Upland Meadows “Sadie” x Solid Rock’s Tommy Gun

Upland Meadows English Springer Spaniel

Upland Meadows “Sadie” x Solid Rock’s Tommy Gun

3 B/W Males Whelped 2/17/2018


Upland Meadows has three black & white male puppies available from our litter whelped on 2/17/2018. We held these pups back as we are keeping a male and female out of this litter and wanted an opportunity to work with them past 8-10 weeks in order to make our selections.

We are very happy with these pups. They are very balanced; cooperative yet with a lot of drive.  The pups are marking and using their nose well. They have a very quick pickup with a great mouth and delivery. They are strong natural retrievers. Most of the pups delivered directly to me from the start.

They are cooperative with a softer temperament consistent with the strong “UK” influence in their pedigree. If you are looking for a talented, cooperative hunting buddy or field trial competitor, these pups are great candidates.

The pups are currently $1,200 but pricing will increase as we begin to work them on birds.













Please contact mnspringerguy@gmail.com or call Brad at 763-221-2882 for more information or if you are interested in a pup. We ship anywhere in continental US.


Sunderland Sadie x Tommy pedigree


Contact Brad Sunderland @ 763-221-2882 or mnspringerguy@gmail.com

Website: www.uplandmeadows.wordpress.com/puppies

Facebook: www.facebook.com/uplandmeadowsspaniels/

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