Central Wisconsin Sporting Spaniel Club October 26-27, 2017

Event # 2017614407  October 26-27 2017   FTS -  Mary Treba

Judges:  Pat Gilligan & Kevin Martineau  

Open All-Age

Thursday October 26, 2017

# of entries =  38      # of starters =  35

30  dogs to 2nd Series  and  13 dogs to 3rd Series


1st Place -  16   Spring Meadows Jr Regent Sage                                   Sage

SR 76134702  (M)     1/14/13

Sire: FC AFC Blackrivers Tanner

Dam: Old Vermillions Sally

Breeder: John Allen Schweiger

Owner: Christian Jensen – PO Box 340, Hope NJ 07844

Handler: Christian Jensen – PO Box 340, Hope NJ 07844



2nd Place  -  25 ‐ Rockey’s Solo                                                        Solo

SR92278901 (M)  03/05/16

Sire: Tucker’s Little Bo

Dam: All About Pepper of Lehi

Breeder: Jerry Larson

Owner: Chuck Cloninger

Handler: Jason Givens


3rd Place  - 27 ‐ Rockhaven’s Tullamore Dew                                       Dillon

SR77949502 (M) 02/25/13

Sire: FC AFC Whiskey Rivers Itchy Trigger Finger

Dam: Rockhavens Princess Maggie

Breeder: Mr James M Okeefe

Owner: James Brueggemann

Handler: Todd Stelzer


 4th Place - 22 ‐ FC Upland Meadows Isabella                                                Bella

SR64398308 (F) 08/25/10

Sire: Bridgewater’s Apple Jack

Dam: Upland Lighthouse Mia

Breeder: Brad Sunderland

Owner: Chris Wilkerson

Handler: Bill Boekman



Amateur All-Age

Saturday October 27, 2017

# of entries =  24    # of starters = 18

29 dogs to 2nd Series  and  10 dogs to 3rd Series


1st Place   -  22 ‐ Leeds Ride The Wind                            Trip

SR86539810 (M) 02/21/15

Sire: Lighthouse Wind Power

Dam: Stonequoins Over N Under

Breeder: Richard & Cindy Schneider

Owner/ Handler: Bob Merrill


2nd Place   -  15 ‐ Harvest Moon’s Geretrudis                              Gertie

SR93600902 (F) 05/16/16

Sire: Blue River’s a Hard Bargain

Dam: NFC FC AFC Harvest Moon’s Cinnamon Girl

Breeder: Randy Bartsch & Kevin Dresow

Handler: Randall Manore

Owner: Randall and Mary Manore


3rd Place  -  5 ‐ Z&Z's Little Monster                                         Sully

SR79036402 (F) 7/10/13

Sire: AFC Cadiz Country Tanner

Dam: FC AFC CFC Fallen Wings Z&Z's Ringer

Breeder: Peter Zuleger

Owner/Handler: Peter Zuleger


4th Place  -   10 ‐ PHEASANT Feathers Canadian Breeze                                   Ava

SR84981606 (F) 08/08/14

Sire: AFC Flushingwing Tazzmanian Devil

Dam: AFC Pheasant Feathers Black Onyx

Breeder: Jane Haworth

Owner/Handler: Jerry Barrett



Puppy Stake

Friday October 27, 2017

# of entries = 8      # of starters =  8

Judges:  Pete Zuleger & Emil Salmons   


1st Place   -  1 ‐ Cadiz Country’s Courtman                       Gus

SR99179102 (M) 06/28/16

Sire: Courtman’s Rocky Delta Ibis

Dam: Courtman’s Miss Kara

Breeder: Ales Stewart & Alice E Stewart

Owner/Handler: Will Pick


2nd Place  -  5 ‐ Mick Diamond’s Ring Of Roosters                                 Mick

SR0836009 (M) 11/14/15

Sire: Kant Agrees Master of Lightning

Dam: Sky Diamond

Breeder: Kim Hansen

Owner/Handler: Elden Benters-


3rd Place   - 6 ‐ Harvest Moon’s Gunslinger                                Wyatt

SR93600903 (M) 05/16/16

Sire: Blue River’s Drivin’ A hard Bargain

Dam: NFC FC AFC Harvest Moon’s Cinnamon Girl

Breeder: Randy Bartsch & Kevin Dresow

Owner/Handler: Mike McGinty


4th Place  -    4 ‐ Bridgewater’s Golden Ticket                             Charlie

SR92098501 (M) 02/21/16

Sire: Salmy’s Traditional Freedom

Dam: Bridgewater’s Wildwood Spring

Breeder: Bruce Stewart

Owner/Handler: Pete Janovicz


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