Results of SPRING 1999 ESS Field Trials
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Houston ESSC - Jan 29/30/31  1999
Jeff Miller, Tom Radde all age Judges, Robert & Renee Fink Puppy Judges. 
OPEN  All Age 68 Starters /  18 to 3rd
1st "Ready"  Denalisunflos Ready O/R.E.French H/Randy Curtis
2nd "Windy" Smoots Windy O/David Smoot H/Jim DeVoll
3rd "Radar"  FC Radar's Rooster Raiser O/Carol Smith H/Ken Willis
4th "Bingo" Troilus Danosbud Bingo O/Shirley Gurtler H/Tim DeGroff
AMATEUR All Age 45 Starters  /  14 to 3rd
1st "Bales" Bailey Sir Roberts O/H Doug Roberts
2nd "Dina" AFC Justamucs Dynmite O/H Robert Fink
3rd "Spruce" Tynalden Spruce O/H Richard Bornes
4th "March" Denalisunflos March O/H Tom Clark
PUPPY 20 Starters
1st "Jule"  DENALISUNFLOS JULY O/R.E.French H/Randy Curtis
2nd "Lass" STRONG'S LASS OF SUTHRON GLEN O/H George Keiller
3rd "Kix" PRIDE`N JOY'S JUST FOR KIX O/Julie Hogan H/Gary Wilson
4th "Clipper"  DENALISUNFLOS CLIPPER O/R.E.French H/David Lauber
Friday Rain, some mud, a little more rain, and a little extra mud. Sat, Just mud, Sun, a little less mud but sunny, mild, and a wonderful retreat for those in the snow belt
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Southeast Texas Trial - 2/4-6,1999 
Open and Amateur Judges  Al Wilson and Rob Barlow
Puppy  Judges  Mhari Peschel and Tim DeGroff 
OPEN  All Age   67 starters  -  20 to the 3rd series
1st  Door Creek Jake  "Jake" O/Chuck Nelson  H/ Dan Langhans
2nd  Bob's Taszmanian Devil    Kisha  O:  Robert and Stephen Ayres    H: Dan Langhans
3rd Denalisunflos TailerTailer  O:  R. E. French H: Jim DeVoll
4th  Sandcreek's Annies Abbey    Abbey O:  Kevin Drescow & Stacy Pomerantz     H:  Bill Boeckman
AMATEUR All Age    46 Starters  -  13 to the 3rd series
1st FC New Years Holly Holly O/H  Robert Murdock
2nd Royal's Tipper Tipper  O/H  Leaman Ames
3rd Tallgrass Torrey   Torrey  O/H Bob Murdock
4th Burcliff's Hobo  Hobo O/H  Cliff Hankins
PUPPY 17 starters
1st Sunrise Mattie    Mattie O/H Gary Wilson
2nd Dansmirth's Leader   Leader O: Marie Langhans   H:  Dan Langhans
3rd Burcliff's Bouncer II     Bouncer  O:  Alyssa and Cliff Hankins    H: Cliff Hankins
4th RB'S Dusty Dancer  O: Rich Collins and Betty Grant   H:  Jim DeVoll
We had nice weather all three days.  Friday and Saturday were a little warm for the cold weather dogs.  Sunday was much warmer - Even by our standards.  There was still alot of soft ground and mud.  Later, MB
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ESSCSC - So. Calf - 2/5-6/99
All Age Judges: Ron Carlson / Kerm Gillund / Apprentice: Steve Bender
Puppy Judges: Larry Buggeln / Charlie Mayo 
OPEN  25 Starters - 11 to 3rd.
1st CJ's West Wings Dex-Dex  H Cheryl Sligar O Cheryl & Jerry Sligar 
2nd Maggie of Pheasant Creek-Maggie  H Gary Breitbarth O Ron & Cindy Jones
3rd Classic Gem-Jessie  H Tim Osborne O Tim Osborne & Gene Tennis
4th FC Fetchfeathers Bandit-Bandit O/H Dick Vermazen
AMATEUR  23 Starters - 12 to 3rd.
1st Shannon's Butterbean-BB -  H:Renee Shannon O:Skip & Renee Shannon
2nd Birdrowe Buster (Ire)-Buster    H: Tim Ryan O: Tim Ryan
3rd CJ's West Wings Dex-Dex    H:Cheryl Sligar O:Cheryl & Jerry Sligar
4th CJ's West Wings April Promise-April   H: Jerry Sligar O Cheryl & Jerry Sligar
PUPPY  7 Starters  7 to 2nd
1st  Watch the Birdis-Flash  O/H Donald Nipper
2nd Hunterman's Mountain Buddy-Buddy    O/H John Boggs
3rd Drumbeat's Gusty Winds-Gus    H Mike Leonetti O Mike & April Leonetti
4th Maxwell Smart-Max    O/H Gary McNaught
ESS Club of Southern California held its 54th annual field trial in Porterville, CA.  Instead of our usual lush green cover, we had mainly dry grass, matted down by 6" of snow a week earlier.  Quite unusual.  We had vertical dry sticks throughout the course, and a few spots of sage bushes.  Despite worries to the contrary, we were able to hold the birds in the cover and saw some nice bird work on moving birds both days.   AND, we had no real 
rain!  (again unusual). We were very honored to have have Kermit join us and to see Ronnie Carlson back after some absence form the local trials.  And they had quite a competitive trial to judge with all 3rd series callbacks in contention. First place in both the Amateur and the Open went to women handlers!  They received large trophy cups for permanent possession!   LASHA awards, here we come! Diane Z.
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Western Washington ESSC Field Trial
Feb. 13-14, Ft. Lewis, WA
Judges Gary Breitbarth / Dave Johnson
OPEN  All Age 20 Start - 11 to 3rd
1st FC/AFC Benjamin Tom of Wintermoor - "Woody" - O/H: Bob Bullard
2nd Wildwind's Sailor - "Sailor" - O/H: Frank Moran
3rd Greenbriar Reckless - "Rex" - O/H: Janet Christensen
4th Zelotes Incurrere Phasianus - "Zip" - O: Larry Zieman/H: Rob Barlow
AMATEUR All Age 26 Start - 10 to 3rd
1st  Yankee Creek Skykomish Sport - "Sky" - O/H: Dominique Savoie
2nd FC/AFC Benjamin Tom of Wintermoor - "Woody" - O/H: Bob Bullard
3rd Greenbriar Reckless - "Rex" -  O/H: Janert Christensen
4th CNFC/AFC Blackriver's Keno - "Keno" -  O/H: Jeff Miller
PUPPY 5 Starters
1st Don's Ginger Snap of Danville - "Snap" -  O/H: Don Giddens
2nd Whitewaters Pizazz of Brickburn - "Pizazz" - O/H: Rob Barlow
3rd Maggie McGwyre - "Maggie" -  O/H: Dale Luther
4th Whitewaters Smooth Jazz - "Buddy" -  O: Kaye McCreedy/H: Rob Barlow
It was cool, damp, but not raining.  Scenting was good for trailing but the wind was swirling so body scenting wasn't consistently good.  J.M.
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Arrowhead ESSC -  2/20-21/99 - Porterville, CA.
All Age Judges Dean Reinke & Paul Kinney 
Puppy  Judges Wayne Kilpatrick & Don  Shannon
OPEN  All Age   26 starters   10 to 3rd
1st FC/AFC Rolling Oaks Alexis 'Alex' O:  Robert and Gale Child  H:  Bob Child
2nd FC/CFC Stonebroke's River Scout 'Scout'  O:  Keith McRae  H:  Rob Barlow
3rd Abigail Andrews Flushfeather 'Abbey'  O:  Terry and Laurie Andrews  H:  Terry Andrews
4th FC/CFC Whitewaters Jazztime 'Jazz'  O:  Robert & Shelley Barlow   H:  Rob Barlow
AMATEUR All Age  -   27 Starters,   22 to 2nd,   10 to 3rd.
1st FC/AFC Whirligig Shine 'Shine' O/H:  William E. Greer
2nd Shannons Paws' n Ivy 'Ivy' O:  Don & Renee Shannon  H:  Don Shannon
3rd Whitewaters West Coast Kidd  'Kidd'   O/H:  Ray Paolucci
4th Ditchbank's Miss Maggie 'Maggie' O:  Ed & Elinor McConnell H:  Ed McConnell
PUPPY 10 Starters
1st  Drumbeat Dynamic Rhythm 'Dyna' O:  Tony & Diane Zablit  H:  Diane Zablit
2nd  Stonebrokes Warrior Princess  O:  Tom & Lois Hooker  H:  Tom Hooker
3rd Whitewaters Smooth Jazz  O:  Kaye McCreedy  H:  Rob Barlow
4th Fetchfeather's Dancer O/H:  Richard M. Lane
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Stillwater Valley ESSC - March 6-7 - Waynesboro, OH. 
All Age Judges Chad Betts / Bob Fink
OPEN  All Age / 52 Entries - 17 to 3rd
1st Colskin Lord  "Collin"  O/H  Ron Smith
2nd Sunrise Scout  "Scout"  O/James Boone   H/Jeff Brooks
3rd AFC Fieldbourn's Ruger  "Tigger" O/Dean Reinke & Cathy Lewis H/Dean Reinke
4th Ellwood's Jackson Creek Blade "Blade" O/Gary Schlafer  H/Ken Willis
AMATEUR All Age 51 Starters / 42 to 2nd /  16 to 3rd
1st  Denalisunflos March, "March" O/Tom & Carol Clark H/ Tom Clark
2nd Turtlecreek Lady, "Lady" O/H Mark Hagenauer
3rd  Sunrise Run Forest Run, "Gump" O/R. Gasper & D. Miller H/Doug Miller
4th Royal's Assistant Coach, "Luther"  O/H  Lea Ames
PUPPY  Judges Mark Hagenauer / Kathy Nestor / 25 entries
1st Royal's Reno O/Steve & Angie Gorrell H/Steve Gorrell
2nd  Pride 'N Joy's Just for Kix  O/Julie Hogan  H/Gary Wilson
3rd  Ivanhoe's Black-eyed Susan O/H Bill Cosgrove
4th Field's Edge Black Watch O/Dean Reinke & Cathy Lewis H/Cathy Lewis
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Tamarin  - 3/6-7/99 - Judges:  Mark Tholen and Curtis Watson
OPEN  All Age, 25 starters, 9 dogs to the 3rd.
1st Maggie of Pheasant Creek, O/ Ron & Cindy Jones, H/ Gary Breitbarth
2nd  CNFC AFC Blackriver's Keno, O/H Jeff Miller
3rd FC CFC Whitewaters Jazztime, O/H  Robert Barlow
4th  Bubba's Cody of Saighton, O/ Charleen & Don O'Connell, H/Jim Devoll
AMATEUR All Age 22 starters, 11 dogs to the 3rd
1st Shannon's Butterbean, o/h Renee Shannon
2nd FC AFC Hell on Wheels, o/h Steve Bender
3rd Don's Button of Danville, o/h Don Giddens
4th FC AFC Nant Lais Sting, o/h Jeff Miller
PUPPY 5 starters
1st  STRONGS LASS OF SUTHRON GLEN  O/George Kieller H/David Jones
2nd  Superscuds Samson, owner: Lloyd Fallin, handler Jim Devoll
3rd Watch the Birdie, o/h Don Nipper
4th Don's Ginger Snap of Danville, o/h Don Giddens
Temperatures in the low 50's, good scenting, good gunning, adequate birds for the spring, marginal cover for the 1st and 2nd series, spectacular cover for the 3rd.  -  J.M. 
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Mar-13/14-Snake River - Judges Janet Christensen, Oregon  Mike Shefford, United Kingdom.
OPEN  All Age 19 starters, 15 2nd, 10 to 3rd
1st Wildwind's Sailor, o/h Frank Moran
2nd Yankee Creek Skykomish Sport, o/h Dominique Savoie
3rd Birdrowe Buster, o/h Tim Ryan
4th Fleetwood's Jumping Jack Flash, o/h Gary Hanvey
AMATEUR All Age 18 starters, 13 2nd, 10 to 3rd
1st Wildwind's Sailor, o/h Frank Moran
2nd Yankee Creek Mountain View Sailor, o/h Dominique Savoie
3rd FC AFC Benjamin Tom of Wintermoor, o/h Bob Bullard
4th  CFC Skaar's Whitlock's Warlock, o/h John Wright
PUPPY 3 Starters
1st Fleetwood's Jumping Jack Flash o/h Gary Hanvey
2nd  Fallen Wing's Maggie McGwyre,  o/h Dale Luther
3rd Rolling Oaks Sweet Aroma,  owner Curtis Watson, handler Robert Childs
Best Unsteady Puppy   =  Whisk-Kevin Holcomb
Birds were excellent, cover was a mixture of sage brush and chaparel type cover, strong winds and poor scenting, alot of passed birds and retreiving problems.  J.M.
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Cocker Spaniel Field Trial Club 
March 13 / 14 at Dyson Orchards NY
Open and Amateur Judges Keath Woods and Bill Gates 
OPEN  All Age  25  staters 
1st Shimmering Aries, o/h V.Akkouris
2nd High Plains Cody  O/Gregory Lawn H/Ralp Botti
3rd AFC Hwthome AA Low Brass o/h Chuck Urland 
4th  Joy Spring Jaco o/h Bill English
1st First Blaze of Pine Ridge o/h Roy Hart 
2nd CFC Denalisunflo Scraps o/h Esther Faraci
3rd Drimfield Atherna o/h Steven Tznis 
4th Surf Starshot o/h Paul Van Houton
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Ohio Valley ESSFT  March 20-21, Buckeye Game Club, Columbus, OH
Open & Amat. Judges   Alex Smith & Fred St. Clair
OPEN  All Age: 37 Entries with 17 dogs returning for the 3rd
1st Radar's Rooster Raiser(Radar) - O/Carl Smith - H/Ken Willis
2nd Ashcroft's Sir Coach Junior (JR) O/Lea Ames - H/Ben Martin
3rd Gleanngillens' Flying Tiger (Tiger) O/H Russ Smith
4th Ellwood's Jackson Creek Blade (Blade) O/Gary Schlafer - H/Ken Willis
AMATEUR All Age  42 Starters with 13 returning for the 3rd
1st Thorn Hill Rook (Rook) O/H Dr. Francis (Brud) Prock
2nd Loyals Magic Merlin (Mike) O/ Amy & Paul Haering - H/ Paul Haering
3rd  Cedar Creek Bing (Bing) O/ Gerry & Bob Sommer - H/ Bob Sommer
4th Fredonna's Willy Make It (Willy) O/H Dick Taylor
PUPPY Judges: Art Rodger & Bob Sommer    25 Starters
1st Sunrise Skye -  O/ Debbie & David Cottman - H/ David Cottman
2nd Pride & Joy's Just for Kix - O/Julie Hogan - H/Gary Wilson
3rd Field's Edge Black Watch - O/Lewis & Reinke - H- Dean Reinke
4th Turtlecreek Mickey  -  O/H Monty Kayes
The weather was very good (really got chilly and windy on Sunday afternoon) and the dogs were just great on Saturday and Sunday.  The gallery was always quite full and the handlers were arriving at the line on time..It went realy well.   The Big Saturday night Seafood cookout was once again a rousing success.  Everything made for a couple of nice days of field trialing. Carol Cramer 
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Green Valley Springer Spaniel Club FT near Santa Nella, CA.
All-Age Judges: Rob Barlow, OR and Mark Haglin, MN.  March 20-21.
OPEN  All Age  (21 starters, 6 to the 3rd series)
1st  FC AFC Whirligig Shine - "Shine" 
 (FC AFC CNFC Pel-Tan Roly x FC AFC Rena's Carousel)  O/H:  Bill Greer
2nd Abigail Andrews Flushfeather - "Abbey" 
     (FC AFC CNFC Pel-Tan Roly x Shawn's Saighton Sadie) 
      O: Terry and Laurie Andrews      H:  Terry Andrews
3rd  FC Fetchfeathers Bandit - "Bandit" 
       (Fetchfeathers Seatide Snap x Featherfeathers Gena) 
        O/H:  Dick Vermazen
4th No 4th place was awarded 
AMATEUR All Age;  27 starters, 7 to the 3rd
1st Sunrise Drumbeat Spencer - "Spencer" 
            (FC, AFC Pondview's Windy Acres Yankee x Sunrise Hey Jude) 
            O:  Diane and Tony Zablit  H:  Tony Zablit
2nd Abigail Andrews Flushfeather - "Abbey" 
            (FC AFC CFNC Pel-Tan Roly x Shawn's Saighton Sadie) 
            O:  Terry and Laurie Andrews   H:  Terry Andrews
3rd  Maggie of Pheasant Creek - "Maggie" 
                (Silver Bullet of Pineshadow x Pineshadows Yamaha Blaster) 
            O:  Ron and Cindy Jones   H:  Ron Jones
4th   Citation Jacques - "Jack" 
                (Citation Charlie x Citation Sunshine) 
            O/H:  Larry Lawrence
1st   Watch the Birdie - "Flash" 
(FC Denalisunflos Ring x Pride & Joy's Lady Luck JH) O/H: Don Nipper
2nd   Don's Ginger Snap of Danville - "Snap" 
  (FC Denalisunflos Jolly x FC AFC Don's Ginger of Danville) 
  O: Don and Donna Giddens  H:  Don Giddens
3rd  Drumbeat Dynamic Rhythm - "Dyna" 
 (FC AFC Surefire Major Winston x Pretty Lady Tory) 
 O:  Diane and Tony Zablit    H:  Diane Zablit
4th Maxwell Smart - "Max" 
(Cscade's Rocketeer x Grouse Wings Sassy-Su)  O/H:  Gary McNaught
Saturday was cool (mid-50s) and breezy most of the day.  The threat of rain did not materialize.  Cover was natural grasses with some sections of very thick tulles.  Birds flew well, but many birds were left in the thicker patches, or burrowed under beaten down dried grass.  Shooting was excellent. Diane Zablit
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Oklahoma FT held March 18-19 in Hutchinson, KS.
All Age Judges:  Cindy Goode & Ralph Marsh.
OPEN  All Age  49 entries, 45 starters, 30 to 2nd series, 13 to 3rd
1st  FC AFC New Years Holly  O: Bob Murdock  H: Chad Betts
2nd Denalisunflos Jumper    O: R E French   H: Randy Curtis
3rd  Ellwood's Jackson Creek Blade  O: Gary Schlafer  H: Ken Willis
4th Sand Creek's Comet Hailey  O: Gregg Stans    H: Bill Boeckman
AMATEUR All Age 53 entries, 51 starters, 35 to 2nd, 12 to 3rd 
1st  Ashcrofts Marshal Earp   O/H: David Scott
2nd  Doorcreek Jake  O: Pat Nelson    H: Chuck Nelson
3rd FC AFC CFC Tridon Orion Ms American Pie  O/H: Don Bramwell
4th Kane's Bluffcreek Annie's Song    O/H: Steve Kane
PUPPY Judges:  Al Wilson & Ray Paolucci.  20 entries, 19 starters 
1st Pine Shadows Chase      O/H: Morgan Haglin
2nd Burcliff's Bouncer  O: Cliff & Alyssa Hankins  H: Cliff Hankins
3rd  High Plains Marshall    O: Mark Brookshire  H: Barney Zeigler
4th Brackenbuster Newt      O: Kelley Hughes   H: Eric Adams
Results; Thank You Pat Bramwell 
From Cindy Goode; 
   Oklahoma field trial, the 1st day started out with the perfect  field trial conditions. The weather was cool, it had rained the night before, the cover was great.  The 1st series of  the open  the first two dogs got their two birds and did a good job, with no problems, then  scenting went way down, (what happened?) and the rest of  the day was the same way, poor scenting. But as it always goes, there are always a few dogs that make it look easy, and just come up  and find their  birds and do a great job. 
   For the Amateur the field was changed, due to rain and muddy roads. The cover was not as heavy but the weather was still cool. The dogs were feeling very good about themselves and the scenting was still up and down, poor some times and good other times.  But as always, there are those few dogs that just come up and say 'look at me'. We had several dogs that broke, or just was running very big, I think a lot of these dog got frantic due to the poor scenting and light cover and cool weather.  Several of these dogs ran both days. 
   The one thing that I think will never change and that is the people. We all meet a lot of people every day of our lives and I just have never meet so many nice people, as in the field trial world. We all love our dogs and we just want everyone else to love them too. But if it is not that dogs day then so be it. The field trial people are still happy  for those that had a good day.
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KANSAS March 20-21 in Hutchinson, KS. 
We used chukars and pheasants throughout all series.
All Age Judges:  Kevin Martineau & Paul Harris
OPEN  All Age  50 entries, 48 starters, 35 to 2nd, 13 to 3rd
1st Denalisunflos Drive   O: R E French    H: Tim DeGroff
2nd FC AFC Dansmirths Lindsey Kidd   O/H: Tim Lindsey
3rd AFC Tridon Spontaneus Combustion  O: Pat Bramwell  H: Martin Bell
4th  Star of Hannah at Cresset  O: Phil & Betty Somers  H: Mark Hairfield
AMATEUR All Age  56 entries, 51 starters, 31 to 2nd, 10 to 3rd
1st Whitewaters West Coast Kidd  O/H: Ray Paolucci
2nd Ashcrofts Sundance, SH  O/H: Kathy Lindsey
3rd Tridon Shanendoah   O/H: Don Bramwell
4th Halaze Drummer of Saradynpark  O: Robert Clayton  H: Cowen Clayton 
(Cowen is 11 yrs old!)
PUPPY  Judges:  Gary McDonald & Phil Somers  20 entries, 17 starters
1st Denalisunflos Clipper  O: R E French   H: David Lauber
2nd High Plains Marshall  O: Mark Brookshire  H: Barney Zeigler
3rd  Pine Shadows Chase   O/H: Morgan Haglin
4th Denalisunflos Rio   O: R E French   H: David Lauber
Thank You Pat Bramwell for the results. 
From  Kevin Martineau; After two days of bad weather and poor scenting at the NE Oklahoma Trial, everyone including the dogs were ready for the beautiful spring weather and good scenting at the Kansas Trial. With so many dogs frustrated by the poor scenting at the OK trial, the good scenting at the KS trial was the undoing of many a dog. The dogs were excited by the good scenting, so much so that so many dogs broke at this trial it probably set a record. By the end of the second over half of the 100 plus dogs that started this trial had eliminated themselves. I believe the good scenting and the Chukars were the cause. Many of the dogs entered had never seen a Chukar before, as  the little birds flush many will momentarily hover just off the dogs nose causing the dogs to make one last lunge at them. If they do not catch them it is off to the races and better luck next time. Chukars will also air wash when they fly, causing them to give off little scent after they have been downed by the guns. Dogs that rely on just using scent to make the retrieve can find themselves in trouble.  In spite of the hazards of this trial both the winner of the Amateur and the Open put on some very nice performances. Kidd handled by Ray Paolucci was very exciting to watch throughout the trial, he was the judges top Amateur dog going into to the third and did not let them down  at show time. Kidd is a great bird finder and is very capable at making long retrieves. Teaser handled by Tim DeGroff entered the third battling a few other dogs for first place, through consistency and solid team work she won the day.
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 3/27-28 - Monroe Wisc WATKC Field Trial 
Judges Pete Andersen & Mark Hairfield
OPEN  All Age  37 Starters;  12 to the 3rd
1st FC Denalisunflo's Tailer  O:  R.E. French   H:  Jim Devoll
2nd AFC Triple Ridge Best Bet  O:  George & Arlene Reichert  H:  George Reichert
3rd Jazz's Royal Stone  O:  Greg Kane  H:  Jason Givens
4th Briarfield's Mischievious Maddie  O:  Bill & Joanne Pierson  H:  Dan Langhans
AMATEUR All Age  53 Starters; 14 to 3rd Series
1st Da-Lyn's Ruby  O:  Dave & Lynn Domek   H:  Dave Domek
2nd  On the Mark  O/H:  John Hall
3rd Doubletree's Double Down  O/H:  Tom Menzel
4th AFC CFC Welshwood's Oxford  O/H:  Roger Doliff
PUPPY Judges: John Lindsay & Tom Menzel  22 Starters
Marshal: "Q", The Omnipotent
1st Ketchum the Idaho Truck Dog  O:  Lynn & Joan Peterson   H:  Mark Haglin
2nd Geno-Jay Le Roi   O:  Eugene Johnson, MD   H:  Eric Adams
3rd  Dansmirth's National Forest    O/H:  Bob Krause
4th Dansmirth's Leader    O:  Marie Langhans   H:  Dan Langhans
From, Debbie Schoene; Once again, the West Allis Training Kennel Club hosted a fine trial in Monroe, Wisconsin.  These grounds always provide a terrific backdrop against which to see some fantastic bird work.....long courses over rolling gound, covered with brome grass.  Saturday was the kind of day trialers yearn for......sunny, temps in the high 40's, a brisk wind.  Sunday started out as  the kind of day trialers *usually* get....a strong cold wind whipping rain sideways!  However, the skies cleared by early afternoon and the day finished on a high note, especially for the following participants.
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Utah SSC Field Trial - 3/26-27
Judges Tim Osborne from California and Elmer Kasperson from Minnesota.
OPEN  All Age 23 starters, 22 to the second, 12 to the third.
1st FC/AFC Whitewaters Windryden Sprite   O/H Shelley Barlow
2nd Birdrowe Buster   O/H Tim Ryan
3rd FC/AFC Whitewater's Jazztime   O/H Rob Barlow
4th FC/AFC Rolling Oaks High Chaparrel  O/H Robert Child
AMATEUR   22 starters, 16 to 2nd, 11 to 3rd
1st Abigail Andrews Flushfeather O/H Terry Andrews (made a champion)
2nd Jordan Valley's Rockne O/H Rob Aravich
3rd Jordan Valley Misty O/H Byron Christensen
4th Denalisunflos Senorita O/H Mark Matthiesen
PUPPY 5 Starters
1st Salty Shores Sir Greenfield O/H Gary Fluckiger
2nd Whitewaters Smooth Jazz O/Kay McCreedy H/Rob Barlow
3rd Whitewaters Pizazz of Brickburn O/H Rob Barlow
4th Don's Ginger Snap of Danville  O/H Don Giddens
From  Cheryl Sligar:  The Open was overcast and windy, about 56 degress.  Cover was a mixture of knee high crested wheat grass and various weeds and some sage bushes.  Scenting was not consistent, almost changing from bird to bird. 
Amateur All Age started out very windy and cold, and continued the same for the most of the day.  The sun came out every once in a while, but the wind was consistently blowing and scenting was much better throughout the trial.
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Valley Forge  -  3/20-21 
Judges Doug Miller/Robert Ryan
OPEN  All Age   26 entered
1st Parker Sir Roberts  Owner:Doug & Malinda Roberts  Handler: Dan Langhans
2nd  Dansmirth's Lady Di,  Owner:Marie Langhans Handler: Dan Langhans
3rd  Sunrise Scou,  Owner:James Boone  Handler:Jeff Brooks
4th FC/AFC Valleyview's Buddy of Ru-Char,   Owner:Ralph & Susan Botti Handler: Ralph Botti
AMATEUR All Age 35 entered
1st  AFC Raintree Lazarus  O/H:Ed Faraci
2nd Bailey Sir Roberts  O/H:Doug Roberts
3rd FC/AFC Valleyview Robbie  O/H:Dr. Roger Schenone
4th FC/AFC Crosswinds King Kong  O/H: Kevin Battistoni
   Puppy Judges:    Tom Aunkst/Jim Cappelli
1st  Pride 'N Joy's Field Gryphon   O/H Jeff Kitson
2nd Bette    Owner:   Col.Ray Constabile, Ret.
3rd   Ivanhoe's Mist Over D'Nalru, JH     O/H: Chuck Urland
4th Peachdale's Barrelin' Badger  O/H: Scott Hoover
Thanks Roxanne Poray
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ESSFTC of Illinois  Thursday,  4/1  Joliet, IL. 
Judges Jeff Brooks  and Kevin Martineau 
OPEN  All Age 
1st Briarfield's Mischievious Maddie (Maddie) O:  Bill & Joanne Pierson  H:  Dan Langhans
2nd  Brandy's Big Ben (Ben)  O:  Leaman Ames  H:  Ben Martin
3rd AFC Fieldbourn's Ruger (Tigger) O:  Dean Reinke & Cathy Lewis  H:  Dean Reinke
4th FC Denalisunflo's Tailer (Tailer) B/O:  R.E. French  H:  Jim DeVoll
PUPPY  - Judges Nancy Standish & Tom Schoene
1st Autumn Breeze IV (Bree) O:  Emil & Deb Salmons  H:  Emil Salmons
2nd Field's Edge Black Watch (Piper)  O:  Dean Reinke & Cathy Lewis  H:  Dean Reinke
3rd   RB's Dusty Dancer (Dancer)  O:  Rich Collins & Betty Grant   H:  Jim DeVoll
4th Rives Shrinking Violet (Violet)  O:  Carol & Tom Clark  H:  Ben Martin
Thanks to  Cathy Lewis for the results
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Sportsmen's Spaniel Club of IL - 4/2-3/99  Joliet Il
Judges - Jim Capelli and Roy Hopkins 
OPEN  All Age 48 starters, 38 to the 2nd, 17 to the 3rd series
1st  Melchris Markdown Pennant (Ready)  O:  Don Brunn & David Hopkins  H:  Don Brunn
2nd FC/CFC Parker Sir Roberts (Parker)  O:  Doug Roberts  H:  Dan Langhans
3rd  Dansmirth's Lady Di (Di)  O:  Marie Langhans  H:  Dan Langhans
4th Sand Creek's Bailey (Bailey)  O:  Dan Jochum  H:  Bill Boeckman
AMATEUR All Age 45 starters, 35 to the 2nd, 13 to the 3rd series
1st Bailey Sir Roberts (Bales) O:  Doug & Malinda Roberts  H:  Doug Roberts
2nd Pirate's Double Gun (Parker)  O:  Ron & Barb Beilfuss   H:  Ron Beilfuss
3rd South Hamlin Abigail (Abbey)       O/H:  Ron Charles
4th  Sunrise Run Forest Run (Gump)  O:  Robert Gasper & Doug Miller  H:  Doug Miller
PUPPY Judges Ron Smith & Roger Doliff, 31 starters
1st  Pine Shadows Chase  O/H:  Morgan Haglin
2nd Pride 'N Joy's Better 'N' Better (Bette)  O:  Col. Ray Costabile   H:  Jeff Brooks
3rd Peachdale's Barrelin Badger (Badger)  O:  Scott Hoover  H:  Jeff Brooks
4th  Field's Edge Black Watch (Piper)  O:  Dean Reinke & Cathy Lewis   H:  Cathy Lewis
Thanks to  Cathy Lewis for the results
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Minn ESSC - 4/10--11  Judges  Judges: Jack Markowski and Ken Willis 
OPEN  All Age   40 Starters, 29 back for the second and 10 in the third series. 
1st AFC Fieldbourn's Ruger "Tigger"     O: Dean Reinke/Catherine Lewis  H: Dean Reinke
2nd Jazz's Royal Stone "Stoney"   O: Greg Kane  H: Jason Givens 
3rd Gleaner of the Field "Gleaner"  O: Joe Utoft  H: Mark Haglin 
4th Door Creek Jake "Jake"  O: Pat Nelson  H: Chuck Nelson 
AMATEUR All Age    46 Starters, 36 back for the second and 11 in the third 
1st Sand Creek's Zydeco Zoe "Zoe"  O/H: Bruce Steward 
2nd Lighthouse's High Brass "Ruger"    O/H: Ron Kriehn 
3rd AFC Fields Edge Silhoutte "Woody"   O/H: Peter Andersen 
4th Cassies Absolute Harley "Harley"   O/H: Chuck Nelson 
PUPPY   Judges: Morgan Haglin & Chuck Nelson    18 Starters 
1st  Lighthouse Ice Dancer "Dani"  O: Kathryn & Brian Sonier   H: Jason Givens 
2nd Rock River Second Strike "Flint"  O: Mille & Dona Voss   H: Jeff Schwartz 
3rd Pine Ridge Macy "Macy"   O: Pamela Meier   H: Greg Meier
4th Sweet Cal O'Mine "Callie"   O: Frank & Jill Duffy   H: Bill Boeckman 
From: RICHARD NICHOLS <>   The Minnesota English Springer Spaniel Club held their Spring 99 field trial at Major Avenue Hunt Club on April 10 & 11. The weather was cool and damp all week-end with driving rain on Saturday. Tall switch grass combined with the weather made tough conditions for all.  We were very lucky to get Ken Willis to fill in for Mike Wallace who was forced to cancel due to a family illness. Special thanks to our judges, Field Trial Chairman Craig Nordstrom, Field Trial Secretary Jerry Wojtowicz and all the people who pitched in and made the trial a success! 
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Eastern Nebraska  - 4/9-10-11 - Judges Billy Jo Hopkins & John Hall
OPEN  All Age  51 entries, 49 started, 42 to 2nd, 17 to 3rd 
1st FC Royals Assisant Coach  O/H: Lea Ames
2nd FC AFC CFC Tridon Orion Ms American Pie  O/H: Don Bramwell
3rd FC CFC Parker Sir Roberts  O: Doug & Melinda Roberts  H: Dan Langhans
4th Cody Redding  O: David REdding  H: Mark Hairfield
AMATEUR All Age 37 entries, 35 starters, 25 to 2nd, 11 to 3rd
1st Sun Rise Run Forest Run  O: Doug Miller & Bob Gasper H: Doug Miller. 
2nd  Cedarcreek Bing  O: Bob & Gerry Sommer  H: Bob Sommer
3rd AFC Dansmirth Cody  O: Bob & Carolyn Curl  H: Bob Curl
4th  "Pie" O/H: Don Bramwell
PUPPY Judges Don Bramwell & Harry Capadanno  22 entreis, 3 scratches
1st Denalisunflos September  O: R E French  H: David Lauber
2nd Dansmirths Leader  O: Marie Langhans  H: Dan Langhans
3rd  Denalisunflos July  O: R E French  H: Randy Curtis
4th  RBs Dusty Dancer  O: Rich Collins & Betty Grant H: Jim DeVoll
What can one say about the weather in Nebraska at this time of year except WIND & more wind - especially when the trial grounds are on top of a very tall hill (not a mt.)   Pat B.
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Euclid- Mar-27/28  Pat Perry/Paul Harris
OPEN  All Age 
1st  High Plains Gust-o-Wind (Gus) Owner:  Mark Brookshire  Handler:  Barney Zeigler
2nd Ellwood's Jackson Creek Blad (Blade) Owner:  Gary Schlafer  Handler:  Ken Willis
3rd FC NAFC CFC Ivanhoe's Irish Twist (Whitey) Owner/Handler:  BIll Cosgrove
4th Smut Owner:  Col Ray Costible Ret   Handler:  Jeff Brooks
1st  Speed Owner/Handler:  Russ Smith
2nd Turtlecreek Max II (Max) Owner/Handler:  Bob Bertoncini
3rd Justamuc's Wildfire Owner/Handler:  Nancy Standish
4th  Thornhill Rook (Rookie)  Owner/Handler:  Brud Prock
1st Pride'N Joy's Just for Kix (Kix) Owner:  Julie Hogan    Handler:  Gary Wilson
2nd Peachdale's Barrelin Badger (Badger) Owner:  Scott Hoover   Handler:  Jeff Brooks
3rd Sunrise Mattie (Mattie) Owner:  Richard Domo   Handler:  Gary Wilson
4th Kaygee's Elmino Al (Al) Owner/Handler:  Al Ringenberg
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Minn Heartland, Redwood Falls Minn - 4/17-18 - Gary Wilson / David Domek
OPEN  All Age 59 starters, 51 to 2nd,  16 to 3rd
1st Sand Creek's Sarsparilla O/Dennis DuErr H/Bill Boeckman
2nd FC/AFC Door Creeks Megan O/H Chuck Nelson
3rd Bob's Tazmanian Devil O/Marie Langhans H/ Dan Langhans
4th Bubba's Cody of Saighton O/Don&Charleen O'Connell H/Jim DeVoll
AMATEUR All Age 50 starters, 43 to 2nd,  16 to third
1st Nord's Wild Sage O/H Craig Nordstrom
2nd AFC Raintrees Sea Pirate O/Ron & Barb Beilfuss H/ Ron Beilfuss
3rd Lighthouse Chocolate Chips O/H Dave Smith
4th AFC Maesydderwen Piccador O/H Roger Dolliff
PUPPY 29 starters Judges Roger Sturdevant Mark Victor
1st Lighthouse Ice Dancer O/Brian & Kathryn Sonier H/Jason Givens
2nd Denalisunflos July O/RE French H/Randy Curtis
3rd Denalisunflos Socket O/RD French H/Randy Curtis
4th Dansmirth's Lexus O/Marie Langhans H/Dan Langhans
It was a busy weekend with a lot of dogs and some interesting MN weather.  We had snow on Friday for training.  The snow plows were actually out.  Saturday was better with no moisture, cool temps, windy, mostly cloudy with sun showing through occasionally.  The day began at 7am and went to 7pm with no breaks for the judges.  The All Age Judges had super endurance and kept their humor through the day.  Sunday was a much nicer day with sunshine and temps in the 50's.  We finished the day about 7pm. Thanks to everyone who attended and especially all those who helped work to make this trial run smooth. 
Sue Nelson  Field Trial Secretary
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 Ensglish Springer Spaniel Association of Western New York
4/24-25/1999 Judges Danny Lussen and Mark Lemmers 
OPEN  All Age  43 entries/41 starters/32 to the second/12 to the third
1st Sunrise Austin City Limits (Austin)(FC Sunrise Brutus/Raptor's Roost Rosie) 
B: Gary Wilson  O: James Boome H: Jeff Brooks
2nd FC Radar's Rooster Raiser (Radar)(Reward's Wilfred High Hopes/Amanda Mae Birdwise) 
B: Roger Crum  O: Carl Smith  H: Ken Willis
3rd Joy Spring Jaco (Jaco) (NFC/AFC KB's Sir Coach/Dansmirth's Bit A Con) 
           Breeder: Marie Langhans  O/H: Bill English
4th Mountain Evans Rave (Rave) (FC/AFC Raptor's Roost Druid/AFC Arden's Multiflora Rose) 
            Breeder: Keath Wood   O/H: Casey Sajdak
AMATEUR All Age 46 entries/44 starters/35 to the second/13 to the third
1st  Mountain Evans Rave (Rave)(FC/AFC Raptor's Roost Druid/AFC Arden's Multiflora Rose) 
            Breeder: Keath Wood  O/H: Casey Sajdak
2nd  Fallen Wings Buster Brown (Buster)(RyTex Racer of Craig Felin/Top Crest Midi) 
           Breeder: Mrs J Gwynne     O/H: Richard Siciliano
3rd Turtlecreek Marker (Marker)   (Turtlecreek Smoke/Turtlecreek Samantha) 
           Breeder: Michael Pryne   O/H Monty Kayes
4th AFC/CFC Bimidan's Slick Robin (Robin) (CFC Bimidan's Rex/CFC Bimidan's Delta Flair) 
           Breeder: Mel Wolfe    O/H Mel Wolfe
PUPPY  Judges Roxane Poray and Wray Upper   24 entries/23 starters
1st  Pride'N Joy's Just For Kix (Kix) (FC/AFC/CFC Pride'N Joy's Sunrise Zoomer,CD/Sunrise GW's Amantha, SH) B: Julie Hogan & Gary Wilson  O: Julie Hogan  H: Gary Wilson
2nd Peachdale's Barrelin' Badger (Badger) (NAFC/FC/AFC/CFC Ivanhoe's Irish Twist/Ivanhoe's Magic of Peachdale,SH)  B: William Cosgrove   O: Scott Hoover  H: Jeff Brooks
3rd  California Dreamin' (Cal)     (FC Sunrise Hey Dude/Sunrise Reba) 
B: Gary Wilson   O: Scott Schillig   H: Gary Wilson
4th Autumn Morning Frost (Frosty)  (NFC Denalisunflo's Ring/Misty Autumn Joy) 
B: Ron Medina   O: Mike & Bonnie Fotia   H: Ken Willis 
From:  Roxanne Poray  (Thanks)
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Northern Minn ESSC- 4/23-25/1999 
 Judges Kevin Martineau (MN) and Dave Anderson (CA)
OPEN  All Age 41 Starters, 38 to the 2nd series, 14 to the 3rd.
1st Denalisunflo's Spring (FC Denalisunflo's Smokey X FC Denalisunflo's Tisa) 
      B:  R.E. French   O:  Same  H:  Randy Curtis 
2nd  Jazz's Royal Stone (FC, AFC Salmy's Zorro X FC Jae's Canadian Freestyle Jazz) 
       B:  Mark Zebley   O:  Greg Kane   H:  Jason Givens
3rd FC, AFC Door Creek Megan  (Dansmirth's Gunstock X Door Creek Sneaker) 
      B/O/H:  Chuck Nelson
4th Yankees Litl Rebble  ( FC, AFC Pondview's Windy Acres Yankee X Two Spot) 
       B:  Raymond Razzano   O/H:  David J. Lorenz
AMATEUR All Age   38 Starters, 23 to the 2nd, 10 to the 3rd
1st Pine Shadows Kodiak  (Pine Shadows Trigger X Denalisunflo's Susie) 
     B:  Mark Haglin   O/H:  Grant Haglin
2nd Skaar's Midwinter Bordeaux  (FTCH Breezy Point's Wenches Las X Skaar's Midwinter Maiden)  B:  Myra Bratrud    O/H:  Henry Ens
3rd Northern Thunder's Thunderbolt   (Northern Thunder's Bocephus X Northern Thunder's Kaw-liga)     B:  Kevin Martineau   O/H:  Joel Blatz
4th Bluff Creek's Cousin Vinnie (AFC Scotson Zac X NAFC, FC, CFC Kawes Bluff Creek Annie) 
     B/O/H:  Tom Meyer
PUPPY Judges Joel Blatz (MN) and Elmer Kasperson (MN)
1st Pine Shadows Chase  (Silver Bullet of Pine Shadows X Pine Shadows GW Teal) 
     B/O/H:  Morgan Haglin 
2nd  Denalisunflo's Socket  (FC Denalisunflo's Frosty X FC Denalisunflo's Tisa) 
      B:  R.E. French   O:  Same   H:  Randy Curtis
3rd  Deanlisunflo's Rio  (FC Denalisunflo's Frosty X FC Denalisunflo's Tisa) 
      B:  R.E. French   O:  Same  H:  Randy Curtis
4th West Wings' Pistol Pete  (FC, AFC Dansmirth's Lindsey Kidd X CJ's West Wings' April Promise)  B:  Jerry & Cheryl Sligar  O:  Tom & Debbie Schoene   H:  Tom Schoene
From: "Debbie Schoene" <> 
The Northern Minnesota English Springer Spaniel Club held its spring trial this weekend, April 24 & 25, at the Little Moran Hunting Club in Staples MN.  We had terrific gallery-weather both days...sunny and warm, tho Saturday was a bit  *too* warm for the dogs, especially given the lack of any discernable breeze as the day wore on.  (We field trialers are never the 3 little bears, it's either too cold, too hot, too windy, too wet, not enough wind, etc! ;-) )  The cover was a mixture of light grasses.  The Grossmans, owners and our hosts at the Hunt Club, did a great 
job providing lunches for all the hungry participants and served up an evening banquet of pheasant in a cream sauce delicately flavored with nutmeg.  NMESS club members deserve kudos for running an organized, enjoyable trial.
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Northern Colorado Springer Spaniel Club
April 24 & 25, 1999  Valhalla Hunt Club, Bennett Colorado 
Judges:  Bob Bullard and Barney Zeigler
OPEN  All Age  36 entries, 30 starters, 27 to the second, 14 to the third
1st  Clockburn Abra-cadabra  Buzz   O:  Mike Park  H:  Mark Hairfield
2nd  Jordan Valley Rockne     Rockne  O/H:  Rob Aravich
3rd Shadowbark Wind Dancing Abby        Abby   O/H:  Greg Johnson
4th Turtlecreek Chaps     H:  Jim DeVoll
AMATEUR All Age 32 entries, 31 starters, 20 to the second, 12 to the third
1st CFC Skaar's Whitlock Warlock   Shaman   O/H:  John Wright
2nd Shadowbark Wind Dancing Abby        Abby     O/H:   Greg Johnson
3rd Jordan Valley's Rockne        Rockne      O/H:  Rob Aravich
4th  Whitewaters West Coast Kidd         Kidd    O/H:  Ray Paolucci
PUPPY  Greg Johnson and Tim Newman  11entries 10 starters
1st RB's Dusty Dancer   O:  Rich Collins and Betty Grant     H:   Jim DeVoll 
2nd Greenfields Guinevere    O/H Skip Smith 
3rd Geno-Jay Le Roi O:  Eugene L. Johnson M.D.     H:  Eric Adams 
4th  Don's Ginger Snap of Danville   O/H Don Giddens 
Bob Fink Memorial Trophy for Best Amateur Dog and Handler Rapport;
Gary Peschel and Irish Clipper of Tarn ( Clipper)
From:    Gary and Mhari Peschel, Thanks!
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M. Headwater Montana - 5/1-2/99 - Judges Kerm Gillund and Danny West
OPEN  All Age 49 starters, 12 to third
1st  Capodanno's Nouvo Luna "Louie" O/ Harry  Capadano H/Jim DeVoll
2nd  Stonebroke's High Roller "Rusty" O/H Gene Deveraux
3rd  Rytex Raging "Dart"  O/ Philip and Betty Somers H/ Mark Hairfield
4th Phantomwoods Dragon Buster "Buster" O/ Rick Shively H/ Tim DeGroff 
AMATEUR All Age  28 starters, 10 to third
1st Skaar's Midwinter Beaujolais  "Calvin"  O/H Tom Bratrud
2nd  Fleetwoods Jumpin Jack Flash  "Jagger"  O/H Gary Hanvey
3rd Jordan Valley Misty  " Misty" O/H Byron Christensen
4th  Yankee Creek Mtnview Sailor  "Sailor"  Dominique Savoie
PUPPY Judges Dominique Savoie and Bryon Dunn   8 starters
1st Greenfields Guinevere "Gwinny" O/H Skip Smith
2nd Sweet Cal 'O'  Mine "Callie" O/ Frank and Jill Duffy H/ Bill Boeckman
3rd Don's Ginger Snap of Danville "Snap" O/H Don Giddens
4th Bessie Beetroot "Bess" O/H Bob Iverson
From Tim DeGroff, Thanks!
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Central Connecticut  Spaniel Club, Nod Brook Dog Training Area, 
Simsbury, Connecticut.  5/22/99
OPEN  All Age 28 dogs  -  Judges Dick Moore and Kathy Goddu
1st Tridon's Kansas Pride & Joy, Owner- Julie Hogan, Handler-Jeff Brooks
2nd Torringford's Quantum Leap,O/H Bernie Castellani
3rd Shimmering Aries Warrior,JH, Owner-George Akkouris,Handler-Vasilios Akkouris
4th FC-AFC Crosswinds King Kong, O/H Kevin Battistoni. 
PUPPY Judges Pat Perry and George Akkouris  5 dogs
1st Peachdale's Barrelin' Badger, Owner-Scott Hoover, Handler-Jeff Brooks
2nd Sandy's Hill Audacious Annie Owner-David and Barbara Granatir,Handler-Jeff Brooks
3rd none
4th none
Thanks to Scott Hoover for the results !!
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