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Houston / 1-26,27,28/01  Judges Bob Sansom, Nancy Standish
OPEN   Starters  39 
AMATEUR  Starters 27 
PUPPY  19 starters
NOTES: Thanks - Karen Bornes
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Southern California ESSC - Feb. 3/4  -  Porterville, Ca. - Bill Cosgrove and Dan West. 
OPEN   29 Starters / 9 to 3rd
1st  FC G & D's Hell On Wheels 2     "Ditto"  O/Terry Andrews    H/Gary Breitbarth
2nd  FC Our Pal Joe   "Joe"  O/Ray Razzano   H/Gary Breitbarth
3rd Sundee Cricket   "Cricket"  O/H Don Nipper
4th AFC Don's Button of Danville    "Button" O/H Don Giddens
AMATEUR  23 Starters  / 9 to 3rd
1st FC Our Pal Joe   "Joe"   O/H Ray Razzano
2nd AFC Don's Button of Danville    "Button"   O/H Don Giddens
3rd Jaxson's Joshua     "Josh"   O/H Larry Buggeln
4th AFC CJ's West Wings April Promise "April"     O/H Cheryl Sligar
PUPPY  5 Starters   Judges
1st  Whirligig Canis Sirius   "Major"  O/H Ray Paolucci
2nd Crosbear's Jessica   "Jessica"  O/H Brian Crosby
3rd Whirligig Lampos    "Star"   O/H Bill Greer
4th  Winchester's Diva   "Diva"      O/H Fred Berson
NOTES: Thanks  Cheryl Sligar
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Western Washington - Feb 10/11  - Bob Child / Dan Hale
OPEN  28  Starters / 22, 2nd / 11, 3rd
1st Ivanhoe's Black Knight  B: Bill Cosgrove O/H: Dale Luther, Sr.
2nd Dunvegan's Skye High  B: Thomas J. Motley  O/H: Jerry Light
3rd Bramble Creek Stryker (new FC)  B: Barb Barke  O/H: Frank Moran
4th G&D's Hell on Wheels 2    O: Terry Andrews  H: Gary Breitbarth
AMATEUR  29 Starters  / 17, 2nd / 9, 3rd
1st FC Our Pal Joe (New AFC)  Breeder/owner/handler Ray Razzano
2nd Jordan Valley's Rockne  B/Jerry Livingston   O/Rob & Kate Aravich   H/Rob Aravich
3rd Snowood Jack  B: C. Ingito O: Richard & Laurel Croll H: Dick Croll
4th Yankee Creek Tridon Swiftsur  B: Don & Trisha Bramwell O/H: Al Defalco
PUPPY 4  Starters   Judges Same
1st  Patchwood's Brandy   O: John Helmuth & Paula Mazurek  H: John Helmuth
2nd Black Powder Flint  B: Rob & Shelley Barlow  O: Travis Roth  H: Rob Barlow
3rd Whirligig Canis Sirius  B: D. Vermazen  O: Ray Paolucci  H: Gary Breitbarth
4th Yankee Creek Nick of Time  B: David Clumpner  O/H: Alfred Defalco
NOTES:  Thanks: Barb Boettcher; This past weekend we were blessed with picture postcard weather, albeit a little on the cold side! The course for the 1st and 2nd Series began with the gallery walking down a paved tree lined road with the dogs running on each side. The course eventually meandered off the road and continued thru various types of cover for 57 flags, the last leg had a full view of Mt. Rainier which gave you the feeling you were running right up to its base. The third was run in a different area each day with each course having its own personality. Each day dawned cold and frosty, the first day around 21 degrees and the second day around 30 degrees which made everyone anxious to get out on the course into the sun. There were light breezes off and on all day. Puppy results, thanks John Helmuth
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Southeast Texas English Springer Spaniel club, Feb. 9 - 11, 2001
 Judges - Ralph Botti  &  Chad Betts 
OPEN   51 Starters / 
1st Dansmirth's Leader, Owner - Marie Langhans, Handler-Dan Langhans
2nd  Pine Ridge Macy, Owner - Pamela Meier, Handler- Dan Langhans
3rd  Senrob's Razmataz, Owners Pphilip & Betty Somers, H/Mark Hairfield
4th  FC,AFC,CFC Whitlock's Warlock, O/H John Wright
AMATEUR 31  Starters  / 
1st FC,AFC,CFC Whitlock's Warlock, O/H John Wright
2nd Tynalden spruce, O/H Richard Bornes
3rd Hope of Amberle, O/H Richard Bornes
4th Marsan Sally, Owners, Paul Black & Lloyd Fallin, H/ Paul Black
PUPPY  16  Starters   Judges  Steve Kane & Jesse Morales
1st Mountain Lady of Wise River, Owners, Bob & Cathy Iverson, H/ Bob  Iverson
2nd Senrob's Diamond Delite, Owners, Richard & Karen Bornes, Handler- Eric Adams
3rd Burcliff Highlander bessie, Owners: Cliff & Alyssa Hankins, Handler, Cliff Hankins
4th Denalisunflos Sol, Owner, R.E.French, Handler, Randy Curtis
NOTES: Thank You Marie Langhans
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Arrowhead ESS Club - Feb 17-18th - Nick Campanelli / Tim Osborne.
OPEN  21  Starters /  9 to 3rd
1st  Citation Callie  "Calli" O: Bob Stockmar and Robert Sanchez, H:  Bob Sanchez
2nd Drumbeat Dynamic Rhythm  "Dyna"  O: Tony and Diane Zablit, H: Diane Zablit
3rd AFC/CFC Whitewaters Westcoast Kidd   "Kidd"   O:  Ray and Sue Paolucci, H: Ray Paolucci
4th AFC CJ's West Wings Dex  "Dex"  O: Jerry and Cheryl Sligar, H: Cheryl Sligar
AMATEUR 21  Starters  /  9 to 3rd
1st  Cascade Top Gun  "Jett"  O: Barbara Anderson and Robert Sanchez, H:  Dave Anderson
2nd Drumbeat Dynamic Rhythm "Dyna"  O: Tony and Diane Zablit, H: Diane Zablit
3rd  Shannon's Sir Curly "Curly"  O: Skip and Renee Shannon, H: Skip Shannon
4th Sundee Okanagan Cambria "Bree"   O/H: John Eadie
PUPPY  5 Starters  5 to 2nd 
1st  Whirligig Canis Sirios "Major"  O: Ray and Sue Paolucci, H: Ray Paolucci
2nd Citation Flash  "Flash"  O: Larry Lawrence, H: Greg Kuhlman
3rd Winchesters Diva "Diva"   O/H: Fred Berson
4th Crosbear's Jessica "Jessica"   O/H: Brian Crosby
NOTES: The Arrowhead ESS Club held its 53rd annual field trial Feb 17-18th at Kincade Wildlife management Area in Porterville, CA. Judges were Nick Campanelli and Tim Osborne. The threat of rain never materialized except for some light sprinkles for 1/2 hour this morning.  Otherwise temps were in the 60s with lots of cloud cover on Sat, warmer Sunday -- getting >70  for the 3rd series of the Open. Cover was green undergrowth with varied sections of dried grasses and patches of sagebrush.  The 3rd series was run down a hillside with knee to waist high dried grasses much thicker than the bracework courses.  The gallery loved to sit up on the hill and watch all the dogs without having to take a step. Birds were quite good for spring specimens. Thanks Diane Zablit
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Trial SRSSC Feb 24/24 - Daryl Roth and Don Bramwell
OPEN  19  Starters /  13 to 2nd  /  11 to 3rd
1st FC AFC Taffswell Rusty      ( Penny )     Sire: Kenine Robb of Rytex    Dam: Midland Fly
    Breeder: A Watkins     Owner: Robert and Shelly Bullard     Handler: Bob Bullard
2nd  FC Our Pal Joe              ( Joe )    Sire: FC AFC Pondviews Windy Acres Yankee 
    Dam: Two Spot     Breeder: Ray Razzano     O/H: Ray Razzano
3rd AFC CFC Whitewaters West Coast Kidd     ( Kidd )     Sire: FC AFC Pondviews Windy Acres Yankee     Dam: FC AFC Windfires Roxanne     Breeder: Ed Feller     Owners: Ray and Sue Paolucci     Handler: Ray Paolucci
4th FTCH Stonebrokes Tick Fever         ( Tick )     Sire: Pondviews Windy Acres Yankee
    Dam: Stonebrokes Wings     Breeder: Tim Whitney     O/H: Ken Forney
AMATEUR 22  Starters  /  17 to 2nd / 9 to 3rd
1st Ivanhoe's Black Night       ( Charge )     Sire: FC AFC CNFC Pel Tan Roly
    Dam: NAFC FC CFC Ivanhoe's Samantha     Breeder: Bill Cosgrove     O/H: Dale Luther
2nd  Chardon's Celtic Bridgid        ( Bridgid )     Sire: Whispering Pines Coach OZ
    Dam: Bandita's Last Hurrah     Breeder: Ralph Palmer     Owner: Charleen and Don O'Connell
    Handler: Don O'Connell
3rd FC AFC Taffswell Rusty      ( Penny )     Sire: Kenine Robb of Rytex
    Dam: Midland Fly    Breeder: A Watkins     Owner: Robert and Shelly Bullard
    Handler: Bob Bullard
4th Stonebrokes High Roller     ( Rusty )     Sire: Pondveiw Windy Acres Yankee
    Dam: Stone brokes Wings    Breeder: Tim Whitney    O/H: Gene Deveraux
PUPPY  5 Starters   Judges  Daryl Roth and Don Bramwell
1st  Patchwood's Brandy          ( Brandy )     Sire: Dunvegan's Skye High
    Dam: AFC Taffswell Rusty     Breeder: Shelly and Robert Bullard    Owners: John Helmuth & Paula Mazurek    Handler: John Helmuth
2nd Whirligig Canis Sirius      ( Magor )     Sire: FC AFC AFC Whirligig Shine
    Dam: FC Fetchfeathers Bandit     Breeder: Dick Vermazen    Owners: Ray and Sue Paolucci 
    Handler: Ray Paolucci
3rd Crescent's El Toro          ( Toro )      Sire: FC AFC Nant-Lais-Sting     Dam: Fallen Wing's Maggie McGwyer     Breeder: Dale W. Luther     O/H: Dale W. Luther
4th S,S Tug-O-War               ( Tug )    Sire: FC AFC Surefire Magor Winston     Dam: P and J's Rose of Alabama     Breeder: William J. Severni     O/H: Spencer L Durant
NOTES: Thank You,  Jeff Di Bene:  Special notes of interest, Charleen O'Connell did our marshaling both Sat.  and Sun. and did a fantastic job!! Thank you so much! Met Don Bramwell for  the first time here, what an absolute HOOT to be around. Thanks to all who  made it out, we had a great time!!!!! Dale Luthers 10 month old steady as a  rock Toro, took 3rd. in the puppy. Bob Bullard and Penny took home the Gunners choice award! Congrats to all!
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Stockton  Fri. 3/2/01  Bob Bullard,  Tony Zablit,
OPEN  31 Starters /  9 to 3rd
1st 1st:  Denalisunflos Flier   "Flier" O:  Gary Shrigley  H: Gary Breitbarth
2nd Bushrod of Stonewall Farm  "Butchy" O: Paul Severni & Bernie Castellani    H:  Bernie Castellani
3rd Reward's Schulah's Double   "Schulah" O:  Jeffrey Hicks   H:  Gary Breitbarth
4th R&B's Samantha Belle   "Sammie" O: Bill Greer and Ray Paolucci   H:  Bill Greer
No  AMATEUR  Stake
PUPPY  7  Starters   Judges
1st Citation Woody  "Woody" O/H:   Larry Lawrence
2nd Whirligig Canis Sirus   "Major" O/H:  Ray Paolucci
3rd Senrob's Diamond Delite  "Dede" O:  Richard & Karen Bornes   H:  Eric Adams
4th Citation Monty   "Monty"  O:/H:   Larry Lawrence
NOTES: Thanks, Diane Zablit: The Stockton ESS Training Club held its 60th annual field trial on Friday, March 2, 2001 at Grey Lodge Wildlife Refuge, Gridley, CA.  Bracework was run on a circular course, with varying sections of low green, mixed with higher dried grasses and, of course, lots of wet ground and some sprinkles during the course of the day.  Conditions were challenging, with many traps and not too many retrieves.  Only a few dogs were able to take moving birds.  The 3rd series course which is one of the nicest anywhere is truly beautiful this year, with the varying terrain and cover providing a picturesque hunting scenario.    Temps were in the 50s-60s, slightly warmer when the sun came out and shone on the 3rd series around 4 pm. 
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Tamarin / 3/3-4,  Judges  Kerm Gillund, Paul Kinney
OPEN 29   Starters /  12 to 3rd
1st  FC, AFC Taffswell Rusty   "Penny" O: Robert & Shelley Bullard, H: Bob Bullard
2nd  FC Fetchfeathers Bandit   "Bandit" O/H:  Dick Vermazen
3rd Shannon's Wild Irish Rose   "Rose"  O: Skip & Renee Shannon, H:  Skip Shannon
4th Denalisunflos Flier  "Flier" O:  Gary Shrigley, H: Gary Breitbarth
AMATEUR  22  Starters  /  9 to 3rd
1st Kuhlman's Rocky Mountain Dawn   "Rocky" O:  Greg & Kim Kuhlman,   H:  Greg Kuhlman
2nd Ditchbank's Miss Maggie   "Maggie" O:  Ed & Ellie McConnell, H: Ed McConnell  (new AFC)
3rd  Chardon's Celtic Brigid   "Bridget" O: Don & Charlene O'Connell, H: Don O'Connell
4th  Jaxson's Joshua  "Josh" O: Dorothy Buggeln,  H:  Larry Buggeln
PUPPY   8 Starters   Judges Cheryl and Jerry Sligar
1st Senrob's Diamond Delight   "Dee Dee" O: Richard & Karem Bornes,   H: Eric Adams
2nd Whirligig Lampos  "Star" O/H:  Bill Greer
3rd  Brackenbuster Phoebe  "Phoebe" O:  Tracie Wilson,  H:  Eric Adams
4th  Citation Monty  "Monty" O/H:  Larry Lawrence 
NOTES:  Thanks, Diane Zablit: Tamarin Spaniel Club field trial followed the Stockton trial, Saturday-Sunday, March 3-4 at Gray Lodge, Gridley, CA.    Bracework courses were in a lower, straightaway field, with much more water on the ground, although it did not rain at all during the day.  Temps were lower.   Sunday brought horrendous weather for the Open:  wild winds, sideways rain, cold temps.  Conversely, the birds flew better and more retrieves were had by all.   Charlene O'Connell was a champ to marshall all day through this, and anyone who was out there all day (gunners, planters, shaggers, judges) was either extremely dedicated or ???? 
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Cincinnati  3-10/11  Doug Miller / Chuck Nelson
OPEN   43 Starters / 
1st  1st: FC,AFC Royal's Reno, Owners: Steve & Angie Gorrell 
2nd Timberdoodle's Spock, O/H Glenn Demott
3rd Lighthouse Ice Dancer, Owners: Kathy & Brian sonier, H/ Jason Givens
4th Dansmirth's National Forrest, O/ Bob Krause, H/Dan Langhans
AMATEUR   39 Entries
1st Gamefinders Gunner, O/H don Maue
2nd Highlanders Duncan McCloud, O/H: Paul Black
3rd AFC Dansmirth's Cody, Owners: Robert & Carolyn Curl
4th Majaars Jody, Owners: Charles & Susan Verkamp, H/ Russ Verkamp
PUPPY  9  Starters   Judges Bronwyn Vernau & Russ Verkamp
1st Turtlecreek Marker Junior, O/H Monty Kayes
2nd Woodlands Hat Trick, Owners: Lloyd fallin & Paul Black, H: Paul Black
3rd Fawnhaven's Little J, O/ Mark Zebley, H/ Ben Martin
4th Pleasant Knolls Mavrik, Owners: Kelly Wallace & Rick Ward, H/Rick Ward
NOTES: Thanks Marie Langhans
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NCSSC Trial  - 3/10-11 -  Judges Gary McDonald  &  Tom Meyer
OPEN   27 Starters /  12 to 3rd
1st   Badgerdyke Buccaneer  " Dan"  O:  Lynn and Paul Miller     H:  Tim DeGRoff  ( New FC)
2nd Welshwoods Heartland Husker " Husker"  O:  Marianne Yost   H:  Jim DeVoll
3rd Denalisunflo's Stretch  " Stretch"  O:  Gary and Mhari Peschel   H:  Tim DeGroff
4th  Denalisunflo's Tim   "Tim"   O:  R.E. French   H:  Tim DeGroff
AMATEUR  36 Starters  / 11 to 3rd
1st FC AFC Whitlock's Warlock " Shaman"  O/H John Wright
2nd  Chaps Wind Dancing Mesa  "Mesa"  O: Chris and Heather Maxcy  H:  Heather Maxcy
3rd  Greenfield's Cache La Poudre  "Stash"  O/H Skip Smith
4th Ashcroft's Marshall Earp " Wyatt"  O/H  Dave Scott
PUPPY  11 Starters   Judges  Michelle Foss and Pat Marek
1st Samur Sabre II  "Pez"  O:  Raymond Bower  H:  Mark Hairfield
2nd Brackenbuster Phoebe  "Phoebe"  O:  Tracie Wilson  H:  Eric Adams 
3rd Senrob's Diamond Delight  " DeeDee"  O:  Richard and Karen Bornes H:  Eric Adams 
4th Midlands Dotty O:  Steve Beyer and Jim DeVoll   H:  Jim DeVoll 
Bob Fink Trophy:  for best dog and handler rapport:  Heather Maxcy and Mesa
NOTES:  Thank You Mhari Peschel.   It snowed all weekend but the trial went off without a hitch.  The scenting on Saturday was not very good but it seemed to improve greatly on Sunday. 
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OK  3/15-16  Jason Givens & John Wright w/Paul Black apprenticing.
OPEN   Starters /
1st Sumner Kaysee     O: Peter Rainey    H: Randy Curtis
2nd  FC Strong Brodie    O/H: David Jones
3rd FC Denalisunflos Rascal II    O: R E French    H: Randy Curtis
4th Doorcreek Jake    O: Pat Nelson    H: Chuck Nelson
AMATEUR  43 Starters  /  9 to 3rd
1st 1st - Pie - O/H: Don Bramwell
2nd Lighthouse Chocolate Chips    O/H: Dave Smith
3rd Doorcreek Jake    O/H: Chuck Nelson
4th Ashcroft's Sundance, MH    O/H: Kathy Lindsey
PUPPY 14  Starters   Judges  Steve Kane & Bob Murdock
1st Midlands Gunner    O; George Nolte    H: Jim DeVoll
2nd Wise River's North Star    O: Bob & Cathy Iversen    H: Mark Hairfield
3rd  Samur Sabre II    O: Raymond Bower, Jr    H: Mark Hairfield
4th  Burcliff's Highlander Bessie    O: Cliff & Alyssa R Hankins    H: Cliff Hankins
NOTES: Thanks Pat Bramwell   (On Open, Thurs.) Thru torrents of rain & sleet & nearly 50 mph wind gusts today we ran the open.  It was nearly unbearable at times w/the sleet hitting us in the face.  But like good field trialers, we all survived & looking forward to tomorrow's amateur wher Mr. Weatherman tells us the sun is going to shine. David Jones finally showed up this morning - guess he was afraid to come last nite :-}  He also needs new socks LOL.  Anyway, most everyone is now sitting in the house waiting for supper to finish cooking (which the cook forgot to put in the oven earlier). Clothes are in the dryer & about 10 loads waiting to be put in. (On Ama, Fri.) WOW!!!!!!!!!!  What a beautiful day!  (but then anything would have been better than yesterday).  John W even asked for sun screen for his pansy MT skin.  Party broke up last night when Jason G couldn't talk any more. Supper has been devoured & everyone is down to some serious business. Chad B shows up in his wrinkle-free shirt; John W informs us what a wonderful vet he has; Gary Wilson & Ray Jack (KS judges) show up & think we're all crazy - but have started to get into the swing of things; and we're all having a terrific time.
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KS 3/18-18  Judges  Gary Wilson & Ray Jack
OPEN 34  Starters / 
1st  Rytes Ruck of Kettlestang (Robb)  O: Jesse Morales   H: Mark Hairfield
2nd FC Strong Brodie   O/H: David Jones
3rd B's Flashy Pheasant Flusher   O: Jim DeVoll & Steve Beyer  H: Jim DeVoll
4th Southaven Super Slueth (Dick)  O: Mike Park  H: Mark Hairfield
AMATEUR  46 Starters  / 
1st Kane's Bluffcreek Annies Song  O/H: Steve Kane
2nd Hope of Amberle   O/H: Richard Bornes
3rd Strong's Lass of Suthron Glen   O/H: George Keiller
4th Biscuit's Gravy   O/H: Rich Borowiak
PUPPY 14 Starters   Judges Jason Givens & Pat Bramwell
1st Whirligig Canis Serius (Major)  O/H: Ray Paolucci
2nd Denalisunflos Coffey II  O: R E French  H: Randy Curtis
3rd Burcliff's Highlander Bessie   O/H:  Cliff Hankins
4th Woodlands Hat Trick (Skipper)  O/H:  Paul Black
NOTES: Thanks Pat Bramwell; Beautiful, beautiful weather yesterday w/just a slight drizzle most of today.  Neither hot nor chilly - perfect spaniel weather. David STILL needs new socks!  He said he threw the holy socks away Thurs eve after we all gave him a hard time - but I'm not so sure cause the socks he had on last nite looked awfully familiar :-} George K arrives at his motel, takes his dogs out to exercise at the local school grounds & immediately gets surrounded by police.  There's a leash law in Harper, KS & none of his dogs were on leashes.  Guess he was even frisked.  If that wasn't enough, he gets caught at the motel by the restaurant owners for walking out & not paying his bill.  Wonder what that was all about? David says he's going to change all his talk - he's willing now to say that either a first or second can qualify for nationals. AKC rep & field marshall had a round of discussion because she insisted he wear blaze orange out in the field & not his rinky dinky red cap.  He wasn't a happy camper, but  FM won in the end - or maybe he did it just to shut her up.  He informed everyone that he knows why the FM has a button on her hat that says "I don't do mornings."
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         Sportsmen's 3/17-18  Judges  Timothy DeGroff & Patrickk Perry
OPEN  49  Starters /  14 to 3rd
1st Dansmirth's National Forrest  Owner/Breeder - Robert Krause  Handler: Dan Langhans
2nd Kylebeg Holly  Owner: Katherine Lorenz  Handler: David Lorenz
3rd FC Gina Of Saradynpark  Owner: Carroll R. Smith  Handler: Ken Willis
4th Raintree Lady's Brass Ring  Owner/Handler: Catherine L. Lewis 
AMATEUR 28  Starters  /  13 to 3rd
1st Autumn Breeze  Owners: Emil & Deborah Salmons  Handler: Emil Salmons
2nd Gamefinders Gunner  Breeder/Owner/Handler: Don Maue
3rd Field's Edge Black Watch  Owners: Dean Reinke & Catherine Lewis  Handler: Cathy Lewis
4th West Wing's Pistol Pete  Owners: Tom & Debbie Schoene  Handler: Debbie Schoene
PUPPY  11 Starters   Judges  Bob Mueller & Debbie Schoene
1st Eolas of Ivress  Owner/Handler: Ronald T. Smith
2nd  Senrobs Diamond Delight  Owners: Richard & Karen Bornes  Handler: Eric Adams
3rd Brackenbuster Phoebe  Owner: Tracie Wilson  Handler: Eric Adams
4th Autumn's Granite Mountain  Owner: Bob Beauchamp  Handler: Dan Langhans
NOTES: Thank You Marie Langhans
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Green Valley   Bob Sommer & Bob Iversen   March 17/18
OPEN  29 Starters /  11 to 3rd
1st Shannon's Wild Irish Rose   Owner: Don & Renee Shannon   Handler: Don Shannon
2nd R & B's Samantha Belle   Owner: William Greer & Ray Paolucci   Handler: Bill Greer
3rd Zelotes Incurrere Phasianus   Owner: Larry Zieman   Handler: Shelly Barlow
4th FC/AC Our Pal Joe Owner: Ray Razzano   Handler: Gary Breitbarth 
AMATEUR 25  Starters  / 10 to 3rd
1st Ditchbank's Miss Maggie Owner: Ed & Ellie McConnell Handler Ed McConnell
2nd Sundee Cricket Owner: Don & Denise Nipper Handler Don Nipper
3rd Dungvegan's Skye High Owner: Jerry Light Handler Jerry Light
4th Chardon's Celtic Brigid Owner: Don & Charleen O'Connell Handler: Don O'Connell
PUPPY  Starters   Judges  Shawn Martin & Dave Anderson
1st  Spring Valley Scoutt   Owner: Ron Anderson   Handler Ron Anderson
2nd Whirligig Lampos   Owner: William Greer   Handler: Bill Greer
3rd Shamrocks Brychni   Owner Gary & Judy Davis   Handler: Gary Davis
4th Citation Woody   Handler Larry Lawrence   Owner: Larry Lawrence
NOTES:  Both days in the high 70's. Wonderful for people but a challenge for dogs running in heavy cover with thick underbrush.  Thanks for coming. Donna Giddens
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Trial Utah SSC DateMarch 24-25  Place  Judges Ray Nault, Steve Abbate
OPEN  28 Starters / 
1st 1.  Shannon's Sir Curly  O/H Skip Shannon
2nd 2.  Whitewater's Smooth Jazz  H/ Shelly Barlow O/Kaye McCreedy
3rd 3.  FC Badgerdyke Buccaneer  H/ Tim DeGroff  O/Lynn & Paul Miller
4th 4.  Skaar's Sorcerer  O/H  John Wright
CM CM to Zelote's Incurrere Phasianus H/Shelly Barlow O/Larry Zieman
AMATEUR 40 Starters  / 
1st 1.  Chap's Wind Dancing Mesa  H/Heather Maxcy O/Chris & Heather Maxcy
2nd 2.  Shadowbark's Spirit of Autumn  O/H Greg Johnson
3rd 3.  Skaar's Sorcerer  O/H John Wright
4th 4.  Whitewater's Smooth Jazz  O/H Kaye McCreedy
PUPPY  4 Starters   Judges  Danny West and Curtis Watson
1st  Aspen's Buzzerk Lightyear O/H Alan Baugh
2nd S.S. Tug-O-War  O/H Spencer Durrant
3rd  Shamrock Brychni  H/Gary Davis  O/Gary & Judy Davis
NOTES: Thank You John Wright
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Trial Ohio Valley  Date 3/17-18 Place  Judges Billie Jo Hopkins and Charles Foote
OPEN  34  Starters / 
2nd COPPER CREEK MONTY       (Male 7/17/98)
3rd SMUT    (male 3-18-96)
AMATEUR 44 Starters  / 
1st ROYAL'S TIPPER     (Male 2-9-95)
2nd GUADAIRA'S LUZIANNE       (Female  8-13-92)
3rd TURTLECREEK MARKER         (male 10-12-92)
4th MAJARS JODY        (Female  8-6-97)
PUPPY  12  Starters   Judges
2nd  TOM'S SCHANTZIE     (Female 7-20-79)
3rd GINGERSNAP OF ASHLAND       (female  4-1-00)
4th SANDY HILLS BEAU GESTE   (Male  4-2-99)
NOTES: Thank You Carol Cramer
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West Allis  -   Tom Meyer  & Bob Bertoncini
OPEN    54 Starters / 41 to 2nd / 15 to 3rd
1st Joe Burno Connel B:  Ralph Palmer O:  Patrick Connell H:  Jim DeVoll
2nd Eagle Brae's Miracle B: Jim & Kim Naber O:  Nick Naber H:  Jim Naber
3rd FC AFC CFC Fieldbourn's Ruger B:  Craig & Michelle Foss O:  Dean Reinke & Catherine Lewis
H:  Dean Reinke
4th Midlands Banshee B:  Richard Collins & Betty Grant O:  Steven Hoostal H:  Jim DeVoll
AMATEUR   32 Starters  / 21 to 32nd / 10 to 3rd
1st Ru-Char's Mickey Finn (New AFC!!!)  B:  Ruth Greening O:  Pat Hempel & Russ Parsons
H:  Pat Hempel
2nd Brackenbuster Chopper B:  Richard Csanda O/H:  Tracie Wilson
3rd Lighthouse Reverence B:  Jason & Michelle Givens O/H:  Greg Miller
4th Denalisunflo's Nailer B:  R.E. French  O/H:  Jerry Barrett
PUPPY  Starters   Judges  Bob Sommer  & Brian Sonier 
1st Midlands Gunner B:  Steve Beyer & Jim DeVoll O:  George Nolte H:  Jim DeVoll
2nd Bandit's Razzle Dazzle B:  Dick Vermazen O:  Tom & Debbie Schoene H:  Tom Schoene
3rd Denalisunflo's El Diablo B/O:  R.E. French H:  Randy Curtis
4th Brackenbuster Phoebe B:  Eric Adams  O:  Tracie Wilson H:  Eric Adams
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Nancy Standish and Jim Cappelli    3-31/1
OPEN   31 Starters /  12 to 3rd
1st  High Plains Gust O'Wind        O/H Mark Brookshire
2nd Denalisunflos Jumper      O:  R. E. French       H: Ben Martin
3rd Fallen Wings Buster Brown     O/H Richard Siciliano 
4th CFC FC Brandy's Big Ben      O: Leaman Ames      H: Ben Martin
AMATEUR  35 Starters  / 9 to 3rd
1st  Elwood's Jackson Creek Blade       O/H: Gary Schlafer
2nd Peachdale's Barrelin' Badger       O/H: Scott Hoover
3rd  Sunrise Knight     O/H: Dr. Mark Domo
4th  T.J. Flyer       O/H: Tom Motley
PUPPY  8 Starters   Judges  Phil Baird and Scott Hoover
1st  Gingersnap of Ashland          O/H  Robert Desanto
2nd Jimmy's Mayberry Kid     O/H  Ben Martin
3rd Turtlecreek Marker Junior     O/H Monty Kayes 
4th Fawnhaven Little J.   O: Mark Zebly     H:  Ben Martin
NOTES: Thanks  Mark Domo
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E S S C EASTERN NEBRASKA  Marty Knibbs & Mhari Peschal 
OPEN  45  Starters /  40 2nd / 15 3rd
1st  FC Denalisunflos Tailer - O - R. E. French, - H - Jim DeVoll, Sr.                                                        Sire:  Denalisunflos Lump - Dam:  Denalisunflos Flo 
2nd Rytex Ruck of Kettlestang  (Robb)  O- Jesse Morales - H - Mark Hairfield 
  Sire: Rytex Rod   - Dam: Kenine Tina
3rd Senrob's Razmataz (Taz) -O - Phillip and Betty Somers - H -  Mark Hairfield
  Sire:  FC Clockburn Abra-Cadabra - Dam:  Trewern Topsybee of Housty
4th  Highlanders Lady Guenivere -(Guen) - O - Paul Black & Harold Hiles,   H - Paul Black,
 Sire:  AFC Tridon Spontaneous Combustion - Dam:  AFC  Bumper McQuick
AMATEUR  38 Starters  /  12 to 3rd
1st  Rytex Ruck of Kettlestang  (Robb)  O / H Jesse Morales   Sire: Rytex Rod   - Dam: Kenine Tina
2nd Coldeaters Conors Moondance - O - Patrick & Michelle Marek  - H - Pat Marek   Sire:  Wakinyans Lighting - Dam:  CJ's Dakota Star 
3rd B's Pheasant Flushing Blaze - O - Brian Frerichs & Gary McDonald Sire:  AFC Chester's Slice of Pie - Dam:  B's Pheasant Hunting  Dotty
4th  Midlands Jolly Bean (J B ) O / H Larry Yost  Sire: FC Denalisunflos Jolly - Dam: FC, AFC Don's Ginger of Danville
PUPPY 14  Starters   Judges  Bob Krause & Dave Scott
1st  Midlands Gunner - (Gun) - O - George Nolte, H- Jim DeVoll,   Sire: FC AFC Nant-Lais Sting, Dam: Midlands Gabi
2nd 1  Denalisunflos Coffey II (Coffey) - O - R. E. French, H - Randy  Curtis,   Sire: FC Denalisunflos Ready,  Dam:  Denalisunflos Sarah
3rd Denalisunflos El Diablo - (Devil) - O - O - R. E. French, H - Randy Curtis,   Sire: NFC Denalisunflos Ring,  Dam:  Denalisunflos September
4th  Wise River North Star  (Kate) O- Bob & Kathy Iverson - H- Mark Hairfield  Sire: Tynalden Spruce - Dam Wise Rivers Winning Ticket
NOTES: Thanks Lu DeVoll:     Started at 1:00 pm  Friday afternoon.  Fri. temps 40's to low 60's and light wind and very low overcast.(HEAVY FOG) Saturday temps 40's to high 60's with HIGH winds (40 mph with gusts to 65 mph or more). Sunday a. m.  What a beautiful day - real SUNSHINE - - afternoon was warm for  the dogs, but the people were  basking in the sun - what a good feeling. 
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Headwaters Field Trial  April 7-8
Three Forks, Montana  Judges Dominique Savoie and Peter Anderson
OPEN  27  Starters /  10 to 3rd - Water series included in stake
1st  Skaar's Sorcerer  O/H John Wright
2nd  Chap's Wind Dancing Mesa  O/Chris & Heather Maxcy H/Chris Maxcy
3rd FC CFC AFC Skaar's Whitlock's Warlock  O/H John Wright
4th  Stonebroke's High Roller  O/H Gene Deveraux
AMATEUR 31  Starters  /  12 to 3rd
1st Fleetwood's Jumping Jack Flash  O/H Gary Hanvey     (Gary's First First!)
2nd Bush Buster's Emerald  O/H  Stan Pappas
3rd Skaar's Sorcerer  O/H John Wright
4th  Bush Buster's Ben's Son  O/H Stan Pappas
PUPPY  Starters   Judges
1st Puppy  -  1 Entry-  Judges:  Greg Johnson and Jack Weiss 
Bush Buster's RR Dan  O/H Stan Pappas
NOTES: Thanks John Wright;  Bracework series in river bottom cover along the Missouri River:  cattails, cottonwoods, junipers, rose, willow, snowberry, down logs, old river channels, etc.  Third series in gully between two barley fields with clumps of willow, cattails, and a couple of potholes.  Several water retrieves  during bracework and third series.  Snow on Sunday.  A "winger" was utilized for the water test during the Open, which worked well. 
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OPEN  49  Starters / 
1st FC/AFC Sunrise Bullet, B Harry Merrell, O/H Dr. Francis Prock 
2nd Melchris Markdown Pennant,B: David&Marie Hopkins  O: Don Brunn/DavidHopkins, H:Don Brunn 
3rd Yankee's Litl Rebel B:Raymond Razzano,O:David Lorenz, H:David Lorenz 
4th AFC Sunrise Run Forest Run, B: Joseph Cook, O:Robert Gasper/Doug Miller  H:Doug Miller 
AMATEUR 26 Starters  / 
1st FC/AFC Enrobso Swallow, B:N.E. Osborne, O/H Bob Sommer 
2nd Autum Breeze IV, B:Ronald Medina, O:Emil&Debbie Salmons, H:Emil Salmons 
3rd South Hamlin Abagail, B:John Zahorik, O/H Ron Charles 
4th Buzz Is Glad Lucky's Dead, B:Henry Hennings O/H Todd Agnew 
PUPPY 9  Starters   Judges
1st Denalisunflo's Woodson, B:R.E. French, O: R.E.French, H: Ben Martin 
2nd Sand Creek's Tobias II, B: Bill Boeckman, O: Brad Peterson, H: Bill Boeckman 
3rd Lighthouse Alex of Sir Roberts, B:Jason Givens, O:Doug&Malinda Roberts  H: Doug Roberts 
4th Jimmy's Mayberry Kid, B:David Batdorf, O/H: Ben Martin 
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Heartland  4-19/20 (Thurs Fri) Chuck Nelson, Al DeFalco
OPEN   68 Starters / 21 to 3rd
1st Dansmirth's National Forrest "Forrest" O/Robert Krause H/Dan Langhans
2nd Grandview's Max-A-Million "Max" O/Steve Beyer H/Jim DeVoll
3rd Copper Creek Monty "Copper" O/James O'Shea H/Jeff Brooks
4th Denalisunflos Atomic "Atty", O/John Smith H/Bill Boeckman
AMATEUR 30 Starters  /  9 to 3rd
1st  Sand Creek's Commet Haily "Hailey" O/H/ Gregg Stans
2nd Melchris Cinder-Belle "Cinder" O/H/Norb Jamnik
3rd Sand Creek's Riley "Riley" O/H/ Jim Jochum
4th Lighthouse's High Brass "Ruger" O/ Ron & Cricket Kriehn H/Ron Kriehn
PUPPY  15 Starters   Judges Bruce Stuart - Dave Lorenz
1st Denalsunflos Coffey II  "Coffey" O/RE French H/Randy Curtis
2nd Denalisunflos El Diablo O/RE French H/Randy Curtis
3rd Brackenbuster Phoebe O/Tracy Wilson H/Eric Adams
4th Bandit's Razzle Dazzle "Razzle" O/Tom & Deb Schoene H/Tom Schoene
NOTES: Great trial, perhaps a little bit to warm. Heavy Hunting cover, All Cock Birds, 3rd was the equivalent of a 20 flag course, but with no flags, one gun had a small path to walk on which everyone keyed off that. It was a great 3rd. The Heartland Club help, the bird planter, the marshals, the people who cleaned the birds, the people who had birds at all parts of the course, the people picking up, dropping off crates, picking up dead birds,  the shaggers,  all the background help, did a most fantastic job. Without all the all unsung heroes of a trial, keeping everything moving with no waiting, No Way would the Heartland club be able to do 98 all age dogs, effectively and efficiently, and giving them all a fair shot, and sometimes 3 or 4  contacts, and finishing with placements at 5PM. 
A 'Tip of the 'ol Lid' to all the workers at the Heartland Club Trial. Thank You!
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MESSC 4-21/22  B.J. Hopkins & Dan Lussen
OPEN  80  Starters /  18 to 3rd
1st  Blade   H-Ken Willis, O-Gary Schlafer
2nd Teaser  H-Tim Degroff, O-R.E. French
3rd Austin  H-Jeff Brooks, O-James Boone
4th  Doc      H-Ken Willis, O-James Boone
AMATEUR 52  Starters  /  9 to 3rd
1st Mick  H- Pat Hempel, O-Pat Hempel/Russ Parsons
2nd  Gus   O/H Mark Brookshire
3rd Hailey  O/H Gregg Stans
4th Lucky  O/H  Pat Gilligan 
PUPPY  23 Starters   Judges   Joe Coady & Jason Math
1st Razzle  H-Tom Schoene, O-Tom & Debbie Schoene
2nd  Gun H-Jim DeVoll, O-George Nolte
3rd Coffey   H-Randy Curtis, O-R.E. French
4th Gyp      H-Gary Wilson, O-David Morse 
NOTES: Thanks Pete Rainey. FTC
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NMESSC  4/28-29  Roger Houk/Mark Hagerauer
OPEN   66  Starters / 
1st Doorcreek Jake- Owner-Pat Nelson, Handler-Chuck Nelson
2nd Royals Classic Will - O/H  David Lorenz
3rd Grandview's Max-A-Million- Owner-Steve Beyer - Handler:Jim DeVoll
4th AFC Welshwood's Maesydderweh Piccador-O/H: Roger Dolliff
AMATEUR   39 Starters  / 
1st Fieldbourn's Ruger-O/Dean Reinke & Catherine Lewis H: Dean Reinke
2nd Doorcreek Trick or Treat-O/H: Chuck Nelson
3rd Moonlit Field's Edge-O/H: Andrew Bicek
4th Raintree Bonnie Lady-O: Dean Reinke & Catherine Lewis/H: Dean Reinke
PUPPY  17 Starters   Judges Dean Reinke & Peter Rainey
1st Midlands Gunner-Owner:George Nolte-Handler:JIm DeVoll
2nd Denalisunflos Coffey-Owner: R.E.French-Handler: Randy Curtis
3rd Autumn's Granite Mountain-Owner: Bob Beauchamp-H:Dan Langhans
4th Bandit's Razzle dazzle:Owners: Tom & Debbie Schoene-H: Tom Schoene
NOTES:  Thank You M. Langhans
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May 26/27  Central Connecticut - Robert Krause,  Richard Maturski
OPEN   Starters / 38
1st 1st FTC Sandcreek`s Sarsaparilla . Bill Boeckman
2nd 2nd  AFC Strong`s Lass of Suthron Glen.  George  Keiller.
3rd 3rd FTC Crosswinds  BG`s Lass Nantyre . Dan Lussen.
4th 4th Pride n` Joys Better n` Better . Jeff Brooks
AMATEUR  21 Starters  / 
1st 1st FTC  Shimmering Aries Warrior . George Akkouris
2nd 2nd Strong`s Jock of Suthron Glen. George  Keiller
3rd 3rd  Strong`s Lass of Suthron Glen.  George  Keiller
4th 4th Crosswind Llewellyn Fawr. Kevin Batistoni.
PUPPY  Starters   Judges
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Euclid Trial
OPEN   Starters / 
1st 1st Copper Creek Monty, O-Jim O'Shea, H-Jeff Brooks
2nd 2nd Sunrise Mattie O-Rich Domo, H-Rich Domo or Gary Wilson
3rd 3rd Rewards Doncaster O/H Edd Roggenkamp
4th 4th Ashcrfots Sir Coach Junior O-Leaman Ames,H-Ben Martin
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
1st 1st Peachdale's Barrelin' Badger,JH, O/H-Scott Hoover
2nd 2nd Turtlecreek Dickens, O/H-Art Rodger
3rd 3rd Hiawatha Jack of Melchris, O/H-Bob Mueller
4th 4th Denalisunflo March, O/H-Tom Clark
PUPPY  Starters   Judges
1st 1st Sunrise Texas Tornado, O-Hugh Davidson, H-Gary Wilson
2nd 2nd Sunrise Sophie O/H-Gary Wilson
3rd 3rd Roettgers Ridge Royal Flush O/H- Tony Roettger
4th 4th Sandy Hill's Beau Geste O-Dave and Barbara Granatir,H- Jeff Brooks
NOTES:  Tom, Not sure about the 3rd and 4th dogs in Amateur. May be reversed.
Thanks, for posting Scott Hoover.
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Trial  Date  Place  Judges
OPEN   Starters / 
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
PUPPY  Starters   Judges
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Trial  Date  Place  Judges
OPEN   Starters / 
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
PUPPY  Starters   Judges
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Trial  Date  Place  Judges
OPEN   Starters / 
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
PUPPY  Starters   Judges
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Trial  Date  Place  Judges
OPEN   Starters / 
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
PUPPY  Starters   Judges
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Trial  Date  Place  Judges
OPEN   Starters / 
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
PUPPY  Starters   Judges
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Trial  Date  Place  Judges
OPEN   Starters / 
AMATEUR  Starters  / 
PUPPY  Starters   Judges