Northern Colorado Springer Spaniel Club March 9-10, 2019

3/9/19                    Open All-Age   


Judges:             Gary Riddle / Casey Butz

Number Entered/Number Started:     25 / 24


First Place

Dog Name:         Sunrise Dreamcatcher- (Jake)

AKC:                    SR85952106                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   10/6/14

Sire:                    FC AFC Pondviews Windy Acres Yankee

Dam:                   FC Sunrise Annie Belle

Breeder:             Gary Wilson

Owner:                John Hynes

Actual Handler: Gary Wilson


Second Place

Dog Name:         FC AFC Whisky Rivers Itchy Trigger Finger- (Trigger)

AKC:                    SR58879712                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   9/20/09

Sire:                    FC Expressway's My Buddy Luke MH

Dam:                   AFC FC Whisky Rivers Brandy

Breeder:             Todd Stelzer

Owner:                Katie Gorecki

Actual Handler: Katie Gorecki


Third Place

Dog Name:         Sunrise Mountain Knight- (Niles)

AKC:                    SR88929901                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   6/29/15

Sire:                    FC AFC Mountain View's Baron Brayden MH

Dam:                   Sunrise chloe

Breeder:             Heather Krause

Owner:                Roger Schenone

Actual Handler: Cindy Goode Wilson


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         Harvest Moon Gunslinger Wyatt CGC TKN WD CGCA SH- (Wyatt)

AKC:                    SR85375405                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   10/20/14

Sire:                    Harvest Moon's Rey

Dam:                   NFC FC AFC Harvest Moon's Cinnamon Girl

Breeder:             Randy Bartsch & Kevin Dresow

Owner:                Karen Larson

Actual Handler: Morgan Haglin



3/10/19                 Amateur All-Age   


Judges:             Casey Butz / Gary Riddle

Number Entered/Number Started:     29 / 27


First Place

Dog Name:         Desperado Jesse James- (Bandit)

AKC:                    SR87943407                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   5/31/15

Sire:                    FC AFC Chelsams Charlie Brown

Dam:                   Pine Shadows Jubilant Jade

Breeder:             Mark Anspach

Owner:                Rick Shively

Actual Handler: Rick Shively


Second Place

Dog Name:         Pine Shadows Lucca- (Lucca)

AKC:                    SR91073501                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   10/13/16

Sire:                    FC AFC Long Eared Owl

Dam:                   Lighthouse Black Magic Women

Breeder:             Jason Givens

Owner:                Peyton Loss

Actual Handler: Peyton Loss


Third Place

Dog Name:         Paragon's Maeve Macaoidh of Wise River- (Mimi)

AKC:                    SR90507308                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   11/16/15

Sire:                    BCR's Sharp Dressed Man

Dam:                   FC AFC Wise River's Atlas Shrugged

Breeder:             Bob And Cathy Iversen

Owner:                Mhari Peschel

Actual Handler: Mhari Peschel


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         Paragons Chloe of Crestline- (Chloe)

AKC:                    SR69217407                            Sex:     1                  DOB:   8/13/11

Sire:                    FC Wise River's Put Me in Coach

Dam:                   FC AFC Paragons Addiwhan Siubhan MH

Breeder:             Mhari Peschel/gary Peschel

Owner:                Tom Or Tina Campbell

Actual Handler: Tom Or Tina Campbell


3/9/19                    Puppy   

Judges:             Casey Butz / Gary Riddle

Number Entered/Number Started:     14 / 13


First Place

Dog Name:         Kona Coast- (Kona)

AKC:                    SR99948405                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   6/9/17

Sire:                    Pine Shadows Dozer

Dam:                   Pine Shadows Cotton

Breeder:             Pine Shadows

Owner:                John Pauly

Actual Handler: John Pauly


Second Place

Dog Name:         Sunrise Mischief Millie At Stonewall- (Millie)

AKC:                    SR99363504                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   6/16/17

Sire:                    FC Sunrise Zed

Dam:                   Sunrise Taylor

Breeder:             Delgres R Wilson & Gary Wilson

Owner:                Lenore Severni

Actual Handler: Gary Wilson


Third Place

Dog Name:         Sunrise Michael of Farview- (Mike)

AKC:                    SR99430301                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   4/18/17

Sire:                    FC Sunrise Zang

Dam:                   Sunrise Gee Willa

Breeder:             Gary A Wilson

Owner:                Skip Smith

Actual Handler: Skip Smith


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         Grousevalley's Midnight Sky- (Sky)

AKC:                                                                      Sex:     F                  DOB:   6/12/17

Sire:                    CFC Grousevalley Trucker

Dam:                   Springville Mississippi Qeen

Breeder:             Gerald Babin

Owner:                Mark Quiding

Actual Handler: Cindy Goode Wilson



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