ESS Club of the Central States October 28-29, 2017


Judges Terry Sworsky & John Knowles

25 entered 22 starters, 19 to 2nd, 9 to 3rd


1st Place:  #23. FC AFC Doorcreek Indys Dream- Indy

SR51738503 Male Jul-30-2008

Sire: FC AFC Doorcreek Jake

Dam: Doorcreek Libbi

Breeder: Charles E. Nelson, Jr.

Owner: Lloyd & Bobbie Jacobs

Handler: Lloyd Jacobs


2nd Place: #8. Dragon Rider's Cagney        Cagney

SR84922609      Male     Sep-1-2014

Sire:  Denalisunflos Leap

Dam:  Northwoods Nala

Breeder:  Joanne Mary Johnson

Owner:  Jesse T. Sekey

Handler:  Jesse Sekey



3rd Place: #12. Whisky Rivers Tulip       Toot

SR76498107                  Female             Jan-26-2013

Sire:  AFC Doorcreek Da Bud

Dam:  FC AFC Whisky Rivers BB

Breeder:  Todd Stelzer

Owner:  Ann Stelzer

Handler:  Todd Stelzer


4th Place: #21. FC AFC Spring Meadows Tara of Mtn View- Tara

SR67909701                 Female             May-11-2011

Sire:  Mountain Views Scraps

Dam:  Mountain Views Hot Chocolate

Breeder:  Esther Faraci

Owner:  Chris Jensen

Handler:  Chris Jensen




22 entered, 20 started, 18 to 2nd, 8 to 3rd


1st Place: #11. Leeds Ride the Wind      Trip

SR86539810                  Male                 Feb-21-2015

Sire:  Lighthouse Wind Power

Dam:  Stonequoins Over N Under

Breeder:  Richard & Cindy Schneider

Owner:  Bob Merrill

Handler:  Bob Merrill


2nd Place: #22. Sandbluffs Vernon         Vern

SR88086901                  Male                 Jun-14-2015

Sire:  FC AFC Schnicklefritz Schnapps

Dam:  AFC Sandbluffs Francine

Breeder:  Mike Keough

Owner:  Mike Keough

Handler:  Mike Keough


3rd Place: # 8.   Heart of Dixie Annabeth                                      AB

SR79584601                  Female             May-15-2013

Sire:  FC Dansmirth's Tomahawk

Dam:  Lighthouse Changes Made

Breeder:  Jason Givens

Owner:  Kurt Gerlach

Handler:  Kurt Gerlach


4th Place: #14.   Comet of Westphal         Comet

SR64992402                  Male                 Aug-15-2010

Sire:  FC AFC Highlanders Prince

Dam:  AFC Killarney's Hot Coco

Breeder:  Mary E O'Brien

Owner:  Dr. Francis Prock

Handler:  Brud Prock




Bob Merrill & Brian Bilotta

11 entered, 10 starters


1st Place: #4. Bridgewater's Golden Ticket                   Charlie

SR92098501                  Male                 Feb-21-2016

Sire:  Salmy's Traditional Freedom

Dam:  Bridgewater's Wildwood Spring

Breeder:  Bruce Stewart

Owner:  Pete Janovicz

Handler:  Pete Janovicz


2nd Place: #5.   Windy Prairie Quinn                                                          Quinn

SR90836007                  Male                 Nov-14-2015

Sire:  FC AFC Kantagree’s Master of Lightning

Dam:  FC AFC Sky Diamond

Breeder:  Kim Hansen

Owner:  Lloyd & Bobbie Jacobs

Handler:  Lloyd Jacobs


3rd Place: #2.   Mick Diamond's Ring of Roosters                                Mick

SR90836009                  Male                 Nov-14-2015

Sire:  FC AFC Kantagree's Master of Lightning

Dam:  FC AFC Sky Diamond

Breeder:  Kim Hansen

Owner:  Eldon Benters

Handler:  Eldon Benters


4th Place: #7.   Doorcreek's Bit of Seasoning                            Salt

SR91770705                  Male                 Feb-01-2016

Sire:  AFC Doorcreek Da Bud

Dam:  Doorcreek Charlie of Ruff Mnt

Breeder:  Charles E. Nelson, Jr.

Owner:  Katie R. Gorecki

Handler:  Todd Stelzer


Dan Langhans Memorial Guns Award

21 Tara - Chris Jensen

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