Northern Minnesota English Springer Spaniels Club


1st Place                Absolutes Breaking Cattails Pick Me  Tru  Owners Jayne Reinhart and Tracy Wilson Handler Dan Murray

2nd Place               FC Blackbriers’s Belle Pepper  Pepper  O/H Dan Murray

3rd Place               FC AFC Absolutes Raise The Stakes  Annie O Matt Bauer H Dan Murray

4th Place               Pine Shadows BC Ginger Owner JP Martin  Handler Morgan Haglin


1st Place                FC AFC Absolutes raise The Stakes  Annie  O/H Matt Bauer

2nd Place               FC Pheasant Feathers Game Changer   Gracie  O/H Keith Ruby

3rd Place               Goshens Lighthouse Signal   Beam  O/H Sue Myers

4th Place               Thunderstruck Monarch  Brohn  O/H Mark Mercie

CM                         FC Prairie Harvest Moon’s Tenacious Toby JH SH  Toby  O/H Tracey Wiess Sander


1st Place                Pine Shadows Smoke O/H Kevin Rutherford

2nd place               Blue River Bocephus  O/H Ken Hanson

3 rd Place            Pine Shadows Denali  O/H Jody Martin

4th Place               Pine Shadows Henry Higgins  Owner Rachel Hogan Handler Morgan Haglin




1st Place :  Pine Shadows Yanta  O/H Kate Haglin

2nd Place  Pine Shadows Gromit handled by Ella Lamberg

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