Spaniel Assoc of Western NY Event #2018366901 September 15-16, 2018


1st Sunrise Dream Catcher

SR85952106 M 10/6/14

Sire FC AFC Pondviews Windy Acres Yankee

Dam FC Sunrise Annie Belle

Breeder Gary Wilson

Owner Gary Hines

Handler Gary Wilson

2nd Salmy’s Nellie Belle

SR 82939001 F 5/11/14

Sire Salmy’s Traditional Freedom

Dam FC CFC Salmy’s August Slingshot

Breeder Byron & Lana Custer

Owner Luke Hutchinson

Handler Mike Wallace


3rd FC CFC Salmy’s Zachary From Windy Ridge

SR77614204 M 4/1/2013

Sire NFC FC CFC CAFC Salmy’s Master Piece

Dam Drouse Valley Southern Trek

Breeder Carl Farabaugh

Owner Jack Waggoner

Handler Mike Wallace


4th: Sunrise Fiona

SR85952103 F 10/6/2014

Sire FC CFC Sunrise Z Man

Dam FC Sunrise Annie Belle

Breeder Gary Wilson

Owner Heather Krause

Handler Gary Wilson




1st: Fast Tracks Gust of Wind

SR68949002 M 7/23/11

Sire FC AFC Murphy of Ludlow

Dam AFC Baskwoods Fast Lapper

Breeder Billie K and Tim Edwards

Owner Billie K and Tim Edwards

Handler Billie K Edwards


2nd: Royal Bentley

SR77026908 m 3/21/13

Sire FC Royal Checker II

Dam Skytops Morning Lilly

Breeder Ben Martin

Owner Doug Regnet

Handler Doug Regnet


3rd: Ivanhoe's Prime Time Kobe

SR89588603 M 9/28/2015

Sire FC AFC CNFC CFC Dawsonlee Faithful

Dam FC AFC Ivanhoe's Irish Cream

Breeder William Cosgrove

Owner Karen and Steve Sherbondy

Handler Steve Sherbondy


4th: Sunrise Stella

SR62291005 F 5/10/10

Sire AFC Winding Creek Cool Hand Luke

Dam FC Sunrise Annie Belle

Breeder Gary Wilson and Jo Schwiedop

Owner Kelly Brannen

Handler Kelly Brannen


1st: Sunrise BB

SR99493607 M 5/11/2017

Sire FC Sunrise Pablo

Dam FC CFC Sunrise Tejas Star

Owner Cindy Goode Wilson

Handler Cindy Goode Wilson


2nd Royal Clipper

SR99374708 M 5/23/17

Sire Cedar Boughs Royal Sniper

Dam Unkown

Breeder Ben Martin

Owner Kevin Tate

Handler Kevin Tate


3rd Sunrise Mischief Millie at Stonewall

SR 9963604 F 6/16/17

Sire Sunrise Zed

Dam Sunrise Taylor

Breeder Lenore Severni

Owner Lenore Severni

Handler Lenore Severni

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