NFC, AFC Crosswind’s Comic Relief X FC, AFC, CAFTCh Tuff of Ivanhoe

Ivanhoe Springer Spaniels

AKC Breeder of Merit


We have 10 pups delivered on 7/14/19.

$1,500 puts you in the driver's seat!





FC, AFC, CAFTCh Tuffy of Ivanhoe




“Tuffy” is a tall, good looking, powerful female. She has been a consistent performer since she began all-age stakes at age. Her accomplishments include a 2nd place in the 2017 Canadian National Amateur, and she was High Point Canadian Amateur dog the same year. She was awarded a CM in 2016 National Amateur Championship. She has been a Regional High Point dog and in 2018 was the Open High Point Runner-up. I look for her to continue in her winning ways until the day she retires. She has an abundance of nose, drive and style.

Several great dogs appear in her pedigree: NAFC, FC, CFTCh Ivanhoe’s Irish Twist, NFC, AFC KB’S Sir Coach, CNFTCh, FC, AFC Parker Sir Roberts, CNFTCh, FC, AFC Pel Tan Roll, FC, AFC, CFTCh Ivanhoe’s

Tuffy pedigree

NFC, AFC Crosswind’s Comic Relief


“Riot” is a leggy, stylish dog with big time finds - the kind that win a National Championship in showman’s fashion. Having watched him run several times in recent years, I have never been disappointed. Running directly before Riot through the 2018 National Open, I watched all 5 series…all the while thinking, Wow! He is line bred out of two exceptional parents, and carry’s the Crosswind banner with great pride. NFC Pondview’s Left in the Light is right up front on both sides; as is FC, AFC, CFTCh Crosswind’s Jake Bentley.


Collectively you are looking at a dozen of the all time greats in these two pedigrees.


Serious inquires to Bill Cosgrove, an AKC Breeder of Merit




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