Hellfire Gundogs – Fairmont Springs, Montana

Hellfire Field-bred English Springer Spaniel puppies are purpose bred out of  high quality sires and dams that demonstrate strong working ability on land and water.  We have been successfully shooting and breeding over the same line of dogs for 20 years, and are extremely proud of our excellent track record producing sound, smart, talented puppies for people of all experience levels.

In addition to being outstanding hunting companions and easy to live with family dogs, Hellfire puppies have also excelled in challenging performance venues, from field trials and hunts tests, to agility and obedience trials - even as celebrated Search and Rescue and medical detection dogs. 

As an accomplished AKC Breeder of Merit, we believe that "less is more" and limit ourselves to just two litters of very well bred field springers a year, always from fully health screened parents. Visit our website to learn more about our kennel, dogs and future breeding plans.


Angela Monaghan

Fairmont Hot Springs, Montana

406.533.5406 (text me, I am awful with voicemail)



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