2017 National Amateur Championship

The 2017 English Springer Spaniel National Amateur Championship

Newton, Utah | November 29, 2017 to conclusion

President (Chairman)
Gary Riddle
FT Chairman
Bob Child
FT Secretary and Treasurer
Jan Johnson
Tom Menzel and John Hall

Greetings Everyone,

The 2017 National Amateur Championship is complete, but I wanted to personally thank all those that helped to make this a great event.  There were many who sacrificed time and talents and many that traveled long distances to participate and help, I am grateful to so many.

I would like to start off with thanking Bob Child for his tireless efforts and direction.  Our two Judges, Tom Menzel and John Hall, they did a great job and worked very hard. John Paul, our Judges Steward, did a great job making sure to accommodate the Judges and make their commitment as easy as possible, way to go John.  Jan Johnson for the many hours of preparation, paperwork and effort.  

The Field Trial Committee Brent Blundell, Jim Keller, Daryl Johnson, Gary Fluckiger, Paul McGagh, Russ Smith and John Meyer for their efforts and discussion during the trial. 

The Marshals did an outstanding job to keep the trial moving and successful, Barb Boettcher – Head Marshal, Paula Mazurek, Mhari Peschel, Lisa Pyle, Judy Tatton and Laurie Andrews.  

The Guns, who shot an excellent trial, Co-Captains Bryan Child and Joshua Riddle, Jim Keller, Paul McGagh, Gary Riddle, Gary Breitbarth, Jerry Sligar, Gunther Boettcher and Daryl Johnson.  

ESSFT.com for their incredible support, thank you Holly Boggess and Katie Gorecki.  

The merchandise was handled by Carolyn and Brent Blundell, they did an incredible job, selection was great and the products were excellent.  Carolyn and Brent also were instrumental in getting the trophies through O C Tanner Company, the trophies were some of the finest crystal I have ever seen.  LaMar Helm also helped with getting these great prices on merchandise.  

What would a trial be without the support of Purina?  Thank you Dean Reinke and Ray Cachio for all you did for this trial and our sport.  

The grounds were awesome, thank you to Joshua Riddle and Greg Phillips for the many hours of effort to get us access to such great grounds.  The help with the DWR with Charles Tatton was a huge benefit to get the paperwork all in line.  

Gary and Paula Fluckiger did an awesome job on the raffles, Gary was able to get the Beretta shotgun donated along with many other items.  Paula set up all the events at the Riverwoods, she did great and the food was exceptional. 

The advertising and catalog were excellent, thank you to Sue Meyers and Cheryl Sligar for all your efforts.  

The birds were provided by Shane Brown, Shane has worked tirelessly to provide great quality birds, which he did, thank you.  

Shuttle drivers also did a great job in assisting dogs and handlers in being on time to run and keep the trial moving, these were Bill Barry, Dennis Holiday and Don Giddens. 

We could not have pulled this off without the support of many of our club members Charles and Judy Tatton, LaMar Helm, Kirk Cammick, Dennis Holiday and many others, your support is greatly appreciated.  Along with driving a shuttle we also had huge help from Bruce Meredith with many projects, thank you for the help you provided.  Kurt Price and Kaden Hansen also came through big time in bird transportation and as bird stewards!  

Thank you to the many folks who supported the trial financially as Series Sponsors and Sponsors of other items.  

This event could not have been such a successful event without the attention of the AKC and specifically Tom Meyer.  Tom’s insight and support are truly a benefit to our sport.  

Bird Planters, Colton Child and Danny Fluckiger did a great job and the bird production was awesome.  We also appreciate all that volunteered with many jobs such as shagger and other assistance, you are greatly appreciated. 

An event like this is a huge undertaking and this was pulled off because of each of you, thank you! 

Thank you so much!


Gary Riddle

2017 NAC President

Delegates Meeting


2017 NAC Minutes


November 28 at 4:00 pm at the Riverwoods Conference Center that is approximately 3 blocks from the Headquarters Hotel.

Riverwoods Conference Center
615 Riverwood Parkway
Logan, UT 84321

Club Dues $75

Pay to:
Jan Johnson
National Amateur Field Trial Secretary
7225 Ridgeway Rd
Sheridan OR 97378


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2016 National Amateur Field Champion
NFC NAFC CNFC Blackriver's Tanner "Tanner"

Sire:  FC AFC Blackriver's Gage
Dam:  Old Vermillion's Little El
Breeder:  Burton A. Schweiger
Owner:   Jeffrey Miller
Handler:  Jeffrey Miller

The Western Interclub is pleased to host the 2017 National Amateur Championship trial.
We would like to welcome everyone to Newton, Utah to enjoy this event.
Event Particulars
  • Newton, Utah at the Harward and Thompson
  • Delegates Meeting:  Riverwoods Conference Center
  • Headquarters Hotel: LaQuinta Inn and Suites
    853 S Hwy 89/91
    Logan, UT 84321
  • Birds provided by Shane Brown, Hooper, Utah

Grounds are located just outside of Newton, Utah. The
grounds encompass approximately 750 acres of mixed
grasses and rolling terrain and can accommodate long
courses. The average high/low temperature in late
November 39 degrees/23 degrees with the chance for


2018: Mid-East - Russ Smith - Sterling, Ohio starting  November 15th

2019: Midwest - John Meyer -  Paducah, Kentucky

2020: NEW ROTATION BEGINS: Mid-East - Bill Cosgrove - TBD

2021: East

2022: West

2023: Rocky Mountain

2024: Midwest

2025: Mid-East




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General Chair - Gary R. Riddle
Field Trial Chair - Robert Child
Field Trial Secretary - Jan Johnson

Committee Members -Gary Riddle, Robert Child, Jan Johnson, Brent Blundell, Jim Keller, Daryl Johnson, Gary Fluckiger, Paul McGagh, Russ Smith, and John Meyer

Grounds - Gary R. Riddle and Gregory Phillips
Bird Stewards -
Fundraising -
Shuttle Coordinator -

Head Marshal - Barb Boettcher

Marshal Team:
Laurie Andrews
Pat Bramwell
Paula Mazurek
Mhari Peschel
Lisa Pyle
Judy Tatton

Judges' Steward- John Paul

Gun Co-Captains - Bryan Child and Joshua G. Riddle

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