DOB August 7, 2018

Asking $2,400 pricing will increase as training progresses.

Sammy is a medium sized black and white male with a well-proportioned compact
build. His pedigree is a blending of top US and UK bloodlines resulting in a
temperament that is very biddable and cooperative and takes to training quickly. He
has a stable calm disposition, that is not easily rattled. He responds best to positive
training methods rather than correction.

He is crate trained, responds well to the whistle, delivers birds to hand (pheasants and
pigeons), is steady to a thrown dummy or bird and has been introduced to the gun. He
is a strong bird finder, has a great mouth with a quick pick-up and good delivery. He
will be a loving companion and hunting buddy. Sammy is a “gentleman’s hunting dog,
a well-mannered cooperative dog whether on or off leash.

His pedigree is filled with exceptional US and UK spaniels including, NFC FC AFC
Harvest Moon’s Cinnamon Girl, NAFC FC AFC Sand Creek’s Annie’s Abbey, NFC FC
AFC Crosswinds Warpath, NFC FC Pondsview’s Left In The Light, IFTC Skronedale
Romulus, FTC Clarburg Art, UK NFC Sunnybrae Siskin and UK NFC Moonreed Flush.


Sunny x Tommy Puppy Pedigree (2)


Contact: Brad Sunderland – Andover, MN
Phone: 763-221-2882


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