Springer Spaniel Club of Central Kansas March 17-18, 2018



Judges: Tom Menzel & Ray Jack

36 entries - 34 starters


1st FC Strong's Task Force             Stryker

SR76978206        Male      9/14/2012

SIRE: Strong's River Ranch Ringo

DAM: Abitt Like Bristol

BREEDER: David Jones

OWNER: Amy Quinn Schwartz

HANDLER: David Jones



2nd AFC Crosswinds Comic Relief       Riot

SR74015301        Male

SIRE: FC AFC Crosswinds Heir to Camelot

DAM: AFC Crosswinds Ruffian

BREEDER: Kevin Battistoni

OWNER: Kevin & Elizabeth Battistoni

HANDLER: Todd Agnew


3rd AFC Strong's One For The Road           Roadie

SR9081102           Male      1/27/2016

SIRE: FC Strong's Task Force

DAM: FC Strongs River Ranch Kate

BREEDER: Ovid Jones

OWNER: David Flint

HANDLER: David Flint




4th         AFC Sunrise Zach of Farview        Zach

SR66225505        Male      6/1/2011

SIRE: FC Sunrise Z Man

DAM: NFC Sunrise Seneca Scout

BREEDER: David L Morse

OWNER: Skip Smith & Kathy Sleavin

HANDLER: Skip Smith




47 entries - 42 starters



1st FC AFC Whisky Rivers Itchy Trigger Finger           Trigger

SR58879712        Male      9/20/2009

SIRE: FC Expressway's My Buddy Luke, MH

DAM: FC AFC Whisky Rivers Brandy

BREEDER: Todd Stelzer

OWNER: Katie Renee Gorecki

HANDLER: Katie Renee Gorecki


2nd BCR's Pathway to Petra              Siq

SR90507304        Male      11/16/2015

SIRE: BCR's Sharp Dressed Man

DAM: FC AFC Wise River's Atlas Shrugged

BREEDER: Bob & Cathy Iversen

OWNER: David Cowan Clayton

HANDLER: Cowan Clayton



3rd         Harvest Hunters Sobe's Tiny Mino     Mino  

SR79926908        Female 10/15/2013

SIRE: FC AFC Whisky Rivers Itchy Trigger Finger

DAM: Doorcreek's SoBe Energizer

BREEDER: Katie Renee Gorecki

OWNER: Katie Renee Gorecki

HANDLER: Katie Gorecki


4th         Paragon's Maeve Macaoidh of Wise River    Mimi

SR90507308        Male      11/16/2015

SIRE: BCR's Best Dressed Man

DAM: FC AFC Wise River's Atlas Shrugged

BREEDER: Bob & Cathy Iversen

OWNER: Gary & Mhari Peschel

HANDLER: Mhari Peschel





Judges: Cowan Clayton & Lisa Pyle

10 entries - 7 starters


1st          Pine Shadows BP Crumb         Crumb

SR92827705        Male


SIRE: FC AFC Prince Padraig of Rockhaven

DAM: Pine Shadows CT Butler

BREEDER: Sophie Haglin

OWNER: Ryan Grauf

HANDLER: Morgan Haglin


2nd        Lone Star Return to Sender         Buddy

SR93151009        Male      4/2/2016

SIRE: AFC Warrener's Cactus Wren

DAM: Walters' Bella

BREEDER: David J Jones

OWNER: Lloyd Fallin

HANDLER: David Jones


3rd         Ravenscourt Kate             Kate

SR93104506        Female 5/2/2016

SIRE: Kantagrees Master of Light

DAM: Kantagrees Mini

BREEDER: Mark Hairfield

OWNER: Patricia Blair

HANDLER: Collin Pickrell


4th         Hillcountry Johnny B Goode        Boogie

SR99393611        Male      4/5/2017

SIRE: F1CH Belwind Willie

DAM: Blackbrier's Rittenhouse Rye, JH

BREEDER: Michael Pollack

OWNER: Chad Leonard

HANDLER: Chad Leonard



Location:              Pretty Prairie, KS Chairman:   Josh  Davis Sec:       Pat Bramwell

Fees:     $120- 0 & A

$4 5 - Puppy Gun Capt: Donny Pyle

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