English Springer Spaniel Club of Southern California January 27 -28, 2018



Name: FC AFC Harvest Hunter’s Indiana Jones                           Call Name Indy      1st

#SR57502606                                                Sex Male                    DOB 6/30/09

Sire:  NAFC FC AFC Upcountr Lighthouse Amos

Dam:  Doorcreek Chance’s Mini Me

Breeder:  Katie Gorecki

Owner: Kat Brusko

Handler: Kat Brusko


  1. Name: FC G&D’s Seth Call Name: Seth   2nd

# SR70427606                                               Sex Male                    DOB 10/28/11

Sire:  FC AFC Schnicklefritz Schnapps

Dam:  FC AFC Aer-Dynamico

Breeder:  Mike Golum

Owner: Gary & Dawn Breitbarth

Handler: Shawn Martin or Gary Breitbarth




Name: Tuckers Little Bo                                                              Call Name: Bo     3rd

#SR79668506                                                Sex Male                    DOB 9/27/13

Sire:  Worspans Finn of Connemara

Dam:  Sadie Savanna of Creekside

Breeder:  George & Cheryl Shaw

Owner: Rory Hall

Handler: Gary Riddle

Name: : Rockey’s Lets Start a Riot Call Name: Riot     4th

#SR92016304                                                Sex Male                    DOB  3/5/16

Sire:  AFC Rockey’s Crosswinds Duke

Dam:  Rocky Mountain Tuxedo

Breeder:  Jerry Larson

Owner: Joshua & Gary Riddle

Handler: Joshua or Gary Riddle




Name: FC Drumbeat’s Island Girl MHA                                        Call Name: Kona    

#SR42756904                                                Sex Female                DOB 4/9/07

Sire:  FC AFC Surefire Major Winston

Dam:  Drumbeat Diamond Marquise

Breeder:  Justina Severini & Diane Zablit

Owner: Lois Hooker

Handler: Tom Hooker



  1. Name: Rockey’s Lets Start a Riot Call Name: Riot    2nd

#SR92016304                                                Sex Male                    DOB 3/5/16

Sire:  AFC Rockey’s Crosswinds  Duke

Dam:  Rocky Mountain Tuxedo

Breeder:  Jerry Larson

Owner: Joshua & Gary Riddle

Handler: Joshua Riddle








Name: Pheasant Feathers Miss Wiggle Waggle MH                      Call Name:Rihanna     

#SR74180908                                                Sex Female                DOB 5/17/12

Sire:  NAFC FC AFC CFC Pheasant Feathers Black Powder

Dam:  AFC Pheasant Feathers Black Onyx

Breeder:  Jane Haworth

Owner: Gorden Johnson

Handler: Gorden Johnson




Name: Rocky Mountain Claire Extraordinaire Call Name: Claire  

# SR87052501                                               Sex Female                DOB 3/5/15

Sire:  Rocky’s Crossroads Duke

Dam:   Rocky Mountain Tuxedo

Breeder:  Jerry Larson

Owner: Lamar & Kristine Helm

Handler: Lamar Helm





 Name: Koda Shaw Call Name       

#SR92601001                                                Sex Male                    DOB 4/20/16

Sire:  NAFC FC AFC Bravehearts Repeat The Streak Mh

Dam:  Lady Elizabeth Shaw Mh

Breeder: Joseph & Jeanette D’Alessandro

Owner: Joseph & Jeanette D’Alessandro

Handler: Joe D’Alessandro




Name: Little Creek’sBlack Magic                  Call Name:  Kal    

#SR93315610                                                Sex: Male                   DOB 4/30/16

Sire:  Tucker’s Little BO

Dam:  Rockey’s Rebecca’s missBelatrixLestrange”Trixy”

Breeder:  Mrs.Rabecca B&Joshua G Riddle

Owner:  Machael L Kasterin

Handler:  Gary Riddle




Name: Blue River’s California Sunrise                                 Call Name Jean    

#SR92155405                                                Sex Female                DOB 2/18/16

Sire: FC Blue River I’m Dan’s Boy

Dam:  Sunrise At Willowbrook

Breeder:  Ken Hanson &Lois Buermann

Owner: Kent & Cheri Wiley

Handler: Kent Wiley / Gary Brietbarth

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