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The current list of Judges from ESSFTA: Judges Report as of September 20 2018


To use the AKC searchable Judges directory click here.

You can find the AKC Spaniel Rule book by clicking here.

You can find the  Blue Book by clicking here.

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Apprenticeship Program for Judges

ESSFTA Field Trial Judge Apprentice Program Information

For the  Current Apprentice Judge List as of 9/9/2018:

Current_Apprentice_Judges_List as of 09092018


For the  Apprentice Evaluation Form click here.
Note: Club secretaries are to have this filled out and signed by the judges after the trial. It can be emailed or mailed to me

For the Apprentice Eligibility Requirements as of 7/1/2011 click here.

For the Apprentice Resume click here.


To contact the ESSFTA Apprentice Coordinator, Barb Boettcher click here.