English Springer Spaniel Club of Southern California January 26-27, 2019


Tom Menzel/Jerry Livingston



1st Place

Name:  FC AFC Mad Russian’s Ziggy Stardust                 Call Name:  Ziggy

#SR71965411      Sex  Male    DOB  03/25/12

Sire:  FC AFC CFC Hellfire’s Fast Tracy

Dam:  Lady Anna Of Oakwood

Breeder:  Brent Blundell

Owner:  Ekaterina Brusko

Handler:  Kat Brusko


2nd Place

Name:  Tuckers Little Bo                       Call Name:  Bo

#SR79668506       Sex  Male   DOB  09/27/13

Sire:  Worspans Finn of Connemara

Dam:  Sadie Savanna of Creekside

Breeder:  George & Cheryl Shaw

Owner:  Rory Hall

Handler:  Gary R. Riddle


3rd Place

Name:  AFC Mad Russian’s Pedal to the Metal          Call Name:  Crash

#SR84317802         Sex  Male                             DOB  09/16/14

Sire:  FC AFC Harvest Hunters Indiana Jones

Dam:  Harley the Piper of Oakwood

Breeder:  Brent and Carolyn Blundell

Owner:  Ekaterina Brusko,

Handler:  Kat Brusko


4th Place

Name:  Nel’s Tip of the Sword          Call Name:  Ugg

#SR77913202          Sex  Male                             DOB  04/13/13

Sire:  NFC NAFC CNFC CANFC Blackriver’s Tanner

Dam:  FC Nel’s Jigsaw’s Viper

Breeder:  James A Nelson

Owner:  James A Nelson

Handler:  Gary R. Riddle



Tom Menzel/Jerry Livingston



1st Place

Name:  FC Ditchbank’s Katherine the Great  Call Name:  Katie

#SR73605203                  Sex  Female                 DOB  06/22/12

Sire:  FC Sunrise Rock Star

Dam:  FC Ditchbank’s Irish Mist

Breeder:  Ed and Elinor McConnell

Owner:  Ed and Elinor McConnell

Handler:  Ed McConnell


2nd Place

Name:  FC AFC Mad Russian’s Ziggy Stardust   Call Name:  Ziggy

#SR71965411              Sex  Male                    DOB  03/25/12

Sire:  FC AFC CFC Hellfire’s Fast Track MH CD AJX MX

Dam:  Lady Anna of Oakwood

Breeder:  Brent Blundell

Owner:  Ekaterina Brusko

Handler:  Kat Brusko


3rd Place

Name:  Fargo Lightning Star        Call Name:  Fargo

#SR83490110              Sex  Female                 DOB  05/08/14

Sire:  NFC FC AFC Salmy’s Master Piece

Dam:  Newstarts Going Za Za

Breeder:  Carlos Cuevas

Owner:  Brian & Shelley McMinn, bdmcminn@yahoo.com

15445 Chateau Montelena Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93314

Handler:  Brian McMinn


4th Place

Name:   FC AFC Hearthrock Polar Vortex         Call Name:  Ice

#SR81815201                Sex  Female                 DOB  01/12/14

Sire:  FC Kidnais Skipper

Dam:  FC AFC Hearthrock Makers Mark

Breeder:  Richard Krueger

Owner:  Richard Krueger

Handler:  Richard Krueger


Larry Buggeln/David P. Johnson



1st Place

Name:  Bravehearts Threepeat the Streak        Call Name:  Pete

#SR99389001                      Sex  Male                    DOB  04/27/17

Sire:  NAFC FC AFC Bravehearts Repeat the Streak MH

Dam:  Bravehearts Good Golly Miss Molly MH

Breeder:  April Leonetti & Michael Leonetti

Owner:  April & Mike Leonetti

Handler:  Mike Leonetti


2nd Place

Name:  Gunflint’s Jax of Windy Ridge         Call Name:  Jax

#SS00346603            Sex  Male                    DOB  07/04/17

Sire:  FC Strong’s Task Force

Dam:  Windy Ridge Drifter’s Trek

Breeder:  Carl Farabaugh

Owner:  John and Jayme Stuart

Handler:  John Stuart


3rd Place

Name:  Shelleys Speckled Dallas Doll          Call Name:  Dallas

#SR97788306         Sex  Female                 DOB  03/03/17

Sire:  FC Salmy’s Beargarden Badger

Dam:  Salmy Own Reflection

Breeder:  Robert Lightfoot

Owner:  Brian & Shelley McMinn

Handler:  Gary Breitbarth/Brian McMinn


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