Missouri Hunting Spaniel Club January 10-11, 2019

1/10/19                 Open All-Age   
Judges:             Ray Jack / Kevin Martineau
Number Entered/Number Started:     36 / 34

First Place
Dog Name:         NAFC AFC Pheasant Feathers Jaxx of Tazzman- (Jaxx)
AKC:                    SR79452105                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   6/8/13
Sire:                    FTCH AFC Flushingwing Tazzmainian Devil
Dam:                   Newstart's Going Zaza
Breeder:             Calos Cuevas
Owner:                Frank Wiseman
Actual Handler: Clay Earl

Second Place
Dog Name:         Sweet Serenitys Widespread Panic- (Pan)
AKC:                    SR91436506                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   1/31/16
Sire:                    FC AFC Kantagrees Master of Lightning
Dam:                   Kantagrees Aphrodite
Breeder:             Kent Rudolph
Owner:                Abby Kozal
Actual Handler: Collin Pickrel

Third Place
Dog Name:         FTCH AFTCH Belwind Willie- (Willie)
AKC:                    SR85151501                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   1/1/70
Sire:                    NFC Salmys Masterpiece
Dam:                   FTCH Expressway's Carly
Breeder:             Blair Lanctot
Owner:                Clay Earl
Actual Handler: Clay Earl

Fourth Place
Dog Name:         Salmy's Becky- (Becky)
AKC:                    SR84588104                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   6/25/14
Sire:                    NAFC/AFC/CFC Stoningtons Expressway Marshall
Dam:                   FC/CFC Raintrees Sugar Britches of Salmy
Breeder:             Ben Cowan
Owner:                Jack Waggoner
Actual Handler: Mike Wallace

1/11/19                 Amateur All-Age   

Judges:             Ray Jack / Kevin Martineau

Number Entered/Number Started:     35 / 32

First Place
Dog Name:         Wise River's Mad Showgirl- (Lola)
AKC:                    SR83855404                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   8/11/14
Sire:                    Hollydrive Eboue
Dam:                   FC AFC Wise River's Atlas Shrugged
Breeder:             Bob And Cathy Iversen
Owner:                Cathy Iversen
Actual Handler: Cathy Iversen

Second Place
Dog Name:         BCR's Ramblin Gamblin Man- (Ace)
AKC:                    SR90507302                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   11/16/15
Sire:                    BCR's Sharp Dressed Man
Dam:                   FC AFC Wise River's Atlas Shrugged
Breeder:             Bob & Cathy Iversen
Owner:                Robert Clayton
Actual Handler: Robert Clayton

Third Place
Dog Name:         Breaking Cattails You Can Come Home- (Blane)
AKC:                    SR93832607                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   5/21/16
Sire:                    FC Macon Creek Tucker
Dam:                   FC AFC Uplands Briars Mistletoe
Breeder:             Joe Stallman
Owner:                Joe Stallman
Actual Handler: Joe Stallman

Fourth Place
Dog Name:         Sunrise Zan MH- (Zan)
AKC:                    SR86545602                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   1/20/15
Sire:                    Sunrise Finnegan
Dam:                   Fionavar's Racer SH
Breeder:             Cynthia Goode-Wilson
Owner:                Cristy Joy
Actual Handler:         Cristy Joy


1/10/19                 Puppy   
Judges:             Bob Iversen / Alex Kerr
Number Entered/Number Started:     6 / 5

First Place
Dog Name:         Hillcountry Hot Feet- (Fancy)
AKC:                    SR99476504                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   6/11/17
Sire:                    FC Strong's Task Force
Dam:                   AFC Kane's Majestic Midnight
Breeder:             Steve Kane & Mary Kane
Owner:                Chad Leonard
Actual Handler: Chad Leonard

Second Place
Dog Name:         Harvest Hunters Skylar's Gigabyte- (Giga)
AKC:                    SR99125401                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   4/29/17
Sire:                    FC AFC Whisky Rivers Itchy Trigger Finger
Dam:                   Breaking Bad Cattails At Lighthouse
Breeder:             Katie Renee Gorecki
Owner:                Katie Gorecki
Actual Handler: Todd Stelzer

Third Place
Dog Name:         Doorcreek Boaz- (Boaz)
AKC:                    SS02358006                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   10/24/17
Sire:                    AFC Doorcreek Da Bud
Dam:                   Doorcreek Charlie of Ruff MTN
Breeder:             Chuck Nelson
Owner:                Chuck Nelson
Actual Handler: Chuck Nelson

Fourth Place
Dog Name:         Ferndelles Ivanka- (Ivy)
AKC:                    SR97494201                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   1/20/17
Sire:                    Ferndelles Fast Track Calvin MH
Dam:                   Ferndelles Sweet Revenge of HCR
Breeder:             Danelle Oliver & Lawrence Oliver
Owner:                Chad Betts
Actual Handler: Chad Betts

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