Dunnegan’s Blackberry Bramble “Briar” x James Gang’s Make it a Double Shot “Patron”

James Gang Kennels

Whelped 07/13/2018

Sire: Dunnegan’s Blackberry Bramble “Briar”

FC AFC Bricksclose Matchwood X FC AFC Buccleuch Thistle


Dam: James Gang’s Make it a Double Shot “Patron”

Cedar Boughs Ripshot “Ripper” MH x Glanhowy Sandy Girl “Meg” UK

Pedigree and Pictures on the website.


Pedigree says a lot for these pups.  These Dogs are very traditional British Gundogs in every respect.  If you are looking for a true gentleman's gundog or Field Trial/Hunt test competitor these pups have the genetic potential to exceed your expectations.  All of those pups should prove to be great gundogs and family pets.


For More Information Contact:

Dan James at 402-430-4707




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