Field Trial Roles

Field Trials rely on trained volunteers to help the event run smoothly and keep all participants and spectators safe.  When everyone steps in to help we ensure our sport's future.



Field Trial Committee The Field Trial Committee is responsible for all aspects of the event except the judging decisions.  

Marshal  The Field Marshal makes sure all participants are in the right place at the right time to help the trial run safely and smoothly.  In particular, he or she enforces all safety rules such as ensuring that everyone is dressed in blaze orange and is in a safe position whether participating in or observing the field trial.

Game Steward The Game Steward coordinates the purchase, delivery and care of  strong flying gamebirds for the field trial.  The Game Steward  ensures game is crated and available for the Bird Planter to use, handles the birds that were left over from  the trial.
Bird Planter Through various methods the Bird Planter releases game in the field. Although it is one of the dirtiest jobs at  a field trial it properly released birds allow the dogs to have good finds resulting in fewer birds used and a cost savings to the club.

Bird Basket The best seat in the house (besides the judge and the handler) at a field trial is that of the bird shagger.  The shagger walks directly behind the judge and handler in the field, and is then responsible for collecting the game and transporting it to the end of the course in the shag basket.  Carrying the shag basket for an entire field trial can mean walking many miles while carrying a basket that becomes heavy from all of the game - a great workout!

Judges Steward  Ensuring the judges are taken care of from their arrival until their departure is the goal for the Judges' Steward.  It may range from providing transportation during the weekend to bringing lunch to the Judges out in the field.


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