Owner Breeder Handler Field Champion or Amateur Field Champion Parent Club Award


English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association (ESSFTA) - AKC Parent Club of the Breed

Awarded to the person who is the breeder, owner, and handler of a newly titled FC (Field
Champion) or AFC (Amateur Field Champion). Application form will be printed each year in
The Springer Spotlight.  For titles earning in 2011 by ESSFTA member the form is in the
Winter 2011.  Deadline for submission is January 31, 2012.
The following criteria applies to the above recognitions:

1.    Only titles earned while an ESSFTA member in good standing will be considered.
Application for membership does not constitute membership (please note that there may be
a waiting period of up to ninety days to complete the application process).

2.    If the dog is owned by more than one individual, only one needs to be a member of the ESSFTA.

4.    The award year is the calendar year, i.e., January 1 through December 31.

5.    Unless specifically noted, the National Awards Committee will verify titles with
AKC records and notify winners directly.

6.    Any disputes with respect to interpretation or application of the rules will be
referred to the Board of Governors for resolution. The Board’s decision will be final.
The above special recognition award is presented to dogs owned by ESSFTA members each
year. Unless otherwise specified, the titles applicable to each award must be earned
while the owner is an ESSFTA member.

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Send completed form to Alvin Eng, 4925 Charter Rd, Rocklin CA 95765
or Email  the information.

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