Keller x Better litter born 05/24/2019

Better  puppies were born May 24th! There are 4 girls and 4 boys who are all strong and happy. They are liver and white and are very well marked, just gorgeous little pups.

The 4 Boys are above on the light colored background. The 4 Girls are below.


Keller x Better - Copy


Blue Towers Better Buddy - Better


This is Better’s first litter and she is being a good mama. She is a carefree, easy going dog who isn’t bothered by much of anything so having her first litter was just not a big deal to her! She was very easy to train, a willing retriever with a soft mouth and a speedy return who just did everything very naturally. I’ve said numerous times I wish they were all were as easy as her. I own Better and she is a bubbly greeter for kennel visitors. I consider her fairly high energy but not hyper. She loves to run but never too far and has not met a dog or a person she didn’t like.


FC Drake Hill Willem's Choice  - Keller


Keller belongs to our friend Pat from Vermont, he was sent to me for Field Trial training during the winter of 2017 and I found him to be a very strong running dog in the field and very calm dog in the kennel. For Pat he is a fantastic family pet as well as a stellar hunting dog who has achieved his AKC Master Hunter in addition to numerous Amateur Field Trial placements. For me in the two short seasons I had to run him he got an Open 2nd and 2 Open wins to make him an AKC Field Champion. He also is a very friendly dog who gets along with all other dogs and people. We felt very fortunate when Better came into heat while Keller was here this spring so we could do this breeding.


Both dogs have a strong history of good hips in their background. Keller and Better are both  OFA Good for hip scores. All of the puppies in this litter will have their eyes examined by a Veterinary Ophthalmologist from the University of Wisconsin-Madison before they go home.


Puppies will be 10 weeks old on August 2nd and will be ready to go home around then. All puppies go home with Lighthouse Kennels full satisfaction guarantee. If you have health issues as your puppy grows I will work with you to help resolve them. This may include a replacement puppy at some point. If you decide that your young puppy is not the right fit for you I will buy your puppy back for its purchase price. The goal of Lighthouse Kennels is to add people to our growing and happy family of Springer owners. We want you to be happy with your pup and with us.


Puppy price is $1500 which includes Wisconsin state sales tax. If you are interested in a puppy please let me know and then send in your deposit of $600.


For More Information:

Kaye Bennett (Primary Contact) at 920-207-8757

Jason Givens at 920-629-6367


Lighthouse Kennels

W3021 Ross Rd.

Cambria, WI 53923



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