FC Whisky Rivers Tulip (Toot) X Goshen’s Down By the River (Dunkin)

Dob 7/4/2019

5 Liver and white females

2 black and white females

1 liver and white male

1 black and white male


Toot is a hard charger, good nose and excellent retriever.  As good as she is in the field she is even better in the house.  Toot never met a person she didn't like.  OFA: Excellent CERF: Normal

Dunkin is just starting field trials this past spring.  He had a 2nd and 4th place showings.  Dunkin is leggy 42lb, smooth running dog with a good nose and incredible retriever. He has become an excellent tracker.  He is a joy to watch in the field, he just flows and makes it look effortless.  He loves people and is always by my side.  OFA: Excellent  CERF: Normal



For More Information Contact:

Todd Stelzer at (715) 313-0503

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