Blue Mountain’s Chase “Chase” x Glenhestbeg Demi “Demi”

Irish Bloodlines to FTCH Skronedale Romulus and FTCH Whitehope Euro

5 Males and 3 Females available!  All black and white!

Whelped August 17, 2018


Sire: Blue Mountain's Chase "Chase"


Dam: Glenhestbeg Demi "Demi"



My name is Orville Williams and I am a dentist here in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. I am an upland game hunter and field trial enthusiast. I have owned and trialed national caliber German Shorthaired Pointers. My love for Springers goes back 30 years when I lived in St. Louis and owned a Springer called John. I have recently rekindled my fondness for the breed.

Demi is an Irish import while Ruby and Lola are females that I have bred before with excellent results. My goal is to blend together the best bloodlines available to produce competitive dogs that are not only bold and bird crazy but who are willing to work as a team. Most times these pups will be high energy animals and may only be suited for hunting or trial homes.

I have purposefully kept these pups passed the 8 week milestone to observe their potentials. Happy to report that all the pups are making game, hupping on command and retrieving to hand.

These pups are being offered at $1000. A non refundable deposit of $200 is required. Shipping costs from Asheville, NC , which would include vet costs and shipping crate could add another $500 to the bill. There will be a health guarantee with your purchase. 

Please feel free to call me at 828 713 9983. Leave me a message if I don’t answer right away since I may be seeing patients during the day. I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

My Email address is

Thanks for your interest in my Springers.


Demi’s Puppies

1. Berry (M)


2. August (M)


3. Gizmo (M)

4. Maverick (M)


5. Echo (M)


6. Angel (F)


7. Luna (F)


8. Halo (F)



9. Duke( M)


AJ is my first and best Springer ever. Bought him from Orville when he was a year old. He is a once in a life time dog. He does everything I ask of him and is the envy of all my hunting buddies. He is a full litter mate to Blue Mountain Chase.
-Ronnie Hare
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