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2018 High Points as of November 30, 2018

2018 High Point Open Dogs as of November 30, 2018

Open High Points by Interclub November 30 2018


Open High Points Novemer 30 2018


2018 High Point Amateur Dogs as of November 7, 2018

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Amateur Points by Interclub 7NOV2018


2018 High Point Puppies as of December 4, 2018

Puppy High Point Combined Dec 4 2018


Puppy High Points


Puppy Points by Interclub


2018 Placement by Dog as of November 28, 2018 (Version 2)

Placements By Dog 2018 Version 2 November 28 with Updates

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2017 High Point Open Dogs

Open-High-Point as of November 7 2017

Open Points by Interclub as of November 7 2017


2017 High Point Amateur Dogs




2017 High Point Puppies





2017 Hogan Award

The Martin J. Hogan Memorial Award was established in 1951 to honor the professional handler whose individual dog has won the most points in field trials for the year.



2017 Lorenz - High Point Puppy



Dan Langhans Legacy Trophy

Beginning in 2016 a trophy is offered in honor of Dan Langhans and his contributions to our sport. We all know what a fierce competitor Dan was. It was amazing to watch him work tirelessly shaping the next dog or fixing a problem that cropped up in preparation for the next trial. He would say dogs are like a tube of toothpaste. If you squeeze too hard on one end something pops out on the other. He had many lines like that he would use to guide people who were willing to listen.

Dan took great joy in walking up and grabbing another ribbon or watching the owner take the honors for a dog that he himself so expertly handled. He also took as much joy watching someone he mentored rise to the task and accept the blue ribbon. When you come right to it, it was all about the next great dog, no matter who was running it. Dan's eyes would light up when witnessed a dog that could do it all. Take a tough situation and make it gold. The very characteristics that win nationals.

So it is for this reason that a trophy meant to honor Dan Langhans will be awarded to the top dog in the country each year. After all, isn't that what Dan was.

This trophy is to be awarded to the overall high point dog in the country. It will be for the combined points acquired in both the open and amateur stakes during the qualifying period for the Nationals of that year. These points will be weighted based on the number of starters in each stake. The winning dog need not run in both stakes. This will allow the trophy to be accessible to all handlers. It will be a perpetual, traveling trophy that will be returned with the appropriate engraved plate honoring that year's winner for the next year. The trophy will be awarded at the latest English Springer Spaniel National of the year.


Dan Langhans Award 11NOV2017


2017 Placements by Dogs


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