FC AFC Raintree High Seas “Tiller” X Grouseridge Take Off Eh “Hoser”

Hoser puppies were born Christmas Eve Day 2018! They are all liver and white with a fair bit of white. The litter of 8 has two remaining girls and a boy available.






When not here at Lighthouse, Hoser lives with her family in the Milwaukee area as a house pet and hunting companion where she loves cleaning up after their two young children! She is a sweet dog who enjoys people and being petted.


Tiller is a very friendly male who loves birds. He lives with his owners Barb and Gunther in the Seattle area and is a house dog in addition to being a field trial competitor who has both his Open Field Championship as well as his Amateur Field Championship. He was chosen as a match to Hoser because of his easy going personality as well as his skills in the field. Both dogs are soft and loving though not fearful dogs and I would consider them average for a Springer in terms of energy level.


Both dog’s have a strong history of good hips in their background. Tiller and Hoser are both OFA Good for hip scores. Hoser is also PFK and Cone-rod Dystrophy clear in addition to her ECRN (eye registration) number. All of the puppies in this litter will have their eyes examined by a Veterinary Ophthalmologist from the University of Wisconsin-Madison before they go home.

Tiller x Hozer pedigree

Puppies will be 10 weeks old on March 4th and will be ready to go home around then. All puppies go home with Lighthouse Kennels full satisfaction guarantee. The goal of Lighthouse Kennels is to add people to our growing and happy family of Springer owners. We want you to be happy with your pup and with us.


Puppy price is $1500 which includes Wisconsin state sales tax. If you are interested in a puppy please let me know and then send in your deposit of $600.


Lighthouse Kennels

Cambria, WI 53923

Contact: Kaye Bennett (Primary Puppy Contact) at 920-207-8757

or Jason Givens at 920-629-6367

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