Ravenna Field Trial Club    October 21 –22, 2017

Field Trial Secretary: Karen Sherbondy


Open Stake

Judges: Paul Haering  and Robert Clayton

Number entered/number started:           17



Dog Name:         CAFC Narvin's Sully of Ivanhoe

Sire:       NFC,NAFC,CNFC,CNAFC Blackriver's Tanner

Dam:     CNFC CFC Lady Caramel

Breeder:  Dawn McCaffrey

Owner: Bill Cosgrove

Handler:  Bill Cosgrove



Dog Name:         Digger

Sire:       NFC FC CFC CAFC Salmy's Master Piece

Dam:     Sprightly Sassafras

Breeder :     Nathaneal Munson

Owner: Libby Nagel

Handler:  Mike Wallace



Dog Name:         Salmy's Zachary from Windy Ridge

Sire:       NFC FC CFC CAFC Salmy's Master Piece

Dam:     Grouse Valley Southern Trek

Breeder:     Carl Farabaugh

Owner: Jack Waggoner

Handler:  Mike Wallace



Dog Name:         AFC Hearthrocks Privite Stock

Sire:       FC AFC Hearthrocks Crown Royal

Dam:     FC AFC Cadence of Hearthrock

Breeder:               Trent Bosse

Handler:               Trent Bosse



Amateur Stake


Judges  Paul Haering Robert Clayton

Number entered/Number started            22



Dog Name:         Hearthrocks Masked Bandit

Sire:       FC AFC Hearthrock Crown Royal

Dam:     FC AFC Cadence of Hearthrock

Breeder :              Trent Bosse

Owner: Dan Tuttle

Handler:  Dan Tuttle



Dog Name:         Harvest Moon's Freddy of Ludlow

Sire:       Harvest Moon's Rey

Dam:     Harvest Moon's Cookie

Breeder:               Kevin Dresow

Owner: Dick Taylor

Handler:  Dick Taylor



Dog Name:         Sunray's Ruby Tuesday

Sire:       FC AFC Murphy of Ludlow

Dam:     FC AFC Sunrise Sunray

Breeder:               Rich Domo

Owner: Jared Lane

Handler:  Jared Lane



Dog Name:         Salmy's Third Turnout

Sire:       Warrener's Pygmy Nuthatch MH

Dam:     Turnout's Ring of Bright Water SH

Breeder:               Jeffrey M Lipscomb

Owner: Rich Domo

Handler:  Rich Domo



Puppy Stake


Judges  Kathy Nester , Shawn McCraw

Number entered/Number started            4



Dog Name:         One More Daddy's Boy

Sire:       FC AFC Kantagrees Master Of Lighning

Dam:     FC AFC Sky Diamond

Breeder:              Kim Hansen

Owner: Robert Fink

Handler:  Bob Fink



Dog Name:         Royal Miss Intense Gadgett

Sire:       FC Checkers II

Dam:     Royal Suzie II

Breeder:               Ben Martin

Owner: Paul Ruppert

Handler:  Paul Ruppert



Dog Name:         Burrdog's Sparkling Top Note

Sire:       AFC Pheasant Feathers Get Your Motor Runnin' MH

Dam:     Burrdog's Hot Smokin' Gun

Breeder:               Christina Garon

Owner: Christina Garon

Handler:  Christina Garon



Dog Name:         Springville Illustrious Monty

Sire:       2X CNFC,FC,AFC Dawsonlee Faithful

Dam:     Springville Ms Purdey To You

Breeder:               Bonnie O'Grady

Owner: John Graham

Handler:  Ben Martin

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