Sportsmen’s Spaniel Club of Calumet – October 20-21, 2018

 Judges: Paul Hanscom & Todd Stelzer

Sat, morning – 40*, wind at 10-15.  Sat. afternoon, sleet, wind gusts of 60+. Sunday, calm, 20s early, 40s late.

Open Stake

17 Entered, 17 Competed –15 Called Back to 2nd, 7 Called Back to the 3rd.


1st          #6        Cadiz Country's Courtman      Gus

                SR99179102      M               6/28/2016

Sire:    Courtman's Rocky Delta Ibis

Dam:   Courtman's Miss Kara

Breeder:   Alex Stewart

Owner:     Will & Wendy Pick

Handler:             Will Pick


2nd           #11     FC Rockey's Solo                    Solo

SR92278901        M                  3/5/2016

Sire:    Tuckers Little Bo

Dam:   All About Pepper of Lehi

Breeder:   Jerry Larson

Owner:     Chuck Cloninger

Handler:   Jason Givens


3rd           #12       Dansmirth Katlyn                  Kate

SR71736901        F                 2/13/2012

Sire:    FC TP's Life's a Beach

Dam:   AFC TP's Thoroughly Modern Millie

Breeder:   Paula & Tom Welsh

Owner:     Marie Langhans

Handler:   John Hall


4th            #16     FC AFC Raintree High Sees      Tiller

SR690765/02       M                7/29/2011

Sire:    AFC Top Sail

Dam:   Cedar Bough Swift

Breeder:   Catherine Lewis

Owner:     Gunther & Barbara Boettcher

Handler:   Barb Boettcher




Amateur Stake

30 Entered, 29 Competed – 25 Called Back to the 2nd, 12 Called Back to the 3rd.


1st           #16    FC Creekbend's Webley of                         Web

SR77728002      M                  4/27/2013

Sire:    Speck MH

Dam:   Creekbend's Pennies From Heaven MH

Breeder:  John Neubaum

Owner:    John Neubaum

Handler:  John Neubaum


2nd           #22     Windy Prarie Quinn                                   Quinn

SR90836007      M                11/14/2015

Sire:    FC AFC Kantagree's Master of Lightning

Dam:   FC AFC Sky Diamond

Breeder:  Kim Hansen

Owner:    Lloyd & Bobbie Jacobs

Handler:  Lloyd Jacobs



3rd           #4         FC AFC Rockhaven's One of the Boys           Brody

SR77949501      M                  5/25/2013

Sire:    AFC Whisky River's Itchy Trigger Finger

Dam:   Rockhaven's Princess Maggie

Breeder:  James O'Keefe

Owner:    J. O'Keefe & E. Vandersclice

Handler:  Elaine Vanderslice


4th           #14     Purple Clover's Tundra                              Tundra

SR598251/07     M                  08/19/2009

Sire:    Dansmirth Tomahawk

Dam:   FC Goshen's Katydid

Breeder:  Marie Langhan's

Owner:    Franz Valkenberg & Marie Langhan's

Handler:  Franz Valkenberg



Puppy Stake

9 Entered, 8 Competed


1st           #6           Lilim of Mazikeen                 Maz

SR97439108        F                 1/18/2017

Sire:    FC AFC Kantigree's Master of Lightning

Dam:   Goshen's Whiplash

Breeder:   Kim Hansen

Owner:     Kurt Gurlach

Handler:   Kurt Gurlach


2nd           #7           HR Rushmore                     Rush

SR96020204        M                11/2/2018

Sire:    FC Rockin My World

Dam:   Faroaks Knockout

Breeder:   Emil/Deb Salmons

Owner:     Jack Domingo

Handler:   Jack Domingo


3rd           #9           Lighthouse Bama Bam Bam  Bama

SR97066803        F               10/31/2016

Sire:    Lighthouse Wind Power

Dam:   Lighthouse Black Magic Woman

Breeder:   Jason Givens

Owner:     Keith Buesing

Handler:   Jason Givens


4th           #1           Sunray's Sir Christopher                Chris

SR99393405        M                4/30/2017

Sire:    Belwind Willie

Dam:   FC AFC Springmeadows Tara of Mountain View

Breeder:   Chris Jensen

Owner:     Wrren Wunderlich

Handler:   Warren Wunderlich


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