2x’s CNFTCh, FC, AFC Dawnsonlee Faithful to FC, AFC, CAFTCh Ivanhoe’s Irish Cream.


Ivanhoe Springer Spaniels  - An AKC Breeder of Merit

Inquiries invited on this Premiere breeding.

This repeat of Sam to Icky produced exceptional dogs in the first breeding. “Birdy”, biddable, sensible, sturdy & good looking was the norm.

Our dogs work a variety of game and both dogs are proven in the only arena that matters; Spaniel field trials.


Sire:  2x’s CNFC, FC, AFC Dawnsonlee Faithful

Out of: Beggarbush Taff of Pantfarm  X  Woodstorm Avril

Upon arriving from the U.K., Sam made a quick transition stateside and began winning in his first season; topping it off with the National Championship. He is described by owner/handler Jeff Miller as powerful and intense.






Dam:  FC, AFC, CAFTCh Ivanhoe’s Irish Cream



For More Information:

Owner: Bill Cosgrove
Location: Lebanon, OH
Phone: (513)850-9354
Website:  ivanhoespringerspaniels

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