges Full Tilt  (Tillie) (O) Jeff Adams (H) Ralph Botti
3rd Roberts Farm Miss Linda, SH ( Missy) (O) Alfred & Holly Tambling (H) Pat Perry
4th Surf Solo (Solo) (O) Paul & Gloria Van Houten (H) Ralph Botti
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
1st Shawnee's Cody of Triple Ridge (Cody) (O/H) Chris Jensen
2nd Briarfield's Mischevious Maddie (Maddie) (O/H) Bill PIerson
3rd Triple Ridges Smoking Gun (Smoke) (O/H) John Lamendola
4th Fallen Wing's Flier (Flier) (O/H) Charlie Foote
OTHER Edward Dana Knight trophy: 
(for best looking and handling amateur dog at the trial) Charlie Foote and Flier
Harry J Taylor trophy: (for best amateur handler)  Bob Ryan and Chip
East Interclub high point Open:  Casey Sadjak and Rave
East Interclub high point Amateur:  George Akkouris and Aires
East Interclub high point Puppy:  Ed Faraci and Luna
PUPPY  Starters Judges
1st  Mountain View's Luna  (Luna) (O) Ed & Esther Faraci  (H) Billy Akkouris 
2nd Crosswind's BG's Last Nantyr (Llael) (O) Kevin Battistoni (H) Fred Bradley
3rd  Royal Flush's Moses (Moses) (O) Dianne Briggs (H) Ralph Botti
4th Roaring Creek Yukon Charlie (Charlie) (O/H) Larry Frankovich
Notes:   Great consistent cover for all dogs.  Steady winds and falling temperatures through the weekend heated up scenting.  Super planting kept the birds flying and outstanding gunning provided showy retrieves. See you March 17, 2001. Regards, Bill Pierson
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Ohio Valley  11- 4/5   Bob Sommer  David Cottman 
OPEN   39 Starters / 
1st CFC FC Samantha's Loyal Flush "Sam" B: Ken & maxine Reed  O: Lea Ames  H: Ben Martin
2nd  FC Yankee's Little Rebel "Rebel"  B: Ray Razzano  O: John Clark  H: David Lorenz
3rd Denalisunflos Jumper "Jumper"  B/O: R.E. French  H: Ben Martin
4th NAFC AFC CFC Ivanhoe's Irish Twist "Whitey" B: Jerry Livingston  O/H: Bill Cosgrove
AMATEUR 37 Starters  / 12 to 3rd
1st  Turtlecreek Max 'Max" B/O: Bob & Linda Bertoncini  H: Bob Bertoncini
2nd  Majars Jody "Jody" B: Harold & Anna Hiles  O/H: Russ Verkamp
3rd  Molly of Westphal "Molly" B: Glen De Mott  O/H: Russ Smith
4th  Speed of Westphal "Speed" B: Glen De Mott  O/H: Russ Smith
PUPPY  8 Starters Judges
1st Lighthouse Reverence "Rev"  B: Jason Givens  O/H: Greg Miller
2nd  Reay's Autumn Fury "Gunner" B: Fotia & Medina  O: Todd Reay  H: Ken Willis
3rd  Eaglewood's Ryman's Rooster "Rooster" B: Kim Meuser  O/H: David Ryman
4th  Royal Hanna "Hanna" B: Jeff Wright O: B Martin & P Haering  H: Paul Haering
Notes: Thanks  Greg Miller
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SE TX 11-5/6 Shelly Barlow & Curtis Watson
OPEN   Starters ? / 11 to 3rd 
1st 1st - Tazz - Mark Hairfield
2nd 2nd - Dan - Jim DeVoll
3rd 3rd - Tim - Tim DeGroff
4th 4th - Teaser - Tim DeGroff
AMATEUR  Starters ?  /  13 to 3rd
1st 1st - Lass - George Keiller
2nd 2nd - Pie - Don Bramwell
3rd 3rd - Amber - Richard Bornes
4th 4th - Robb - Jesse Morales
PUPPY  Starters Judges
1st 1st - Sadie - Mark Hairfield
2nd 2nd - Sal - Randy CUrtis
3rd 3rd - Kate - Mark Hairfield
4th 4th - Husker - Jim DeVoll
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National AMATEUR  ESS Championship -  Nov 11 - New York
120 Starters -  92 to 2nd -  63 to 3rd - 42 to 4th - 18 to 5th - 16 to Water
Judges   Tom Meyer and Sue Neville
1st  BEN
                                 Handler: Richard Domo 
                                 Owner: Richard Domo 
                                 Breeder: John Paracca 
2nd  FC Hawk's View of Sunrise 
                                 Handler: Jim Capelli 
                                 Owner: Peter Capelli 
                                 Breeder: Gary Wilson 
3rd Eagle Brae's Miracle 
                                 Handler: Jim Naber 
                                 Owner: Nick Naber 
                                 Breeder: Jim and Kim Naber 
4th C Flushing Wing Hair Trigger 
                                 Handler: Ed Faraci 
                                 Owner: Steven Milton 
                                 Breeder: Gloria Van Houten 
Guns Award Brassy  O/H Cathy   Lewis
CM Jet  O/H  Joe  Barnett 
CM Jack  O/H Bob Mueller
CM Arrow   O/H Ted  Ross
CM Mike   O/H Paul  Haering
CM Brassy   O/H Cathy  Lewis
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National OPEN 2000
1st FC AFC NFC Mountain Even's Raeve, Male, "Rave" DOB 6/1/1995 
(FC AFC Raptor's Roost Druid X AFC Arden's Multiflora Rose)
         O/H: Casey Sajdak
2nd AFC Don's Button of Danville, Female, "Button"  DOB 7/20/1995 
(FC Denalisunflos Jolly X FC AFC Don's Ginger of Danville)
         B/O/H:  Don Giddens
3rd Melchris Amazing Grace, Female, "Gracie"  DOB 4/29/1997 
(FC AFC Hiawatha Shooter X Lee's Kana' Ti)
 B:  Dave Hopkins     O:  Norb & Rose Jamnik     H:  Jason Givens
4th AFC CJ's West Wings April Promise, Female , "April" DOB 4/25/1994 
(FC AFC K's Surefire Zack X FC AFC CJ's Promise of Hope)
         B/O:  Cheryl and Jerry Sligar       H:   Cheryl Sligar
Guns Award "Bandit" handled by Vermazen
CM  "Bandit" handled by Vermazen
CM  "Penny" handled by Christensen
Best Dog 
Handled By
a Amateur
"Rave" handled by Sajdak
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