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2017 National Judges: Tom Menzel and John Hall


First Place: #7 Jaxx

FTCH CAFTCH Pheasant Feathers Jaxx of Tazzman

Handler: Clay Earl

Owners:  Clay Earl and Frank Wisemann


Second Place: #67 Proof

Crosswinds The Proofs in the Pudding

Handler: Kevin Battistoni

Owners:  Kevin and Elizabeth Battistoni


Third Place: #17 Indy

FC AFC Harvest Hunters Indiana Jones

Handler:  Kat Brusko

Owner: Ekaterina Brusko


Fourth Place:  #14 Logan 

AFC SUnrise Lord Logan

Handler: Suzanne Smith

Owner Suzanne Smith



Guns Award  #85  Lamont

Sagemoors Super Sport

Owner/Handler: Daryl Roth



Don Cande  Award:  #80  Elsa

Cutaways Up North All the Time

Owner/Handler: Brad Schindler

Certificate of Merits (In numerical order):


#32  Trigger

FC AFC Whisky Rivers Itchy Trigger Finger

Owner/Handler: Katie Gorecki


#35 Sully

AFTCH Narvin's Sully of Ivanhoe

Owner/Handler:  Bill Cosgrove


#52 Zack

FC AFC Sunrise Zach of Farview

Handler: Skip Smith

Owner:  Kathy Sleavin and Skip Smith


# 58  Tanner

NFC NAFC CNFC  CNAFC Blackriver's Tanner

Owner/Handler: Jeff Miller


#68  Jay

CAFC CFC Curtman's Surewin

Handler:  Alex Stewart

Owners:  Alex and Alice Stewart


#80 Elsa

Cutaways Up North All the Time

Owner/Handler: Brad Schindler

#85 Lamont

Sagemoors Super Sport

Owner/Handler: Daryl Roth





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On Wednesday, November 29, 2017  the Purina High Point Amateur Awards were announced at the English Springer Spaniel National Amateur Championship Banquet.


Thank you to Purina
for supporting our sport!


High Point Amateur

2017 Recipient:  Skip Smith

Amateur High Point by Interclub

East Interclub

AFC Sunrise Lord Logan with 22 points

Suzanne Smith, Owner



Mid-East Interclub

Harvest Moon’s Freddy of Ludlow with 25 points

Dick Taylor, Owner


Midwest Interclub

Leeds Ride the Wind with 23 points

Bob Merrill, Owner


Rocky Mountain Interclub

FC AFC Sunrise Zack of Farview with 26 points

Kathy Sleavin and Skip Smith, Owners


West Interclub

AFC Ditchbank’s Celtic Lass with 14 points

Ed McConnell, Owner


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Dan Langhans Award 2017 Recipient: Skip Smith

This trophy is to be awarded to the overall high point dog in the country. It will be for the combined points acquired in both the open and amateur stakes during the qualifying period for the Nationals of that year. These points will be weighted based on the number of starters in each stake. The winning dog need not run in both stakes. This will allow the trophy to be accessible to all handlers. It will be a perpetual, traveling trophy that will be returned with the appropriate engraved plate honoring that year's winner for the next year. The trophy will be awarded at the latest English Springer Spaniel National of the year.



Dan Langhans Award Final Points
Dog Name Total Points OwnerName
FC AFC Sunrise Zach of Farview 889 Kathy Sleavin & Skip Smith
FC Craney Hill Dalmore Dudley 818 Patrick Mattinly
FC AFC Paragon's Cairnbrae Fionan Bhan 762 Gary & Mhari Peschel




LASHA Amateur 2017 Recipient: Suzanne Smith

The LASHA Award is presented to the high point Amateur female handler.


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