NAC Donors & Sponsors

2017 National Amateur Championship

Please consider purchasing a flag to show your support.

Click here for the 2017 NAC Flag Order form


Series & Sponsor Banners

Please consider being a Series Sponsor for this year’s NAC. Each series is $500; 2nd thru 5th Series and the Water are now available. Each Banner is 24” x 36” and will roll up for easy transport.

Photos or business logos are welcome but they must be high resolution or vector logos to handle enlargement. Email your graphics to Cheryl Sligar,

A Ladies of Our Sport Banner was offered last year and was a great success. Donate $20 and you can sign the banner at the trial. You do not have to be a handler, just a lady!

Other options for banners are the Welcome Banner (24” x 36”), Cart Sponsor, Lunch Wagon (12” x 24”) and any other reason you would like to sponsor something or someone!

Welcome Banner, or any other 24” x 36” size …. Donation $500
Cart Sponsor 12” x 24” (4 Available) and  Lunch Wagon 12” x 24”…. Donation $250
Ladies of our Sport Banner (Sign Banner @ the NAC)… $20 per signature

If you would like to sponsor any one of these, please fill out this form, along with a check made out to ESSFTA. Mail early, but deadline is October 21, 2017 to:Cheryl Sligar, 9230 Apollo Heights Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89149 Phone:702-645-2236

Please fill out and return: 2017 National Amateur Championship Series Sponsorship

Thank you for your support!



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