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CCSC  SEPT. 1 & 2    D. Reinke & Bob Ryan
OPEN  35  Starters / 
1st Pride N Joys Field Gryphon  O/ Dr. Jeff Kitson  H/Jeff Brooks
2nd Smythwick's Slick Willie  O/ Pat & Janet Fischer H/ Ralph Botti
3rd  Mountain Views Scratches  O/Ed &Ester Faraci  H/ Ester Faraci
4th Sunrise Scout  O/James Boone  H/ Jeff Brooks
AMATEUR 32 Starters 
1st FC AFC Raintrees Lazarus  O/ Ed & Ester Faraci
2nd AFC Sunnybright Sadie, MH  O/H  Jason Green
3rd AFC Carousel's Luck Be a Lady  O/ Hadley & Mary Ford  H/Hadley Ford
4th  FC Sunrise Rolling Stone  O/Andy Cappelli  H/Jim Cappelli
PUPPY  9  Starters   Judges  H. Tambling & B. Pierson
1st  Quail Hollow's Annie  O/Tim Edwards  H/ Billy Akkouris
2nd Surf Storm  O/Paul Van Hourten H/Ralph Botti
3rd Triple Ridges Addi-tude  O/Paul Van Hourton H/Ralph Botti
4th Mountain Views Thesaloniki  O/Ed & Ester Faraci  H/ Ed Faraci
NOTES:  Thanks, Tim Edwards
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Maine  -  Raymond Cacchio,   Ian Openshaw
OPEN  19 Starters / 
1st NFC FC AFC Mountain Evens Raeve     O/H Casey Sajdak
2nd FC AFC Surefire Major Winston  O: Tony and Diane Zablit  H: Bernie Castellani
3rd FC Hawk's View of Sunrise  O: Peter Capelli  H: Jim Capelli
4th  FTCh Macheewynn's Miska   O: Bev Vinke   H: JimKeller
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
1st AFC Sunnybright Sadie MH  O/H: Jason Green
2nd Taffswell Annie   O/H Robert Nutt
3rd Ftch Macheewynn's Miska    O/H Bev Vinke
4th Ftch Rolling Oaks Pride of Ripley   O/H Carolyn Oliver
G.A. Gunner's Award:  AFC Sunnybright Sadie
PUPPY   6 Starters   Judges, Peter D'Alphonso,   Carolyn Oliver
1st   Wildwind's Troublesome Roscoe    O/H Vern Knapp
2nd  Sunset Hollow's Roll Of The Dice   O: Andy Capelli   H: Jim Capelli
3rd Machewynn's Flying Solo   O: Don Bisson  H: Jim Keller 
NOTES:   (Thanks; "Spaniellen")   Cover was riverbottom swale grass and alders and old hay field.  Growth was very heavy and we had unusually high temperatures, for us, of well into the 80s.   The third series was held in spring mowed hayfield.
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Mid Penn  11/8-9   Judges  Glenn Ferrara and John Leininger
OPEN    54 Starters / 34 to 2nd / 10 to 3rd
1st  Smythwicks Slick Willie  Owner:Pat Fisher  Handler:Ralph Botti 
2nd CFC/FC Brandy's Big Ben  O:Leaman Ames H:Ben Martin
3rd Molly of Westphal  Owner/Handler: Russ Smith
4th Speed of Westphal  Owner/Handler: Russ Smith
AMATEUR  38 Starters  /  31 to 2nd / 12 to 3rd
1st 1st Butterfields Whip and Drive(new Champion!) O/H: Don Cande
2nd Novaway Oskaloosa Country Belle  O/H: Gary Soper
3rd T.J.'s Flyer  O/H Tom Motley
4th Tom's Sherwood Buddy  O/H: Tom Kerin
G.A. Guns Award: Novaway Oskaloosa Country Belle
PUPPY 17  Starters   Judges  Tom Aunkst,  Larry Francovich
1st 1st Surf Storm  O: Paul Van Houten  H: Ralph Botti
2nd Quail Hollows Annie  O/H: Tim Edwards
3rd General Douglass MacArthur III  O: Rich Domo  H: Gary Wilson
4th Timberdoodles Freckles  O/H: Glenn DeMott
NOTES:  (Thanks,  Scott Hoover) Weather was sunny and around 90 both days. Saturday was quite humid as well. Birds flew very well. Gunning and planting were good. Used less than 5 birds per dog. 
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 Northeastern OhioBird Dog , Sept 15th  Paul Ruppert and Dick Maturski
OPEN   23 Starters /  10 to 3rd
1st Speed of Westphal-O/H Russ Smith
2nd Reward's Doncaster-O/H Edd Roggenkamp
3rd Sand Creek Annie's Abbey-O-Kevin Dresow/H-Bill Boeckman
4th Sand Creek's Bailey-O-Dan Jochum/H-Bill Boeckman
AMATEUR  26 Starters  /  11 to 3rd  Judges-Paul Ruppert and John Leinenger
1st Speed of Westphal-O/H Russ Smith
2nd Carousel's Luck Pierre-O/H Mary & Hadley Ford
3rd Parker Sir Robers-O/H Doug Roberts
4th Fallen Wings Buster Brown- O/H Richard Siciliano
G.A. Gunners Award-Speed of Westphal-O/H-Russ Smith
PUPPY  5 Starters   Judges Dave Barto and Don Wagner
1st Timberdoodles Freckles-O/H Glenn DeMott
2nd Jack the Ripper of Plum Creek-O/H T.A. Bosse
3rd Justamucs Belle of Grosseile-O-Ted Renaud/H Nancy Standish
4th Justamucs Hot Tamale-O-Hal Standish/ H Nancy Standish
NOTES:  Special Thanks to John Leinenger for Substitute Judging on Illness.  From: Dr. Mark Domo
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No. Minn  Dean Reinke (WI) and Mike Salmon (MN)
OPEN    42 Starters / 11 to 3rd
1st FC Denalisunflos Drive, m, "Teaser"   B/O:  R.E. French     H:  Tim DeGroff
2nd FC CFC Jazzzes Royal Stone, m, "Stoney"  O:  Greg Kane   H: Jason Givens
3rd Windmillwood Annette, f, "Teal"     O/H:  Kevin Martineau
4th  Denalisunflos Coffey II, f, "Coffey"   B/O: R.E. French  H:  Randy Curtis
AMATEUR  29 Starters  /  8 to 3rd,   6 finished
1st Denalisunflos Happy, m, "Happy"    O/H:  Jerry Barrett
2nd Duren's Hurricane Spike, m, "Spike"  B/O/H:  Greg Duren
3rd Bandit's Razzle Dazzle, m, "Razzle"   O:  Tom & Debbie Schoene   H:  Tom Schoene
4th FC Denalisunflos Jump, m, "Jump"   O:  James DeVoll and Steve Beyer  H: Steve Beyer
PUPPY  Starters  21   Judges  Mike Nielsen (MN) and Craig Nordstrom (MN)
1st Dansmirth's Merry Sue, f, "Suzy"  O:  Robert & Diane Krause    H:  Dan Langhans
2nd Denalisunflos Devil, m, "Devil"  B/O:  R.E. French    H:  Randy Curtis
3rd Parker's Rusty Penny, m, "Jesse"   O:  Daryl & Jan Johnson   H:  Dan Langhans
4th Gunnar VI, m, "Gunnar"       O/H:  Mark Monson
NOTES:  Thanks, Michelle Givens
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Western Washington ESSC
OPEN Judges; Kent Norris (OR), Robert Willis (OR)
34 Starters 11 to the Third 
1st Yankee Creek Tridon Swiftsur, m, "Swyfty"   O/H: Al Defalco
2nd  Zelotes Incurrere Phasianus, m, "Zip"  O: Larry Zieman  H: Rob Barlow
3rd  CNFC AFC Blackriver's Keno, m, "Keno"   O/H: Jeffrey W. Miller
4th  FC AFC Taffswell Rusty, f, "Penny"  O: Robert & Shelley Bullard  H: Bob Bullard
AMATEUR Judges for : Kent Norris (OR), David Miller (OR)
32 Starters  / 11 to 3rd
1st  (EFTC) Sundart Solar, m, "Solar"    O/H: Jeffrey W. Miller 
2nd FC AFC CFC Skaar's Whitlock's Warlock, m, "Shaman"   O/H: John Wright
3rd  FC Wildwind Sailor, m, "Sailor" (NEW AFC)  O/H: Frank Moran
4th  Fallen Wings Flier, m, "Flier"    O/H: Charlie Foote
PUPPY  5 Starters   Judges   Cliff Beaver (WA), Jerry Light (OR)
1st Hearthrock Blaze, f, "Blaze"  O: Richard Krueger  H: Gary Breitbarth
2nd Onchu Cushla Macree, m, "Rupert"    O/H: Peter Killefer
3rd Millstone Chops, "Chopper"   B/O/H: David Miller
4th Crescent's El Toro, m, "Toro"   B/O/H: Dale Luther, Sr.
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Keystone  9-15/16    Mr. Mark Hagenauer  &  Mr. David Cottman
OPEN  34  Starters /  12 to 3rd
1st FC Pride’n Joy’s Field Gryphon; O: Jeff Kitson; H: Jeff Brooks
2nd  Triple Ridges Tom Boy; O: Roy Hart; H: Ralph Botti
3rd  Baskwood Shimmering Surprise; O: C. Coniglio & B. Schell; H: Vasillios Akkouris
4th  Triple Ridge’s Run of the Mill; O: Bill Greulich; H: Ralph Botti
AMATEUR 23 Starters  / 10 to 3rd
1st Cookies & Cream; O/H: Tom Motley
2nd  FC/AFC Shawnee’s Air Time; O: J. Hogan & C. Cramer; H: Julie Hogan
3rd Novaway Oskaloosa Country Belle; O/H: Gary Soper
4th FC Ynyslawd Swift; O/H: Kevin Battistoni
Winner FC Flyer’s Ginger of Shady Glen Trophy
Amateur #21. Cookies & Cream; O/H: Tom Motley
PUPPY  13 Starters   Judges Dr. Jeff Kitson  &  Mr. Scott Hoover
1st  Roberts Farm Miss Willow; O: Holly & Fred Tambling; H: Vasillios Akkouris
2nd Roberts Farm Joey Two Spot; O: Holly & Fred Tambling; H: Vasillios Akkouris
3rd Hidden Valley’s Remmington;  O/H: JJ Fasnacht
4th Triple Ridges Addi-tude; O: Paul Van Houten; H: Ralph Botti
We ran the Keystone Field Trial on Sept. 15 &16, 2001 despite the horrific events that unfolded during the week.  Although our hearts were heavy with grief, we decided to proceed with the running of this event to celebrate life and to make a statement that we, as a nation, are strong and will not be repressed by anybody. 
In conjunction with the field trial, we normally hold a fund raising "hat-pool" raffle to help off-set the cost of conducting the event.  In light of the unfolding tragedy, we thought it was appropriate to donate the entire proceeds from this raffle to the American Red Cross to assist with the disaster relief efforts.
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Tildon Valley 9/22-23;   Judges  Dave Domek,   Ed Spooner
OPEN  47 starters, 13 to the 3rd
1st  Sonier's Endless Vacation - (Trip)  O. Brian and Kathy Sonier H. Brian Sonier
2nd Lighthouse Reverence - (Rev)  O. Greg Miller  H. Greg Miller
3rd FC Yankee's Li'l Rebel - (Rebel)  O. John Clark  H. Dave Lorenz
4th Sophie Rose of Lighthouse  O. Tom and Mary Stibbe H. Jason Givens
AMATEUR 28  Starters  /  9 to 3rd
1st  Fog Valley's Roustabout (Rowdy)  O. Al Hanisch  H. Al Hanisch
2nd Rush Lake's Lighthouse Keeper (Keeper)  O. Pat Hempel   H. Pat Hempel
3rd  Oak Brook's Chloe Lane (Chloe)  O. Dean Reinke and Cathy Lewis  H. Dean Reinke
4th  Bluff Creek's Liberty  (Libby)  O. Linda Simon  H. Linda Simon
PUPPY  17 Starters   Judges   John Hall,     John Lindsay, 
1st  Denalisunflo's El Diablo  (Devil) O. RE French H. Randy Curtis
2nd Annabelle of Rock River  (Annie)  O. Alan Zamecnik  H. Jeffrey Schwartz
3rd  Dansmirth's Rocky Mountain  O. Robert Beauchamp  H. Dan Langhans
4th  Denalisunflo's Busy (Busy) O. RE French H. Randy Curtis
NOTES:   Thanks John Lindsay,  The Tilden Valley ESSC held its fall Field Trial on the farm of Archie and Carol Hendrick, at Sundell MI.  Far enough North that you knew when you were done you had to go south, because Lake Superior is just damned cold this time of year.  This is a great piece of  gounds, with variation of terrain and cover to challenge most Dogs.
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Utah SSC,   Dan West,  David (Davey) Anderson
OPEN 28  Starters /   10 to 3rd
1st FC Denalisunflo's Drive Owner: Roy French Handler: Tim Degroff
2nd Shannon's Sir Curly  Owner: Skip & Renee Shannon  Handler: Skip Shannon
3rd Denalisunflo's Stretch  Owner: Mhari & Gary Peschel  Handler: Tim Degroff
4th Zelotes Incurrere Phasianus  Owner: Larry Zieman Handler: Rob Barlow
AMATEUR  28 Starters  / 15 to 3rd
1st Shannon's Sir Curly Owner: Skip & Renee Shannon Handler: Skip Shannon 
2nd Denalisunflo's Senorita  Owner:  Mark & MaryEllen Matthiesen Handler: Mark Matthiesen
3rd FC G & D Hell on Wheels 2 Owner/Handler: Terry Andrews
4th  Denalisunflo's Dot  Owner:  Mark & MaryEllen Matthiesen Handler: Mark Matthiesen
PUPPY 4  Starters   Judges  Mark Matthiesen,  Cheryl Sligar 
1st  Highlander's Robby Roy Owner: L. Paul Black & Harold Hiles Handler:  Paul Black
2nd Cassandra Alexis Chaparrel Owner: Craig & Jill Gawreluk Handler: Craig Gawreluk
3rd  Jaxson's Sadie of Rolling Oaks Owner:  Robert Child and Paul Kinney Handler:  Robert Child
NOTES:  from Cheryl Sligar.  The Utah SSC held its 2001 fall trial at Willard Bay, near Ogden, UT. 
The cover was wild crested wheat, mixed with other wild grasses and sage brush.  The weather was very warm, in the high 80's both days.  Dogs were kept watered down by the handlers.  A tub filled with water was provided by the club, which was a great help keeping the dogs cooler, and no incidence of over heating was reported. Judges both days were from California. 
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LASHA   -    Bob Mueller  /   Ralph  Body
OPEN   Starters /   ?
1st  Crosswinds BG's Last Nantyr  (Llael)       O/  Kevin Battisoni     H/ Dan Lussen
2nd NFC/FC/AFC Mountain Evens Raeve (Rave) O/H  Casey Sajdak
3rd Mountain Views Lunna  (Luna)  O/H Ed Faraci
4th Baskwood Shimmering Surprise  (Archie)  O/ Carl Coniglio & Joan Schell H/ Billy Akkouris
AMATEUR  Starters  /   ?
1st  TJ's Flyer  (Tyler)  O/H Tom Motley
2nd  Cookies & Cream  (Cookie)  O/H Tom Motley
3rd Carousel's Wish Me Luck  (Mimi)  O/ Mary & Hadley Ford  H/ Mary Ford
4th Mountain Views Scratches  (Scratches)  O/H Ester Faraci
PUPPY  Starters   Judges  ? ?
1st 1st Kingswood Paige (Paige)  O/H George Hamm
2nd Roberts Farm Joey Two Spot (Joey) O/ Holly & Fred Tambling H/ Billy Akkouris
3rd Triple Ridges Addi-tude  (Addie) O/H Paul Van Houten
4th Roberts Farm Miss Lizabeth O/ Holly & Fred Tambling H/ Billy Akkouris
NOTES: Thanks Tim Edwards  The Trial was held at Brushel Farms New York.  We had Great birds, 
Great Dogs, and Excellant gunning!    We did get a little warm on Saturday.
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Bushy Hill Sept.  29 & 30 
OPEN   Starters ? / Judges Bob King & Brian Sonier
1st Kingwoods Paige     O/H: George Hamm 
2nd FC AFC Shimmering Aries Warrior  O:  George Akkouris    H:   Vasilios AKkouris
3rd FC AFC Raintree's Lazarus   O/H:  Ed Faraci
4th  NFC FC AFC Mountain Evens Raeve   O/H:   Casey Sajdak 
AMATEUR  Starters ?  / Judges Kathy Goddu & Brian Sonier
1st  Kingwoods Paige  O/H:  George Hamm 
2nd AFC Mountain View's Scratches    O/H:  Esther Faraci
3rd AFC Sadie Bright Sadie, MH    O/H: Jason Green
4th Shimmering Beasty   O:  Hazel Akkouris    H:  George Akkouris
PUPPY ?  Starters   Judges  Beverly Matthews & Casey Sajdak
1st  Alder Run Mic Dundee   O:  Vern & Chris Knapp    H: Vern Knapp 
2nd  Mountain View's Thesaloniki   O/H:  Ed Faraci
3rd Mountain View's Stormin Norman   O/H: Esther Faraci
4th Roberts Farm Joey Two Spot  O: Holly & Alfred Tambling    H: Vasilios Akkouris
NOTES:  Thanks  "Holly"
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Rocky Mountain Sept 29/30,  Judges, Pete  Andersen  Bob Iversen
OPEN  35 Starters /  30 to 2nd / 13 to 3rd
1st Denalisunflos Tailer Owner:  R. E. French Handler:  Jim Devoll
2nd Brackenbuster Chopper Owner:  Tracie Wilson Handler:  Eric Adams
3rd Midland's Dan D Boy  Owner:  Steven C. Beyer Handler:  Jim Devoll
4th Welshwoods Heartland Husker  Owner:  Marianne Yost Handler:  Jim Devoll
AMATEUR 41  Starters  / 34 to 2nd / 13 ro 3rd
1st FC AFC CFC Skaar's Whitlock Warlock Owner/Handler:  John Wright
2nd  Grouse Moor Ike  O:  John and Christy Knowles H:  John Knowles
3rd Tridon Orion Ms American Pie O:  Don and Trisha Bramwell H:  Don Bramwell
4th AFC Chester's Slice of Pie Owner:  Gary McDonald Handler:  Gary McDonald
CM Larford Storm's Tessebe Owner/Handler:  Rick Shively
Special award to best Amateur Handler and Dog team:  John Knowles and Ike
PUPPY  10 Starters   Judges
1st Winter Winds Dakota Jake Owner - Greg Schroeder Handler - Jim Devoll
2nd  Fawnhaven's Sundance Prozach O: Tim and Kathy Lindsey H: Tim Lindsey
3rd  Midlands Cocoa  Owner/Handler - Bud Clouse
4th Pine Shadows Dually Owner - Scott and Julie Breaux Handler - Scott Breaux
NOTES: Thanks Scott Breaux
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Central New England Trial Results Sept 29  Judges ?
OPEN  Only  Starters ? /  Judges ?
1st 1st  Mountain View's Scratches (Scratches)    O/H Ester Faraci
2nd Mountain View's Lunna  (Luna)   O/H Ed Faraci
3rd Smut II  (Smut)   O/ Col. Ray Costabile, USA RET  H/ Jeff Brooks
4th FC/AFC Shimmering Aries Warrior   O/ George Akkouris H/ Billy Akkouris
PUPPY  Starters ?  Judges ?
1st  Osage Mixie's Girl  (Saaay)  O/ Bev Matthews   H/ Billy Akkouris
2nd Mountain View's Stormin Norman  (Norman)   O/H Esther Faraci
3rd  Roaring Spring Rowdee  (Rowdee) O/ Don WAgner H/ Jeff Brooks
4th Roberts Farm Joey Two Spot  (Joey)  O/ Holly & Fred Tambling  H/ Billy Akkouris
NOTES: Thanks Tim Edwards
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Northeast Wisconsin Spaniel Club Sept. 29/30 Frank Mackinson & John Zahorik 
OPEN  Starters:  54    2nd Series:  38     3rd Series: 14
1st Doorcreek Trick Or Treat  “Trixie” Owner: Pat Nelson  Handler: Chuck Nelson 
2nd FC Dansmirth’s National Forrest   “Forrest” Owner: Robert Krause Handler: Dan Langhans
3rd Pine Ridges Macy   “Macy”  Owner: Pamela Meier Handler: Dan Langhans
4th FC Sand Creek’s Annie’s Abbey  “Abbey” Owner: Kevin Dresow & Stacy Pomerantz
Handler: Bill Boeckman
AMATEUR   Starters:  37    2nd Series:  24     3rd Series: 11
1st Eagle Brae’s Miracle        “Chewy” Owner: Jim & Kim Naber Handler: Jim Naber
2nd Bandit’s Razzle Dazzle        “Razzle” Owner: Tom & Debbie Schoene Handler: Tom Schoene
3rd Classic Casey of Sussex, MH        “Casey” Owner: Jeff Budde Handler: Linda Budde
4th Lighthouse Chocolate Chips        “Chip” Owner: David & Sharon Smith Handler: Dave Smith
PUPPY  Starters 15   Judges, Roger Dolliff & Doug Miller 
1st Far Oaks Justa Cruzin   “Cruzer” Owner: Debbie & Emil Salmons Handler: Debbie Salmons
2nd Denalisunflos MaryLou  “MaryLou” Owner: R. E. French  Handler: Randy Curtis
3rd Denalisunflos Busy  “Busy” Owner: R. E. French  Handler: Randy Curtis
4th Dansmirth’s Rocky Mountain  “Rocky”  Owner: Bob Beauchamp Handler: Dan Langhans
NOTES:  Thanks Al Hanisch
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Pittsburgh 09-29/30     Raymond Cacchio & David Cottman
OPEN  30  Starters / 
1st Royal’s Tipper O/H Kathy Nestor
2nd  Raintree’s Lighthouse Fantastic O/H Randy Palluch
3rd Denalisunflo’s Jumper O/R.E. French H/Ben Martin
4th Pride ‘N Joy’s Standing In, JH O/Julie Hogan H/Jeff Brooks
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
1st Rives Shrinking Violet O/Carol & Tom Clarke H/Tom Clarke
2nd Seamus of White Oak O/Sue & Ed Hershey H/Ed Hershey
3rd Royal’s Tipper O/H Kathy Nestor
4th Woodland’s Austin Clay O/H Dan Tuttle
PUPPY  4 Starters   Judges   Mark Hagenauer & Bob Sommers
1st Timberdoodle’s Freckles O/H Glenn DeMott
2nd D’nalru Twist of Black Fury O/H Chuck Urland
3rd Timberdoodle’s Precious Angel O/H Glenn DeMott
4th Greenfield’s Bailey O/Sue & Ed Hershey H/Ed Hershey
NOTES:  Thanks Ed Hershey,
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Fox Valley,   Judges  Kevin Martineau (MN) and Grant Haglin (MN)
OPEN   35 ? Starters / 12 to 3rd
1st  Jevington Jed, m, "Jed"  O:  Sam McQuade, Jr.  H:  Sam McQuade
2nd Sophie Rose of Lighthouse, f, "Sophie" O:  Tom and Mary Stibbe  H:  Jason Givens
3rd Rock River Redbone, m, "Red" O:  Ross Christen  H:  Jeff Schwartz
4th FC Denalisunflos Rascal II, m, "Rascal"   B/O:  RE French  H:  Randy Curtis
Guns Award: Jevington Jed
AMATEUR 33 Starters  /  11 to 3rd
1st Hiawatha Holly, f, "Holly"  **new FC!  O:  Robert and Sharon Mueller  H:  Robert Mueller
2nd Lighthouse Alex of Sir Roberts, m, "Alex"    B:  Jason Givens   O/H:  Doug Roberts
3rd Jevington Jed, m, "Jed"   O:  Sam McQuade, Jr.  H:  Sam McQuade
4th AFC Lewiscock Jethro, m, "Jet"    B:  Alan Payne   O/H:  Joe Barnett
Guns Award: (NZ) GR FTCH Duke of Granger, m, "Bill"
        (GR FTCH Heketara Supersonic X GR FTCH Ripie Speckle)
(a New Zealand Dog,  see ad in this issue of SITF)    O/H:  Mr. Peter  O'Neill
PUPPY  18 Starters   Judges  Tom Menzel (WI) and Jerry Barrett (MN)
1st  Denalisunflos El Diablo, m, "Devil"    B/O:  R.E. French   H:  Randy Curtis
2nd Dansmirth's Rocky Mountain, m, "Rocky"  O:  Robert Beauchamp  H:  Dan Langhans
3rd Sunrise Winter Star, m, "Mugsy"     O:  Ishmael Lewis  H:  Bud Lewis
4th Lighthouse Drive Me To Drink, f, "Flask"   O:  Tim & Anke Lowe   H:  Jason Givens
NOTES:  Thanks !  Michelle Givens
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Minn Heartland,   Mark Brookshire, Curtis Watson
OPEN   60 Starters /  16 to 3rd
1st Oak Brook's Chloe Layne O:D. & C. Reinke H; Dean Reinke
2nd FC/AFC/CFC Doorcreek Megan O: Chuck Nelson H: Bill Boeckman
3rd Melchris Amazing Grace, O: Norb Jamnik, H: Jason Givens
4th Chatty's Hershey Kiss, O: Lois Buermann
AMATEUR 41 Starters  / 11 to 3rd
1st Yankee Creek Tridon Swyftsur O/H" Al DeFalco
2nd Sylker's Doc, O/H: Kerm Gillund
3rd (a New Zealand Dog  see ad in this issue of SITF) 
GR/FT/CH  Duke of Granger O/H: Peter O'Neill
4th Sand Creek's Annie's Abbey, O: K.  & Stacy Dresow, H: Kevin Dresow
PUPPY,  18 Starters ,  Judges, Eric Adams, Roger Sturdevant
1st Redmann's Bridgewater Sunrise O/H: Jerry Wojtowicz
2nd Denalisunflos El Diablo O; RE French, H: Randy Curtis
3rd Sunrise Trail Blazer, O/H: Ron Boos
4th Denalisunflos Marylou, O: RE French, H: Randy Curtis
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NCSSC,  Judges Francis Prock and Clay Earl
OPEN   39  Starters / 13 to the third
1st  FC Denalisunflos Drive ( Teaser)   O:  Roy French    H:  Tim DeGroff
2nd  Chaps Wind Dancing Mesa ( Mesa) O:  Chris and Heather Maxcy     H:  Chris Maxcy
3rd Denalisunflos Sol  ( Sol)     O:  Roy French    H:  Tim Degroff
4th Star of Hannah at Cressett  (Fern)  O:  Philip and Betty Somers    H:  Mark Hairfield
AMATEUR  41 Starters  / 14 to the third
1st AFC CFC Highlanders Lady Guenivere   (Guen)  O:  Paul Black and Harold Hiles  H:  Paul Black 
2nd Woodlands Hat Trick ( Skipper)  O:  Paul Black and Lloyd Fallin  H:  Paul Black
3rd  Superscuds Samson ( Sammy)  O:  Paul Black and Lloyd Fallin    H:  Paul Black
4th FC Badgerdyke Buccanneer ( Dan)  O:  Lynn and Paul Miller   H:  Lynn Miller
PUPPY  12 Starters   Judges   Chad Betts and Christy Knowles
1st Sir Somers Duke     O:  Doug and Gail Reynolds   H:  Mark Hairfield
2nd Prairiewoods Fleetwood Misty ( Missy)   O:  G. Hanvey and Leslie Ferguson  H:  Gary Hanvey
3rd Pineshadows Dually  (Dually)  O/H:  Scott Breaux
4th Winterwoods Dakota Jake  (Jake)   O:  Greg Schroeder  H:  Jim DeVoll
NOTES:  Thanks Mhari Peschel
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NWESS    Judges  Ray Nault,  Micheal Mount
OPEN   17 Starters / 15 to 2nd / 10 to 3rd
1st FC AFC Greenbrier Reckless,MH  O. Janet Christensen H. Janet Christensen 
2nd Blackriver's Rathe  O. Jeff Miller  H. Jeff Miller 
3rd CNFC AFC Blackriver's Keno  O. Jeff Miller  H. Jeff Miller 
4th  Whitewater's Smooth Jazz  O. Kaye McCreedy H. Shelley Barlow
AMATEUR  28 Starters  /  19 to 2nd / 10 to 3rd
1st Blackriver's Keno   O.Jeff Miller   H. Jeff Miller 
2nd EFTC Sundart Solar O. Jeff Miller H. Jeff Miller 
3rd Shamrock's Brychni O. Gary/Judy Davis  H. Gary Davis 
4th Millstone Winsome  O. Dave Miller   H. Dave Miller 
PUPPY  Starters  ?  Judges ?
1st Parker's Rusty Penny  O. Janet/Daryl Johnson  H. Janet Johnson 
2nd Glover Jewel  O. John Montooth   H. Jerry Light
3rd Onchu Cushla Macree  O. Peter Killefer  H. Peter Killefer 
4th Cresent's El Toro  O. Dale Luther   H. Dale Luther 
NOTES: Thanks  " GDDogMan"  Gary Davis
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Long Island    Judges  ?
OPEN   Starters  23 /  19 to 2nd / 9 to 3rd
1st NFC/FC/AFC Mountain Evens Raeve (Rave)    O/H  Casey Sajdak 
2nd Crosswinds BD's Last Nantyr  (Llael)   O/Kevin Battisoni  H/ Dan Lussen
3rd Triple Ridges Tom Boy (Sissy)    O/ Roy Hart    H/ Ralph Botti
4th FC Macheewynn,s Miska (Miska)    O/ Bev & Cliff Vinke
AMATEUR  Starters  ? 
1st  Redcoats Reply (Gracie)   O/H Bob Ryan
2nd Sunrise Seamus of Stuyvesant (Seamus)    O/H Buzz Hartshorn
3rd  Kingswood Paige      O/H George Hamm
4th  Sandy Hill's Audacious Annie     O/H David & Barbara Granitire
PUPPY   Starters  ?  Judges ?
1st Mountain Views Thesaloniki (Thes)     O/H Ed Faraci
2nd Roberts Farm Miss Willow  (Willow)    O/ Holly & Fred Tambling H/ Billy Akkouris
3rd  D'nairu Twist of Black Fury (jett)    O/H Chuck Urland
4th  Surf Storm   O/ Paul VanHouten    H Ralph Botti
NOTES: Thanks,  Jim and Denise Keller
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Platte River Oct. 13/14 Ken Willis & Joe Smith
OPEN 22  Starters /  17 to 2nd / 8 to 3rd
1st Senrob's Razmataz O: Phillip & Betty Sommers  H: Mark Hairfield    (New FC)
2nd Welshwood's Heartland Husker O: Marianne Yost H: Jim DeVoll
3rd FC Denailisunflos Tailer O: R E French   H: Jim DeVoll
4th FC Your Rowdy Highness MH O: Chad Betts  H: Chad Betts
AMATEUR 30  Starters  /  20 to 2nd / 10 to 3rd
1st  Wonder's Pearl O: Bronwyn Vernau  H: Bronwyn Vernau 
2nd Straight On Till Morning O: Bronwyn Vernau  Handler: Bronwyn Vernau
3rd FC Badgerdyke Bucaneer O: Paul & Lynn Miller   H: Lynn Miller
4th Larford Storm's Tessebe O: Rick Shively  H: Rick Shively
PUPPY  12 Starters   Judges  Pat Bramwell & Mhari Peschel
1st Fannie Mae Chelsea O: Rick & Carol Shively  H: Rick Shively
2nd Denalisunflos Busy O: R E French  Handler: Randy Curtis
3rd  Wise River's MacDougal O: Bob & Cathy Iverson   Handler: Mark Hairfield
4th  Midlands Cocoa O: Bud Clouse   Handler: Bud Clouse
NOTES:  Thanks  Craig Foss Platte River ESS Club
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St. Croix Valley,   Judges  Ray Cacchio (NY) and Morgan Haglin (MN)
OPEN   19 Starters / 14 to 2rd / 7 to 3rd
1st Melchris Amazing Grace, f, "Gracie"  (NEW FC!!) O:  Norb & Rose Jamnik H:  Jason Givens
2nd Oak Brook's Chloe Lane, f, "Chloe"  O:  Dean Reinke and Catherine Lewis  H:  Dean Reinke
3rd Door Creek Trick or Treat, f, "Trixie"  B/O/H:  Chuck Nelson
4th Welshwood's Flight of Fancy, f, "Fancy"  O:  Michelle F. Givens  H:  Jason Givens
AMATEUR 34  Starters  /  11 to 3rd
1st  Raintree Lady's Brass Ring, SH, f, "Brassy"  B:  Hadley & Mary Ford  O/H:  Catherine Lewis
2nd Fog Valley's Roustabout, m, "Rowdy"  B:  Rob French   O/H:  Al Hanisch
3rd Bandit's Razzle Dazzle, m, "Razzle"  O:  Tom & Debbie Schoene   H:  Tom Schoene
4th Tainters Third Time, f, "Lady"  B:  Gregory Duren III   O/H:  Karl Spadgenske
PUPPY  18 Starters   Judges
1st  Lighthouse One Foggy Eve, m, "Rudy"   O:  Tom & Deb Schoene   H:  Deb Schoene
2nd Gunnar VI, m, "Gunnar"  B:  Les & Greg Rainwater   O/H:  Mark Monson
3rd  Birch Bluff's Bogart, m, "Bogey" O:  Ron & Cricket Kriehn  H:  Ron Kriehn
4th Annabelle of Rock River, f, "Annie"  B:  Alan Zamecnik   O/H:  Jeff Schwartz
NOTES: Thanks Michelle Givens
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Cocker Spaniel Club, 10/13-14;   Tom Aunkst & John Leininger
OPEN 42  Starters / 35 to 2nd / 12 to 3rd
1st  Quail Hollow's Annie (Annie)  O/Tim Edwards - H Billy Akkouris
2nd Triple Ridge's Tom Bot (Sissy)  O/ Roy Hart - H Ralph Botti
3rd Baskwood Shimmering Surprise (Archie) O/ CarlConiglio & Joan Schell H/ Billy Akkouris
4th  Sunrise Scout ( Scout)  O/ James Boone  H/Jeff Brooks
AMATEUR   36 Starters  /  28 to 2nd / 13 to 3rd
1st Five Pines Mystique (Missy)  O/H Jim Boone 
2nd  Sunrise Seamus of Stuyvesant (Seamus) O/H Buzz Hartshorn
3rd AFC Hawthorne AA Low Brass, MH (Elbe) O/Chuck Urland & Cindy Sites  - H/ Chuck Urland
4th Lower Creek Bette (Bette)   O/H Connie Kieckhefer-Harris
PUPPY 18  Starters   Judges  Dan Lussen & Buzz Hartshorn
1st  Surf Storm (Storm) O/ Paul Van Houten  H/ Ralph Botti
2nd Osage Mixe's Girl (Sassy)  O/H Bev Matthews
3rd Roberts Farm Miss Willow (Willow) O/ Holly & Fred Tambling  - H/ Billy Akkouris
4th Larocks Sport (Sport)  O/ Edwin Larock - H/ Gary Wilson
NOTES:   Thanks Tim Edwards;  On Saturday the Temp was a little warm (T-shirt weather). Finished just before dark  Sunday brought cooler weather and senting conditions was great for both days 
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Cincinnati,  Judges  Roy Hopkins and Steve Milton
OPEN   33 Starters / 
1st  Denalisunflos Jumper   Owner:  R. E. French   Handler:  Ben Martin
2nd FC/AFC/CFC Welshwood's Lady Chatterly    Owner/Handler:  Roger Dolliff
3rd CNFC/FC Brandy's Big Ben    Owner:  Leman Ames Handler:  Ben Martin
4th Pine Ridge Macy   Owner:  Pamera Meier Handler:  Dan Langhans
AMATEUR  32  Starters  / 
1st Rives Shrinking Violet   Owner/Handler:  Tom Clark 
2nd Woodland's Austin Clay     Owner/Handler:  Dan Tuttle
3rd Woodland's Hat Trick   Owner/Handler:  Paul Black
4th Fredonna's Willy Make It  Owner/Handler:  Dick Taylor
PUPPY  9  Starters /  Judges Russ Verkamp and Doug Miller
1st  Timberdoodle's Precious Angel    Owner/Handler:  Glenn Demott 
2nd Timberdoodle's Freckles   Owner/Handler:  Glenn Demott
3rd Justamuc's Hot Tamale   Owner:  Hal Standish  Handler: Nancy Standish
4th Denalisunflos Tiz of Rives    Owner:  Tom Clark  Handler:  Ben Martin
NOTES:  Thanks Russ Verkamp
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SNESSC, 10/12  Judges  Robert Child and Larry Buggeln.
OPEN 17  Starters /  8 to 3rd
1st  Denalisunflo's Flier "Flier"  Owner: Gary Shrigley  Handler: Gary Breitbarth 
Winner of the Jack Hedger Memorial Trophy.
2nd Sundee Cricket "Cricket"   O/H Don Nipper   Voted the Best Amateur Handled Dog 
3rd AFC Ditchbank's Miss Maggie "Maggie"  O/H Ed McConnell
4th Shannon's Wild Irish Rose "Rose" O/H Skip Shannon
PUPPY   9 Starters   Judges  same
1st Tyler's Butte "Butte"  O/H Paul Tyler Contreras
2nd Iron Springs Abbey "Abbey"  Owner: Bob Beauchamp  Handler: Kurt Caldwell
3rd Jo Jo's Desert Smith "Smitty"  Owner: Jeremy & Judy Orchard Handler: Jeremy Orchard
4th Citation Woody "Woody"  O/H Larry Lawrence
NOTES: Thanks Cheryl Sligar
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Antelope Valley, 10/13-24  Judges  Gary McDonald and Daryl Roth
OPEN 19  Starters /  11 to 3rd
1st  FC Citation Calli   "Calli"    O/H:  Robert Sanchez
2nd Denalisunflos Flier  "Flier"  O: Gary Shrigley  H: Gary Breitbarth
3rd AFC, CFC Whitewaters West Coast Kidd  "Kidd"  O:  Sue or Ray Paolucci H:  Gary Breitbarth
4th  FC, AFC Rolling Oaks High Chaparral  "Chaps"  O: Robert Child or Curtis Watson H:  Robert Child
AMATEUR  27 Starters  /  9 to 3rd
1st Whirligig Canis Serius  "Major"  O: Ray or Sue Paolucci   H:  Ray Paolucci
2nd Drumbeat Dynamic Rhythm  "Dyna"  O:  Tony and Diane Zablit  H:  Diane Zablit
3rd CJ's Lexi of Rolling Oaks   "Lexi"  O:  Robert Child and Cheryl Sligar  H:  Robert Child
4th  Pride 'N Joy's Watch the Birdie   "Flash"  O/H:  Don Nipper
PUPPY 10  Starters   Judges  Renee Shannon and Diane Zablit
1st Hearthrock Blaze  "Blaze"  O: Richard Krueger  H:  Gary Breitbarth
2nd Citation Monty  "Monty"  O/H:  Larry Lawrence
3rd  Tyler's Butte   "Butte"  O/H:  Paul Tyler-Contreras
4th Citation Woody  "Woody"    O/H:  Larry Lawrence
NOTES:  Thanks Diane Zablit
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Kansas,   Judges Al Wilson (MO) and Ray Paolucci (CA)
OPEN 34  Starters /  13 to 3rd
1st Denalisunflos Stretch (Now FC!)   O: Gary & Mhari Peschel    H: Tim DeGroff
2nd Denalisunflos Sol    O: R E French    H: Tim DeGroff
3rd Denalisunflos Rio    O: R E French    H: Randy Curtis
4th Rhyddcastle Sarkie    O: Paul & Lynn Miller    H: Tim DeGroff
AMATEUR 30  Starters  /  15 to 2nd / 8 to 3rd
1st AFC Larford Storm    O: Gary & Mhari Peschel    H: Mhari Peschel
2nd Wingshot Lexie    O: Mark & Maryellen Matthiesen    H: Mark Matthiesen
3rd FC AFC CFC Tridon Orion Ms American Pie    O/H: Don Bramwell
4th Denalisunflos Jump    O: Steve Beyer & Jim DeVoll    H: Steve Beyer
PUPPY  Starters   Judges  David Adams & Ray Jack
1st Midlands Gunner    O: George Nolte, Jr    H: Jim DeVoll
2nd Wise River's MacDougal    O: Bob & Cathy Iversen    H: Mark Hairfield
3rd Denalisunflos El Diable    O: R E French    H: Randy Curtis
4th  Grouse Moor Jack    O/H: John Knowles
UN-Steady Puppy  10 Starters
1st Barney    O: Gary & Mhari Peschel   H: Tim DeGroff
2nd Abril    O: R E French    H: Randy Curtis
3rd Annie    O/H: Austin Long
4th Sherman    O/H: Pat Bramwell
Notes:  Thanks Pat Bramwell;  Conditions were tuff.  Both days was high 70's, medium wind and very very dry.
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New Jersey Spaniel FTC,  Judges,  Mike Elsasser and Glenn Ferrara
OPEN 25   Starters / 20 to end / 11 to 3rd
1st  Roberts Farm Miss Linda  (Missy) NEW FC O/Holly & Fred Tambling  H/ Billy Akkouris
2nd JP's Sunrise Rowdy  (Rowdy)   O/ John & Liz Peracca  H/ John Peracca
3rd AFC Mountainview's Scratches  (Scratches)  O/H Esther Faraci
4th Crosswinds B GG"s Last Nantyr   (Llael)   O/ Kevin Battistoni  H/ Dan Lussen
AMATEUR 35  Starters  /  23 to 2nd / 9 to 3rd
1st  Bar-Dan's Miss Scataway   (Scat)   O/H Karen Koopman
2nd AFC Mountainview's Scratches  (Scratches)   O/H Esther Faraci 
3rd   Surfs Starshot  (Star)   O/H Gary Soper
4th FraMac's Haley Regent  (Haley)  O/H Frank Mackinson
PUPPY   8 Starters   Judges  George Akkourise & Bill Greulich
1st Robins Point Last Chance   (Chance)  O/ Thomas & Jean Longnester H/ John Lamendola
2nd Surf Storm    (Storm)  O/ Paul Van Houten  H/ Ralph Botti
3rd Carousel's My Fair Lady (LIZA)    O/ Mary & Hadley Ford  H/ Mary Ford
4th Mountainview's Ormin Norman (Norman)   O/H Esther Faraci
NOTES:  Thanks Tim Edwards; Weather was in the lower 60's, slight wind in light cover.
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Sportsmen's, of Calumet;  Judges  Mike Wallace,  George Keiller 
OPEN   42 Starters 
1st NEW FC/AFC Raintree's Sea Pirate  Owner Ron and Barb Beilfuss Handler Ron Beilfuss
2nd Sweet Cal O' Mine Owner: Frank and Jill Duffy Handler: Bill Boeckman
3rd On the Mark Owner Owner/Breeder/Handler John Hall
4th Hiawatha Jack of Melchris   Owner Bob and Sharon Mueller Handler: Bob Mueller
AMATEUR   26  Starters 
1st Autumn Breeze IV Owner: Emil & Deb Salmons  Handler: Emil Salmons
2nd GFTC Duke of Granger  Owner/Handler Peter O' Neil
3rd Straight on Till Morning Breeder/Owner/Handler Bronwyn Vernau
4th Tam O Shanter Breeder: Helmut Ross Owner/Handler Gary Burke
PUPPY 13 Starters /   Judges  Bob Curl and Mike Rafferty
1st Pirate's Ruff Seas  Owner Ron and Barb Beilfuss Handler Ron Beilfuss
2nd Perry's My Boy Jacob:  Owner/Handler: LeRoy Perry
3rd Far Oaks Justa Cruzin Owner: Deb and Emil Salmon Handler: Deb Salmon
4th  Tawnyhill Maverick  Owner/Handler Joe Barnett
NOTES: Thanks John Lindsay
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Great Lakes /  Judges  Cheryl Sligar, Jeff Brooks
OPEN  32 Starters / 
1st FC Yankee's Little Rebel/Lorenz
2nd NAFC/FC/CFC Ivanhoe's Irish Twist/Cosgrove
3rd FC/AFC Royals Reno/Gorrell
4th Riverview's Kelley/Denner
AMATEUR 34 Starters  / 
1st  Sunrise Mattie/Domo
2nd FC/AFC Enrobso Swallow/Sommer
3rd Loyal's Magic Merlin/Haering
4th Woodland's Austin Clay/Tuttle
PUPPY  9 Starters   Judges  Bob Bertoncini and George Wilson
1st  Justamuc's Belle of Grosseile/Standish 
2nd Sun Valley's Royal Gusto/Sehnert
3rd  Eaglewood's Gabby/Ryman
4th Justamuc's Hot Tamale/Standish
NOTES: Thanks  Nancy Standish
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Minn ECCS, Don Giddens, Jim Keller
OPEN  29  Starters /  10 to 3rd
1st FC Badgerdyke Buccaneer O/ P. & L. Miller H/ Tim DeGroff
2nd Sand Creeks Connie's Cassie O/Kevin Enge H/Bill Boeckman
3rd Denalisunflo's Atomic O/John Smith H/ Bill Boeckman
4th Sand Creeks Desparado O/Dennis DuErr H/ Bill Boeckamn
AMATEUR 28  Starters  /  11 to 3rd
1st Denalisunflo's Happy O/H Jerry Barrett
2nd Welshwood's Battleford O/H Roger Dolliff
3rd Tainters Third Time O/H Karl Spadgenske
4th Duren's Hurricane Spike O/H Greg Duren
PUPPY  12 Starters   Judges Linda Simion Bob Sansom
1st Bridgwater's Highwayman O/Randy Bartsch H/Bill Boeckman
2nd Crow Rive's Malibu O/H Wade Eastman
3rd Sunrise Trailblazer O/H Ron Boos
4th Redmanns Bridgewater Sunrise O/H Jerry Wojtowicz
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Parent Club  Judges  Roger Houk & Jamie Armour
OPEN   Starters / 
1st  Baskwood Shimmering Surprise (Archie) O/ Carl Conigilo & Joan Schell H/Billy Akkouris
2nd  Bar-Dan's Miss Scataway  Owner: Karen Koopman  Handler: Dan Lussen
3rd  Sunrise Seamus of Stuyvesant  Owner: Buzz Hartshorn  Handler: Dan Lussen
4th FC/AFC Raintree's Lazarus Owner: Ed & Esther Faraci  Handler; Ed Faraci
CM AFC Mountain View's Scratches    O/H Esther Faraci
AMATEUR  28 Starters  / 15 to 2nd / 10 to 3rd
1st FC Roberts Farm Miss Linda ( Missy) NEW AFC! 
Owner: Holly & Fred Tambling   Handler: Holly Tambling
2nd Bar-Dan's Lady Elizabeth WDX    O/H Karen Koopman
3rd  Bar-Dan's Drifting Shadow   O/H Karen Koopman
4th Bushrod of Stonewall Farm Owners: Bernard Castellani & Paul Severini  Handler: Bernie Castellani
PUPPY  12 Starters   Judges  John Brier & Glen Ferrara
1st Triple Ridges Addi-tude (Addi)   Owner: Paul Van Houten  Handler: Ralph Botti
2nd Roberts Farm Joey Two Spot (Joey)  Owner: Holly & Fred Tambling  Handler: Billy Akkouris
3rd Mountain View's Thesaloniki Breeder: Jason Green  O/H Ed Faraci
4th Surf Storm (Storm) Owner: Paul Van Houten  Handler: Ralph Botti
NOTES: Thanks, Tim Edwards:  Scenting conditions proved to be challenging this weekend. Dogs were on the edge!
Eastern NE
OPEN 19   Starters / 8 to 3rd
1st 1st - Joe Bruno Connel  (Joe) - Owner Patrick Connell - Handler Jim DeVoll
2nd Southaven Super Sleuth (Dick) -  Owner Mike Park - Handler Mark Hairfield
3rd Bricksclose Matchwood Meghan (Meghan) - Owner Mike Park - Handler Mark Hairfield 
4th Eagleview's Dashen Investigator (Dash) - Owner & Handler Joe Smith
AMATEUR 29  Starters  / 13 to 3rd
1st Whispering Pines Sir Lad (Laddie) - Owner Charles E Petrmich - Handler Charles H. Petrmichl
2nd FC Smoot's Windy (Windy) - Owner & Handler David Smoot
3rd  Midlands Cocoa (Koko) - Owner & Handler Bud Clouse
4th Midlands Jolly Bean (JB) - Owner & Handler Larry Yost
PUPPY  12 Starters   Judges
1st  Denalisunflos El Diablo (Devil) - Owner RE French - Handler Randy Curtis
2nd Midlands Gunner (Gun) - Owner George Nolte - Handler Jim DeVoll
3rd Burcliff's Highlander Bessie (Bessie) - Owner Cliff and Alyssa Hankins - Handler Cliff Hankins
4th Wise River Mac Dougal (Doogie) - Owner Bob & Cathy Iverson - Handler Mark Hairfield 
NOTES: Thanks Larry Yost
Central States,  Judges,  Casey Butz  and Martin Bell
OPEN 30  Starters /  10 to 3rd
1st  Spiked Moon Pie, MH, m, "Pie"  O:  Tim & Anke Lowe    H:  Jason Givens
2nd Colskin Lord, m, "Collin"    O/H:  Ron Smith
3rd  Ja-De's Sir Chaper, m, "Chaper"   O:  Jack Carlson    H:  Dan Langhans
4th  FC AFC Enrobso Swallow, f, "Ginny"   O:  Bob & Gerry Sommer   H:  Bob Sommer
AMATEUR 30  Starters  /  7 to 3rd
1st Dansmirth's Classic Shelby, f, "Shelby"   O:  Robert & Diane Krause    H:  Robert Krause
2nd Raintree Brass Tiger, m, "Sabre" O:  Brian & Christopher Sonier   H:  Brian Sonier
3rd  Bandit's Razzle Dazzle, m, "Razzle"   O:  Tom & Debbie Schoene    H:  Tom Schoene
4th Wonder's Phantom of the Opera, m, "Mask"    B/O/H:  Bronwyn Vernau
PUPPY  12 Starters   Judges  Tom & Deb Schoene
1st Dansmirth's Merry Sue, f, "Suzy"    O:  Robert & Diane Krause    H:  Robert Krause
2nd Leroy's My Boy Jacob, m, "Jake"     O/H:  Leroy Perry, Jr.
3rd  Lighthouse Drive Me To Drink, f, "Flask"  O:  Tim & Anke Lowe   H:  Jason Givens
4th  Far Oaks Just A Cruzin, m, "Cruzer"  O:  Emil & Deb Salmons   H:  Deb Salmons
NOTES:  Thanks, Michelle Givens
San Fernando Valley   Judges  Steve Abbate,  Larry Lawrence
OPEN  18  Starters /  10 to 3rd
1st  Drumbeat Dynamic Rhythm, "Dyna" O:  Tony and Diane Zablit H:  Diane Zablit
2nd  FC, AFC Shannon's Butterbean, "BB" B/O: Skip and Renee Shannon H:  Renee Shannon
3rd AFC Ditchbank's Miss Maggie, "Maggie" O: Ed and Elinor McConnell H: Ed McConnell
4th  FC Maggie of Pheasant Creek, "Maggie" O: Ron and Cindy Jones H:  Ron Jones
AMATEUR 19 Starters  /  7 to 3rd
1st AFC Ditchbank's Miss Maggie, "Maggie" B/O: Ed and Elinor McConnell H: Ed McConnell
2nd FC Maggie of Pheasant Creek, "Maggie" O: Ron and Cindy Jones H:  Ron Jones
3rd Jaxson's Joshua, "Josh"  O: Dorothy Buggeln  H:  Larry Buggeln
4th Pride 'N Joy's Watch the Birdie, "Flash"  O/H:  Don Nipper
PUPPY  7 Starters   Judges   Oliver Woods, Tony Zablit, 
1st 1st:  Iron Springs Abbey "Abbey," O Bob Beauchamp, H: Kurt Caldwell
2nd 2nd: JoJo's Desert Smith "Smitty," O: Jeremy Orchard, H: Kurt Caldwell
3rd 3rd:  Nels Diamond in Rough, "Diamond," O: James Nelson, H: Kurt Caldwell
4th 4th:  Nels Lady Jigsaw, "Jigsaw,"  O: James Nelson, Handler Kurt Caldwell 
NOTES: Thanks Diane Zablit
Ravenna   Judges Alex Smith and Mark Haglin 
OPEN  49 Starters / 
1st Riverview Kelley owned by Charles Costello H:  Dan Denner 
2nd FC Brandy's Big Ben owned by Leaman Ames handled by Ben Martin
3rd FC Copper Creek Monty owned by James O'Shae handled by Jeff Brooks
4th Canspan's Chantilly owned and handled by Edd Roggenkamp
AMATEUR 48 ?  Starters  / 
1st Justamuc's Wildfire (new AFC) owned and handled by Nancy Standish
2nd  Susquehanna's Jesse James owned and handled by Tom Aunkst
3rd Denalisunflo's March owned and handled by Tom Clark
4th Reward's Doncaster owned and handled by Edd Roggenkamp
PUPPY  10 Starters   Judges
1st Killarney's Hot Coco O:  Mary O'Brien H:  Rick  O'Brien
2nd Southill Isabelle owned and handled by Dan Denner
3rd  Sunrise Gun Smoke O: Don Manning  H: Gary Wilson
4th Melchris Gallant Fox O: Dave Hopkins H: Ken Willis
NOTES: Thanks  Nancy Standish
SWSSC /  Judges  Larry Francovich (PA) and Kevin Rutherford (MN)
OPEN   60 Starters /  10 to 3rd
1st Gone With the Wind  "Tara"  O/H John Hall
2nd Game Finder's Gunner "Gunner" O: Don Maue H: Ken Willis
3rd R-C's Luck of the Draw "Champ"  O/H Russ Courtney, Jr.
4th Get on the Bus Gus "Gus"  O/H Tom Menzel 
AMATEUR  43 Starters  /  12 to 3rd
1st 1st - Get on the Bus Gus "Gus"  O/H Tom Menzel
2nd Melchris Cinder-Bell "Cinder"  O/H Norb Jamnik
3rd Rush Lakes Lighthouse Keeper "Keeper" O/H Pat Hempel
4th Westwing's Pistol Pete "Pete" O/H Deb Schoene
PUPPY 19  Starters   Judges  Tom Menzel (WI) and Cathy Lewis (WI)
1st Damrie Lowland Flyer,  O:  Steven Beyer and Jim DeVoll   H:  Jim DeVoll
2nd Lighthouse One Foggy Eve,  O:  Tom & Deb Schoene  H:  Deb Schoene
3rd  Lighthouse Drive Me To Drink,  O:  Tim & Anke Lowe  H:  Jason Givens
4th Perry's My Boy Jacob,   O/H:  Leroy Perry, Jr.
Illinois   Ed Faraci and Elmer Kasperson
OPEN  43  Starters /  10 to 3rd
1st OAK BROOK'S ROCKET, owner Joe Barnett, Handler, Ken Willis
2nd DANSMIRTH'S LEXUS, O/H: Marie Langhans
3rd AFC SOUTH HAMLIN ABAGAIL, owner/handler, Ron Charles
4th  DAMRIE'S GEMINI TWO EXPRESS, O: Andrew & Virginia Kerr, H: Jim DeVoll
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
PUPPY 11  Starters   Judges  Esther Faraci, & Francis Prock
1st TAWNYHILL MAVERICK, owner/handler, Joe Barnett
2nd MELCHRIS GALLANT FOX 1, O: David & Marie Hopkins, H: Ken Willis
3rd BRIDGEWATER'S HIGHWAY MAN, O: Randy Bartsch, H: Bill Boeckman
4th PERRY'S MY BOY JACOB,owner/handler, Leroy Perry, Jr.
NOTES:  Thanks  Marie Langhans
VFFTA   Judges  Skip Smith & Chuck Foote 
OPEN  41  Starters /  35 to 2nd / 13 to 3rd
1st Sunrise Riverboats Gambler (Bingo)    O/ Sandra Mariotto    H/ Gary Wilson 
2nd  Crosswinds BG's Last Nantyr (Llael)    O/ Kevin Battistoni   H/ Dan Lussen 
3rd  Sunrise Gypsy Girl (Gyp)    O/David Morse   H/ Gary Wilson 
4th  FC/CFC Brookwood Carry-on-Jake ( Jake)    O/Carl Rausch  H/ Jeff Brooks 
AMATEUR 31  Starters  / 24 2nd /  10 to 3rd
1st  Sunrise Seamus of Stuyvesant (Seamus)   O/H Buzz Hartshorn
2nd  Sunrise Sparkling Light (Spark)    O/H John Lamendola
3rd  Bar-Dan's Lady Elizabeth, WDX ( Liz)   O/H Karen Koopman
4th  Redcoats Respect (Gracie)   O/H Bob Ryan
PUPPY  16 Starters   Judges   Chris Jensen & John Brier 
1st Carousel's My Fair Lady (Liza)   O/Mary & Hadley Ford H/ Mary Ford
2nd Carousel's Lucky Strike (Smoke)  O/Mary & Hadley Ford H/ Mary Ford
3rd Surf Storm (Storm)   O/ Paul Van Houten  H/ Ralph Botti
4th  Roberts Farm Miss Lizabeth (Liz)   O/H Billy Akkouris
NOTES:   Rhanks, Tim Edwards:  Conditions: Light cover, moving birds, mild days,occasional Strong winds.
Trial HESSC  Date 11/4-5/01  Place  Judges  Tom Meyer & Frank Mackinson
OPEN   26   Starters /  7 to 3rd
1st  Denalisunflos Coffey   O-RE French  H-Randy Curtis
2nd FCH   Strong Brodie  O & H-David Jones
3rd Woodlands Hat Trick   O-Paul Back & Lloyd Fallin  H-Paul Black
4th AFC Larford Storm, MH  O-Gary & Mhari Peschel   H-Mhari Peschel
AMATEUR  33 Starters  /  24 to 2nd - 11 to 3rd
1st Kane's Bluffcreek Annie's   Song   O & H-Steve Kane
2nd Grouse   Moor Ike  O-John& Christy Knowles H-John Knowles
3rd Tynalden Spruce    O & H-Richard Bornes
4th Ledi Lada of Caldyview    O-Philip & Betty  Somers  H-Betty Somers
PUPPY  Starters   8 /  Judges  Al Wilson & George Keiller
1st  Denalisunflos El Diablo  O-RE Frenche  H-Randy Curtis
2nd  Samur Sabre II  O-Ray Bower Jr H-Mark Hairfield
3rd Wise River's Mac Dougal    O-Bob & Cathy Iversen  H-Mark Hairfield
Trial  SE-TX /  Judges  Billie Jo Hopkins & John Knowles 
OPEN   25 Starters /  11 to 3rd
1st FC Denalisunflos Teaser    O: R E French    H: Tim DeGroff
2nd AFC CFC Highlanders Lady Guenivere    O/H: Paul Black
3rd Denalisunflos Sol    O: R E French    H: Tim DeGroff
4th  AFC Strong's Lass of Suthron Glen    O/H: George Keiller
AMATEUR  30  Starters  /  9 to 3rd
1st FC Rytex Raging    O/H: Phil Somers
2nd Tynalden Spruce    O/H: Richard Bornes
3rd FC AFC CFC Tridon Orion Ms American Pie    O/H: Don Bramwell
4th  Larford Storm's Tsessebe    O/H: Rick Shively
CM Ledi Lada of Caldyview    O/H: Betty Somers
PUPPY 7  Starters   Judges  Don Bramwell & Cliff Hankins
1st Fannie Mae Chelsea    O/H: Rich Shively
2nd Wise River's McDougal    O: Bob Iverson    H: Mark Hairfield
3rd Denalisunflos Devil    O: R E French    H: Randy Curtis
4th Samur Sabre II    O: Ray Bower, Jr    H: Mark Hairfield
NOTES:  Thanks Pat Bramwell
Iowa 11/17-18 Tom Radde Gary Wilson
OPEN  48  Starters /  11
1st Geno-Jay LeRoi  O:  Eugene Johnson  B/H:  Eric Adams
2nd FC Sand Creek's Sarsaparilla  O:  Dennis DuErr  B/H:  Bill Boeckman
3rd Pine Ridge Macy  O:  Pamela Meier  H:  Dan Langhans
4th Sand Creek's Sherwood Rollo  O/H:  Bruce Stewart
AMATEUR 40  Starters  /  14 to 3rd
1st Don's Button of Danville   H:  Don Giddens
2nd Brackenbuster Phoebe O/H:  Tracie Wilson
3rd West Wings' Pistol Pete O:  Tom & Debbie Schoene H:  Debbie Schoene
4th Linden's British Influence  O:  John & Phyllis Buoy H:  John Buoy
PUPPY 20 Starters   Judges  Deb Schoene (WI) and Mark Stremlow (IA)
1st Midland Gunner  O:  George Nolte H:  Jim DeVoll
2nd Denalisunflo's Busy  B/O:  Roy French  H:  Jim DeVoll
3rd Sunrise Winter Star O:  Ishmael Lewis H:  Bud Lewis
4th Dansmirth's Merry Sue  O:  Bob & Diane Krause H:  Bob Krause
NOTES:  Thanks, Debbie Schoene: The East Central Iowa English Springer Spaniel Club held its annual trial this past weekend, Nov. 17 & 18, near Iowa City, Iowa.  As usual, the fields were perfect.....long courses of rolling brome.  The weather was perfect too, tho a bit too warm on Saturday with temps near 70.  Sunday was cooler with cloud cover and sprinkles of rain.  The members of this club are always great hosts, ensuring that trialers are fortified throughout the day with Marguerite Johnson's homemade cakes and muffins. ;-)
OHIO VALLEY  Nov 3&4-01  Judges Deann Brunn  Rick O'Brien
OPEN    23   Starters / 12  to  2nd       / 9  to 3rd 
1st Flushing Wings Hair Trigger    O/ Lisa Milton  H/ Steve Milton
2nd  NAFC FC AFC CFC Ivanhoe's Irish Twist     O/H Bill Cosgrove
3rd  CFC FC Brandy's Big Ben    O/ Leaman   H/ Ben Martin
4th  Turtlecreek Lady      O/H Mark Hagenauer
AMATEUR    32  Starters / 23 to 2nd      /  13 to 3rd
1st Loyals Magic Merlin      O/ Amy & Paul Haering   H/ Paul Haering
2nd Autumn Wingmaster Pepper    O/H Ronald Medina
3rd Fredonna's Willy Make It     O/H Dick Taylor
4th  Timberdoodle's Spock           O/H Glenn DeMott
PUPPY  3  Starters    Judges    Deann Brunn / Rick O'Brien 
1st Timberdoodle's Precious Angle     O/H Glenn DeMott
2nd Timberdoodle's Freckles     O/H Glenn DeMott
NOTES:  Thanks; 
STILLWATER VALLEY      Nov. 17/18      Judges-- Dave Lorenz & Ken Willis
OPEN    32   Starters /  to  2nd       /   to 3rd 
1st  Copper Creek Monty   O/Jim O’Shea  H/Jeff Brooks
2nd CFC/FC Brandy’s Big Ben  O/Lea Ames  H/Ben Martin
3rd Smut      O/Ray Costabile H/Jeff Brooks
4th Denalisunflo’s Woodson  O?R. E. French H/Ben Martin
AMATEUR    38  Starters /  to 2nd      /   to 3rd
1st Turtlecreek Marker Junior  O/Monty Kayes H/Monty Kayes
2nd  Woodlands Austin Clay  O/Dan Tuttle  H/Dan Tuttle
3rd Pride’N Joys Spicy Ginger  O/Jim Boone  H/Jim Boone
4th Windbourn’s Classic Star  O/Robert Desanto H/Robert Desanto
PUPPY   5 Starters    Judges   
1st  Trapper John    O/Dave Wilson H/Dave Wilson
2nd  Sun Valley’s Royal Gusto  O/Paul Sehnert H/Paul Sehnert
3rd Boone’s Thor    O/James Boone H/Jeff Brooks
NOTES:  Thanks;