Valley Forge Field Trial Association November 2-3, 2019

11/2/19                 Open All-Age   

Judges:             Brent Lemaster / Jim O'Keefe

Number Entered/Number Started:     28 /


First Place

Dog Name:         FC AFC CFC Pheasant Feathers Black Sapphire of Marymont- (Sapphire)

AKC:                    SR69946902                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   8/24/11

Sire:                    NAFC FC AFC Pheasant Feathers Black Powder JH

Dam:                   AFC Pheasant Feathers Black Onyx MH

Breeder:             Jane A. Haworth

Owner:                Robert Montler

Actual Handler: Jim Keller


Second Place

Dog Name:         FC Brookwoods Nash- (Nash)

AKC:                    SR66164802                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   1/7/11

Sire:                    FC Brookwood Carry-on Harry

Dam:                   FC Sun rise Miss Susan

Breeder:             Julie Hogan

Owner:                Julie Hogan

Actual Handler: Jeff Brooks


Third Place

Dog Name:         NFC Sunrise Seneca Kypling- (Kyp)

AKC:                    SR86620001                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   11/5/14

Sire:                    FC Sunrise Zang

Dam:                   NFC FC Sunrise Seneca Scout

Breeder:             Sue And Dave Morse

Owner:                Sue And Dave Morse

Actual Handler: Gary A Wilson


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         FC-AFC Geordie Lad MH- (Geordie)

AKC:                    SR72913704                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   5/16/12

Sire:                    FC AFC Southswell Slater

Dam:                   KIdnais Clover

Breeder:             David Jones

Owner:                Kathleen & Peter Renwick

Actual Handler: Peter Renwick


11/3/19                 Amateur All-Age   

Judges:             Brent Lemaster / Jim O'Keefe

Number Entered/Number Started:     23 /


First Place

Dog Name:         FC-AFC Triple Ridges Shimmering Stars Over Cattail JH- (Star)

AKC:                    SR72505101                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   3/8/12

Sire:                    FC AFC Shimmering Skies Over Cattail MH

Dam:                   FC AFC Triple Ridges Jersey Girl

Breeder:             James G. Boone

Owner:                Deborah Olszewski

O-Address:         52 Cattail Road, Glastonbury, CT 06033

Actual Handler: Deborah Olszewski


Second Place

Dog Name:         FC AFC Indian Spring's Free Spirit- (Spirit)

AKC:                    SR78626002                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   7/2/13

Sire:                    FC Pondview II's Secret Agent

Dam:                   Indian Spring's Zoey MH


Owner:                Barbara Schaefer

Actual Handler: Barbara Schaefer


Third Place

Dog Name:         AFC Fast Tracks A Gust of Wind SH- (Augie)

AKC:                    SR68949002                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   7/23/11

Sire:                    FC/AFC Murphy of Ludlow

Dam:                   AFC Baskwoods Fast Lapper

Breeder:             Billie K Edwards

Owner:                Billie Edwards

O-Address:         3245 Cr 28, Watkins Glen, NY 14891

Actual Handler: Billie K Edwards


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         FC AFC Triple Ridges Inka Dinka Dooee- (Dooee)

AKC:                    SR82313605                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   4/9/14

Sire:                    FC AFC Springville Buckingham Milo

Dam:                   FC AFC Triple Ridges Jersey Girl

Breeder:             Ralph Botti

Owner:                Chuck Martinez

Actual Handler: Chuck Martinez


11/2/19                 Puppy   

Judges:             Brent Lemaster / Jim O'Keefe

Number Entered/Number Started:     4 /


First Place

Dog Name:         Pheasant Feathers Queen of the Prairie- (Charlotte)

AKC:                    SS08098003                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   7/8/18

Sire:                    FC Pondview II Secret Agent

Dam:                   AFC Pheasant Feathers Riding Shotgun

Breeder:             Jane Haworth

Owner:                Jane Haworth

Actual Handler: Tom Motley


Second Place

Dog Name:         Fast Track’s Speedwell Veronica- (Ronnie)

AKC:                    SS05434701                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   3/22/18

Sire:                    FC/AFC Triple Ridges Inka Dinka Dooee

Dam:                   Fast Track’s Wicked Diva

Breeder:             Billie K &timothy Edwards

Owner:                Billie Kathryn Edwards

Actual Handler: Gary Wilson


Third Place

Dog Name:         Salmy’s Lansboro Laney- (Laney)

AKC:                    SS05743901                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   5/24/18

Sire:                    FC Salmy’s Beargarden Badger

Dam:                   AFC Cutaways Up North All the Time Elsa

Breeder:             Brad Schindler

Owner:                Kendrick Vinar

Actual Handler: Michael Wallace


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