New Jersey Spaniel Field Trial Club    Spring Trial – April 14-15, 2018  


Open All-Age

1st Place 

Hearthrock Family Ties (Sis)         SR81683701        ESS         F              2/15/2014

Sire: FC AFC Hearthrock Crown Royal

Dam: AFC Cadence of Hearthrock


Owner: Richard Krueger

Handler: Jim Keller


2nd Place  

Sunrise Uncle Bailey (Bailey)       SR94384001        ESS         M            7/2/2016

Sire: FC CFC Mulligan Too SH

Dam: Sunrise Josie

Breeder: James Boone

Owner M. Cameron (Camie) Barrow

Handler: Jim Keller


3rd Place   

Salmy's Nellie Belle (Nellie)          SR82939001        ESS         F              5/11/2014

Sire: Salmy's Traditional Freedom

Dam: FC CFC Salmy's August Singleshot

Breeder: Byron and Lana Custer

Owner: Luke Hutchinson

Handler: Mike Wallace


4th Place 

Triple Ridges Chasing Pheasant Feathers (Chase) SR89685501        ESS         M            10/10/2015

Sire: NAFC FC AFC Pheasant Feathers Black Powder

Dam: Tejas Dusty Breeze

Breeder: Donald Moore

Owner/Handler: Ralph Botti


Amateur All-Age

1st Place      

Pheasant Feathers Hot Diggidy (Sabrina) SR96737209        ESS         F              11/19/2016

Sire: Stonebrok's Good Old Rocky Top

Dam: Pheasant Feathers Outlawed Josie

Breeder: Jane Haworth

Owner: Jane Haworth

Handler: Thomas Motley


2nd Place   

FC Juneau's Gypsy Girl (Juneau) SR87967908        ESS         F              5/13/2015

Sire: NAFC FC AFC Pheasant Feathers Black Powder

Dam: FC AFC Z&Z's Sky Dancer of Fallen Wings

Breeder: Michael Nolan

Owner: Ann Theisen

Handler: Joel Theisen




3rd Place   

Hearthrocks Rio Lobo (Rio)           SR70184706        ESS         M            9/6/2011

Sire: FC AFC Sagemoors Silver Bullit

Dam: FC AFC Hearthrocks Makers Mark

Breeder: Richard Krueger

Owner: Richard Krueger

Handler: Joel Theisen


4th Place   

Pheasant Feathers Cutting Edge of Marymont (Saber)     SR92671107        ESS         M            2/18/2016

Sire: FC AFC Springville Buckingham Milo

Dam: FC AFC Pheasant Feathers Lock n'load

Breeder: Jane Haworth

Owner/Handler: Robert Montler



1st Place   

Sunrise John (Rooster)   SR94159004        ESS         M            6/20/2016

Sire: FC Sunrise Z Man

Dam: Sunrise Daydream

Breeder: John Hynes

Owner: Dr W Fred Bennett

Handler: Gary Wilson


2nd Place

Narvin's Shogun Super Nova (Nova)         SS02452101         ESS         F              5/30/2016

Sire: Ftch Belwind Willie

Dam: Narvin's Jet Fighter

Breeder: Bill McCaffrey

Owner: Cheryl Demarkis

Handler: Joseph Demarkis


3rd Place    

Pheasant Feathers Getum (Getum)          SR97359506        ESS         F              12/28/2016

Sire: FC Pondview II's Secret Agent

Dam: FC AFC Pheasant Feather's Lock n' Load

Breeder: Jane Haworth

Owner: Fred Musone

Handler: Jim Keller

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