2017 National Field Champion

1st Place:   #85 Sunrise Seneca Kypling   "Kyp"

Sire:  FC Sunrise Zang
Dam:  NFC FC Sunrise Seneca Scout
Breeder:  Sue & Dave Morse
Owner:   Sue & Dave Morse
Handler:  Gary Wilson


2nd  Place: #93 Hearthrock's Masked Bandit - Bandit

Sire:  FC  AFC Hearthrock Crown Royal
Dam:  FC AFC Cadence of Hearthrock
Breeder:  Trent Bosse
Owner:   Dan Tuttle
Handler:  Trent Bosse



3rd  Place:  #55 FC AFC Wind Dancing Royal Payne MH - Payne

Sire:  FC AFC Hearthrock Crown Royal
Dam:  Shadowbark Wind Dancing Tori
Breeder:  Greg and Cheryl Johson
Owner:   Randy Piearson
Handler:  Dan Murray


4th Place:  #91 FC CFC Sunrise Dance of the Spirits JH - Spirit 

Sire: FC CFC Sunrise Z Man
Dam: NFC FC Sunrise Seneca Scout
Breeder: Sue and Dave Morse
Owner: Ted Lagala
Handler:  Dan Lussen

 Certificate of  Merits:
  • # 21  FC Sunrise Pablo  - Pablo   Owner: Lawrence J. Higley    Handler: Gary Wilson
  • # 38 2x NFC FC Hearthrock All In -  Scratch     Owner: Rickard Krueger   Handler: Jim Keller
  • #56 FC AFC Warrener'sTui - Tui      Owner: Vicky Thomas   Handler:  Paul McGagh
  • #76 AFC Pheasant Feather Marymont's Elizabeth -  Lizzie    Owner: Robert Montler    Handler: Jim Keller


Guns Award:  #21 FC Sunrise Pablo -  Pablo   

Owner: Lawrence J. Higley   Handler: Gary Wilson


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See you in the field!
Holly Boggess





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