Green Valley Spaniel Club March 16 & 17, 2019

Open Stake

Judges: Pete Rainey & Michael Mount

Number Entered: 16/Number Started: 15


First Place

Dog Name: Pheasant Feathers Big Shot  -  BB

AKC#: SR91700904

Sire: NAFC FC AFC Pheasant Feathers Black Powder JH

Dam: FC Buccleuch Trinity

Breeder: John Stowell

Owner: Gordon Johnson

Actual Handler: Gordon Johnson


Second Place

Dog Name: Mad Russian’s Pedal to the Metal  -  Crash


Sire: FC AFC Harvest Hunters Indiana Jones  -  Indy

Dam: Harley the Piper of Oakwood

Breeder: Brent & Carolyn Blundell

Owner: Ekaterina Brusko

Actual Handler:  Kat Brusko


Third Place

Dog Name:  FC AFC Chinachgook Frankel

AKC#: SR85559101

Sire: Buccleuch Drummer

Dam: Kidnais Successor

Breeder: I. Clarke

Owner: Jeffrey W. Miller

Actual Handler: Jeff Miller


Fourth Place

Dog Name: Blue Rver’s California Sunrise

AKC#: SR92155405

Sire: FC Blue River I’m Dan’s Boy

Dam: Sunrise at Willowbrook

Breeder: Ken Hansen / Lois Buermann

Owner: Cheri & Kent Wiley

Actual Handler: Gary Breitbarth

Amateur Stake

Judges: Pete Rainey & Michael Mount

Number entered: 20/Number started: 18


First Place

Dog Name: Turnout’s Northern Light  -  Shine

AKC#: SR92542402

Sire: Tejas Tuxedo Hotshot

Dam: Turnout’s Ring of Bright Water

Breeder: Jeffery Lipscomb

Owner: Ron & Lori Anderson

Actual Handler: Ron Anderson


Second Place

Dog Name: Pepsponies Cold Sweat  -  Maverick

AKC#: SR72913703

Sire: FC AFC Southswell Slater

Dam: Kidnais Clover

Breeder: David Jones

Owner: Sherry Olsen

Actual Handler: Sherry Olsen


Third Place

Dog Name: Stonewall Farm’s Streakin Devil  -  Taz


Sire: Bushrod of Stonewall Farm

Dam: Sunrise Wind Riding Rosie

Breeder:  Lenore Severni

Owner: Mike Leonetti

Actual Handler: Mike Leonetti


Fourth Place

Dog Name: Ditchbank’s Katherine the Great  -  Katie


Sire: Fc Sunrise Rock Star

Dam: FC Ditchbank’s Irish Mist

Breeder: Ed & Elinor McConnell
Owner: Ed McConnell
Actual Handler: Ed McConnell


Puppy Stake

Judges: Paul McGagh & Kat Brusko

Number entered: 1/Number Started: 0

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