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Results of SPRING  2003 ESS Field Trials
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Houston ESSC  1-24/26   / Judges Don Bramwell & Dan Lussen
OPEN  54  Starters /  35  to  2nd /  11  to 3rd 
1st Sunrise Texas Tornado Marty Knibbs 
2nd AFC Gamefinders Gunner Ken Willis 
3rd Kenzed Earl Paul McGagh 
4th Robinsmoore Frolic Marty Knibbs 
AMATEUR 40  Starters /  33 to 2nd/   9  to 3rd
1st Triple Ridge's Addi-tude Mhari Peschel 
2nd Paragon's Denalisunfo Zipteaz Gary Peschel 
3rd AFC Kane's Bluffcreek Annie's Song George Keiller 
4th T-Rex Lone Star De Amistad Wayne Tisue 
PUPPY  12  Starters  /  Judges 
1st Carson's Field of Dreams Dan Langhans
2nd Denalisunflo's Sugar Randy Curtis
3rd Halaze Drummers Tramp Mark Hairfield
4th Bridgewater's Contessa Philip Wilson
NOTES:  Thanks;   K. Bornes  &  George Keiller

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Southern California ESSC/ 2/1-2  / Judges Ron Carlson and Jim Cappelli
OPEN  21 Starters /  __    to  2nd /   9  to 3rd 
1st  NFC/FC/AFC Whirligig Canis Serius “Major” O: Ray Paolucci/H: Gary Breitbarth
2nd FC Denalisunflos Flier “Flier” Owner Gary Schrigley/Handler Gary Breitbarth
3rd AFC Ditchbank Miss Maggie “Maggie” O: Ed McConnell/H: Gary Breitbarth
4th Nels Lady Jigsaw   “Jig”  Owner Jim Nelson/Handler Kurt Caldwell 
AMATEUR 24  Starters /  __    to 2nd/   8  to 3rd
1st AFC CFC Whitewaters West Coast Kidd “Kidd” Owner/Handler Ray Paolucci
2nd Chardon’s Celtic Brigid “Brigid” Owner/Handler Charleen O’Connell 
3rd Hearthrock Blaze “Blaze”  Owner/Handler Richard Krueger
4th Campy’s Jumping Jack “Jay”  Owner/Handler Nick Campanelli
PUPPY  5  Starters  /  Judges Dave Anderson and Ray Razzano
1st Maximus of Rolling Oaks “Max”  Owner: Brian Child Handler: Bob Child
2nd  Gunflint’s Upland Scout “Scout”  Owner/Handler John Stuart
3rd CJ’s Autumn Wings Survivor “Colby” O: Jerry & Cheryl Sligar H: Gary Breitbarth
4th Hacker’s Gunner “Gunner” Owner/Handler Ketih Hacker
NOTES:  Thanks;  Cheryl Sligar : Cover was ankle to calf high green grasses and young wild grains mixed with mustard seed flowers in bloom and some dried covered left over from the fall. Saturday was covered with dense fog throughout the day, with light mist or drizzling. Sunday was dryer, with the sun coming out more during the day. Breezes were cool and fairly steady, but scenting varied depending on how thick the green cover was.

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SE Texas ESSC  Feb 7-8-9-/03  / Judges Kevin Martineau, Tom Schoene
OPEN  61 Starters /    16  to 3rd 
1st  Robinsmoor Frolic,         Handler Marty Knibbs
2nd Denalisulflos Glory         Handler Randy Curtis
3rd  AFC Gamefinders Gunner           Handler Ken Willis
4th FC Your Rowdy Highness           Handler Chad Betts
AMATEUR  37  Starters /  14  to 3rd
1st FC CFC AFC Highlanders Lady Guenivere            Handler Paul Black
2nd Royal Smarty                Handler Leaman Ames
3rd   Jordi Jess                      Handler Jesse Morales
4th Hope of Amberle            Handler Richard Bornes
PUPPY  12  Starters  /  Judges Leaman Ames, Gary Peschel
1st Denalisunflos Peach       Handler Randy Curtis
2nd Royal Flush Winchester             Handler Ken Willis
3rd Abitt’s Highlanders Lord              Handler Paul Black
4th Carson’s Field of Dreams           Handler Dan Langhans
NOTES:  Thanks;  Philip Somers;   The weather was mid 30’s to low 40’s, overcast, some drizzle. Famous Texas mud! Thank you team! Philip Somers, FT Chairman
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Western Washington  2/15/16  / Judges Bob Bullard and Paul McGagh
OPEN  24 Starters /  13   to  2nd /   7  to 3rd 
1st Hearthrock Blaze, "Blaze" o/h Dick Krueger (New FC)
2nd Millstone Chops, "Chopper" o/h Dave Miller
3rd Parkbreck Eric of Dearnseside, "Benji" o/h Jeff Miller
4th AFC Fleetwood's Jumpin Jack Flash, MH, "Jagger" o/h Gary Hanvey
AMATEUR 32 Starters /  25 to 2nd/   9  to 3rd
1st Hearthrock Blaze, "Blaze" o/h Dick Krueger
2nd Drumbeat's Gusty Winds, MH, "Gus" o April & Mike Leonetti, h Mike Leonetti
3rd Yankee Creeks Seldom Seen Sam, "Sam" o/h Rick Kemman
4th AFC Yankee Creek Tridon Swyftsur, "Swyfty" o/h Al Defalco
PUPPY Sat.    7  Starters  /  Judges Al Defalco, Dominique Savoie
1st  Rose Lane's Steppin' Out, "Rowdy" o Gunther & Barb Boettcher, h Gunther Boettcher
2nd Dunvegan's River Dancer, "Jen" o/h Jerry Light
3rd Calley's Last Raid, "Calley" o/h Ron Carver
4th Fallen Wings Heather Mist, "Heather" o Gunther & Barb Boettcher, h Barb Boettcher
Puppy, Sunday   7 Starters /  Judges  Cliff Beaver, Dale Luther
1st  Oahe's North Coast Serendipity, "Chance" o/h Dominique Savoie
2nd DJ's Waptashi Fetcher of PB, "Tashi" o/h Daryl Johnson
3rd Fallen Wings Heather Mist, "Heather" o Gunther & Barb Boettcher, h Barb Boettcher
4th Dunvegan's River Dancer, "Jen" o/h Jerry Light
NOTES:  Thanks; :  Barb Boettcher;  Extremely challenging courses for dogs, handlers and gunners combined with great flying birds made for an exciting and interesting Field Trial weekend.
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Arrowhead SSC 2-15/16   / Judges Mark Hairfield and Mike Knudson
OPEN  25 Starters /    9  to 3rd 
1st Nels Lady Jigsaw “Jig”  Owner: James A. Nelson  Handler: Kurt Caldwell
2nd AFC Ditchbank’s Miss Maggie O: Ed & Elinor McConnell H: Gary Breitbarth
3rd FC Denalisunflos Tim  Owner: R. E. French Handler: Tim DeGroff
4th  FC Chaps Wind Dancing Mesa  O: Chris & Heather Maxcy  H: Chris Maxcy
AMATEUR 21  Starters /   11   to 3rd
1st    FC Shannon’s Sir Curly  O/H Skip Shannon
2nd Campy’s Jumping Jack “Jay”  O/H Nick Campanelli
3rd FC AFC Shannon’s Butterbean “BB”   O/H Renee Shannon
4th Cascade Top Gun “Jet” O: Barb Anderson & Bob Sanchez  H: Dave Anderson
PUPPY  6  Starters  /  Judges 
1st   Hollis’s Bonnie   O/H Ron Hollis
2nd Gunflint’s Upland Scout O/H John Stuart
3rd Don’s Cocoa of Danville O/H Don Giddens
4th  CJ’s Autumn Wings Survivor “Colby” O/Jerry & Cheryl Sligar H/Gary Breitbarth
NOTES:  Thanks;   Cheryl Sligar
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 Rocky Mountain  3/1-2/03   / Judges  Chad Betts and Craig Foss
  OPEN  40 Starters /  30  to  2nd /  12 to 3rd 
1st Robinsmoore Frolic, Owner Fred & Sue Neville, Handler Marty Knibbs
2nd FC the Mad Mav of Wise River, owner Bob & Cathy Iversen, Handler Mark Hairfield
3rd Bridgewaters Clyde, Owner Hugh M. Davidson, Handler Marty Knibbs
4th Denalisunflos Blanca Perro, Owner R.E. French, Handler Randy Curtis
AMATEUR 34  Starters /  27 to 2nd/  12 to 3rd
1st  FC AFC Dansmirth's Lindsey Kidd, Owner Tim & Kathleen Lindsey, Handler Tim Lindsey
2nd : Grouse Moor Ike, Owner John & Christy Knowles, Handler John Knowles (New Title)
3rd Rhydd Castle Sarkie, Owner Paul Miller & Lynn Miller, Handler Christy Knowles
4th Triple Ridges Atti-Tude, Owner Mhari & Gary Peschel, Handler Mhari Peschel
PUPPY  16 Starters  /  Judges Mark Matthiesen and Ed Wilcox
1st Raintrees Nick Nack, Owner Peter Rainey, Handler Randy Curtis
2nd Denalisunflos Blanca Perro, Owner R.E. French, Handler Randy Curtis
3rd  Bridgewaters Contessa, Owner & Handler Phillip Wilson
4th Coldwaters Mood Indigo Keean, O: Patrick & Michelle Marek, H: Pat Marek
NOTES:  Thanks;  Pete Davis, Field Trial Secretary
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Stockton ESSC 2/28/03  / Judges Kerm Gillund & Renee Shannon 
OPEN 31 Starters /  21  to  2nd /  9  to 3rd 
1st Torri Tan of Blackriver O/James Nelson/H: Curt Caldwell 
2nd Don's Button of Danville O/H Don Giddens 
3rd Denalisunflos Tim O/ R,E. French H/Tim Degroff 
4th Kuhlmans Rocky Mountain Dawn/O/H Greg Kuhlman
AMATEUR __   Starters /  __    to 2nd/   __     to 3rd
1st      (OPEN)  Only
PUPPY  8  Starters  /  Judges Ray Razzano & Larry Bugglin
1st G and D Prince Edward O/H Don Mock 
2nd Hollis's Bonnie O/H Ron Hollis 
3rd  Gunflints Upland Scout O/H John Stuart 
4th CJ's Autumn Wings Survivor O/H Jerry Sligar
NOTES:  Thanks; Dondonna Gliddons, Greg Kuhlman, 
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NCSSC  March 8/9   / Judges Bob Ryan and George Akkouris
OPEN  46 Starters /   12  to 3rd 
1st FC The Mad Mav of Wise River   O:  Bob and Cathy Iversen   H:   Mark Hairfield
2nd Pride N Joys Just for Kix  O:  Julie Hogan  H:  Gary Wilson
3rd Damries Gemini Express Two O:  Andrew and Virginia Kerr   H:  Jim DeVoll
4th Fawnhaven's Spiritual Entity  O/H:   Cindy Goode-Wilson
AMATEUR 39  Starters /   11  to 3rd
1st Shadowbark Spirit of Autumn     O/H:  Greg Johnson
2nd FTCH Expressway's Flashy Spashndash     O/H:  Don Bramwell
3rd Midlands Dan D Boy      O/H  Steve Beyer
4th FC Chap Winds Dancing Mesa     O/H  Chris Maxcy
Bob Fink Award for best dog handler rapport:  Midlands Dan D Boy O/H  Steve Beyer 
PUPPY  __  Starters  /  Judges Don Bramwell and Kathy Lindsey
1st  Abbit's Highlander Lord    O/H:   Paul Black
2nd Denalisunflos Sugar       O:  Roy French   H;   Randy Curtis
3rd Denalisunflos Blanca Perra     O:  Roy French     H:  Randy Curtis
4th Coldwaters Mood Indigo Keean     O/H  Pat Marek
NOTES:  Thanks;  Mhari Peschel
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Cincinnati  Mar 8/9   / Judges  Roger Houk Ken Willis
OPEN  __  Starters /  __    to  2nd /   __   to 3rd   ?
1st Bridgewater's  Stormin' Norman O: John Clark & Kathern Lorenz  H: Dave Lorenz
2nd Pride'N Joy's Standing in, JH  O: Julie Hogan H: Jeff Brooks
3rd  NCFC CFC FC Brandy's Big Ben O: Leaman Ames H: Ben Martin
4th FC Yankee's Litl Rebbel  Owner/ Handler: Dave Lorenz
AMATEUR __   Starters /  __    to 2nd/   __     to 3rd   ?
1st AFC Five Pines Mystique Owner/Handler: James Boone
2nd Cedarcreek Gae Girl O: Gerry & Bob Summer H: Bob Summer
3rd Win of Blenheim  O: John Frend  H: Bob Montler
4th Perr's My Boy Jacob  O/H: Leroy Perry Jr.
PUPPY  ? Starters  /  Judges  ?
1st  Rouring Sprin Woody O: Don Wagner H: Jeff Brooks
2nd Gaelk Kiltie of Ivanhoe  Owner/ Handler: Bill Cosgrove
3rd Raintree's Life of Riley O: Janet Hoehnen H: Jason Givens
4th Sandyhills Slamin Sam O: Dave & Barbra Granatir H: Jeff Brooks
NOTES:  Thanks;  Note: Info taken off a web e-mail site, therefore incomplete.
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 Snake River Mar 8/9   / Judges 
OPEN  19  Starters  /   9  to 3rd 
1st Abitt Like Hobbes,    Al Carbone
2nd NAFC, FC, EFTC Sundart Solar,  Jeffery W. Miller
3rd FC Skaar's Midwinter Beaujolais,  Tom Bratrud
4th FC, AFC Taffswell Rusty,  Bob Bullard
AMATEUR 22  Starters /    8   to 3rd
1st  FC Skaar's Lightwynn Lightning     Al Carbone
2nd Parkbreck Eric of Dearneside      Jeffery W. Miller
3rd Blackriver's Gage          Jeffery W. Miller
4th  S,S Tug-of-War      Robert S. Child
PUPPY  5  Starters  /  Judges 
1st 1st  Jordan Valley's Silk,   Jerry A. Livingston
2nd Maximum of Rolling Oaks,  Bryan Child
3rd Aspen's Sweet Jazzy Jess,  Alan Baugh
4th Dunvegan's River Dancer,   Jerry Light
NOTES:  Thanks; Jerry Livingston:  Weather was 60 degrees, very breezy, cover was mostly weeds but known to be the home of a resident pheasant flock and a handful of mule deer.  This trial really tested a dogs bird finding ability and boldness in facing cover.
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Oklahoma  3-13/14   /  Judges  Gary McDonald  John Knowles Apprentice Eric Adams
OPEN  35  Starters /    10  to 3rd 
1st Denalisunflos Peach O: RE French H: Randy Curtis
2nd Denalisunflos Brat O: RE French H: Randy Curtis
3rd Expressway's Flashy Splashndash O/H: Don Bramwell
4th Macheewynn's Flying Solo O: Paul Hanscom H: Marty Knibbs
AMATEUR 47  Starters /  10   to 3rd
1st Tallgrass Torrey - O/H: Bob Murdock
2nd Benington Biscuit - O/H: Rich Borowiak
3rd Dansmirth's Lindsey Kidd O/H: Tim Lindsey
4th Denalisunflos Sol - O/H: Gary Peschel
PUPPY  23  Starters  /  Judges Joe Smith & Betty Somers 
1st Halaze Drummers Tramp  O: Mike Knudson H: Mark Hairfield
2nd Denalisunflos Sugar - O: RE French H: Randy Curtis
3rd Bridgewater's Contessa - O/H: Phillip Wilson
4th Denalisunflos Blanca Perro - O: RE French  H: Randy Curtis
NOTES:  Thanks;   Pat  Bramwell
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Central Kansas  3- 15/16  / Judges  Tom Bratrud Tom Radde Apprentice Tim Lindsey Eric Adams
OPEN  35  Starters /    10  to 3rd 
1st  Highlanders Duncan McCloud O/H: Paul Black
2nd  Sunrise Molly - O/H: Gary Wilson
3rd Denalisunflos BusyBoy - O: RE French H: Tim DeGroff
4th Robinsmoor Frolic O: Fred/Sue Neville  H: Marty Knibbs
AMATEUR 52   Starters /  12  to 3rd
1st Expressway's Flashy Splashndash O/H: Don Bramwell
2nd Abitt's Highlander's Lord O/H: Paul Black
3rd Grouse Moor Ike - O/H: John Knowles
4th Door Creek Mason's Dixieland Jazzz -O/H: Scott Breaux
PUPPY  22  Starters  /  Judges Rita Betts & Pat Bramwell
1st  Denalisunflos Sugar - O: RE French H: Randy Curtis
2nd The Mad Hatter of Wise River - O: Bob/Cathy iversen H: Mark Hairfield
3rd  Grouse Moor Chloe - O/H: Cindy Goode-Wilson
4th Ali O: JP Martin H: Mark Haglin
NOTES:  Thanks;   Pat Bramwell
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Green Valley 3-15/16   / Judges Dave Anderson & Dick Vermazen apprentice Jerry Barrett
OPEN  21   Starters /  __    to  2nd /   __   to 3rd 
1st Heartrock Blaze    "Blaze" O: Richard Krueger  H:  Gary Breitbarth 
2nd Bubba's Cody of Saighton, MH   (New FC) O: Charleen O'Connell H: Danny Hale
3rd NFC/FC/AFC  Whirligig Canis Sirius   O: Ray & Sue Paolucci H: Gary Briethbarth
4th Nel's Lady Jigzaw Owner: James Nelson Handler:  Curt Caldwell
AMATEUR 26  Starters /  __    to 2nd/   __     to 3rd
1st  Campy's Jumping Jack      "Jay"  Owner/Handler:  Nick Campanelli
2nd  FC/AFC Ditchbank's Miss Maggie  "Maggie"  Owner/Handler: Ed McConnell
3rd Parker's Rusty Penny   Owner/ Handler: Jan Johnson
4th Sundee Cricket    "Cricket" Owner/Handler: Don Nipper
PUPPY  10  Starters  /  Judges
(Interesting note on the puppies:  the 1, 2 & 4th place puppies were all out of breeding by Don & Donna Giddens.
1st Don's Cocoa of Danville     Owner/Handler:  Don Giddens
2nd DJ's Waptashi Fetcher of PB  Owner/Handler: Daryl Johnson
3rd Highwinds Flying Goose   Owner/Handler:  Dolores Blake
4th Lassen's Lady Love     Owner:  David Dawson   Handler; Gary Breitbarth
NOTES:  Thanks; Dolores Blake, FTS;  Condtions were all over the map with rain at times and sunshine at others.  Wind conditions were all over the map too. This trial was dedicated to the memory of our friend and club member, Don O'Connell.
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Sportsman's 3-15/16  Club  / Judges David Jones John Wright
OPEN  43  Starters /   12  to 3rd 
1st FC AFC Gamefinders Gunner  (Gunner) Owner/Handler Donald Maue
2nd Lighthouse Drive Me To Drink (Flask) Owner Timothy D. Lowe, Handler Jason Givens
3rd AFC Autumn Breeze (Bree) Owner Emil & Deborah Salmons, Handler Dan Langhans
4th NFC FC AFC Eagle Brae's Good Sport (Sport) O; Jim & Kim Naber, H; Jim Naber
AMATEUR 38  Starters /  __    to 2nd/  10   to 3rd
1st Prairiewings Peachy Dandi (Dandi) Owner/Handler Lea Ames
2nd Perry's My Boy Jacob (Jake) Owner/Handler Leroy Perry Jr.
3rd FC AFC Soniers's Endless Vacation (Trip) O; Brian & Kathy Sonier, H; Brian Sonier
4th Raintree Brass Tiger (Sabre) O; Brian & Christopher Sonier, H; Brian Sonier
PUPPY  19  Starters  /  Judges 
1st Far Oaks Eeny Meeny Miney  O; Emil & Deborah Salmons, H; Emil Salmons
2nd Carson's Field of Dreams  O; Robert & Carolyn Curl, H; Robert Curl
3rd Echo of R-Quest (Echo) O; William & Judy Hebert, H; Bill Hebert
4th Oneida Bazil (Bazil) Owner/Handler Michael Bauman
NOTES:  Thanks;   Don Carter;  Saturday, we had clouds early and then a sunny late afternoon with the temp in the 40's and 50's.  Sunday was sunny with a high of 74.
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VFFTA  3-15/16   / Judges  BJ Hopkins & Mike Wallace
OPEN  23 Starters /  __    to  2nd /  10   to 3rd 
1st  FC Bakswood Shimmering Suprise (Archie) Billy Akkouris
2nd FC Copper Creek Monty (Copper) Jeff Brooks
3rd FC/AFC Shimmering Aries Warrior, MH (Aries) Billy Akkouris
4th Mountain View's Luna (Luna) Ed Faraci
AMATEUR 25  Starters /  __    to 2nd/  11  to 3rd
1st AFC Mountain View's Scratches (Scratches) Esther Faraci, also winner of Edwin Berger Perpetual Trophy for Best Amateur Handler at the Trial
2nd Surf's Starshot (Star) Garry Soper
3rd FC/AFC Ynslawd Swift (Swift) Kevin Battistoni
4th Denalisunflo"s Woodson (Woody) Robert Montler
PUPPY  11 Starters  /  Judges Esther Faraci, Kris Pedersen 
1st Sunrise Ellie of O"galleher (Ellie) Corey Gallagher
2nd Coppers Bodacious Bo (Bo) Jeff Brooks
3rd  Col. Rayco's Becky (Becky) Jim O'Shea
4th Roaring Spring Woody (Woody) Jeff Brooks
NOTES:  Thanks; Bill Pierson;  Weather was 50's and sunshine with little wind both days.  Waist to chest high switch grass challenged the dogs and gave the judges plenty to sort out.  Excellent dog work and gunning.
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Tamarin  3-1/2  / Judges Robert Child and Curtis Watson
OPEN  __  Starters /  __    to  2nd /   __   to 3rd 
1st Hearthrock Blaze, Richard Kreuger
2nd Campy's Jumping Jack, Nick Campanelli
3rd Denalisunflo's Busy Boy, Tim DeGroff
4th Denalisunflo's Drive, Tim DeGroff
AMATEUR __   Starters /  __    to 2nd/   __     to 3rd
1st Don's Button of Danville,  Don Giddens
2nd Whirligig Canis Sirius, Ray Paolucci
3rd  Hearthrock Blaza, Richard Krueger
4th Paragon's Denalisunflo's Zipteaz, Gary Peschel
PUPPY  __  Starters  /  Judges Tim DeGroff and Orville Oie
1st Don's Cocoa of Danville, Don Giddens
2nd  G & D Prince Edward, Don Mock
3rd Highlands Flying Goose, Delores Blake
4th Tai Rhone Evans, Gary Breitbarth
NOTES:  Thanks;  Laurie Andrews
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Mid-Atlantic  3/22-23  / Judges Jim Cappelli & Pat Perry
OPEN  24   Starters /  __    to  2nd /   __   to 3rd 
1st  FC Baskwood Shimmering Surprise - Archie - H/ Billy Akkouris
2nd FC Triple Ridge's Tomboy - Sissy - H/Ralph Botti
3rd Brookwood Mason Dixon Rebel - Fred - H/Jeff Brooks
4th FC Sunrise Scout - Scout - H/Jeff Brooks
AMATEUR 27  Starters /  __    to 2nd/   __     to 3rd
1st  Mountain View's Thesaloniki - Thes - H/Ed Faraci
2nd Hidden Valley's Remington - Remmie - H/JJ Fasnacht
4th  R-Quest What's Up Doc - Doc - H/Jim Boone
PUPPY  8  Starters  /  Judges Jim O'Shea & Jim Boone
1st         (And winner of the Col. Ray Costabile USA (Ret.) Perpetual Trophy)
Tres Z Mighty Min - Minnie - H/Jim Zimmerman
2nd Triple Ridge's Cracker Jack - Jake - H/Ralph Botti
3rd Roaring Spring Woody - Woody - H/Jeff Brooks
4th Ferris -Ferris - H/Jeff Kitson
NOTES:  Thanks;  Mike Shaw; Cover was knee high light sorghum -  Conditions were similar both days -Scenting was very good, weather was Sunny, 50's-60's, breezy.
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WATKC 3-22/23   / Judges   Bob Iverson  & Greg Stans 
OPEN  40  Starters /  __    to  2nd /   __   to 3rd 
1st Lighthouse Drive Me to Drink O:  Timothy Lowe H:  Jason Givens
2nd FC Dansmirth's Merry Sue O:  Bob & Diane Krause H:  Dan Langhans
3rd FC Grandview's Max-a-Milion B/O:  Steve Beyer H:  Jim DeVoll
4th Pine Ridge Macy O:  Pamela Meier H:  Dan Langhans
AMATEUR 57  Starters /  __    to 2nd/   __     to 3rd
1st Expressway's Chase B:  Andra Fayad O/H:  Tom Menzel
2nd FC AFC CFC Fieldbourn's Ruger, MH O:  Dean Reinke & Cathy Lewis H:  Dean Reinke
3rd AFC Cregarw Columbus B:  N.A. Davies O/H:  John Zahorik
4th FC AFC Sunrise Run Forest Run B:  Gary Wilson O/H:  Doug Miller
PUPPY  27  Starters  /  Judges  Don Brunn (WI) & Ron Beilfuss (WI)
1st Pine Shadows Atlas  B/O/H:  Morgan Haglin
2nd Autumn Wings' Acquittal  O:  Tom & Debbie Schoene H:  Debbie Schoene
3rd B.J.'s Dan of Danville O:  Jim Lightfoot & Doug Miller H:  Doug Miller
4th Lighthouse Upland Scout O:  Brad & Amy Keil H:  Brad Keil
NOTES:  Thanks;   Debbie Schoene   The West Allis Training Kennel Club held their spring trial this weekend in Monroe, Wisconsin.  Mother Nature cooperated beautifully, giving us overcast skies, moderate winds and temps in the high 40's on Sat. and clear blue skies and temps in the mid-60's on Sunday.  Courses were long and set in rolling fields of brome.
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Euclid  3-22/23 / Judges Kathleen Nestor, Dan Lussen
OPEN  37  Starters /  __    to  2nd /   __   to 3rd 
1st Jimmy's Mayberry Kid      Opie  Owner: Lea Ames  Handler: Ben Martin
2nd : Grouse Wing Duchass    Duchass  Owner: Steve Colin  Handler: Gary Wilson
3rd : South Hill Isabelle      Izzy   Owner:Dan & Mary Louis Denner   Handler: Dan Denner
4th Oakbrook's Rocket         Rocket   Owner: Joe Barnett  Handler: Ken Willis
AMATEUR 38  Starters /  __    to 2nd/   __     to 3rd
1st Royal's Scout     Scout  Owner: Paul & Amy Haering   Handler: Paul Haering
2nd Turtlecreek Dickens   Dickens  O: R. Bertoncini & A. Rogers  H: Bob Bertoncini
3rd Pinehaven's Samantha         Sammy      Owner/Handler: George Kittle
4th FC Raintree's Lighthouse Fantastic    Tic      Owner/Handler:Randy Pulluch
PUPPY 15  Starters  /  Judges Fred Bradley, Mike Delaney
1st  Sir Beowulph's Cedric of Ivanhoe     Cedric       Owner/Handler: Bill Cosgrove
2nd Royal Ruebick             Ruebick       Owner/Handler: Steve Gorrell
3rd  Long Brier Quik Strike       Strike      O: Jeff & Linda Budde      H: Ken Willis
4th  R-Quest JCB Jack             Jack      Owner/Handler: Dennis Seitz
NOTES:  Thanks; Ted A. Zieja;   With Great Spring Cover & great Fling Birds the weather co-operating the dogs performed beyond expectation.  The Judges had their work cut out for them. I short It Was A great Week-end.
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Utah 3-22/23  / Judges Don Bramwell & Mhari Peschel
OPEN  37  Starters   /   16  to 3rd 
1st  FC Heartrock Blaze    Owner: Dick Krueger  Handler: Gary Breitbarth
2nd  CNFC Sunrise Texas Tornado   Owner: Hugh Davidson   Handler: Marty Knibbs
3rd  Clarburgh Eclipse   Owner: Vicky Thomas   Handler: Dominique Savoie
4th   FC AFC Ditchbank Miss Maggie  Owner: Ed McConnell  Handler: Gary Breitbarth
AMATEUR 30 Starters /  12  to 3rd
1st  Deveraux’s Madeline Rose   O/H: Gene Deveraux
2nd   Kenzed Earl    Owner: Vicky Thomas    Handler: Dominique Savoie
3rd   Stonebroke’s High Roller    O/H: Gene Deveraux
4th   Drumbeat’s Gusty Winds MH     O/H: Mike Leonetti
PUPPY  15  Starters  /  Judges Jerry Livingston & Spencer Durrant
1st Don’s Cocoa of Danville    O/H Don Giddens
2nd Tai Rhone Evans Owner: Cathy Lewis & Dean Reinke  Handler: Gary Breitbarth
3rd  Hollis’s Bonnie    Owner: Ron Hollis  Handler: Gary Breitbarth
4th Deveraux’s Highroller Trouble   O/H: Gene Deveraux
NOTES:  Thanks; Cheryl Sligar 
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Heartland 3-29/30  / Judges Cindy Goode-Wilson  & Gary Wilson 
OPEN  29  Starters /   8   to 3rd 
1st Denalisunflo's MaryLou B/O:  Roy French H:  Jim DeVoll
2nd FC Denalisunflo's Tailer  B/O:  Roy French  H:  Jim DeVoll
3rd Denalisunflo's Blanca Perro  B/O:  Roy French H:  Randy Curtis
4th Pine Shadows Chase  B/O/H:  Morgan Haglin
AMATEUR  38  Starters / 13  to 3rd
1st Bridgewater's Highway Man  B:   Bruce Stewart  O/H:  Randy Bartsch
2nd White Oaks Blaze-n-Sunshine O:  Lyn & Jenny Swarthout H:  Lyn Swarthout
3rd Welshwood's Lady Allison  B:  Roger Dolliff  O/H:  Dave Smith
4th Welshwood's Battleford  B/O/H:  Roger Dolliff
PUPPY  23 ?  Starters  /  Judges  Tom Meyer  & Randy Manore
1st Denalisunflo's Blanca Perro  B/O:  Roy French  H:  Randy Curtis
2nd Denalisunflo's Sugar  B/O:  Roy French  H:  Randy Curtis
3rd Hurricane Star  B:  Michelle Givens  O/H:  Greg Duren
4th Denalisunflo's Tex  B/O:  Roy French  H:  Randy Curtis
NOTES:  Thanks;   Debbie Schoene;  The Minnesota Heartland English Springer Spaniel Club held a spring trial this weekend just west of Faribault MN.  Luckily, the 6-10 inches of snow that had been forecast for the eve of the trial never materialized.  The weather was sunny and cool; perfect for dogs and humans!  Courses were brome fields bounded and bisected by treelines.  The third series was held in a picturesque spot of hilly terrain overlooking a small lake.  As usual, the club put on a good trial!
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Missouri Headwaters 3-29/30  / Judges Tom Ness and Jason Givens
OPEN  24 Starters / 10   to 3rd 
1st Marchbrook Brett    Brett  o/h Wally Stewart
2nd Highland Winds Schooner   Schooner  o/h Merle Gates
3rd Sundart Solar  Solar  o/h Jeff Miller
4th Dande Imp      Punch  o/h Wally Stewart
AMATEUR 26   Starters  /  9  to 3rd
1st Fleetwoods Jumpin Jack Flash Jagger  o/h Gary Hanvey 
2nd Black Gage  o/h Jeff Miller
3rd Skaar's Jumpin Jasper  Jasper  o/h Tom Briggs
4th Mist O'er Skaar  Misty  o/h Tom Bratrud
PUPPY  3  Starters  /  Judges 
1st Deveraux Highrollen Trouble  Trouble  o/h Gene Deverauxx
2nd Oahe's North Coast Serendipity  Chance  o,h Dominique Savoie
3rd DT's Rock'n on the Delta       Delta  o/h Chris Maxcy
NOTES:  Thanks; Jack Weis: Our trial was held Saturday and Sunday at Three Forks Montana, Weather was perfect.  Temps in the 50-60's light winds and mixed clouds.
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STILLWATER     MARCH 29/30  / Judges Rich Domo & Mark Hagenhauer
OPEN  42 Starters /  __    to  2nd /   __   to 3rd 
1st  FC Shimmering Beasty  O:Hazel Akkouris  H:Billy Akkouris
2nd Ivanhoes Terra   O:Dick Rohlfs  H:Ben Martin
3rd FC Tridon’s Kansas Pride’N Joy O:Julie Hogan  H:Jeff Brooks
4th Royal Flush Winchester  O:William Czarnecki  H:Ken Willis
AMATEUR 51 Starters /  __    to 2nd/   __     to 3rd
1st Turtlecreek Madison  O/H:Monty Kayes
2nd Sun Valley’s Royal Gusto  O/H:Paul Sehnert
3rd Tawnyhill Maverick   O/H:Joe Barnett
4th Melchris Wing Commander  O:Don Brunn & David Hopkins H:Don Brunn
PUPPY  12  Starters  /  Judges Roy Hopkins & Paul Sehnert
1st Royal’s Carolina Shagg  O/H:Paul Ruppert
2nd  Copper’s Bodacious Bo  O:H.Costabile & J. O’Shea H:Jeff Brooks
3rd  Rouring Spring Woody  O:Don Wagner  H:Jeff Brooks
4th Abitt’s Highlander’s Lord  O/H:Paul Black
NOTES:  Thanks; Art Rodger
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Eastern Nebraska  April 4-5-6   / Don Giddens  & Fredrick (Skip) Smith
OPEN  56 Starters /    14  to 3rd 
1st Denalisunflos Blanca Perro (Peach)   O - RE French    H - Rancy Curtis
2nd Pine Ridge Macy  (Macy)   O - Pamela Meier    H - Dan Langhans
3rd The Mad Mav of Wise River (Mav)  O - Bob & Cathy Iverson    H - Mark Hairfield
4th Marshbrook Viking (Buster)  O - Bob & Cathy Iverson    H - Mark Hairfield
AMATEUR 54  Starters /   13  to 3rd
1st Otoe Ridge Blitzkrieg (Blitz)   O/H Larry Yost
2nd Whispering Pines Laddie (Laddie)  O - Chuck Petrmichl  H - C. H. Petrmichl
3rd Bridgewaters Highwayman (Jesse)  O/H Randy Bartsch
4th Larford's Storm Tessebe (Tessie)   O/H Rick Shively
PUPPY  24  Starters  /  Judges   Mhari Peschal  &  Rich Borowiak
1st  Denalisunflos Me Too (Me Too)  O - RE French    H - Mark Haglin
2nd  Far Oaks Eeny Meeny Miney (Moe)  O - Emil & Deborah Salmons   H - Deborrah Salmons
3rd Denalisunflos Blanco Perro (Peach)   O - RE French    H - Randy Curtis
4th Fallen Birch's Jumpin J Flash (Jade)  O - Mike Petrich    H - Randy Curtis
NOTES:  Thanks;  Larry Yost  FTS
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4-5/6  Central New England  / Judges Ralph Botti and Cathy Lewis
OPEN  21 Starters / 21 to  2nd /   9  to 3rd 
1st Rowdy  Roaring Spring Rowdee  O: Don Wagner  H: Jeff Brooks
2nd Gyp Sunrise Gypsy Girl  O: David Morse  H:  Gary Wilson
3rd Seamus   Sunrise Seamus of Stuyvesant  O:  Buzz Hartshorn  H: Dan Lussen
4th Thor   Boone's Thor  O:  James Boone  H:  Jeff Brooks
AMATEUR 27   Starters / 18  to 2nd/  9  to 3rd
1st Mickey Wiley Ridge Micky  O/H:  Bob Montler
2nd Kansas FC Tridon's Kansas Pride 'N Joy  O/H:  Julie Hogan
3rd Beasty FC Shimmering Beasty  O: Hazel Akkouris  H: George Akkouris
4th Misty Ivanhoe's Mist over D'Nalru, SH  O/H: Chuck Urland
PUPPY  7  Starters /  Judges  Glenn Ferrara and Marshall Lussen
1st  Becky Col. Rayco's Becky  O:  Col Ray Costabile  H: Jim O'Shea
2nd Phantom Mountain Evens Phantom  O/H:  Casey Sajdak
3rd Bo Copper's Bodacious Bo  O:  Col Ray Costabile & Jim O'Shea H: Jeff Brooks
4th  Dove Fawnhaven's Shining White Dove   O: Cynthia Goode-Wilson  H:Gary Wilson
NOTES:  Thanks;  Beverly A. Matthews:  Weather really cooperated - some rain and sleet on Sunday, but dry for the most part - light wind. Decent New England cover for this time of year. Sunday was gorgeous - about 45 degrees - steady wind - sunny.  Great Bird finding day.
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Minnesota 4-11/12/13  / Judges Tom Meyer & Bob Ryan
OPEN  64 Starters /   16  to 3rd
1st Bushrod of Stonewall Farm,, O: Paul Severnie & Bernie Castellani, H: Jason Givens
2nd Pine Ridges Macy, "Macy", Owner Pamela Meier, Handler Dan Langhans
3rd Oakbrook's Rocker, "Rocket", Owner Joe Barnett, Handler Ken Willis
4th Dansmirth's Merry Sue, "Suzy", O: Robert & Diane Krause, H: Dan Langhans
AMATEUR 49  Starters   9  to 3rd
1st FC CFC Jazzzes Royal Stone, "Stoney", O/H Greg Kane
2nd Bridgewater's Charge of Dynamite, "Dyna", O/H Dave Smith
3rd Royal Smarty, "Smarty", O/H Lea Ames
4th Bridewater's Highwayman, "Jesse", O/H Randy Bartsch
PUPPY  34   Starters  /  Judges Pete Rainey Deb Schoene
1st Crosswind's Jake, "Jake", Owner Paul Hanscom, Handler Marty Knibbs
2nd Denalisunflo's Me Too, "Me Too", Owner R E French, Handler Mark Haglin
3rd Far Oaks Eeny Meeny Miny, "Moe", Owners Emil and Deb Salmons, Handler Emil Salmons
4th Maggie of Rock River, "Maggie", Owner Erick Wiberg, Handler Jeff Schwartz
NOTES:  Thanks;  Bob Schulke   FTC Note: This weekend, there was a accident, the Bird Planter fell off the 4 wheeler, ( He Is All Right !)  Seconds after this happened, a call went out on the radios, and there was at least three (known) Cell Phones calling 911. A Local first responder was there right away, then very shortly after, the police, then the ambulance. The Moral of the story. The Emergency Response, Worked !  Everthing was done in a orderly, effecent, and very timely matter.  Note;  To All people, who attend a Field Trial or Hunt Test, Know in the catalog, where the Emergency page is.  Note: To all FT/HT Chairs, Put the physical address of the site (field)  in the catalog.
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North Minnesota 4-26/27  / Judges John Hall & Martin Bell 
OPEN 53  Starters /  33   to  2nd /  9  to 3rd 
1st  Pine Ridge Macy    O-Pamela Meier H-Dan Langhans
2nd  Lady Sabrina Savoirfaire(Rice) O Linda Martin  H Mark Haglin
3rd Raintree's Life of Riley    O Janet Hoehnen    H Jason Givens
4th Woodlands Hat Trick  O  Lloyd Fallin     H Marty Knibbs
AMATEUR 39 Starters /  21 to 2nd/  9  to 3rd
1st  My Gal Sal  OH  Jerry Barrett
2nd Prairiewings Peachy Dandi  OH Lea Ames
3rd  Royal's Smarty        OH Lea Ames
4th Brackenbuster Phoebe    OH Tracie WIlson
PUPPY  24 Starters  /  Judges, Dan Langhans and Mike Nielsen
1st  Denalisunflos Sugar O-RE French H-Randy Curtis
2nd Crosswinds Jake    O-PaulHanscom H-Marty Knibbs
3rd Jade  Owner Mike Petrich  Handler Randy Curtis
4th Pine Shadows Fisher OH Mark Sheflo
NOTES:  Thanks; Mark Haglin; Weak birds, light cover in spots, hot on Saturday afternoon good guns,  very good committee.
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New Jersey   4- 26/27  / Judges Cindy Wilson & Kevin Battistoni
OPEN  18  Starters /  14  to  2nd /   8  to 3rd 
1st Smythwicks Mighty Whitey, O/ J.Boone-H/ R. Botti
2nd FC/AFCShimmering Aries Warrior,  O/ G.Akkouris- H/ B. Akkouris
3rd Mountain Views Theasaloniki,  O/H Ed Faraci
4th  Surf Storm O/ P. Van Houten , H/ R.Botti
AMATEUR  30  Starters /  22   to 2nd/   8  to 3rd
1st FC Shimmering Beasty (New AFC) O/ H. Akkouris, H/ G.Akkouris
2nd  Redcoats Respect O/H Bob Ryan
3rd Prid'n Joy's Spicy Ginger  O/H Jim Boone
4th Stonington's Cut To The Chase  O/H Mike Elsasser
PUPPY 2  Starters  /  Judges Esther Faraci & Dennis Hinckleman
1st  Triple Ridges Cracker Jack  O/H  R. Botti
2nd none
NOTES:  Thanks;  Tim Edwards
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Western N Y  4-26/27   / Judges Clay Earl and Charles Foote
OPEN  31 Starters 
1st Sunrise Gypsy Girl Owner: David Morse Handler: Gary Wilson
2nd Tom's Schantzie Owner: Lea Ames Handler: Ben Martin
3rd FC Flushing Wing Hair Trigger  Owner: Lisa Milton   Handler: Steve Milton
4th  Sunshine Flushing Feather of Eagle  O: Linda & David Simpson  H Jeff Brooks
AMATEUR 25  Starters 
1st Jack The Ripper of Plum Creek   O/H: Trent Bosse
2nd Autumn Wingmaster Pepper   O/H: Ron Medina
3rd FC/AFC Raintree's Lighthouse Fantastic    O/H: Randy Palluch
4th CFC Abitt More Home Brew  Owner: Barry Noland  Handler: David Christl
PUPPY  12  Starters  /  Judges  ?
1st Sunrise Ellie of O'Gallaher  Corey Gallagher
2nd 2nd Sunrise Stash II      Gary Wilson
3rd Mason Dixson Jake  Gene Manning/Jeff Brooks
4th Maximus Boreas  Ted Lagala
NOTES:  Thanks;  Roxane Poray 
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5-24/25 Central Connecticut Spaniel Club  / Judges Wray Upper and John Lamendola
OPEN  25  Starters /  20 to  2nd /   9  to 3rd 
1st  FC/AFC Shimmering Aries Warrior  O/G.Akkouris, H/B. Akkouris
2nd LaRocks Sport- O/E.LARock-H/G.Wilson
3rd Boone’s Bobby O/H J. Boone
4th FC/AFC Shimmering Beasty O/H.Akkouris, H/B.Akkouris
AMATEUR 23  Starters / 18  to 2nd/  9  to 3rd
1st  Smythwicks Mighty Whitey O/H J. Boone
2nd  Halpins Rise and Shine O/H J. Halpin
3rd Tulcan Sam O/E. Battistoni H/K. Battistoni
4th Boone’s Bobby O/H J. Boone
PUPPY  __  Starters  /  Judges 
1st Sand Creek’s Top Gun, O/P.Gilligan, H/B.Boeckman
2nd Daniel’s Little Jug, O/D.Tuttle, H/L.Tuttle
3rd Daniel’s Betterhalf, O/D.Tuttle, H/L.Tuttle
4th LyLy Fritz, O/R.Ruiz, H/B. Boeckman
NOTES:  Thanks;   Tim Edwards;  Saturday Had Rain off and on, Great Spring cover , Planting, Guns Sunday brought NO Rain! The Amateurs put on a good show. 
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Club  / Judges 
OPEN  __  Starters /  __    to  2nd /   __   to 3rd 
AMATEUR __   Starters /  __    to 2nd/   __     to 3rd
PUPPY  __  Starters  /  Judges 
NOTES:  Thanks; 
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Club  / Judges 
OPEN  __  Starters /  __    to  2nd /   __   to 3rd 
AMATEUR __   Starters /  __    to 2nd/   __     to 3rd
PUPPY  __  Starters  /  Judges 
NOTES:  Thanks; 

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