The 1998 National Amateur Placements

1st.  NAFC Redcoats Reply  "Rep"
    Owner/Handler:  Robert Ryan
    Sire:  FC AFC Redcoats Request
    Dam:  AFC Ru-Char's Shannon
    Breeder:  Albert Tenkate

2nd.  FC AFC CFC Tridon Orion Ms American Pie    "Pie"
    Owner:  Don and Trish Bramwell
    Handler:  Don Bramwell
    Sire:  NAFC FC CFC Orion's Arch Rival
    Dam:  NFC AFC Morgan's Agatha Brodrick
    Breeder:  Brenda and Gene Falkowski
3rd.  Eagle Brae's Good Sport   "Sport"
    Owner:  Jim and Kim Naber
    Handler:  Jim Naber
    Sire:  AFC Saradynpark Gunner
    Dam:  FC AFC Ariel of Melchris
    Breeder:  Jim and Kim Naber
4th  AFC Hawthorne AA Low Brass, MH  "Elbe"
    Owner:  Charles Urland and Cindy Sites
    Handler:  Charles Urland
    Sire:  Cortman Cress
    Dam:  Cardenwood Abigail Cricket, SH UD
    Breeder:  Alexandra and Fred Bradley

 Certificates of Merit

    FC AFC Sylker's Jake  "Jake"
    O/H Kerm Gillund

    AFC Enrobso Swallow  "Ginny"
    O/   Bob and Gerry Sommer
    H/  Bob Sommer

    Valley View's Buddy of RuChar  "Buddy"
    O/  Ralph Botti
    H/  Roger Schenone

    Fallen Wings Buster Brown  "Buster"
    O/H   Richard Siciliano

The 1998 National Placements (Open)

1st - NFC/AFC/CFC Dansmith's Clover Keeler
        Sire: FC/CNFC Northern Thunder's Rupert
        Dam:  Dansmirth's Bliss
        M / DOB 5/20/91
        Breeder:  Agnes Valkenberg
        Owner:  Franz Valkenberg
        Handler:  Dan Langhans

2nd -FC/AFC Nant-Lais Sting
        Sire:  EFC Rytex Racer od Craigfelin
        Dam: Housty Carmen
        M / DOB 7/20/91
        Breeder: Mr. A.J. Watkins
        O/H - Jeff Miller

3rd - Melchris Markdown Pennant, "Ready"
        Sire: FC/AFC Hiawatha Shooter
        Dam:  Lee's Kana' Ti
        Breeder:  David & Marie Hopkins
        M / DOB 10/3/95
        O:  Don Brunn & David Hopkins
        H:  Don Brunn

4th - Hawks View of Sunrise
        Sire: FC/AFC Pondviews Windy Acres Yankee
        Dam: Sunrise Hey Jude
        Breeder: Gary Wilson
        M / DOB 5/17/94
        O: Peter Cappelli
        H: Jim Cappelli