Results of SPRING 2000 ESS Field Trials
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Houston ESS     Jan. 28-29-30     R.Bullard / D. Reinke
OPEN   Starters / 
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
PUPPY  Starters Judges
Notes: From David Jones, Thanks
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So. Calf   ESSCSC  Feb 5/6 Mark Brookshire and Curtis Watson
OPEN   Starters / 28 starters, 19 to 2nd, 12 to 3rd
1st  Reward's Schulah's Double, "Schulah"     O-Jeff Hicks H-Gary Breithbarth 
2nd  Don's Button of Danville, "Button"     O-D & D Giddens H-Don Giddens
3rd AFC CJ's West Wings April Promise, "April"     O-C & J Sligar H-Cheryl Sligar
4th FC Fetchfeather's Bandit, "Bandit"     O/H Dick Vermazen
AMATEUR  Starters  /  27 starters, 25 to the 2nd, 11 to the 3rd.
1st  *NEW AFC* Whitewater West Coast Kidd, "Kidd"     O-S & R Paolucci H-Ray Paolucci
2nd  *NEW AFC* CJ's West Wings Dex, "Dex"     O-C & J Sligar H-Jerry Sligar
3rd Lighthouse Chocolate Chip, "Chip"     O-D & S Smith H-David Smith
4th  Genie Hightail, "Genie"    O/H Alberta Whiting
PUPPY  Starters Judges 5 starters
1st  Chardon's Celtic Brigid "Bridget"    O-D & C O'Connell H-Don O'Connell
2nd Sundee Cricket, "Cricket"    O/H  Alberta Whiting
3rd Shannon's Sir Curly    O-S & R Shannon H-Skip Shannon 
4th Drumbeat Darling Clementine, "Tina"    O-D & T Zablit H-Tony Zablit
Notes: Thanks Linda

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Northwest ESSC.   Judges Richard Vermazen, Robert Willis.  Feb 12-13
OPEN   25 Starters 
1st FC,AFC Greenbriar Reckless,  Janet Christensen
2nd FC, AFC, CFC  Nant-Lais Sting,  Jeff Miller
3rd FC, CFC, AFC Northwind's Golden Spike,  John Wright
4th Our Pal Joe, owner Ray Razzano, handler Gary Brietbarth
AMATEUR    27 Starters
1st CNFC, AFC Blackriver's Keno,  Jeff Miller
2nd FC,AFC Greenbriar Reckless,  Janet Christensen
3rd Black River Chasseur,  Jerry Light
4th Wildwind's Sailor,  Frank Moran
PUPPY  7  Starters 
1st Chaps Wind Dancing Mesa, Chris Maxcy
2nd  Dunvegan's Skye High,  Jerry Light
3rd Yankee Creek Hayduke Lives,  Al Defalco
4th Sundee Cricket, owner Alberta Whiting,  Handler Gary Brietbarth
Notes:  Cold windy weather, good weather for the dogs, lots of traps Thanks Janet Christensen

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SETESSC (S.E.Texas) /  Feb. 18-19-20  Judges /  J. Givens/ Francis Prock
OPEN   Starters / 50 
1st  Brodie  O/H David Jones, 
2nd Jule       O/ R.E.French    H/David Lauber
3rd Gunner  O/ Robert and Virginia Nutt     H/ Gary Wilson
4th Singer     O/H  Steve Kane 
AMATEUR  Starters  / 22
1st Lass   O/George & Risa Keiller     H/George Keiller
2nd  Dart     O/  Philip & Betty Somers         H/ Philip Somers
3rd Arrow   O/ Mrs. Henry Wall                H/ Ted Ross
4th Clipper  O/ Gary & Mhari Peschel       H/ Gary Peschel
PUPPY  Starters 6
1st  Guen     O/H Paul Black 
2nd  Scout    O/Brandon & Amy Rogers     H/ Brandon Rogers
3rd Rascal  O/ R.E. French   H/ Randy Curtis
4th  Boots    O/ L. William Egan  H/  Gary Wilson
Notes:  From, George Keiller

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Arrowhead  Feb. 19-20  Chuck Nelson and Steve Abbate
OPEN   20 starters, 13 to the 3rd
1st  AFC Maesydderwen Piccador        O/H Roger Doliff
2nd Citation Kali       O/H Robert Sanchez
3rd AFC Shannon's Paws 'N Ivy   O/ Skip and Renee Shannon    H/ Skip Shannon 
4th FC Fetchfeather's Bandit   O/H Dick Vermazen
AMATEUR  25 starters, 11 to 3rd
1st  Fetchfeather's Dancer      O/H Dick Lane 
2nd FC Denalisunflos Dulce      O/H Jerry Barrett
3rd Lighthouse Chocolate Chips O/ David and Sharon Smith    H/ Dave Smith
4th AFC/CFC Welshwood's Oxford    O/H Roger Doliff
PUPPY   8  Starters 
1st  Sundee Cricket    O/H Alberta Whiting 
2nd Shannon's Sir Curly        O/ Skip and Renee Shannon   H/ Renee Shannon
3rd  Sumner Kaysee        O/H Pete Rainey
4th  Cascade Top Gun  O/ Barbara Anderson and Bob Sanchez  H/ Dave Anderson
Notes: Thanks, Cheryl Sligar. Also From; Diane Zablit.  We ran the trial in pretty high cover for the 1st & 2nd both days.  Some sections were taller than Cheryl, even taller than me, others less tall, but with good thickness.  Lots of cockleburrs.  The rain gods were kind, however, sparing the trial, but those of use driving home South ran into the eye of the storm.  One of the funniest moments I've seen in trials happened, and one of the cutest:  Dick Lane, one of our esteemed seniors, still running dogs at 86 years old, won the Amateur with his young female Dancer.  In the 3rd series, Dancer hit a nest and started trailing a bird off the course.  She was moving out and Dick was doing his best to keep up with her.  At least twice he tried to whistle her back in, almost like calling her off it, and at least once the judge threw up his arms in frustration as he whistled her in.  He did keep up with her and she produced the bird across a dirt path and Bob Sanchez shot it.  After the judge tapped, Dick was apparently speechless and he just gave an arm signal to Dancer.  She sat firm, looked at him like "are you going to send me?"  Finally he gave another emphatic arm signal and blurted "GO!"  Dancer went!  We were hooting and jumping up and down in the gallery laughing.    Later at the banquet I asked Dick if he had run out of breath, or what, and he said "I couldn't remember her name!"
Diane Zablit

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Place Stockton Date March 3 Judges Jerry Sligar and Don Bramwell
OPEN   Starters / 27 starters, 8 to 3rd
1st CFC/AFC Skaar's Whitlock's Warlock      O/H John Wright
2nd AFC/CFC Welshwood's Oxford      O/H Roger Doliff
3rd Maggie of Pheasant Creek     O/Ron Jones      H/Gary Breitbarth
4th AFC Maesydderwen Piccador      O/H Roger Doliff
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
1st    (Only Open Stake)
PUPPY   8 Starters 
1st  Brickburn K-MAC Kate Owner Kaye Mc Creedy Handler Shelley Barlow
2nd Chardon's Celtic Brigid - Owner Don & Charleen O' Connell Handler Don O'Connell
3rd River Heights "Heidi" Owner Katie R. Kremer Handler Stephen E. Kremer
4th Abitt Risky Owner Rob & Shelley Barlow Handler Shelley Barlow
Notes: Thanks Sheryl Sligar  Pup Info: Steve Kremer

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Place Tamarin  Date March 4-5  Judges:  Jerry Sligar and Bob Child 
Tony Zablit as apprentice Judge 
OPEN   Starters / Open All Age:  25  starters, 7 to 3rd
1st  CFC/AFC Skaar's Whitlock's Warlock      O/H John Wright
2nd CNFC/AFC Blackriver's Keno     O/H Jeff Miller 
3rd Our Pal Joe     O:  Ray Razzano     H:  Gary Breitbarth 
4th Citation Kali     O:  Bob Sanchez     H:  Dave Anderson 
AMATEUR  Starters  / Amateur All Age:  (23) starters 8 to 3rd
1st  * New AFC* Don's Button of Danville     O/H Don Giddens
2nd  Ditchbank's Miss Maggie     O/H  Ed McConnell
3rd FC Shawn's John L. Sullivan     O/H Shawn Martin
4th  Blackriver's Helen     O/H Jeff Miller
PUPPY  8 Starters 
1st Brickburn K-MAC Kate Owner Kaye Mc Creedy Handler Shelley Barlow
2nd Abitt Risky Owner Rob & Shelley Barlow Handler Shelley Barlow
3rd  Shannon's Sir Curly Owner Skip & Renee Shannon Handler Skip Shannon
4th River Heights "Heidi" Owner Katie R. Kremer Handler Stephen E. Kremer
Notes: Thanks.  Pup Info: Steve Kremer

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Northern Colorado Springer Spaniel Club / Mar 4-5 / Judges  Russ Verkamp and Curtis Watson
OPEN   Starters / Open    36 starters
1st Your Rowdy Highness    Rowdy     O/H Chad Betts
2nd Denalisunflo's Drive        Teaser      O: Roy French H: Tim DeGroff
3rd Rytex Raging  Dart      O: Philip&Betty Somers H: Mark Hairfield
4th Badgerdyke Buccaneer   Dan         O: Lynn Miller   H; Tim DeGroff
AMATEUR  Starters  / Amateur  29 starters
1st Chester's Slice of Pie     Slice         O/H  Gary McDonald
2nd Greenfield's Cache La Poudre   Stash     O/H  Skip Smith
3rd  Prince Speedy Breezy Points    Prince    O/H Paul Black
4th Ashcroft's Sundance       Sundance          O/H Kathy Lindsey
PUPPY   6 Starters Judges
1st  GrouseMoor Ike             Ike          O/H  John Knowles
2nd Denalisunflo's Rascal II   Rascal     O: Roy French    H: Randy Curtis
3rd Sundance West Wings Cassidy      O/H Tim Lindsey
4th Larford Storm's Tessebe    Tessie      O/H Rich Shively
Notes: Notes: Thanks  Mhari M. Peschel

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Place Stillwater Valley Date  Mar, 4-5 / Judges Jim Cappelli (MA) and Frank Mackinson (NJ)
OPEN   Starters / (47 starters, 33 to the 2nd, 12 to the 3rd)
1st  FC Ashcroft's Sir Junior, male "J. R."   (NFC AFC KB's Sir Coach X Ashcroft's Sandy Shoreline)
        B:  Linda and Mark Tholen        O:  Lea Ames        H:  Ben Martin
2nd  Jazz's Royal Stone, male "Stoney" (FC AFC Salmy's Zorro X FC Jae's Canadian Freestyle Jazz)
        B:  Mark Zebley        O:  Greg Kane        H:  Jason Givens
3rd  Kylebeg Holly, female "Jill"  (EFC Rawhead Rambler X Pyecross Pam)
        B:  D. Moran        O:  Katherine Lorenz        H:  David Lorenz
4th  NAFC FC CFC Ivanhoe's Irish Twist, male "Whitey"
        (CNFC FC Northern Thunder's Rupert X FC AFC Jordan Valley Ann)
        B:  Jerry Livingston      O/H:  Bill Cosgrove
AMATEUR  Starters  / (51 [?] starters, ? to the 2nd, 10 to the 3rd)
1st Sunrise Knight, male "Knight"    (FC Sunrise Brutus X Raptorsroost Rosie)
        B:  Gary Wilson     O/H:  Mark Domo
2nd Timberdoodle's Spock, female "Spock"
 (FC AFC Gleanngillen's Flying Tiger X Timberdoodle's Rosie)   B/O/H:  Glenn De Mott
3rd  Raintree Lady's Brass Ring, female "Brassy"
        (Crosswind's Play It Again Sam X Carousel's Luck Be A Lady)
        B:  Hadley & Mary Ford      O/H:  Cathy Lewis 
4th  Fredonna's Willy Make It, male "Willy"
   (Fredonna's All That Jazz X Fredonna's Maggie's Memory)
        B:  Fred St. Clair      O/H:  Dick Taylor
PUPPY (13 starters) Judgesn Dave Cottman (MI) & Chuck Urland (MD)
1st Sumner Kaysee, female "Kaysee"
        (Yankee Creek Stonebroke Ace X Grouse Wing Abby)
        B:  Brian Harden       O/H:  Peter Rainey
2nd Copper Creek Monty, male "Copper"
        (FC Tridon's Kansas Pride 'N Joy X Brookside's Wild West Virginia, MH)
        B:  Cherie Kaufman        O:  Jim O'Shea        H:  Jeff Brooks
3rd Saradynpark Katie's Flush, female "Katie"
        (Columbia's Remington Flush X Saradynpark Gwyneth)
        B:  Andrew Green        O:  Gary Metropoulos        H:  Andrew Green
4th  Raintree Bonnie Lady, female "Bonnie"
        (AFC Raintree's Sea Pirate X FC AFC Raintree's Sassy Lady)
        B/O:  Dean Reinke & Cathy Lewis       H:  Dean Reinke
Notes: Thanks  Michelle F. Givens: Jason reports that scenting conditions were tough;  light, weedy cover with trees and bushes scattered through the field;  frosty in the morning but 60's and sunny throughout the day. 

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Place English Springer Spaniel Club of IL  Date  March 11-12, 2000
Judges Bill Boeckman (MN) and Steve Kane (TX),  Bruce Stewart (MN) apprentice
OPEN   Starters / 22 entered, 21 started, 9 to 3rd
1st Thornhill Vindicator   AFC Saradynpark Gunner x AFC Ariel of Melchris
    Owner:  Roger Houk    Handler:  Jim Naber
2nd AFC Caegarw Columbus    Rytex Racer of Craigfelin x Moonreed Mayfly
    Owner/Handler:  John Zahorik
3rd FC AFC CFC Fieldbourn's Ruger   FC Denalisunflo's Jolly x AFC Strongs Hailey
    Owner:  Dean Reinke and Cathy Lewis   Handler:  Dean Reinke
4th FC AFC Sunrise Pat   FC AFC Pondview's Windy Acres Yankee x Sunrise Sheila
    Owner:  Rick and Kim Devine   Handler:  Rick Devine
AMATEUR  Starters  / 49 entries, 46 starters, 13 to the third
1st AFC Sunrise Run Forest Run   FC Sunrise Hey Dude x Sunrise Abby's Magic
    Owners:  Bob Gasper and Doug Miller   Handler:  Doug Miller
2nd Sonier's Endless Vacation   NFC AFC KB's  Sir Coach x AFC Jorday Valley Ann
    Owners:  Brian and Kathy Sonier    Handler:  Brian Sonier
3rd Hiawatha Jack of Melchris   FC AFC Hiawatha Shooter x Lee's Kana Ti
    Owners: Robert and Sharon Mueller   Handler:  Bob Mueller
4th Ellwood's Jackson Creek Blade   Ashcroft Micky x Sunrise Sally
    Owner/Handler:  Gary Schlafer
PUPPY  11 entered  Judges:  Rick Devine (IL) and Tom Schoene (WI)
1st Pine Ridge Ties One On    Cody of Pine Ridge x Pine Ridge Thunder Alley
    Owner/Handler:  Greg Meier
2nd Mad Maxwell of Chicago    Royal Flush's Mac A Tack x Windy Acres Sneakers
    Owner:  David and Stella Smith    Handler:  Ken Willis
3rd Raintree Bonnie Lady    AFC Raintree's Sea Pirate x FC AFC Raintree's Sassy Lady
    Owner:  Dean Reinke and Cathy Lewis    Handler:  Dean Reinke
4th Anzor's Bluff Creek Saber    FC AFC Salmy's Zorro x NAFC FC AFC Kane's Bluff Creek Annie
    Owner/Handler:  Steve Tozier
Notes:  Thank you Kathy Sonier

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Place SRSSC  Date  3/11-12  Judges Paul Kinney / Mark Haglin
OPEN   Starters / 29 Starters / 9 to the Third
1st  Badgedyke Buccaneer   ( Dan )O/ Paul & Lynn Miller H/ Tim DeGroff
2nd Paragons Denalisnflo Zip Teaz  ( Zipper )O/ Gary & Mhari Peschel H/Tim DeGroff
3rd CFC / AFC Courtmans Lightwynn Raska M.H. ( Raska ) O/H Jim McCreedy 
4th Black River Chasseur ( Chasseur ) Owner:  Jeffrey Miller D.V.M. H/Jerry L. Light
AMATEUR  Starters  /  22 Starters
1st AFC/AFC/CFC Nant-Lais Sting ( Glover ) O/H Jeffrey Miller
2nd Yankee Creek Skykomish Sport ( Sky ) O/H Dominique Savoie
3rd Yankee Creek Mountain View Sailor    ( Sailor) O/H Dominique Savoy
4th Black River Chaser       (Chaser) O/H Jerry L. Light
PUPPY Judges Frank Moran / Gary Hanvey   8 Starters
1st  Chardon's Celtic Brigid  ( Brigid }O? Donald & Charleen O'Connell H/ Donald O'Connell
2nd  Chaps Windancing Mesa    ( Mesa ) O/ Chris & Heather Maxcy H/ Chris Maxcy
3rd Yankee Creeks Hayduke Lives ( Chip ) O/H    Al Defalco
4th KennyHill Faith  ( Faith ) O/Kevin & Deborah A. Holcomb H/   Kevin Holcomb
Notes:  Thanks  Jeff 

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Cincinnati ESS Field Trial Club  /  March 11-12,
Judges were Keven Martineau (MN) and Nancy Standish (MI)
OPEN   Starters /  20 starters, 8 to the 3rd
1st  Yankees Litl Rebble, male, "Rebel"
        (FC AFC Pondviews Windy Acres Yankee X Two Spot)
        B: Raymond Razzano     O/H:  David Lorenz
2nd  FC Samantha's Loyal Flush, female, "Sam"
        (FC Windbourne's Loyal X Springville Cherry Brandy)
        B:  Ken & Maxine Reed   O:  Leaman Ames   H:  Ben Martin
3rd Royal Tipper, male, "Tipper"
        (NFC AFC KB's Sir Coach X FC AFC Dansmirth's Reese)
        B:  Robert Krause    O:  Leaman Ames   H:  Ben Martin
4th CNFC FC Brandy's Big Ben, male, "Benny"
        (FC Windbourne's Loyal X Springville Cherry Brandy)
        B:  Ken & Maxine Reid    O:  Leaman Ames    H:  Ben Martin
AMATEUR  Starters  /  29 starters, 16 to the 2nd, 8 to the 3rd
1st  Turtlecreek Max II, male, "Max"
        (FC AFC Turtlecreek Geronimo X Turtlecreek Over & Under)
        B/O:  Robert & Linda Bertoncini      H: Robert Bertoncini
2nd Sunrise Knight, male, "Knight"
        (FC Sunrise Brutus X Raptorsroost Rosie)
        B:  Gary Wilson     O/H:  Mark Domo
3rd AFC Bumper McQuick, SH, female, "Bumper"
        (Refined Black Gold X Lil Breezy Points Speedy)
        B:  Paul Black    O:  H. Hiles & P. Black   H:  Paul Black
4th Fredonna's Willy Make It, male, "Willy"
        (Fredonna's All That Jazz X Fredonna's Maggie Memory)
        B:  Fred St. Clair     O/H:  Dick Taylor
PUPPY  4 starters / Judges
1st Lighthouse Reverence, male, "Rev"
        (NFC AFC KB's Sir Coach X FC AFC Dansmirth's Wavecrest Fete)
        B: Jason Givens   O: Greg Miller     H:  Jason Givens 
2nd Saradynpark Katies Flush, female, "Katie"
        (Columbia's Remington Flush X Saradynpark Gwyneth)
        B:  Andrew Green   O:  Gary Metropoulos    H:  Andrew Green
3rd  Raintree's Lighthouse Fantastic, male, "Tic"
        (FC AFC CFC Fieldbourn's Ruger X Suthglens Three Ring Circus)
        B:  Jason Givens    O:  Randy Palluch     H:  Jason Givens
4th Turtlecreek's Blackjack, male, "Jack"
        (FC AFC Turtlecreek Geronimo X Turtlecreek's Over & Under)
        B/O:  Robert & Linda Bertoncini     H:  Robert Bertoncini
Notes: From: "Michelle F. Givens" Conditions were rain turning to sleet and snow right as the trial finished.  Sun. was sunny with an inch or two of snow on the ground--about 30 degrees.  Scenting was horrible both days. 

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OK   March 16-17     Judges:   Marty Knibbs,  Tom Radde
OPEN: (Apprentice - Mark Matthiesen)  AMATEUR: (Apprentice Grant Haglin)
OPEN   Starters 
1st Denalisunflos Rascal II    O: R E French      H: Randy Curtis
2nd FC Your Rowdy Highness   O/H: Chad Betts
3rd FC AFC CFC Tridon Orion Ms American Pie  O/H: Don Bramwell
4th Midlands Dan D Boy   O: Steve Beyer        H: Jim DeVoll
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
1st FC AFC CFC Tridon Orion Ms American Pie   O/H: Don Bramwell
2nd Tallgrass Torrey  O/H:  Bob Murdock
3rd Rytex Raging   O: Philip & Betty Somers     H: Phil Somers
4th Richards Maverick   O/H: Gary Long
PUPPY   Judges    David Adams & Paul Black
1st Beabeau's Foxy Vixen  O: David Kruse          H: Jim DeVoll 
2nd Denalisunflos Rascal II    O:  R E French        H: Randy Curtis
3rd Pine Shadows Beary  O/H: Grant Haglin
4th Sumner Kaysee  O/H: Peter Rainey
Notes:  From Pat Bramwell: We ran the Open yesterday in snow/sleet/rain.  Very miserable conditions for humans but the dogs had a fantastic time.  They looked like big puppies out there.  Even tho the conditions were absolutely horrid (& 2 days before we had a temp of 60) the gunning was great & the bird production was even better. Amateur & Puppy was run today.  Conditions were a bit better - at least no snow nor sleet.  Had a slight drizzle most of the day.  Snow was  melting so we all suffered thru wet feet. Note from a Judge; Seeing as how, Judges were from Canada & Minn, It Really wasen't cold, but the Texas people, coming to the line in tennis shoes sure thought so ;->

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KS Mar. 18/19    Judges   Fred & Sue Neville. 
(Apprentice Open Paul Black -   aprenticed Amateur Morgan Haglin)
OPEN   Starters / 
1st  Ledi Lada of Caldyview   O: Philip & Bett Somers    H: Mark Hairfield
2nd Denalisunflos Rascal II    O: R E French      H: Randy Curtis
3rd Badger of Bar Chase - Now FC   O: John & Leah Darby     H: Mark Hairfield
4th Badgerdyke Buccaneer   O: Paul & Lynn Miller      H: Tim DeGroff
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
1st AFC Tridon Spontaneus Combustion     O/H: Patricia Bramwell
2nd  Highlanders Lady Guenivere    O/H: Paul Black
3rd FC Royal's Ass't Coach   O/H: Lea Ames
4th Kane's Bluffcreek Annie's Song     O/H: Steve Kane
PUPPY  Starters Judges Bob Iversen & Doug Roberts
1st  Pine Shadows Beary    O/H: Grant Haglin
2nd Denalisunflos Rascal II    O: R E French    H: Randy Curtis
3rd Sumner Kaysee    O/H: Pete Rainey
4th Beabeau's Foxy Vixen  O: David Kruse     H: Jim DeVol
Notes: From Pat Bramwell, KS held their FT yesterday/today.  Yesterday's weather was drizzly all
day, not really cold but hurt to the bone because of the wetness :-}  Today was absolutely beautiful - the sun came out & we could all put away our rain gear.    Ran 1st & 2nd series on chukars and pheasants.  3rd series was all on chukars.

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Green Valley Spaniel Club FT -  China Island Unit, Gustine, CA - 3/ 18-19
Judges (all stakes):  Ray Nault, Edmonton, Canada, Tom Menzel, WI
OPEN  21 starters, 9 to the 3rd
1st  Ditchbank's Maggie  "Maggie" O/H:  Ed McConnell
2nd  Shannon's Butterbean "BB" O: Skip/Renee Shannon H: Gary Breitbarth
3rd Maggie of Pheasant Creek "Maggie" O: Ron Jones H: Gary Breitbarth
4th  Our Pal Joe "Joe" O: Ray Razzano H: Gary Breitbarth
AMATEUR  19 starters, 7 to the 3rd
1st  Shawn's John L. Sullivan "Sully" O/H: Shawn Martin
2nd Genie Hightail "Genie"  O/H: Alberta Whiting
3rd Watch the Birdie "Flash" O/H: Don Nipper
4th Whitewater's West Coast Kidd "Kidd" O/H: Ray Paolucci
PUPPY  8 Starters 
1st  Chardon's Celtic Brigid "Bridget" O: Don & Charlene O'Connell H: Don O'Connell
2nd Shannon's Sir Curly "Curly" O: Skip/Renee Shannon H: Skip Shannon
3rd Shannon's Wild Irish Rose "Rose" O: Skip/Renee Shannon H: Gary Breitbarth
4th Sundee's Cricket "Cricket" O/H: Alberta Whiting
Notes:  From: Diane Zablit & Donna Giddens.   Cover/birds/gunning was the best we've had for the CA Spring circuit:  Green grass undergrowth, dry thistle/sage sections.  Knee-high to waist-high. We had dense sections of flopped over (or not) tulles in the Open on Sunday. The 3rd series course for the Open followed a tree line, with the left side a relatively open course, the right side past the trees thicker and rough. We had temps in mid-70s, sunny enough to cause lots of sunburns, but constant cool wind Sat to bring temps down.  Sunday started still, very warm & humid, but then clouds rolled in and breeze kicked in around 10:00 am. Scenting was average.  The birds were exceptional, especially for Spring.

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Notes: From  Carol Cramer,  The weather was beautiful Saturday as the Amateur and Puppy Stakes took to the field. That evening, at the clubhouse on the grounds, everyone enjoyed a wonderful seafood buffet prior to placements....Sunday A.M. brought the Open Stake and RAIN...and RAIN....and MORE RAIN..Thanks to everyone who came to compete at our trial and to those who helped make it work.. CBC

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Euclid     3-25/26     John Leininger/Tom Radde
OPEN    46 Starters 13 to 3rd 
1st Pride 'N Joy's Field Gryphon    Owner: Jeff Kitson    Handler: Gary Brooks
2nd FC Ynyslawd Swift  Owner: Kevin Battistoni   Handler: Dan Lussen
3rd  Sunrise Mattie   Owner: Richard Domo   Handler: Gary Wilson
4th Brookwood Mason Dixon Rebel   Owner: Francis Coleman   Handler: Jeff Brooks
AMATEUR  37 Starters  13 to 3rd 
1st  Summerland's Scots Guard    Owner: Robert & Virginia Nutt    Handler: Robert Nutt
2nd  Speed of Westphal    Owner: Russ Smith    Handler: Russ Smith
3rd  CFC Sunrise Jet    Owner: Richard Domo    Handler: Richard Domo
4th  Spring Meadow's Dusty    Owner: Tom Giannini    Handler: Chris Jensen
PUPPY  7 Starters Judges  Paul McGaugh  Rob Cotiaux
1st Turtlecreek Black Jack    Owner: Linda & Robert Bertoncini    Handler: Robert Bertoncini
2nd Sunrise Riverboat Gambler    Owner: Sandra Mariotto    Handler: Gary Wilson
3rd Mad Maxwell of Chicago    Owner: Stella & Dave Smith    Handler: Ken Willis
4th Copper Creek Monty    Owner: Jim O'Shea    Handler: Jeff Brooks
Notes: Thanks Vicki Barto

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SWSSC  Monroe, Wi  3-25/26  Judges John L. Zahorik, Chicago and Pat Fischer, Sobieski  WI
OPEN   38 Starters, 9 to the 3rd Series 
1st  FC Denalisunflo's Tailer  O/B:  Roy French   H:  Jim DeVoll
2nd  Thornhill Vindicator   B:  Jim & Kim Naber   O:  Roger Houk  H:  Jim Naber
3rd Denalisunflo's Nailer   B:  Roy French   O:  Jim DeVoll & Steve Beyer   H:  Jim DeVoll
4th  Fallen Wings' Loxlies Rascal-B:  Mr. G.A. Gwynne-O:  Bill & Joanne Pierson-H:  Dan Langhans
AMATEUR   58 Starters; 12 to the 3rd 
1st  NFC FC (and now AFC!) Eagle Brae's Good Sport  B/O:  Jim & Kim Naber  H:  Jim Naber
2nd  Rocky Lanes Callie   B:  Bob Krause   O:  Don & Jean VanAcker   H:  Jim Naber
3rd  Thornhill Rook  B:  Dean Reinke   O/H:  Dr. Francis Prock
4th  Cassie's Absolute Harley   B/O/H:  Chuck Nelson
PUPPY   Cathy Lewis & Bob Sommer; 21 Starters
1st   Grandview's Max-A-Million  B/O:  Steve Beyer  H:  Jim DeVoll 
2nd  Pine Shadows Hakkon  B:  Greg & Les Rainwater  O/H:  Keith Ruby
3rd  Pine Shadows Whisper  B:  Greg & Les Rainwater H:  Mark Haglin
4th Prairie Meadows Wind Dancer  B:  Dean Reinke & Cathy Lewis 
O:  Craig Foss H:  Jason Givens

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Cocker Spaniel Field Trial Club of America Date 3- 11/12 
OPEN -  Sat - 31 Starters -  Judges, Ed Faraci and Russ Smith
1st  Amelda of Green Island (Suzie)  O: Kevin Battistoni  H:  Dan Lussen
2nd Pride 'N Joy's Better 'N Better (Bette)  O: Col Ray Costabile  H: Jeff Brooks
3rd Hawthorne's Tug (Tug)  O/H: Fred Bradley
4th Mountain Evens Raeve (Rave)  O/H: Casey Sajd
AMATEUR - Sun -  34 Starters (10 back to 3rd)  /  Judges  Ed Faraci and Paul Van Houten
1st 1st  AFC Sunnybright Sadie (Mixie)  O/H: Jason Green
2nd  Shimmering Bandito (Bandit)  O/H: Bev Matthews
3rd AFC Hawthorne AA Low Brass, MH (Elbe)  O: Chuck Urland, Jr & Cindy Sites H: Chuck Urland
4th Carousel's Wish Me Luck (Mimi)  O: Mary & Hadley Ford  H: Hadley Ford
PUPPY  8 Starters Judges Esther Faraci and Kevin Battistoni
1st 1st  Copper Creek Monty (Copper)  O: Jim O'Shea  H: Jeff Brooks
2nd Novaway Oskalooosa Country Belle (Belle)  O/H: Gary SoPer
3rd  Carousel's Annie Get Your Gun (Annie)  O: Mary & Hadley Ford  H: Mary Ford
4th Sandy's Hill Audacious Annie (Annie)  O: David & Barbara Granatir  H:Jeff Brooks
Notes: Thanks Beverly A. Matthews.  Saturday started out overcast and by noon was pouring rain  - rain lasted most of afternoon.  Hats off to planters for keeping the birds flying. Sunday was overcast all day and fluctuated between mist and dry, with light rain about noon - 1pm.  Again, birds kept flying. 

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Utah SSC - 3-24/25 - Judges Dominique Savoie & John Wright
OPEN   26 starters, 9 to third
1st  FC CFC Whitewaters Jazztime  O/H Rob Barlow
2nd   FC CFC Stonebroke's River Scout    O Keith McCrae H Rob Barlow
3rd   Skaar's Midwinter Beaujolais  O/H Tom Bratrud
4th AFC Shadowbark Wind Dancing Abby  O/H Greg Johnson
AMATEUR  24 starters, 10 to third
1st Zelotes Incurrere Phasianus  O/H Larry Zieman
2nd CJ's Lexi of Rolling Oaks  O Cheryl & Jerry Sligar  H Cheryl Sligar 
3rd Westwind's Spark  O/H Lamar Windberg
4th Absaroka Sun Princess  O/H Kirby Shineman 
PUPPY 10  Starters Judges  Jerry and Cheryl Sligar
1st  Chardon's Celtic Brigid  O Don & Charlene O'Connell  H Don Giddens
2nd Larford Storms Tessbe  O/H Rick Shively
3rd Ruff's Second Chance  O Randy & Tracey Setzer  H Randy Setzer
4th Abitt Risky O Rob and Shelley Barlow H  Shelley Barlow
Notes: Thanks John.  Two beautiful sunny days on the shores of the Great Salt Lake with the mountains of the Wasatch Front as a backdrop.  Scenting was challenging both days.  Bracework run for the most part in knee high mixed grasses, third series for both Open and Amateur was run in the sagebrush. 

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Sportsmens  4/1-2 Dr. Jeffrey Miller, DVM (Washington) and Chuck Petermichl
(MN).  Brian Sonier apprenticed the Open stake.
OPEN   65 Starters  20 to 3rd
1st Denalisunflo's Rascal II (Rascal)         FC Denalisunflo's Ready x FC Denalisunflo's Dulce
        Breeder/Owner:  Roy E. French         Handler:  Randy Curtis
2nd Sweet Cal'o'mine (Callie)       FC/AFC Sylker's Jake x Berries 'N' Pines Annie
        Breeder:  Stuart Lavalier   Owners:  Frank & Jill Duffy     Handler:  Bill Boeckman
3rd  Sand Creek's Annie's Abbey (Abbey)     Sand Creek's King x Sand Creek's Patsy
        Breeder:  Bill Boeckman  O/ Kevin Dresow & Stacy Pomerantz H/  Bill Boeckman
4th Corvette Andy (Andy)     NFC Denalisunflo's Ring x Streak
        Breeder:  Daniel J. Cornish Owner:   David Larson  Handler:  Jason Givens
AMATEUR  64 starters, 17 to the 3rd series
1st Ledgebrook's Meghan's Alibi (Story)    FC/AFC Salmy's Zorro x Sunrise Patches III
        Breeder:  John Peracca   Owners:  Michael & Thomas Rafferty   Handler:  Mike Rafferty
2nd Sanquest's Show Girl (Stripper) FC/AFC Hiawatha Shooter x AFC Sanquest's Party Girl
        Breeders/Owners:  Richard & Marianne Csanda    Handler:  Rich CsandaAFC Lewiscock 
3rd Jethro (Jet)    EFC Cressett Cristo x Lewiscock Dreamboat
        Breeder:  Alan Payne    Owner/Handler:  Joe Barnett
4th Field's Edge Black Watch (Piper)    FC/AFC Salmy's Zorro x AFC Northwood's Neapolitan
        Breeder:  Peter Andersen  Owners:  Dean Reinke & Cathy Lewis   Handler:  Cathy Lewis
PUPPY  Bob Curl & John Hall 17 entries, 13 starters
1st  Mad Maxwell of Chicago (Max) Royal Flushes Mac-A-Tack x Windy Acres Sneakers
        Breeders:  George Stoychoff & Judy Summers  O/David & Stella Smith H/Ken Willis 
2nd Lighthouse Reverence (Rev)  NFC/AFC KB's Sir Coach x FC/AFC Dansmirth's Wavecrest Fete
        Breeder:  Jason Givens   Owner/Handler:  Greg Miller
3rd  Get on the Bus Gus (Gus)  Steinway Dancer of Mildrake x FC/AFC Ariel of Melchris
        Breeders:  Jim & Kim Naber    Owner/Handler:  Tom Menzel
4th  Grandview's Max-a-million (Max)  FC Denalisunflo's Jump x Beabeauxs Foxy Lady
        Breeder/Owner:  Steve Beyer    Handler:  Jim DeVoll
Notes: Thanks  Karl W. Spadgenske

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Northeastern Ohio Bird Dog Association - 4/1-2 -   Dana Poray and Ralph Botti
OPEN   17 Starters / 7 to third 
1st   Molly of Westpahl  O/H Russel Smith
2nd Reward's Doncaster   O/H Edd Rogenkamp
3rd  Timberdoodle's Spock  O/H Glenn DeMott
4th  NAFC FC CFC Ivanhoe's Irish Twist  O/H Bill Cosgrove 
AMATEUR    30 Starters  12 to 3rd 
1st Sunrise Ben    O/H Richard Domo
2nd Turtlecreek Marker    O/H  Monty Kayes
3rd Sunrise Knight        O/H Dr. Mark Domo
4th Fallen Wings Buster Brown    O/H Richard Siciliano
PUPPY  Roxanne Poray and Dan Denner 5 Entries, 4 Starters
1st Turtlecreek Black Jack    O/H Robert Bertoncini
2nd  Sunrise Riverboat Gambler  O:Sandra Mariotto     H:Gary Wilson
3rd Saradynpark Katies Flush    O:Gary Metropoulos    H:Andrew Green
4th Chloe the Bird Bandit        O/H Kim Dorisio
Notes: Thanks   Mark Domo

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LASHA  April1-2, 2000  Judges  Dean Reinke  Robert Ryan
OPEN   24 Starters 
1st AFC Mountain Evens Raeve  "Rave   O/H  Casey Sajdak  also Best Owner/Handler 
2nd  Framac's Haley Regent  "Haley"  O/H  Frank A MacKinson
also Best Looking/ Best Working Bitch 
3rd Halkmoor Moss  "Moss"    O/ Kevin Battistoni     H/ Dan Lussen
4th Hawks View of Sunrise  "Hawk"    O/ Pete Cappelli        H/ Jim Cappelli
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
1st  Shimmering Aries Warrior JH  "Aries"   O/H  George Akkouris 
2nd  AFC Raintrees Lazarus  "Rush"      O/H  Edward Faraci
3rd  FC/AFC Valley Views Buddy Of Ru-Char  "Buddy" O/ Ralph Botti  H/ Roy Hart
4th  FC Jae's Canadian Freestyle Jazz   "Jazz"  O/ Gina & Mark Zebley   H/ Mark Zebley
PUPPY   5 starters  Frank MacKinson  Liz Peracca
1st  Novaway Oskaloosa Country Belle  "Belle"     O/H  Garry D. Soper
2nd Pride 'N Joy Kansas City  "KC"    O/ Ralph Athur Jr    H/ Jeff Brooks
3rd  Copper Creek Monty  "Copper"  O/ Jim O'Shea   H/ Jeff Brooks
4th  Carousel's Annie Get Your Gun  "Annie"   O/ Mary & Hadley Ford   H/ Mary Ford
Notes:  Thanks HOLLY TAMBLING 

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ESS Club of Eastern Nebraska - 4-7, 8, 9  Jim Capelli and Charlie Foote
OPEN  34 starters - 10 back to 3rd
1st Di - Marie Langhans 
2nd Rascal - Dan Langhans
3rd Jump - Jim DeVoll
4th   Jule -Dave Lauber
AMATEUR   32 starters - 9 back to 3rd
1st Kodiak - Grant Haglin
2nd Dart    - Philip Somers
3rd Banshee - Steve Hoostal
4th Blaze     - Brian Frerichs
PUPPY  15 starters - Gary McDonald and Bob Murdock 
1st Hakkon - Keith Ruby 
2nd  Max - Jim DeVoll 
3rd Will - Dan Langhans
4th Dash - Joseph Smith
Notes:  Thank You:  Submited by Larry Yost - FTS.  On Friday afternoon the 1st Series of the Open was greeted with high winds and blowing snow mixed with rain.  However on Saturday and Sunday we had beautiful weather with sunny skies and moderate temps and breezes.  The new "state of the art" Midlands Kennel was on display and free welcome to Nebraska hamburgers and "Sanchez" chile were featured at the "club rooms" at the front of the beautiful new kennel building on Friday evening.  Saturday nights traditional "banquet" at Norma's City Cafe was held and Norma presented a special wedding pie to newly weds Rich and Jackie Borowiak.

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Minn Heartland ESS Club, 4-8/9, Peter Andersen Robert Bullard
OPEN   41 Starters  12 to 3rd
1st Jazz's Royal Stone O/Greg Kane H/Jason Givens
2nd Sophie Rose Of Light House O/Tom & Mary Stibbe H/Jason Givens
3rd Badgerkyke Buccanneer O/Paul & Lynn Miller H/Tim GeGroff
4th Sunnybrae Smut O/Engene Johnson H/Eric Adams
AMATEUR  31 Starters  12 to third
1st Doorcreek Megan O/H Chuck Nelson
2nd AFC Markdown Pennant O/Don Brunn & Dave Hopkins H/Don Brunn
3rd Sand Creek's Zydeco Zoe O/H Bruce Stewart
4th Sand Creek's Comet Hailey O/H Gregg Stans
PUPPY   12 Starters Chuck Nelson Mike Salmon 
1st Raintrees Brass Tiger  O/ Brian & Chris Sonier H/Brian Sonier
2nd Light House Reverence  O/H Greg Miller
3rd Pine Shadows Beary  O/Grant Haglin H /Mark Haglin
4th Get On The Buss Guss  O/H Tom Menzel
Notes: Cold and Windy, Just a touch on snow on Fri night. But ground was Very, Very dry!!! So senting was not the best. But, the dogs with good noses, prevailed. 

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Minn. ESSC,   April    15/16    Fred Neville (WI) and Kevin Martineau (MN)
OPEN   48 starters, 36 in the second and 13 to the 3rd.
1st   1st: Gina of Saradynpark, female, Gina   (AFC Saradynpark Gunner X Saradynpark Nana)
  B: Allen Panagiotopoulos   O: Carroll Smith   H: Ken Willis
2nd AFC Field's Edge Silhouette, male, Woody 
(NFC AFC KB's Sir Coach X AFC Northwood's Neapolitan)  B/O/H: Peter Andersen
3rd  Sunnybrae Smut, male, Brae  (EFC Kenine Robb of Rytex X EFC Fergie Finch)
  B: K.E. Davies  O: Eugene Johnson  H: Eric Adams
4th  FC Jazzzes Royal Stone, male, Stoney 
 (FC AFC Salmy's Zorro X FC Jae's Canadian Freestyle Jazz)
  B: Mark Zebley  O: Greg Kane  H: Jason Givens
AMATEUR  41 starters, 30 in the second and 19 to the third 
1st   Sanquest's Show Girl, female, Stripper
  (FC AFC Hiawatha Shooter X AFC Sanquest's Party Girl)
  B/O: Rich & Marianne Csanda   H: Rich Csanda
2nd Marshview Swift Tiger, male, Tiger
  (FC Rocky Lane's Luke X AFC Marshview Bit of Swiftness)
  B: David Lorenz   O/H: Al Scharlow
3rd Hiawatha Holly, female, Holly   (FC AFC Hiawatha Shooter X AFC Courtmans Alice)
  B: J.W. Buoy   O: Bob & Sharon Mueller   H: Bob Mueller
4th  West Wings' Pistol Pete, male, Pete
  (FC AFC Dansmirth's Lindsey Kidd X AFC CJ's West Wings April Promise)
  B: Cheryl & Jerry Sligar   O: Tom & Deb Schoene   H: Deb Schoene
PUPPY  Judges: Kevin Rutherford (MN) and Gregg Stans (MN) 16 starters
1st   Mad Maxwell of Chicago, male, Max
  (Royal Flush's Mac-A-Tack X Windy Acres Sneakers)
  B: J Summers & G Stoychoff   O: Stella & David Smith   H: Ken Willis
2nd Lighthouse Reverence, male, Rev
  (NFC AFC KB's Sir Coach X FC AFC Dansmirth's Wavecrest Fete)
  B: Jason Givens   O: Greg Miller   H: Jason Givens
3rd Tainters Third Time, female, Lady   (Field's Edge Tobasco X Pearl Diamond Durens Jem)
  B: Gregory Duren II   O/H: Karl Spadgenske
4th Pine Shadows Hakkon, male, Hakkon  (FC Denalisunflos Jump X Denalisunflos Rapida)
  B: Greg & Les Rainwater  O/H: Keith Ruby
Notes: From   RICHARD NICHOLS <> Conditions: light brome cover, cold (30's), wet and windy both days

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Platte River Trial April 15/16 Judges: Chad Betts and  Pat Bramwell (see notes) /Craig Foss
OPEN   46 entries 44 starters 17 to 3rd
1st FC/AFC Dansmirth's Lindsey Kidd O: Tim & Kathleen Lindsey H: Tim Lindsey 
2nd  Place:Superscud's Samson O: Lloyd S. Fallin H: Jim DeVoll
3rd Place: Highlanders Lady Guenivere O: Paul Black, Harold Hiles   H: Martin Bell
4th FC Denalisunflos Tailer O: R E French   H: Jim DeVoll 
AMATEUR   40 entries 37 starters 16 to 3rd 
1st Highlanders Lady Guenivere O; Paul Black,Harold Hiles  H: Paul Black
2nd  Ashcroft's Sundance, M H O: Kathleen & Tim Lindsey  H: Kathleen Lindsey
3rd  FC B's Pheasant Flushing Blaze O:Brian Frerichs and Gary McDonald  H: Brian Frerichs
4th  Greenfield's Cache La Poudre O/H: Skip Smith 
PUPPY 9 Starters Judges  Cindy Goode and Bob Iverson.
1st Grandview's Max-A-Million  O:Steve Beyer H: Jim DeVoll
2nd  Grouse Moor Ike O/H John Knowles
3rd Dansmirths Iron Will O:Marie Langhans H: Dan Langhans
4th Joe Bruno Connel O: Patrick Connell H: Jim DeVoll
Notes:  From Craig  Foss.   Judge Pat Bramwell suffered a heart attack Sat. AM.  Pat had 2 arteries ballooned and stint placed in one  of them.  She is doing very well all things considered and will be going home Tues. AM. (4-18)  Craig Foss substituted for her.  Wind, freezing rain and sleet all week-end temps in 30's.  (Send cards to Pat at Spivy address)

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Missouri Headwaters. April 29, 30.  Tom Menzel, Jim Mc Creedy
1st Skarr's Whitlocks Warlock/ Shaman  O/H John Wright
2nd Brickburn Whitwater Pizzazz  O/H Ken Forney
3rd Denalisunflo's Tim   O- R.E. French, H- Tim De Groff
4th Sand Creek's Annie's Abbey  O- Pomerance, Dresow  H- Bill Boeckman
1st  Rives Shrinking Violet O/H Tom Clark
2nd  Rhyddcastle Sarkie "Jake" O/Paul and Lynn Miller  H/ Lynn Miller.
3rd Fleetwoods Jumping Jack Flash O/H Gary Hanvey
4th Red River Chilli O/H John Staley
PUPPY Tom Bratrud, Gary Hanvey
1st Ruff's Second Chance O/H Randy Setzer
2nd Skaar's Socerer O/H John Wright
3rd Rolling Oaks Calli Rufus O/H Charles Tatton
4th Bunny's Lighthouse Simba O/H Rob Aravich
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No. Minn April 29/30  BJ & Roy Hopkins
1st R-Quest's Denali Sunrise "Rise"  (NFC Denalisunflo's Ring X Hi-Times Magical Micky)
     O: Carl Smith H: Ken Willis
2nd FC/CFC Parker Sir Roberts  "Parker"       (NFC/AFC KB's Sir Coach X FC/AFC Dansmirth's Reese)      O: Doug & Melinda Roberts H: Dan Langhans
3rd  Elwood's Jackson Creek Blade "Blade"      (Ashcroft's Micky X Sunrise Sally)
     O: Gary Schlafer  H: Ken Willis
4th Andy's Bashful Bob  "Bob"     (FC/AFC Sylker's Jake X Berries-N-Pines Annie)
     O: Andrew J Doser Jr  H: Dan Langhans
1st  Sand Creek's Fine Rip "Rip"      O/H: Gregg Stans
2nd Marshview Swift Tiger  "Tiger"      O/H Al Scharlow
3rd Field's Edge Tabasco  "Toby"   O/H Tom Meyer
4th Densunflos "Dulce" O/H Jerry Barrett
1st Mad Maxwell of Chicago  "Max"       O: David & Stella Smith  H: Ken Willis
2nd Lady Axiexdrend "Lexi" O/ Linda Martin H/ Mark Haglin
3rd Lighthouse Reverence  "Rev"      O: Greg Miller  H: Jason Givens
4th Chardon's Celtic Brigrade  O/Don O'Connell H/ Jim DeVoll
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West NY   Apr 29-30 Chuck Urland, Paul Harris
1st 1st Speed of Westphal   O/H Russell Smith
2nd 2nd Rytex Raging        O/Phillip & Betty Somer  H/Mark Hairfield
3rd 3rd Peachdale's Barrelin' Badger        O/Scott Hoover  H/Jeff Brooks
4th 4th FC Ynslawd Swift    O/Kevin Battistoni  H/Dan Lussen
1st 1st Rathfillan Flint Mountain  O/Fred & Susan Neville H/Sue Neville
2nd 2nd Carousel's Lucky Pierre     O/Mary & Hadley Ford    H/Hadley Ford
3rd 3rd High Plains Gust O'Wind      O/H Mark Brookshire
4th 4th FC/AFC Mountain Evens Raeve O/H Casey Sajdak
1st 1st Sunrise Riverboat Gambler   O/Sandra Mariotto  H/Gary Wilson
2nd 2nd Copper Creek Monty  O/Jim O'Shea    H/Jeff Brooks
3rd 3rd Turtlecreek's Blackjack  O/Linda & Robert Bertoncini H/Bob Bertoncini
4th 4th Novaway Oskaloosa Country Belle     O/HGarry Soper
Thank You,  Roxane Poray 
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Central Connecticut Spaniel Club 
May 27-28 in Simsbury, CT  -  Judges were Bill Gates and Steve Milton
OPEN 50 Starters 14 to 3rd.
1st  Raintrees Lazarus       O/H:  Ed Faraci   Earned FC title with  this win
2nd  FC Sunrise Rolling Stone          O: Andy Cappelli  H: Jim Cappelli
3rd FC AFC Shimmering Aries Warrior    O: George Akkouris    H: Vasilios Akkouris
4th  FC Denalisunflos Tailer O: R.E. French   H: Jim DeVoll
AMATEUR  28 Starters  9 back to the 3rd
1st  Denalisunflo's Dulce    O/H: Jerry Barrett
2nd  Denalisunflo's Nailer   O/H: Jerry Barrett
3rd Highlanders Lady Guenivere        O: L.Paul Black & Harold Hiles    H: L. Paul Black
4th JP's Sunrise Rowdy      O: John Peracca H: Liz Peracce
PUPPY  7 starters      Judges Vasilios Akkouris & Bernie  Castellani
1st Novaway Oskaloosa Country Belle O/H: Gary Soper
2nd Grandview's Max-A-Million    O: Steve Beyer    H: Jim DeVoll
3rd  Royal Flush's Moses     O: Diane Briggs            H:  Ralph Botti
4th Copper Creek Monty      O: Jim O'Shea   H: Jeff Brooks
Thanks: Beverly Matthews.
Weather was as close to perfect as it could be.  Saturday was the sunnier of the two days - mid 70's light breeze.  Sunday was a little more overcast, same temp, light breeze most all day.  Cover was good for spring in New England - birds flew well and gunners gunned well!
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