Northern Colorado Spaniel Club     October 6 and 7, 2018 

Open Stake


Judges: Mark Brookshire and Katie Gorecki   


22 entries, 22 started




Dog Name           FC AFC Sunrise Zach of Farview  Zach

Sire        FC Sunrise Z Man

Dam       NFC Sunrise Seneca Scout

Breeder               David L Morse

Owner  Skip&Kathy Smith/Sleavin

Actual Handler  Skip Smith



Dog Name           Pine Shadow's BC Ginger              Ginger

Sire        Pine Shadows P-T Chase

Dam       Pine Shadow's CT Butter

Breeder               Sophie Haglin

Owner  JP Martin

Actual Handler  Morgan Haglin



Dog Name           Paragon's Aoife Na'Tuile                Aoife

Sire        FC AFC Woodstorm Snow Viper

Dam       FC AFC Paragon's Addiwhan Siubhan MH

Breeder               Gary & Mhari Peschel

Owner  Gary & Mhari Peschel

Actual Handler  Lynn Miller



Dog Name           AFC Grandview's Chet in the Jet Chet

Sire        FC AFC CFC Edwardiana Graffiti

Dam       FC AFC CFC Damrie Foxy Daisy

Breeder               Steven& Phyllis Beyer

Owner  Zac /Phyllis  Neid/Beyer

Actual Handler  Steve Beyer



Amateur Stake


Judges: Kevin Rutherford and     Katie Gorecki     


Number entered/started              37/30



Dog Name           Warrener's Sora Rail of Craney Hill            Dibbs

Sire        AFC Harvest Moon's Trakker

Dam       Warrener's Downey Woodpecker

Breeder               Vicky L Thomas

Owner  Scott McKillip

Actual Handler  Scott McKillip



Dog Name           Sunrise Quinault of Farview         Quinn

Sire        FC AFC Mountain View's Baron Brayden MH

Dam       FC Sunrise Siena

Breeder               Laurence Higley

Owner  Kathy Sleavin

Actual Handler  Kathy Sleavin



Dog Name           Willowsaul Batman of Countryways         Ted

Sire        ENFC Helmsway Heath

Dam       Boosebeck Rose

Breeder               V. Williams

Owner  Tom & Jeanne Nabity

Actual Handler  Tom Nabity



Dog Name           Esgob Enchantment        Rip

Sire        FT CH Skronedale Romulus

Dam       FT CH Esgob Becky

Breeder               Mr. D. Bishop

Owner  Gary & Mhari Peschel

Actual Handler  Mhari Peschel



Puppy Stake


Judges:Don Bramwell and Steve Seltzer    


Number entered/Number started: 1/1   ed 7/7



Dog Name           Kona Coast          Kona

Sire        Pine Shadows Dozer

Dam       Pine Shadows Cotton

Breeder               Mark Haglin

Owner  John Pauly

Actual Handler  Morgan Haglin



Dog Name           Farview Flynn    Flynn

Sire        FC AFC Sunrise Zach of Farview

Dam       Flatwater Kala

Breeder               Christy Joy & Collin Pickerel

Owner  Skip/Kathy Smith/ Sleavin

Actual Handler  Skip Smith



Dog Name           Prairie Rose's Breezy Hornig        Breezy

Sire        FC AFC Kantagrees Master Lightning

Dam       Prairie's WindRiding Donella

Breeder               Richard Paquin

Owner  Win Hornig

Actual Handler  Morgan Haglin



Dog Name           Prairie Rose's Battle Cry Baron

Sire        FC Paragon's Bratach Bhan MaCaoidh of Hellfire

Dam       Prairie Rose's Litomysl Miigaazowinin

Breeder               Richard Paquin

Owner  Lynn Miller

Actual Handler  Lynn Miller

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