Pheasant Feathers Firefly Lucy (Lucy) x Salmy’s Olympian of Olive Ridge (Victor)

1 female and 4 males puppies available.   They were whelped October 16, 2017  and will be able to go to their new home December 20, 2017 after eye CERF.


The puppies have been kept in our home and handled and played with on a daily basis.






Pheasant Feathers Firefly Lucy  (Lucy)

Lucy is a well built 48 lb springer with an exceptional temperament and she is very biddable. She easily adapts from hunting the ditches to big grassy fields of South Dakota, Lucy is content to sit beside you in a duck blind or at the dove field all day. Lucy has an exceptional nose and exhibits above average retrieving and marking abilities. OFA-hips good CERF-eye normal


Salmy’s Olympian of Olive Ridge (Victor)

NAFC, FC, AFC, CFC Stonington’s Expressway Marshal x FC, CFC Raintree’s Sugar Britches of Salmy

Victor is a fast and efficient hunter with an exceptional nose.  He adapts his hunting style by cover type from opening up in fields to staying close in the tight grouse woods of Michigan and Pennsylvania.  He has been hunted for the first three years of his life and is now excelling in field trials with amazing finds and the ability to handle some difficult situations with great biddability and obedience.  He has an athletic build at 45 lbs and adequate height/length without being clumsy.  It’s almost as if he glides through the cover with ease and when picking up scent attacks even the most brutal cover as a spaniel should.  He also has a great personality for home situations, socializing with other dogs, and is gentle with children.


Price: $1000.00


Contact: Gary Killiany


Phone: 440-371-8667

Location: Lagrange, Ohio

Not willing to ship

AFC Pheasant Feathers Black Onyx MH

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